not only should we have different hairstyles, pants, clothing, AND shoes, but we should also have cafès, a ton of real-life references, kinda like the Sims, but mixed with hints of Call of Duty, Satoru Iwata as a fuckign inkling (npc of course), and of course, HUMANOID MARINE LIFE (we need more than Inklings playable). A 3ds release wouldn’t hurt either.

art: Inkopolis from above

Sort of speaks to me about where I am in my life at the present moment. 

Like a lot of people I am in the process of refining myself, moving forward, trying new things, trying to be a better person.

I find myself trying to be a good example of how to live my life, and be positive to my students, my athletes, and most importantly my wife and my kids.

When you aren’t happy or satisfied with yourself, it’s hard to be what the others in your life need you to be- what you need to be

I’m taking steps in my life to be better. They are small steps, but they are mine. 

I wish they would add cute characters based on the recently discovered Jorunna parva slug

art: The Jorunna Parva Slug

Mod Judd: Apparently, Splatoon was originally going to star rabbits as the main playable characters (warning for some Iwata mentions in the link, since some people are still sensitive to that :c), so having bunny slugs as characters wouldn’t be that far-fetched. These creatures are also currently a huge hit in Japan, so I’m crossing my fingers for a Jorunna Parva Slug NPC in the future.