impromptu interview


This is a little out of character but I tried my best
Jack is such a complicated character but hopefully I did him justice haha

Title: Honest
Pairing: Jack Wilder x reader
Summary: An impromptu interview with Jack gives you more than just an article to write
Word Count: 1,065
Warnings: none

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             "Jack Wilder!“ you called, sprinting down the street. "Give me 5 minutes to speak with you.”

           He turns around slowly, a reluctant smirk on his face as he waits with his arms crossed against his chest. You catch up to him, barely catching your breath as you stood on the side of the street with you note pad ready and waiting for any quotes he might give you.

           "Are you part of a newspaper?“ he asks, eyebrow raised.

           "Yeah,” you answer breathlessly. “Y/N, I’m with the local newspaper. Could, uh, could I get an interview?”

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Had an impromptu phone interview with the hilarious lady. The first question she actually asked was if I liked dogs. And I was like, “well, I have cats, but I also like dogs.” And she was like, “good, because this other lady brings hers and it’ll come in your office whether you want it to or not.”

They also said they can exceed my base cost of living salary, and are more than willing to work with me on flexible hours to accommodate Nerdler’s school schedule as long as I get the work done. They seem more task oriented than hour oriented, which is something that I can get behind, because once I know what I’m doing, I’m quick at it. They also offer full benefits after 90 days.

The only real drawback is the drive. It’s a bit of a hike from here, but an area that I’m familiar with, so I know the back roads and stuff, so I’ll be able to get around.

Impromptu Interview || Tina & Elise


[🍀] — When it came to news, especially news she wanted to get her hands on, Tina was a true bloodhound. Once something caught her attention, she chased and investigated it relentlessly until she got the information she wanted to know. The Mystery of the Leudan Princess was one such case. Now… it wasn’t as if the girl was an actual princess, though she certainly did act the part. The way she looked, spoke and carried herself had the same air of some of the upper crust girls she saw prancing around in the rich part of town, and Tina couldn’t help but wonder why such an obviously classy gal like her was working a simple hotel job.

Was she a rich girl who got disowned? Ran away from home, maybe, and was struggling to make ends meet? Or– ooooh, what if she was betrothed to some fancy-schmancy noble from a faraway land, but ran away to be with the commoner she truly loved…!? That would make for an interesting story for sure.

But whatever this girl’s case was, it wasn’t as if Tina could just bounce up to her and start asking about her life story! There was no skill or tact in that. No, she had to be careful with this one. Start with something trivial, and then guide her into the stuff she really wanted to know.

That was why she was walking across the lobby of the Bell Hotel at that very moment, with memo pad in hand and her trusty voice recorder strapped to her belt. With a bright smile, she approaches the front desk, and gives the blonde woman a short wave before asking, “Good day to you, miss! Would you happen to know if the owner is in today? I’m a reporter from the local news station, and I have a few questions to ask him about his businesses.” 

Of course, Tina knew full well that the famous Max de Sainte-Coquille was in fact not at the hotel today, but the Princess didn’t need to know that.

So…last night, after the impromptu phone interview, I figured if the company would like me in Nashville, why not my current city?

So I went to their website and plastered my resume onto a profile and asked for a position that would make me, on a whim, 40 to 45k a year.

Well, I got an offer for a phone interview for a better position than the one in Nashville in my current city, up to 60k (so 10k more offered than the one in Nashville) a year, an iPad, cell phone, $300 gas allowance per month, full benefits, paid vacation, $6000 towards any graduate program of choice.



Got that email at 7:50 this morning. I’m excited and kind of willing to do anything more at this point.

AU Gruvia Drabble Request

“I was hired to kill you, but you’re kinda cute” – requested by @sassy-juvia 

Hope you like it dear!

The hotel lobby bustled with activity, cameras flashing and reporters shuffling their question queue cards. The Sorcerers Weekly had by far the most annoying and largest presence in the space, snapping pictures of the guests and shoving microphones in their faces for impromptu interviews.

How did you obtain an invitation to the princess’s unveiling?

Are you a hopeful suitor?

What is your connection to the royal family? 

Gray threw back his glass of liquor, relishing in the burn that filtered through his throat as he glanced toward the crowd of paparazzi, hopeful delegates, council members, and societies elite. Leaning back in his barstool, he turned with trained practice toward the ongoing excitement. This would be the princesses’s first public appearance since her birth 18 years before, and the people were rightfully anxious. Who was this leader they had never seen before? 

It wouldn’t matter. She wouldn’t be leading for long. 

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