improve flexibility

Improve Flexibility

As we all know if sport is not your friend some exercises are more than hard for your body and mind.

Because of that we decided to relax and improve flexibility so what’s the best way if not Yoga?

PS: Yoga helps you to: Be happier, Found a healthy lifestyle, Relaxes your system, Helps you focus, Eases your pain (like period pain), Builds awareness for transformation, Betters your bone health…

Yoga: Warm up Workout!

Yoga: Flexibilty and Stretching!

Yoga: Relaxation & Flexibility!

Yoga: Workout for Beginners!

Remember! every single exercise should last 1 minute(or more depends of your body and how comfortable you are with Yoga exercises)

In all aspects of life, the body and mind are constantly adapting. Our muscles become stronger with continuous contractions. Our minds become more resilient against reoccurring stressors. Our immune system learns to react faster to incoming bacteria. Humans are astounding, really. We are so completely flexible towards improvement, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Here’s the thing about yoga

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I’ve been doing yoga for a little under a month now, and my general fitness and flexibility has improved so much already

At the start I could barely hold downward dog for twenty seconds, now I’m practically begging to get into it as release after a thirty second plank

I’m still (BMI speaking) obese, yet yoga at home is helping me improve my fitness and tone my body in ways that going to the gym just can’t

I honestly recommend yoga to anyone

You don’t have to be into the spiritual side of it, the health benefits are so great regardless

I’d recommend this twenty minute beginners video if you’ve never tried it before. Keep coming back to that video until it’s easy - you don’t need blocks or resistance bands, you don’t even necessarily need a mat, just 20 minutes and enough space to comfortably move (a front room or bedroom is perfect)

Once that video is easy, you can comfortably hold all the poses without needing breaks, you can move onto the 30 day yoga challenge - linked to Day One

Granted, I’m still a newbie when it comes to yoga, and fitness in general, but this is a fun, relatively easy, and most of all free way to get in shape and feel healthy

I love it, and I hope y’all do too



In this video, I break down how to flip your grip to get into the yoga “King Pigeon” posture. I also share my tips on how to improve flexibility for the pose. The full expression of King Pigeon requires much hip flexor and quad flexibility, as well as back and shoulder flexibility. This is an advanced flexibility posture and should be attempted once above mentioned muscle groups are warmed - happy stretching!

anonymous asked:

I feel like I'm too fat to properly do yoga. I have a hard time bending in certain positions, because my tummy is in the way. I just started getting back in to yoga, will this get better with improved flexibility, or just with weight loss?

First off, know that you are not alone! 

For lots of the poses, we’re really not supposed to be “sucking in” a lot because it affects our breathing pattern. So as you move through your yoga practice, experiment with props and leg placement to allow a little more room for the belly.

You can modify certain poses by using blocks. For high runners lunge type poses, you can use blocks underneath your hands, so you dont feel super cramped in front. Most if not all yoga studios have them. I own yoga blocks … they’re great. 

For twists, you can do a few things. For seated poses, I like to elevate my hips on a blanket. You can widen your feet a little. And/or you can just physically move the stomach out of the way. If those things don’t work, maybe you can modify the pose by lying on your back. But adjust your body here and there to allow for more tummy room. 

Always remember the intention of the pose. For example, if an instructor says “Belly to the thighs” for a forward fold, yours might already be there! But if you focus on lengthening the spine and pushing the hip crease back, then you should be closer to reaching the benefit of the pose. 

You can also look up prenatal yoga classes! This is another group of people with stomachs in the way! 

Realistically speaking, there are a lot of yoga instructors not experienced with the ins and outs of larger yogis, so it’s okay to do a little research after running into some troubling yoga poses. 

Best of luck and thank you for the question/concern. Know you’re not the only one with it. 


I get a lot of questions like how do I get better at this pose? How can I improve my flexibility?
We are always looking for secret shortcuts and magic overnight formulas, it’s human nature. But I usually give the same answer. And I know this is not the answer you want to hear… PRACTICE!
How do you get better at something? You keep on doing it- again and again and again.
You get out of your yoga practice what you put in. If you commit 100% you will experience the full benefits.
Enjoy the journey, enjoy the progress, no matter how slow.
#yoga #progress #practice (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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Feathers, Part 4

Hello again, lovelies!! I bring you part four of Feathers. As always, many, many thanks to @charminglyantiquated for creating @elsewhereuniversity and letting everyone play. :D Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   Oh! I’ve also started cross posting this to AO3. you can find it here.



