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Please tell me. As a part of the Whose Line audience, were you commanded to laugh, via a sign or did they tell you before the show to laugh a lot? What kind of things do they expect from the audience? I'm dying to know. Thanks a lot

Haha well here’s how a typical taping goes. Once everyone is seated at the studio, the stage manager, Marc Baker 😊, gives a few safety rules and then introduces Dan Patterson. Dan’s spiel is about the games and how he wants us to have fun and just warms us up a bit. No applause sign, but Dan usually wants a shot of the audience laughing at the end, and that’s the only time where it’s sort of fake, unless one of the cast makes a joke.

Dan then introduces the cast. After they go straight into it. Aisha does an intro and they play games for a good 2 hours. Then there’s a tape change break, where Linda & Laura play music while the cast and crew rests and the audience gets to stretch. Then about another hour or so left of games.

Dan Patterson comes back out and all the credits are taped in a row followed by additional introduction shots. Finally the night ends with pick ups. This is where they re-do shots like going into and out of games, so it flows best on camera. The audience has to do a lot of clapping. I hate/love it because we have to up and lively and clap nonstop, but this is where the cast gets real and make jokes about each other. They do keep us entertained throughout the night, which can last 4-6 hours.

For me, the best part about the taping (other than being there and seeing it live in person 😁) is really all the banter that they don’t show on camera. I just want all that footage. It’s just the cast being themselves for the most part and having fun with the audience.

One memorable moment was at Greg Proops’ taping back from season 2/10. They were doing pick ups for Irish Drinking Song and they had to change tape. So Ryan thought it would be fun to sing the raunchiest IDS ever. And man, it was really out there and then Wayne did a line about his kid or something and Ryan just had to stop, even though it was his idea. Not sure if that makes sense, but it’s one of those times where I sort of cherish, in a corny fangirl way.

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One problem I have with TDA...

so on the night of the dance off, many people, including myself were complaining about how it seemed like some dancers got a waayyyy longer time to dance than others. So today I decided to actually to the math today and found out that yes, we were very right. There is a huge time discrepancy during the improv dance off. The biggest difference was a 22 second difference between the dancer who got the shortest amount of time to the dancer who got the longest. So I timed each person’s dance: i started timing when the announcer said their name and stopped it when he said thank you. These are the results it got….

Sorry if I spelled names wrong, I don’t know every one.
Mini Females: in the order they went (measured in seconds)
Payton: 39  HIGHEST
Jessamina: 30
Brooklin: 28
Ava: 23
Christian: 24
Kaylee: 24
Cami: 17 LOWEST
Avery: 25
Kiara: 27
Haley: 30

Junior Females:
Bostyn: 36
Jenna: 27
Keely: 28
Quinn: 37
Julia: 28
Paige: 24 LOWEST
Sophia: 46 HIGHEST
Mia: 33
Jaycee: 33
Dabria: 29
Courtney: 36
Emmy: 36

Teen Females: (lyrical song)
Sydney: 31
Talia: 28
Kenedy: 25
Aliyah: 27
Kalani: 27
Megan: 20
Emma: 19 LOWEST
Lucy: 36
Mackenzie: 39
Lauren: 37
Mckayla: 40 HIGHEST
Lauren Shaw: 30

(i didnt measure any other groups, but i’d bet they have time discrepancies too) Now, i’m not saying the top 3 results would have been different if everyone got the same time (because kids with some shorter times made top 3), but if you are going to partly base the title of best dancer off the dance off, then they need to be giving everyone equal time and a fair shot.