Roll Reversal Teaser Trailer
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Roll Reversal Teaser Trailer

Hey everyone! We just finished the teaser trailer for Roll Reversal, the D&D podcast I’m working on with @kimpossibooty with a weekly rotating cast of players trying to make their way through a campaign with the same 3 characters. If you want to see this be made into a full series please share this post, show the trailer to your friends, and subscribe on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Bass Clarinet jamming!

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90 seconds of piano improv
90 seconds of piano improv

october 7, 2017 - the living room sessions, 5/?

hello friends! i was inspired by in love with a ghost’s “1mn of piano improv,” so i decided to try something similar. i took out my phone, pressed record, played whatever came to mind, and this is what i came up with (including all the awkward hesitations lol). i’m not sure if i want to turn this into another original piece, but in the meantime, i hope you enjoy. ^_^

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much love,

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p. s. #2: i’m curious…does this remind you of anything? and if you were to give this a title, what would you call it?


🔮I don’t know much about black salt but I do know that I love getting to use a mortar and pestle!🔮

👻 It’s great for getting rid of unwanted ghosties or other energies/bad vibes. 👻

😻I love sprinkling it just outside the front and back doors to my house.😻

🌛Extra boost: make some black salt on your preferred moon phase.🌜

🌞Maybe charge it in sunlight too. It’s fall now, enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.🌞

🍄Okay so ingredients. I looked up choices and then just dumped a bunch of stuff into my mortar:
🌟Table salt & Himalayan salt.
🍄Black pepper & cayenne pepper.
🌟Chilli powder & cinnamon.
🍄Ashes from incense sticks & cones.
🌟Ashes from a used charcoal disc & lavender buds (they smell so nice and dainty I had to).

🔮Grind it up, pack it up, charge it up.🔮