improve strenght

I had this amazing ladybug-themed dream that would make for a kickass fic and I’m so MAD because I’ll never be able to write it.

So, basically there is this akuma who has trapped the whole class into this video-gamey tron-like world. The only way out is clearing the game. But you only have one life and if you ‘die’ you turn into data and make the akuma stronger. The kwami are nowhere to be found, so Mari and Adrien figure that their best bet is win the game, get out of Digiworld, transform and kick the Akuma ass in RL.

Easy peasy, right? No.

Because here comes the twist. In the game you can ‘level up’ as you go on, and the bonuses are tied to the class’ previous akumanization. Except that Marinette and Adrien have NEVER been akumatized. They start to get non-descriptive bonuses like improved strenght, agility, reflexes and the like while everyone else starts getting physical bonuses or powers (like Ivan’s skin start slowly turning to stone, Nino can summon a couple of exploding bubbles etc.) So everyone thinks that instead of turning into the good version of their akuma selves like the rest of the class, they’ll simply get harder, faster, better, stronger™.

Then Adrien hits another level, gets minor Night Vision and cat-like pupils and he knows he’s screwed. Mari has less distintive traits and the equipment is acquired at higher levels but, eventually, the class is gonna figure them out. They are so, so screwed.

The whole situation turns into a huge gambit pile up, because the more powerful the players get, more likely it is that they will clear the game BUT, at the same time, more power would be given to the villain/final boss in case of ‘death’. This calls for some really hardcore co-op to get it through with as few casualties as possible but at the same time unavoidable identity reveal with the more levels they gain.