improv 101

ideas of exercises to help with your practical art skills, as well as things to keep in mind while making art and new ways to find inspiration:

  1. draw every day
  2. recreate a drawing you did before, but better
  3. draw something using only simple geometric shapes
  4. do studies of famous artworks
  5. listen to artists explain their work, it’s super interesting
  6. take life drawing classes (or use online photo resources)
  7. find an artwork you love, and work out why
  8. draw caricatures of friends
  9. set a 1 minute timer and draw an object as quickly as possible
  10. draw something you can’t see, eg. music, emotion
  11. research artists you admire and find out how they work
  12. think about composition: what stands out, what recedes etc.
  13. find a famous artwork you hate and work out why
  14. sit outside and draw the landscape
  15. copy a photo exactly
  16. draw a scene from a film
  17. draw the contours of an object not the outline
  18. visit an art exhibition near you
  19. draw your bedroom
  20. look up tutorials online - there’s so many useful ones!
  21. practise creating contrast between light and dark in pictures
  22. research colour theory
  23. do a self portrait
  24. learn about art history! Research different movements etc.
  25. try a new medium
  26. consider the feeling you want to portray with the artwork
  27. draw without looking at the page
  28. draw a character from a book you’ve read
  29. draw something you don’t usually draw
  30. look at your pictures in the mirror to help you see problems better
  31. follow artists and galleries on instagram for inspo
  32. draw an ugly object in a beautiful way
  33. try using only bold, bright colours
  34. plan your colour palette before starting an artwork, and stick to it!
  35. if you usually work in 2D, make something in 3D
  36. always remember to add shadows
  37. draw an object which is important to you
  38. use 5 lines to depict an object, make every line count
  39. draw using negative space
  40. always draw from life when possible!
  41. think carefully about which direction the light is coming from
  42. study proportions and anatomy!! 
  43. draw your pet
  44. research items symbolic meanings in art
  45. make an art blog to compile images that inspire you
  46. draw using only straight lines
  47. try accentuating any subtle colours in an image
  48. draw models from fashion websites
  49. sketch with friends! They always have great ideas
  50. keep drawing even if you find it hard, you improve with every mistake!

{my art masterpost might also be useful to you} 

Good luck! xx


taking the fan-service to a whole new level: Ahn Hyung Seob

Lee Daehwi, a 16 years old boy who recived hate since the very first nayana perfomance for being “ugly”, who recived  hate for being “femnine” and “gay” since first episode, who went through incredible amount of hate for being ambitious about his dream to debut, who never cried in front of camera, who’s closest people in Korea were his friends, who, at his young age, can sing, dance, rap, compose and write lyrics, who never complained about a thing, who just went through all the hardships to his dream by working hard and not giving up.

I have so much respect for this kid, he deserves all the love and appreciation in this world. I’m proud of you, my son. 

wanna one’s reaction to you becoming a trainee (feat. seonho)

yoon jisung

jisung would, of course, be incredibly proud of you for following your dreams and working hard to achieve your goals. at the same time though he’d be a little worried about you because as someone who’s been training for more than five years he knows exactly how both physically and mentally challenging being a trainee can be. he’d ask you to take good care of yourself and to let him know should things overwhelm you, because he’d be right by your side to help you through the whole thing.

ha sungwoon

sungwoon would be fucking hyped. he’d just be so excited and probably want to teach you hotshot choreographies and try to get you to do vocal practices with him all the damn time. when he first sees you and the other trainees practicing your very own choreography, his chest would swell with pride and he’d compliment you a lot on your skills afterwards as well as provide you with valuable tips on what you can improve.

hwang minhyun

tbh minhyun wouldn’t be all that excited about the news. considering how nu’est never did as well as they could’ve because the entire world loves to sleep on them thanks for nothing lol and with him going back to being a trainee for produce 101 he’d probably be scared that the same thing could happen to you. he just wouldn’t want to see you disappointed or blaming yourself for things that aren’t your fault. he’d of course help you with your practices anyways but he’d always keep an eye on your physical as well as your mental health and make sure you won’t exhaust yourself too much.

