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Bokuto Forgets His Birthday
  • Bokuto Forgets His Birthday

Bokuto Koutarou: Absolutely not a party owl. Captioning under the cut

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Alexander Hamilton v. Edward Elric

Right now I want an FMA Hamilton AU, because I realized that Ed and Ham have a lot of things in common (big surprise…I have a type). 

EDIT: additions courtesy of @kawaiidegger

  • Born somewhere very far removed from the major political capitals they would end up
  • Their fathers walked out on the family, apparently for no good reason
  • Their moms died of an illness, and their fathers notably failed to come back and take care of them
  • Joined the military because they thought it was the best (if not only) way to get what they really wanted
  • Achieved a lot at a young age, and appeared even younger because they are…
  • Small
  • Rash, and occasionally self-destructive
  • Martyr complex
  • Extremely hardworking, dangerously ambitious
Powerpuff Girl Reboot

As a Powerpuff girl fan, a crazy Powerpuff girl fan, I’d like to just–lightly talk about the new reboot.

Gotta start off by saying, it rubbed a lot of fans (including myself) the wrong way when I found out that the reboot didn’t even call the original voice actresses to let them know they weren’t going to be considered for the reboot. I think it caused unnecessary drama, and was just flat out rude toward our original girls. That being said, I actually like the new voice actresses, and I’m glad that they get to step into the big shoes that the original girls made for them. What a great way to improve one’s voice-acting skills! It’s a tall and probably really daunting role to take, and I think they’re doing a bang-up job! The voice actress for Blossom is spot-on! Buttercup’s voice actress is adding this new but totally welcome sassiness to Elementary-school Buttercup, I love it! Bubbles’ voice actress sure has a cute voice, but definitely has room to grow into a goofier squeakier role–which you can already hear! 

I’ve been hearing of this reboot since five years ago. So I prepared myself, since five years ago, that when and if the PPG reboot ever happened, that it very well might not be the same…and to accept that. Which made it easy for me to really enjoy the first few episodes I saw of the reboot.

The sister-interactions are my absolute favorite so far. There is no doubt they’re working hard to get each of the girl’s personalities right. I was surprise they even kept the personalities that the girls themselves need to work on. Blossom’s jealousy, Buttercup’s anger-flashes, Bubble’s inability to think straight when it comes to fluffy animals. I like Buttercup and Blossom fist-bumping, I like Bubbles snapping at Buttercup, I like it when Buttercup rolls her eyes at her sisters. Their bond, and each of their individual pros and cons makes them the endearing, wonderful characters that they are. And despite the negative backlash on Bubbles saying ‘Yaaaaas’ and “I can’t even!”, I saw it as the show was testing it’s limits/boundaries on their new audience…and I honestly laughed at it. I mean, she was pretending to be a raver in the scene, I felt like it was called for. Bubbles used to say embarrassing things in the past, why not now too?

I think us original Powerpuff girl fans feel like we’re getting totally cut out of freely enjoying the new reboot, starting with the recasting of our favorite girls, and even adding dialogue that the new crew deemed as something the ‘kids these days’ would enjoy. A lot of criticism I hear is centered around these points. It’s not made for us! They cut out the main female roles! The nerve! And I totally understand those feelings completely…BUT I’m also thinking of a lot of good that the new show is doing.

One criticism I must say is–the repeating storylines. A lot of the lessons they’re dishing out–the girls have already learned. And I know that they’re doing this for the new generation of Powerpuff girl fans. But having Buttercup get distracted by friends and having those same friends backstab her was like watching ‘Buttercrush’ with a slightly different twist. The new-Power storyline is just like when Buttercup was having a crisis because her sisters had a lot of interesting powers, and it was also similar to the episode where Buttercup and Bubbles were grumbling after Blossom found out she had ice-breath. Also what’s up with the girls believing one tiny explosion could kill their sister? They used to know how invincible they are to fire and even a crushing machine. They could learn the same lessons but in different ways–or they could even switch up the sister who is learning the lesson. But! They are starting a new reboot–and reboots are never easy. 

I found myself enjoying a lot of the new episodes, and even geeked out over things that might have been eastereggs. I loved Buttercup playing with Octi and hiding him in a spot where the collects things she wants to keep away from her sisters. I love how Blossom has a problem with sleeping in on weekends. I love how Bubbles wants to start a beauty vlog, but keeps getting interrupted to the point where the Professor has to help her. And I like the work-a-holic but sweet Professor. I missed these characters, and it’s interesting how they are being treated. I won’t like everything, and I’m totally fine with that! Because I can cling to the original show and be totally content.

I do hope Ms. Bellum comes back though…what’s up with that? Seems totally out of Ms. Bellum’s character. (Though the ‘I’m already forgetting her face’ joke was spot on…). 

Improv, sorta rambly. This touches on my personal headcanons pertaining to the good doctor. Ask me if you’re curious about more details! I might wind up doing more of these.

Voice is mine, Gaster is, of course, of Undertale, and so of Toby Fox, music is a slowed-down version of Venom Sans, the Shitposter’s Dark, Darker, Yet Darker. Spoilers, of course, abound.

EDIT for reblog: Album art updated, courtesy of @bedsafely​! Also, went ahead and dusted off the old YouTube channel so I can start expanding my listenership. Yes, of course that’s a word. Gonna clean it up and give it a new coat of paint soon. Or at least a proper avatar.

EDIT for second reblog: I’m strongly considering doing more of these “recordings from the Void” exploring the other Gaster personalities that have been proposed and expanded on by the fandom. Ideally, this would entail working with Gaster blogs around Tumblr to get impressions of their personal headcanons for the good doctor, and recording brief improvs like this one with that information. Message me if you or a fellow tumblrite may be interested!

In other news, I have realized once again that my vocabulary has gone and goofed me up without my realizing it; “missive” as defined by an actual dictionary is a written letter or message. Woopsie doopsie on my part! I’m not going to take down and re-edit the whole file just for that, though. XD

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"We Are Realtime Fandub" Extended
  • "We Are Realtime Fandub" Extended

One verse just isn’t enough to encapsulate the beauty of @popelickva’s Realtime Fandub. 

So how about two?

My best work, written in 10 minutes! First verse was written by me. Second verse is the original parody written by @pleading-eyes.

My verse is just a fanwork. It’s completely unrelated to the actual Realtime group unless they want it to be >_>

Original “We Are the Crystal Gems” written and composed by Rebecca Sugar, Aivi, and Surasshu.

Vocal-removed instrumental done by Tyler-Productions.

Transcript under the cut:

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Hey Guys..

Right now I am stuck in a bad part of life right now. I am trying to better my life, I am trying to go to improv classes in September to try and get into the acting business. Well, more voice acting, but still. 

Maybe you guys could help me by checking out my RedBubble? 
If you can’t afford anything, maybe you could help by spreading the word? 

I am trying my hardest to better my life, and everytime I do something always gets in the way. :( Please, anything will help.