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Valentines is a nightmare(eng ver.)

Title : Valentines is a nightmare

Pairing : Naruhina, Sasusaku, Shikatema, Saiino + slightly ChoujiKarui

Rate : K (very fluffy!)

Note : An English translation of Thai ver. Valentines is a nightmare.

I know it’s too late for Valentines, but hey! Finally I finished translating it!

Well, I’m still an amateur in English literature, so some stuffs may not as smooth as in Thai ver. I’ll try to improve it next time.

A big hug for Hiyuura for correcting and improving an Eng ver. <3

Here for bookluverandmore​ who asked for a translation. ><

And do not repost without permission please.

              “Valentines is  a nightmare!”

              Those words hung in the air inside Ichiraku Ramen store, as loud as a shout. Fortunately, there were no customers other than him and his friends that night, otherwise the Loudmouth would certainly attract others’ cold glares. Still, the looks he received from his companion weren’t so appreciative either. 

              “How troublesome. It is just another troublesome festival, isn’t it?” Shikamaru said while snapping his chopsticks, ready for his meal that had just arrived.

              “Valentines is an important day for couples, the women in love, chocolate shops, flower shops, cafe, and sweet shops.” The monotonous speech made everyone stare at the man in surprise. Sai just shrugged as if it was no big matter. “The book says so.”

              “That’s why it’s a nightmare!” Naruto threw his arms up as if to show magnitude of the aforementioned nightmare.

              “Explain then, how come Valentines is a nightmare, Naruto?” Shikamaru sighed, letting the blond be the center of the conversation for this men’s night out.

              Naruto grinned triumphantly - it was always like this so nobody cared anymore - then he said:

              “Tomorrow will be our first Valentines ‘ttebayo!”


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shibaandfriends  asked:

When the new paint tool sai comrs out. Do I have to pay for it again? Cuz im a little concerned with paying for everything again.

The SAI home page states: “we will release SAI Ver.2 as free upgrade because we have canceled the improvement of SAI Ver.1.” I think this means that SAI 2 will be free for anyone who already owns it!

Also, for those who haven’t seen, in July a new version of the beta was released that’s in English!