ong seongwoo

seongwoo wouldn’t really worry a lot, though he’d of course be very proud of you. he knows about your excellent skills so he’s convinced that you have what it takes. if you’re strong-willed and not easily defeated by criticism he wouldn’t worry about you at all, however if you need a little pick-me-up from time to time he’d be there to provide a shoulder for you to lean on. he’ll share a lot of stories from his trainee days with you to make you feel better and to let you know that everyone goes through the same things, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed for being down every once in a while.

kim jaehwan

jaehwan would have a similar reaction to sungwoon, he’d just be a little more low-key about his excitement. considering the fact that he’s been training on his own for a while he’s most likely experienced a few things quite differently, so he’d try and help you out with the knowledge he built over the years. he’s probably gonna challenge you to not-so-serious karaoke battles so y’all can compare your skills as well because he’s a dork stop him

kang daniel

daniel probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about you becoming a trainee. it’s not that he doesn’t believe in you or that he’s not convinced that you can make it because he definitely is, he’s more scared that you’ll exhaust yourself and end up disappointed if things don’t go the way you expected them to. he’d definitely make sure to take very good care of you and probably sneak into your company’s practice room from time to time to surprise you with ice-cream and valuable tips on how to improve your dancing.

park woojin

when it comes to woojin, he wouldn’t really make a big fuss over the whole thing. he’d of course be proud of you and offer to help you out if you ever needed it also he’d probably have a field day if you ever asked him to coach you in rapping, but in general he wouldn’t really mind all that much. he might treat you to celebratory ice-cream or dinner one night if you told him about the news though.

park jihoon

jihoon would have mixed feelings about you becoming a trainee. on the one hand he’d be overjoyed and incredibly excited for you because he knows that becoming an idol is your dream, but on the other hand he’d feel just like daniel — he knows how hard and unfair the idol industry is, so he’d most likely be worried that you’d feel like you were not good enough and subject yourself to other people’s standards. he’d definitely scold you if you didn’t take his worries seriously, this bean would just want you to be fine and happy tbh please protect him

lee daehwi

daehwi is another young fellow who’d keep not only one, but two eyes on your physical and mental health. if you told him the news he’d probably immediately sit you down for a pep talk, making sure that you knew a hundred percent what you were getting yourself into, however in the same breath he’d also be so, so happy for you. he wouldn’t hesitate to defend you if people gave you a hard time and he’d definitely always be there for you in case you needed a shoulder to cry on whenever things just got too much.

bae jinyoung

jinyoung would be thrilled to hear about the news and would definitely want to celebrate your success together with you and some of his idol or trainee friends. he wouldn’t worry about you all that much because he knows that you’d work hard and overcome the things you’re struggling with. he’d probably want to promote you in some way during his time with wanna one so you could garner some popularity before your debut.

lai guanlin

guanlin would, of course, be very happy for you he just doesn’t really know how to show it but you can bet your ass he’ll be incredibly fussy with you from then on. not in a rude way, of course, but considering that he’s spent so much time on produce 101 improving his skills alongside a lot of other talented trainees, he’d value his own opinion when it comes to helping you with advancing your own skills. most of all though, you’d make him very proud.

yoo seonho

seonho would be the most excited out of the bunch. he’d want to practice with you all the time, and just generally hang out a lot and be trainee buddies together. he’d treat you to lunch or dinner upon hearing the news of course there’d be food involved this is seonho y’all and he’d practically want to yell the good news in everyone’s face. the two of you would most likely grow even closer during that time and support each other as much as you can.

hi guys I have previously written a post in regards to Mnet’s manipulative ways with how they portray certain trainees.

In the previous post I wrote of how Mnet had negatively and actively portrayed Hyunbin in a very negative light, he was wrongfully shown to be very lazy and unmotivated. Which was quite contradicting as Mnet had previously shown Hyunbin to truly be very hardworking and determined in the previous episodes. 