Slowly, slowly, he steps aside. You wave your group though the doors, nod as he makes the ‘I’m watching you’ gesture (you’d expect nothing less), and step through.

Part 4:

You spend four days in the library. Well. You spend four days-worth of hours in the library, only seven or so of which really pass. The books you sought were deep, deep in the library indeed.

It’s Not-Jenna who finds the treatise, though you think she might not have done it on purpose. She was trailing her hands along the spines of the books you’d all already looked at, and knocked the last in the row off the table. She’d bent to retrieve it, and found herself at eye level with the tome.

(It really is a good thing you’re so deep- the squawk she’d let out would have been enough to have you evicted, had a librarian heard it.)

As it is, it took Not-Jenna finding it, and Cat-Eyes to navigate the spell work keeping it on the shelf. You ended up having to pluck it out while Thirteen used a rolled up magazine to beat back the grasping tendrils that kept reaching for it until Not-Jenna and Cat-Eyes could find a different book of the same size to give to them.

You were all quite glad to retreat to the library’s cafe, after that.

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Alternatives to Yoga, for Catholics

The New Year is an ideal time to begin to put into action your new plans and resolutions for the year ahead.

Health is wealth, and it is vital to take care of your body via diet and of course, regular exercise.

If like me, you hate the idea of going to the gym, there are lots of other activities to help keep you fit.

Yoga seems to be very popular, but as Catholics and Christians, we know that Yoga is not permissible due to it being based on Hindu philosophies and Eastern mystical theologies which is in dissonance with Christianity. 

Here are some alternatives to yoga you can use:


I am a big fan of ballet, which combines dance, stretching, flexibility and also strength training.  It not only improves your posture, strength and flexibility, but it can keep you trim and fit too. 

I am naturally very slim so I don’t do much cardio or fat-burning exercises, however ballet is a very good way to improve muscle tone and core strength.  


Originally created to help athletes recover quicker from their injuries, pilates is fast becoming popular.  It makes a great alternative to yoga as it also helps you improve flexibility, endurance and strength.  I also practise pilates and rotate between this and ballet 2-3 times a week for my strength and flexibility.


I used to do this years ago and rather enjoyed it.  A lot of men will love this too if they find Ballet not challenging enough.  Calisthenics helps improve muscular and aerobic conditioning, as well as improving, balance, agility and coordination.

Yoga for beginners?

Hey guys! 🌈✨

I really want to seriously get into yoga, but I don’t really know where to start (plus i have little flexibility)! So if you guys could recommend your favorite beginners yoga videos/images or challenges i’d apreciate! I have some stuff about the sun salutations, and i’m going to begin with that.

So if you could help me to help improve my flexibility and learn some yoga skills, that would be super cool!! 🙌🌺🌿

Four years ♥

Mine since January 3rd, 2013  ♥ ♥ ♥

December 2012: I was searching for my very first own horse, looking for something about 8 years old, 150 cm height, solidly ridden, preferably Iberian breed (or mix), that could teach me more and be an uncomplicated companion for a first-time horse-owner. My family has zero horse connections so I was on my own with searching. After not having luck with one adorable small horse (bad legs) and the “horse of my dreams” being bought by a friend of the breeder before I even had the chance to test ride him, I was feeling pretty down when I read my Finn’s sales ad. Gelding, 4 years, Hanoverian, suitable for beginners, located close to my hometown. I thought “why not at least try him out?” and called the people selling him.

still at the seller’s barn, first photo I have of him

First impression: adorable face, far too tall, sort of in an awkward state of growth. I got on and yeah, it was far from perfect because he hadn’t been under saddle for long and I had zero experience with young horses, but after all, it somehow worked. So, he passed the vet check except for being diagnosed with Shivering and I got him for a very cheap price. I was floating on cloud nine! Those magical words “my horse”, mine and mine alone. I didn’t want to leave him on the first evening in his new home. My parents dragged me home, or I would have slept at the barn. :D


I was sort of overwhelmed with such a young, inexperienced horse, being young and unexperienced myself, too, and after some weeks of horrid riding - him not bending and breaking out over the outer shoulder, not moving forward or over his back, dragging me around while lunging and so on, I found an awesome instructor who started lots of young horses herself and worked on the foundations with us. She also taught my horse double-lunging when we had a long saddle-less phase, because my dressage saddle didn’t fit anymore and I wanted a western saddle and had one costum made. Finn was going through those young horse phases when he tested out his limits, so it was absolutely right to do lots of ground work and less riding.

