improvement!! woo

Here’s some scruffy!Leo with his beanie for @permanentmochakisses! <3 A bit more than a proper “sketch” request, but I was in a mood to put some colour to my brush strokes. Kept it rough, though! 3 hrs is really fast for me… My Colin obsession is improving my painting speed, woo. 

Not taking more prompts for now, sorry! Thanks to everyone who left me some on the weekend, I’ll will save ‘em for when I’m in need of inspiration!  (My Art Tag)

next, check to see if the ghost of John Wilkes Booth is around blocking the electricity… yep, he’s here. now, mr. booth, you tried to turn out the light on america. do not turn out the light in my studio. you go on and git. you go on and git!

Making THAC fan art is so much fun, and on top of it all my art skills are improving. woo! 

I hope you guys get a kick out of this. I certainly did.