Due to Mnet’s wrongful editing Kwon Hyunbin has received a large amount of backlash and negative feedback which he did not deserve. It’s very unfortunate that Hyunbin has to suffer like so and I have previously highlighted that Hyunbin’s mentality and confidence was not very strong nor high due to the fact that his hard work and efforts were not well showcased during the rank evaluation for the Pick Me stage.  

Due to Hyunbin’s own nervousness and anxiety he unfortunately was unable to showcase his abilities and what he had practised for thus this stumble had greatly affected Hyunbin’s confidence and mentality. Hyunbin carried this low confidence with him as he practiced with the Sorry Sorry Team, it is very obvious that amongst his members Hyunbin was the least experienced and skilled. No one is more aware of that than Hyunbin himself and I’m sure his inability to pick up the choreography up to speed as his members must have affected him. Mnet’s manipulative editing had showcased Hyunbin to be untalented, lazy, and unwilling to practice. 

Now I’ve already gone through in detail how this is all wrongfully portrayed and untrue in my previous post however I’ll try to summarise this. Hyunbin did practice, he did work hard alongside his members and he did show a vast improvement with the help of leader Jonghyun and his members however due to not being able to showcase his skills in both the Rank revaluation and the dance practice evaluation(for sorry sorry) Hyunbin’s confidence and spirits have significantly dropped. He was constantly being compared to very experienced and talented trainees in his group, hence Hyunbin’s confidence to do as well as them was low. However with the help and encouragement of Jonghyun and his members he was able to pick himself up, regain his spirits and practice hard alongside them. He worked hard in practicing to improve himself, he regained his spirits and performed confidently with his members and they showcased a very professional performance of Sorry Sorry with their own unique flare to it.  

However due to Mnet’s wrongful protrayal of Hyunbin during the team practice it has lead to Hyunbin receiving huge amounts of negative backlash. Which is extremely unfortunate as Hyunbin is very sincere in his efforts to participate in Produce 101, he has worked hard to showcase a very beautiful performance with his members. However due to what Mnet has protrayed of him, his efforts have been seemingly erased as viewers choose to disregard his efforts and label Hyunbin as lazy, unmotivated, and a burden to his members.

Despite being safe from elimination by ranking in at 23 Hyunbin is unable to hold his head up high and happily celebrate his position because he is highly aware of how everyone has chosen to view and curse out at him. It’s extremely unfortunate and I assume he is taking this negativity very deeply, as previously mentioned Hyunbin’s has suffered many stumbles which have caused him to lose his confidence and spirits thus to be continuously cursed out by everyone must really be really painful for Hyunbin. 

Hyunbin has already deleted all of his Instagram images due to the severe hate that viewers have been giving to him, now in the moment of which he should have been able to smile and joyfully accept his rank Hyunbin instead has apologised. I have mentioned this before Hyunbin is a very sincere and humble person, he knows he is lacking and works hard to improve, he know’s his rank is high for someone of his skill level however he is actively doing as much as he can to improve himself and showcase his abilities to do well. 

Hyunbin is very sincere and always so thankful towards those who loved and showed him unending encouragement and advice, he is genuinely thankful towards his team members who practiced beside him and helped him with each step to the choreography. 

Hyunbin is a very genuine and sincere person so please understand that he is not what Mnet has portrayed him to be, he is hardworking and has made mistakes in the past however he is human and he is actively doing his best to improve. Please do not hate him, be patient and you will see his improvements. 