awkward 5-year old body (this was one month after his 5th birthday)

winter 2013 - summer 2014:

I didn’t have any ambitions at all, mostly went trail riding, my horse didn’t really move like the dressage-bred warmblood he is but was rather happily plodding along (slightly on the forehand, shame on me) on light contact. In retrospect, I believe it was actually a very good thing I didn’t “work” with him but went on relaxed trail rides, because he was still busy growing and was not mentally ready for strenous work. That was actually a really happy time back then. I didn’t have any expectations, so I almost never got frustrated at our lack of progress and we went exploring the trails and he became a great horse to ride past anything we met outside.

Summer 2014: 

I would say it was about summer 2014 when my interests changed. I had my dressage saddle re-fitted for him and took more lessons with the goal to improve his gaits, flexibility and most importantly, my riding. He was never really well-muscled, always more a gangly type, and we struggled with contact and rhythm because of this. He had enough stamina for trail riding but not for tight circles and collected gaits. But now he really tried to do well and we made rather quick progress and had lots of breakthrough moments, as well as a lot of fun learning new things.


We moved along in dressage, but at a snail’s pace. We started “jumping” a tiny bit, crossrails mostly. Several times I had immense self-doubts upon seeing all the talented riders at the barn starting in competitions every weekend and thought I wasn’t good enough for my horse, who had developed rather nice gaits, esp. the canter, and looked awfully good when being worked correctly. Sometimes I woud get frustrated and push for more than we were both ready for and threw us back miles. Finn would no longer trust my aids and stop cooperating. There were several fights I’m not proud of.

We also had wonderful phases when everything was perfect, though.

What really made things change was when I participated in our barn intern show and started in a costumed E-level dressage in October, both my and Finn’s first competition. The judge’s protocol was, rightfully so, brutal and we only got the last place.That was when I didn’t want to sit on my horse like a wet rag anymore and had the strict goal to dramatically improve my riding. At that point I really got ambitious and was no longer frustrated at my horse, but exclusively at my seat and after some dressing-downs by my instructor I finally stopped doing some mistakes and we started floating. The only thing holding back my horse was me blocking his movements by leaning forward and not correctly swinging with his rhythm. Once this issue was resolved, it felt like a completly new horse. I could hit myself for not getting sitting trot on my incredibly bouncy horse down right earlier.

This is a photo of the trainwreck dressage. 

We also participated in a 14 horse quadrille infront of hundreds of people for our barn’s Christmas show and he was a real trooper, not batting an eyelash.

2016 – our great year

In January, he gave me the biggest shock of my life when he had a really bad impaction colic and had to be driven to a clinic and fought for 4 days until he finally pooped normally again. It was a long recovery and after that horrible scare he even got more spoiled than usual. When he was back to riding strength though, he was unstoppable.

My horse moved on a completely different level now, we no longer had any trainwreck rides where nothing went right but always found harmony. I felt a lot more confident than ever before and did stuff like riding bitless with only a rope-halter, jumping small fences and even oxers because my dressage horse actually jumps rather well (only I look like a potato). We had a great summer and got third place at the very same competition we screwed up so badly last year.

Thank you, Finn, for putting up with my less than excellent riding, for cheering me up when I’m feeling down, for all the gifts and perfect moments you gave me and most importantly, for always being there for me! I cannot imagine life without you anymore and buying you was the best decision I have ever made.

I love you, my dear.

nothing else was ever really said about Matt teaching Neil how to box, so i like to think that after the books, the whole team help Neil how to fight and defend himself

  • he takes regular boxing lessons with Matt. first thing Matt teaches him is how to make a proper fist. He teaches him how to not hurt himself, before he teaches him how to hurt other ppl
  • he also teaches him balance and how to stand on the balls of his feet, so he can dart in any direction. Neil’s already fast, and this just makes him uncatchable and Matt would always prefer Neil to be able to get away from a fight, over actually being in one
  • then he teaches him to box. first with a punching bag, then with a dummy - he shows him where to hit, where it hurts most, how to take down ur opponent with one hit - then they move into a ring
  • Matt teaches him to box with gloves, but also without. bare-knuckled boxing is more dangerous, but also more necessary
  • after their training they always go and get a burger and milkshake in the diner across the street, both bruised and smiling

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NEW!! Free yoga/mobility class for you all :)

This flow is geared towards a more flexible individual wanting to improve hip rotation and flexibility towards middle splits. Enjoy!


