Bass Clarinet jamming!

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Bringing you a special message today 😊💗

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Me if I were a cartoon clarinetist.

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Look at this. Look at this! Sure, it’s just a short tap dance, but think about what it stands for. This man is a tap dancer, in a time where the media does not focus on tap dancers like it used to. But La La Land came out, a movie musical with tap dancing. And now this man is tap dancing, following his dream, and doing an excellent job at it. The message of La La Land is for all these dreamers to keep dreaming. But not only to dream, but to work for your dream. Skills like these should not be overlooked. So many films these days are just too intense or serious, but with little work for the performance. Where are the hours of dedication? This man sure as the sun did not learn tap dancing that day. He was probably practicing it for years, or weeks at the very least (not this particular number of course, this was improvised). But that’s just the point! He developed his skill to the point where he could improvise and still look good! Slowly, this kind of live talent is shifting back into popularity. But, even with the success of Hamilton, not everyone knows about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s impressive ability for rap improv. Skills like these take time, and the products should be highly praised. It’s a building process. Thank you, La La Land.

Comic Mike Birbiglia on how he stopped procrastinating when he was writing the screenplay for his new movie, Don’t Think Twice

“I was procrastinating writing the movie. I had the movie in my head, but I wasn’t writing it. But I noticed this trend in my life which was that I was showing up to lunch meetings or business meetings, but I wasn’t showing up to meet myself. So I wrote a note next to my bed — this is so corny — but I wrote “Mike! You have an appointment at Café Pedlar at 7 a.m. with your mind!” It’s so corny, and I would show up! I never didn’t show up and I wrote this movie [in] spurts of essentially three hours, like I’d write from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and the reason why I would do that is because I was essentially barely awake. Because I feel like that moment, at 7 to 10 a.m., you’re not afraid of the world yet.”

More from today’s Fresh Air interview with Birbiglia: 

Comic Mike Birbiglia On His Best Failure And The 3 Rules Of Improv

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Poly show idea

After hearing my wife and gf spending he weekend together while I am away for work I thought if a cute poly skit.

*full suit man comes into house, puts hat on rack, puts briefcase down*
‘Honeys, I’m home.’
*two 1950’s aesthetic women come out of the kitchen*
'Welcome home honey’.
*one wife in a power suit kisses man*
'well I am off to work. Someone has to keep the gears and cogs turning. You two behave now.’
*man sits in large chair*
'How was your day my dear?
*1950’s victory curl housewife*
'It was lovely. We went to a protest at town hall, picked up a honey ham, and I made a coffee cake while [other wife] fixed the faucet that has been leaking.
*man holds her hand*
That is lovely. I love honey ham, and that faucet has been such a hassel. I am just useless at plumbing.

So, everyone loves lucy meets poly.
Ehh?! Ehh!?

What she says: I’m thinking of taking improv theatre classes as a way to gain confidence, help deal with social anxiety, and improve cognitive reflexes. It would also help me meet new people and just generally be a good skill set to add to my life.

What she means: I watch Critical Role and desperately need to step up my DM game.


Here the other instrument I found on the street in Greenfield!

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What was your favorite part of this week’s On The Spot? Mine was the moment were introduced to Little Andy.