{Updated} My Top 11 Produce 101 Contestants

1. Ong Seongwu (-)

-still the best visual on the show imo, his Sorry Sorry fancam was RUDE, let me live pls

2. Park Jihoon (-)

-his sexy wink ended me, STILL DECEASED, he’s a cute lil bean in real life though

3. Kim Samuel (-)

-still my son, he was so stable during the BIL performance that I thought it was prerecorded for a second, let this boy debut pls oml

4. Ahn Hyungseob (↑5)

-this boy has shooken me to the core wow, his fancam for 10 out of 10 was life-changing, he’s so weird and I love it, he does need to work on his vocals though

5. Lee Daehwi (-)

-a very talented bub who does not deserve the hate he’s been getting, LET HIM LIVE

6.  Bae Jinyoung (-)

-he’s super cute but he needs a huge confidence boost, boy can sing better than I thought, was that his falsetto in BIL? he did so good and I hope he continues to improve 

7. Takada Kenta (-)

-when will this boy get the recognition he deserves, he’s so talented and deserves to debut, he did so well in the Be Mine performance I was so happy, people stop sleeping on him pls

8. Lee Euiwoong (-)

-I don’t really have to much to say about him but he has a very unique rapping voice, still think he would be perfect for variety in an idol group

9. Lee Woojin (new on list)

-this boy is so talented for his age, he is such a good singer, he deserves more recognition, too good for this world, his friendship with Daniel is the cutest thing

10. Ha Sungwoon (new on list)

-ok so I’ll admit I didn’t give him too much attention before BIL (ik I’m a terrible person) but he’s so talented, has great visuals, and really deserves to debut, also Hotshot needs more recognition wow 

11. Joo Haknyeon (new on list)

-he’s still lacking in a lot of areas but something about him has drawn my attention, I heard he was informed that he was accepted into PD101 3 days before evaluations (???) what the heck MNet, he seems to work super hard and I really hope he continues to improve

Honestly this is just sad, I don’t think it’s right to criticize him just because of one episode. If you’ve been watching p101 since episode 1 you’ll know that he’s actually trying. It was hard for him to follow the nayana dance and he actually asked other trainees to help him cause he wanted to try and become better. I felt sad for him cause I know the feeling. You try and practice but it just doesn’t work out, everyone has experienced this right? Nobody is perfect and I think nobody should criticize him to the point he has to delete everything on his instagram. + never believe mnet’s evil editing. Hyun Bin actually improved a lot and I hope he’ll continue improving on p101!


i love this performance, BUT STILL I MISS MY BABY HWANUNG, HE SHOULD BE HERE!, this song suits him well, (i’m crying😭😭😭) sadly he has to be eliminated, along with gwanghyun and heeseok (cries😭😭😭). but seonghyuk did a great job (AAA HE’s FINALLY a MAIN-VOCAL!!!💕) and i’m most impressed by how hyunbin does, hE REALLY IS ALL GROWN UP NOW, look at him, HE IS A LEADER!! and his VOICE omg, he improved so MUCH. 💕💕😍😍

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Justice League Sorry Sorry - I loved Daniel way before this performance however I just love that his fancam for this performance is what helped him establish his fame within Korea. Imagine if Daniel did not performed Sorry Sorry? He might not have debuted as the centre of Wanna One. 

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Open Up - Daniel’s cheating controversy was somehow a blessing in disguise, how ironic is it that Daniel was placed into Open Up as his punishment for having 4 cats in his insta. Like someone said previously Daniel didn’t suit the concept for Open Up he was the ‘concept’. Can we talk about his cast too because how in the hell did he work his cast so well that it look’s like its part of the concept too?. I swear though Daniel looking that good has to be illegal.

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Hands On Me - Light rose gold tinted hair, excuse me this is like his mature take on his pink hair at the beginning of pd101, hats off to Daniel for slaying in every colour and style. I absolutely love it when guys have their hair styled back, I just love seeing some forehead lmao. Bless the stylist for putting Daniel in that silk maroon shirt as well. One more thing though did you know that God Daniel choreographed (I believe probably with Seongwu)  the routine for Hands On Me? Damn Daniel do you not know what chill is? I really don’t appreciate being visually murdered. 

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I also really love Daniel when he is performing Nayana/Pick Me as well, he caught my eye 4 months ago performing that song and to see him stand as the centre for the finale was honestly so amazing. He’s come such a long way and I’m so proud I was able to watch him grow and improve. 


[170701] PRODUCE 101 Concert, 나야나(PICK ME), SeonHo Focus