Follow along and get feeling GOOD! This is about moving with your body, building heat, and improving flexibility. Happy Yoga-ing :)

10 Ways To De-Stress

Everyone has bad days where as soon as you wake up there is already something going wrong. Luckily, with creative human thought, we are able to adjust and cope when problems that arise in our daily lives.

1. Make your bed. A small ritual that can help create a calm environment .A soothing bedroom is part of good “sleep hygiene”. Do it first thing in the morning, and you’ve got one less thing to worry about for the rest of the day.

2. Pack a snack. Prep a healthy snack to take with you or come home to eat later. When you get hungry later in the afternoon, you’ll be ready!

3. Clear your desk. De-clutter your outer environment and you may feel more organized and better able to concentrate on the task at hand.

4. Pump up the music. The right music has the power to change your attitude. So load up your playlist with tunes that will make you smile.

5. Sniff a lemon. For a quick de-stressing trick, turn to an underrated sense – your sense of smell. Japanese researchers found that linalool; a substance found in lemons, may lower the “flight-or-fight” stress response.

6. Stretch. Stretch your arms overhead. Raise and lower your shoulders a couple of times.  Stretching can help improve your circulation and flexibility, and may help ease the tight muscles that come with stress.

7. Meditate. Settle into a comfortable position in a chair or on the floor. Then follow your breath – in, out – for a few minutes. Thoughts are bound to bubble up in your mind – no problem. Just let them float by and turn your attention back to your breath. 

8. Keep a personal journal. Take a minute every day to write down what you’re thankful for – big or small. Being thankful for what you have can make you appreciate all the positives in your life.

9. Turn off your electronics. Staring at computer screens and electronics all day long can zap your energy and encourage inactivity. So log off – of everything – every now and then.

10. Prioritize. Make a list, figure out what really matters, what can wait, and what you can skip. Work your way down the list, handling your top priorities first. Bit by bit, 

If the TouRan boys are hitting on you, their saniwa...(Part 2, the rest of the guys)

I’m not a counterfeit, you can see it very clearly. There’s no way I’m a fake. At least if you still don’t believe me, please know that my love for you is never fake. _ Hachisuka Kotetsu.

Keep smiling. Your smile is my best motive. Even when it’s hard sometimes, when you smile, things will get better. _ Nikkari Aoe

This place is a war and it’s not for weakling. A scar doesn’t slow me down so stop whining about it. Your job is staying here. Yeah yeah, I’ll make it back alive, I won’t be reckless…. You really are a troublesome master… _ Doutanuki Masakuni

If anyone who dares to offend you, I’ll cut them down. My master will is my absolute order, whatever you want, I’ll humbly offer it to you. It is my first time working for a lady, if you want me to change anything about my behaviors please don’t hesitate to ask. _ Heshikiri Hasebe

Here, drink it. I especially prepare this tea for you. Haha, don’t worry, there’s no poison, I swear. It is just my love for you as main ingredient. _ Uguisumaru

Why, may I ask, did you treat me just the same as them? So you’re not into my Demon King’s power? How weird…. But I recommend you should not stay too close to me, your power may angers him. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. _ Souza Samonji

Fighting is not the only way to solve problems. I agree with you. I wonder if we can clear up sorrows in this world as much as we can? And I want you to live in a peace place too, I want to see you always smiling…. _ Kousetsu Samonji

Being famous or being an oddball, that doesn’t matter anymore. Whoever or whichever I am, I’ll know the right things to do….you know it right? The reasons? Oh, come on! _ Otelgine

Compare to me, you really are small and fragile. Master, you should leave heavy things to me, I’ll do them for you. I’m in my human state now, so I at least will have a peace in mind, knowing you will be safe from my blade. _ Tonbokiri

You looks soooooo cool in this yukata!!!!! Oops, sorry, wrong word! You’re really cute, trust me! Man, this festival is gonna be my best, cuz I have you here with me now! _ Aizen Kunitoshi

R…really? You love tigers too? M…me too. Of course we can take care of them together, I..I don’t mind at all. As long as you don’t mind having me here, I’m fine enough. _ Gokotai

I was born to be in battle. The more I fight, the stronger I am. With this strength that I got, I will protect you whatever comes, General! Why, you ask? I devoted my life to serve you until my last breath, that’s the reason. _ Yagen Toshirou

