The little redraw: 2012 vs 2014 (still in fast-sketchy-messy style but I promised to draw this again so…)

EPISODE 12 - MY CANDY LOVE (as my favourite moment in the game)

The older I become the more stupid ideas I’ve got (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Oh, and I’m really sorry if I made a mistake, my english isn’t the best u m u

Am I just not good enough?

Just got called by the CEO of this organisation that I applied for a trustee position at. At first I couldn’t believe that it was him. Like when have you ever laid in bed watching youtube videos to have the CEO call you?? I got so happy as anyone would because when someone calls you about a job that you’ve applied for they usually want to arrange an interview.

At first it was just  the usual; “Hi, how are you?”, “Hi, Im well thank you, how are you?”. 

But then the words came, pounded into my mind “Unfortunately I have some bad news”. DUM DUM DUM! What was that? The sound of my dreams getting crushed? Why, yes it was; with the elegant and empathetic manor of the caller.

Will I give up now? No, of course not. The future holds many other progressive opportunities, maybe they will be better than a trustee position or they wont be as good but no matter how little they may seem they’ll be a step up the ladder for me.