The little redraw: 2012 vs 2014 (still in fast-sketchy-messy style but I promised to draw this again so…)

EPISODE 12 - MY CANDY LOVE (as my favourite moment in the game)

The older I become the more stupid ideas I’ve got (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Oh, and I’m really sorry if I made a mistake, my english isn’t the best u m u

So… literally my first fan-art. And my third drawing in general, so it probably looks… bad I think (but he was funny to draw, especially when I turned his ankle [three times, sorry]). Still have a lot of to learn, but I hope sometime I’ll improve… somehow :’D So far, have a terrible Belcet, because I’m sooo [over]hyped about Metadora~~

Jakei’s response: DUDE Belcet looks so awesome!! You have started so well and I wish you the best for your art improvemen <3
Thanks for drawing my other husbando asdagadsfagd

Developing Effective Study Habits

Below are some tips to help you develop the attitudes and habits which lead to success:

1. Take responsibility for yourself, and your failure or success.

2. Understand that you’ll need to priorities the way you use your time and your energy. Make your own decisions, and don’t let your friends dictate what’s important, and how much you should work.

3. Figure out when your most productive work times are, and the types of environments where you work best.

4. Try to understand the material well – don’t just memorize what the textbook says. If possible, try to explain it to a friend.

5. Try something else if revision doesn’t help. Don’t just keep reading the same things again.

6. Then, if you still don’t understand then ask for some help. It’s not going to magically fall into place.

7. Study with a friend, and share ideas, and test each other on what you’re meant to know.

8. Keep working and revising throughout the term so the material stays fresh and is easy to retrieve.