Hey, let’s take a bath together! Huh uh, why deny? You really want to see what’s under these clothes right? Or we can try it in a different place….maybe in bed? I’m manly enough to satisfy you, you will see. _ Midare Toshirou

Even having not much battle experience, I’m still a knife for protections! That’s why I will never let anyone leave a scar on you! They want to mess with you, they have to deal with me first! _ Akita Toshirou

You’ve worked really hard today. Please rest, even just a bit. Don’t worry, when you wake up, I’ll be right by your side. I have vowed to serve you for eternity… _ Maeda Toshirou

Please practice to improve your flexibility too. We need your cooperation if some of the enemies try to attack you. I can help you with your exercise. Come here, stretch your hands like this…. _ Atsu Toshirou

I will escort you wherever you want me to go with, so if something bad happens, I’ll be able to protect you. _ Hirano Toshirou

My memories will never return, I know it will be sad past, cuz there are only flames. However, I think I can create happy memories with you. Please keep supporting me. _ Honebami Toshirou

The past really doesn’t matter, cuz now I have you with me. Being lovey-dovey with you like this is more than enough. _ Namazuo Toshirou


Wednesdays are our easy Stretch & Tone days in the ZGYM, however, I do suggest you to stretch daily especially if you want to improve your flexibility. If you don’t have time during the day, you can always stretch in front of TV at the evening.
I did that last night and felt better today.
If you want an awesome Stretch & Tone routine, there’s a new one in the ZGYM today (at
My outfit is from @popflex_active
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1: Click, kick, and off you go! 

For horses that are not “forward thinking” and slow off the leg aids, take them for a run (or a “Yeehaw,” as Charlotte calls it) around the large of the arena. When turning the corner down the long side, click, kick, and GO! Make sure not to pull on the reins while sending the horse forwards. Once they are responsive to the aids and moving in a good rhythm contact can be established and improved. 

2: Training is everything

 As a young horse Valegro was 5000 € and a chronic headshaker. One of Carl Hester’s international horses was so slow behind that many doubted he would make FEI. Dressage may seem like a money game, but it is foremost a training game.

 3: Travers, travers, and more travers! 

To improve bend and the overall quality of the horse’s gaits, use travers along the wall or on the circle line. Trouble with the horse anticipating the pirouettes? Travers on the circle line. Want to improve flexibility in the half pass? Begin the movement with a 10 meter circle in travers. Want better over track? Travers, travers, travers! 

 4. Don’t get lost in the tempo 

When riding alone, it’s easy to get stuck in one gait and one tempo for long periods of time. Always ask yourself “is my horse engaged? Is he waiting for the next aids?”. Use lots of transitions between and within gaits to help make the answers to those questions a yes. 

 5: Two frames 

Always work your horse in one of two frames: stretchy (long and low with nose reaching forwards) or up in higher self carriage (on/near the vertical with pole and ears as highest point). In both of these positions the horse must be long in the neck so that they can balance themselves. An “in between” position serves little purpose, so either ride with your hands high and together and your horse up or ride with low hands and allow your horse to stretch out. 

 6. Drop the handbags! 

Holding the reins with palms down (“handbag hands”) interferes with the “L” shape of the rider’s arms. Ride with thumbs on top and hands slightly in front of the saddle for the best feel of the contact. 

 7. Don’t override to prevent mistakes 

When training, allow the horse to make a mistake and then ask them again rather than attempting to correct the mistake while they are making it. That way your horse learns from their mistakes and knows what response is required, making them less reliant on the rider for correction and support. 

 8: Play time for the young horses

 Sessions for 3, 4, and 5 year olds should be 10-30 minutes in length and free of collected work or sitting trot. As Charlotte said, “You have their entire life to teach them to collect, but when they’re young you need to teach them to go forwards.” Keep these workouts light and playful now so that the horses develop into willing partners. 

 9. Just another 20 x 60 

 When you are competing, remember that the arena is the same as at home: A at one end, C at the other. Imagine that this arena is your arena, where you know you can do every step of the test without a problem. 

 10. Most importantly, have fun

Be honest about your mistakes, celebrate your achievements, and enjoy your horse! 


The clinic was full of tips, so this is just a small sampler of what I was able to take away from it. A HUGE thank you to everyone who organized, to all the horses and riders, and of course to Charlotte for coming all the way to BC. I am so glad that I was able to attend, it was a wonderful event and I cannot wait to get in the saddle and try some of the exercises out!