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Hi! I start as an animation student in a few weeks and I'm super excited, but I'm also very scared that I will be a lower ability to everyone else in my class and I won't be good enough, what should I do?

dude I was feeling e x a c t l y the same last year and let me tell you one thing : you won’t be the only one in your class to fear competition and/or feel less talented than the others for no particular reason!!! I’m the worst advisor but I still can tell you 2 things :

- in “animation school” there’s “school” which implies that you’re here to learn animation, therefore you’re not expected to be Extra Talented right from the start!!!

- I don’t know how it is in your future school but in my case, we get plenty of different exercices and group projects which can help us discover & improve our abilities and strenghts. It’s okay if some of your classmates have already found out that they’re storyboard/coloring/whatever masters and you haven’t. sometimes it takes time, sometime not, sometimes you prefer working on several tasks instead of having one strong point, etc. You’ll surely learn a lot about yourself during those years !!!!

So good luck for the year to come, I hope you enjoy it and make friends and learn tons of stuff !!! !

Request: Orange! I’m about to go through hurricane Irma, can you help a girl out by doing a HC for Bayverse Optimus, Ratchet, Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Drift having a female preteen elemental who can control earth fire water air ice metal lightning darkness light and energy/plasma? Thanks girl, please hope Florida doesn’t go down the toilet after this storm. 

Oh, I hope you are alright and, again, sorry that I dodn’t notice this sooner!

Optimus Prime

  • Dad Friend.
  • Or just dad? Actually, probably just dad :D
  • He is amazed, but still pretty worried about it. You are so young and already hold so much power. Anything can happen, especially on Earth, where some crazy scientists can just kidnap you and use for experiments.
  • Probably he will ask Ratchet to check on you more often, because he is worried™. 
  • He actally enjoys it, when he can just sit somewhere in silence with you near him, playing with powers. He likes to watch you learn more about yourself, but he is more like passive support than active.
  • If you still can’t quite control all of powers, since you are young, he will be more worried. He won’t prohibit using your powers, but he still will be strict about it, at least he will try to be, because he don’t want to pressure you.
  • But, if you’ll get hurt because of powers… Then he will be very strict, like, very. He knows that he shouldn’t be, he is not your parent or anything like this. But he is still worried, there is so much power and you just got hurt because of it. This is dangerous.
  • Eventually, he will calm down and allow you to use them. But he will make sure you know what you’re doing and maybe he will ask Drift to teach you something about self-control, just to be sure your emotions and all of this stuff won’t harm you while using powers.


  • He is kind of a Dad Friend too, because he doesn’t seem like a Grandpa Ratchet to me. Leave that to IDW and TFP.
  • CHILL. I mean, chill. He is pretty chill about it. Amazed, yes, curious, yes, but he won’t squeal and ride cross the walls just because this is unique (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, BRAINNERD).
  • If you let him, he will run a few test and experiments. Harmless, more medical than scientific. He is curious, I told ya.
  • Will take you on regular check-ups, because he is worried too. This is not usual thing for a human and he don’t want you to get hurt or anything like this.
  • If you can’t control powers that much, he will try to make some research in your info-card, that he wrote. Maybe you need to improve your strenght or willpower, and maybe he can help you. I mean, there are vitamins that can help you be more focused, so he may find some and give you.
  • He is like a mother-hen if you hurt yourself. Like, very grumpy mother-hen, grumbling something to himself. Will prohibit using of dangerous powers, like fire/plasma/lightning/etc. Want to play with water? K. Want to light the candle? No. Don’t even try. You are too young for this, you already injured yourself once.
  • Oh, please listen to him. Because if you won’t, he won’t be furious or mad. He would be silent, will make sure to treat your every injury, even if this is a scratch, but he will be oh-so-silent. He was actually afraid that you will hurt yourself, and he doesn’t like it, but he feels like he shouldn’t tell you this, even if he is worried. He is so sour, probably will use sarcasm a lot.


  • Ooooh, tough guy!
  • He is a little bit skeptical at first. Some “powers”, pfft. Weapons is real and useful, and what is this powers? Some supernatural things? Nah, probably you use something fancy and just don’t want to tell everyone.
  • Once he is sure that this powers is real, he is actually interested, especially with the metal part. 
  • Ironhide don’t want to know about theory and science-stuff, he is interested in practice. Probably will try to teach you some hand-to-hand combat and mix it with powers.
  • Probably the only one who won’t prohibit using powers even if you’ll hurt yourself. He is a weapon-master, he knows that things like this can hurt you. He is worried, of course, but, hey, you’re not dead. Just be careful, kid, you should train more and, maybe, shouldn’t use some of things you still don’t know how to use.
  • Don’t EVER argue with him if he tells you to not do something. Because he will be MAD and he WILL make you train. Even if you’ll hate him, you need it, so you probably will wake up at 5 am to train with powers, even if you are tired or still arguing. Iron knows that he’s right and to be more safe you should know how to deal with dangerous things you use.


  • Chill brother.
  • The greatest support, I think. Because, you know, he is samurai, all of this meditations and self-control stuff. Like, he knows about it and since it seems to help with this kinds of powers, why not?
  • Very caring and careful. Won’t pressure you into anything, only help.
  • Actually ask you to show him what you can do, then teaches you some moves like in Avatar: The Legend Of Aang.
  • I think with him you won’t hurt yourself, because he is teaching you very useful stuff.
  • And not that much of arguing either, because, yep, he is a smart boy.
  • Ok, but you two will definetly prank Crosshairs. A lot. 
  • Actually, I wrote something like this for MTMTE Drift in my earlier hc’s posts, and I think that it’s will be something similar.

Dis suck, so sorry

I had this amazing ladybug-themed dream that would make for a kickass fic and I’m so MAD because I’ll never be able to write it.

So, basically there is this akuma who has trapped the whole class into this video-gamey tron-like world. The only way out is clearing the game. But you only have one life and if you ‘die’ you turn into data and make the akuma stronger. The kwami are nowhere to be found, so Mari and Adrien figure that their best bet is win the game, get out of Digiworld, transform and kick the Akuma ass in RL.

Easy peasy, right? No.

Because here comes the twist. In the game you can ‘level up’ as you go on, and the bonuses are tied to the class’ previous akumanization. Except that Marinette and Adrien have NEVER been akumatized. They start to get non-descriptive bonuses like improved strenght, agility, reflexes and the like while everyone else starts getting physical bonuses or powers (like Ivan’s skin start slowly turning to stone, Nino can summon a couple of exploding bubbles etc.) So everyone thinks that instead of turning into the good version of their akuma selves like the rest of the class, they’ll simply get harder, faster, better, stronger™.

Then Adrien hits another level, gets minor Night Vision and cat-like pupils and he knows he’s screwed. Mari has less distintive traits and the equipment is acquired at higher levels but, eventually, the class is gonna figure them out. They are so, so screwed.

The whole situation turns into a huge gambit pile up, because the more powerful the players get, more likely it is that they will clear the game BUT, at the same time, more power would be given to the villain/final boss in case of ‘death’. This calls for some really hardcore co-op to get it through with as few casualties as possible but at the same time unavoidable identity reveal with the more levels they gain.