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How Bayern can beat Real

I know a lot goes into football tactics and planning - but guys, I’ve got the perfect plan that, combined with our already-talented team, will automatically make this match the Most Interesting Match in CL history. 

We have an awesome captain whom we all know as a calm, steady guy. (Or do we??) 😉

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We have Muller. His job will be distract and confuse the Real defenders by loudly singing random heart-felt songs while waiting for the ball to be passed to him (maybe some adele???)

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When we score, there will then be unusual celebrations, causing everyone to wonder what in the world they mean. 

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which at least gives poor James something to ponder on the bench.

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Also, have you seen Manu when he’s really mad? He is flat out scary. He will strike fear in the heart of the any nearby Real players by yelling at his defenders a lot in German. (he doesn’t even have to be saying anything meaningful, only kroos will understand anyway)

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Alaba and Ribery will have impromptu dance breaks on the left wing every time they don’t have the ball. 

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Mats will color his hair again.

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When there’s corners, Arjen balances the ball on his head while walking to the corner. 

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Thiago will then make faces at random players during set pieces, thus causing them to wonder whether they’re playing the famed Bavarian giants or a distracted 5th grade team. 

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This leaves other midfield maestros confused and wondering what alternate universe they’ve been abandoned in.

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While Renato and Juan may not be on the pitch most of the time, that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. we need them to cause a bit of a distraction at times (of course, not enough to get in trouble). 

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because we’re still so strong defensively somehow but acting so strange, by the 75th minute even gareth doesn’t know what to do with this match 

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And after Real has spent 75 minutes trying to wear down this bizarre group of insanely talented but strange footballers, we turn it on in the 75th minute, hit them on the counter repeatedly and score, including a hat trick from Muller (This is actually the reason he hasn’t been scoring much this season - he wanted everyone to think he couldn’t score anymore.)

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It ends 4-0. 

Any ideas on what we could add in leg two???

[3] Still Waters [Bokuto]

Genre: Soulmate AU!; Bokuto/Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex, eventual nsfw.

Notes: New year, same me tbh. :’) Now that this chapter is done, I’ll be working on a few requests before I move on to the next part. Thanks for being patient with me.

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

“Game is running late. Go home without me.”

The screen darkened as you shoved it back into your uniform pocket. You winced as the book cart made an ungodly creaking sound when you nudged it further down the aisle. While some of your friends liked to run around a volleyball court after school, you preferred the quiet solitude of the library. Aisles and aisles of books, each categorized and alphabetized, made you feel at peace. Sometimes the work was mundane but it helped get your mind off the hum and drum of your daily life.

You waved at the librarian as you wheeled past her desk and she smiled, giving you a nod. “Thanks for your help today, ___-kun. I don’t know how we’d manage without you,” she smiled, pushing up the bridge of her antique wire frames.

“Same time tomorrow?” you nodded, grabbing your bag from behind the counter.

“Looking forward to it already, dear.”

Even though classes were out for the day, students were still running about campus. From the sound of an open window, you heard a metal ping followed by erupting cheers. It sounded like the volleyball club wasn’t the only sport that had a game scheduled. Today seemed like just any other day and yet you couldn’t shake the feeling that you were being watched.

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Preference #2: The moment he knows he's in love with you

*All his P.O.V*

Ashton: Y/N and I were visiting my family while I was on a break from touring, this was the first time I was seeing my family since I had started touring, so I was excited to see them. But once I got there my siblings barely paid any attention to me and started pestering Y/N to go out the back and play with them. Y/N quickly agreed and ran outside and started messing around with them. My mum and I stayed at the kitchen window watching them, Y/N connected with them so well. I couldn’t help but smile. “What is it Ash?” my mum asked. “Nothing, it’s just I’ve realized that I am hopelessly in love with Y/N.”

Luke: Y/N had the wonderful idea of going to Starbucks. It was just what I needed and it was a Sunday morning so it wouldn’t be too busy. I went up and ordered my usual and Y/N’s usual Earl Grey Tea. I set them both down on the table and went off to get napkins. I turned around to ask Y/N if she needed anything else but I couldn’t get the words out, because as soon as I turned around Y/N picked up her tea and let the mug spill all over herself. I couldn’t contain my laughter, she was so clumsy. She just sat there, not saying anything, but being the dork she is, she just continued to drink her tea. As if she didn’t just spill it all over herself. But in that moment I knew, I was in love with her. I don’t care if she’s a big, clumsy dork. She was my big clumsy dork.

Michael: I woke up to an empty bed, usually Y/N was a heavy sleeper like me, and slept in really late. But this morning she wasn’t there. I got up to try and find her, but stopped when I heard music coming from the kitchen. I stopped about halfway through the stairs and laughed to myself. Only Y/N would get up early on a  Saturday morning so she could dance around the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen to be met with the sight of Y/N in my t-shirt and underwear dancing around to Still Into You by Paramore. “Hey, may I ask what you are doing on this fine Saturday morning?” I asked her chuckling at her dance moves.“Well I read somewhere impromptu dance breaks are good for your health!” she cried out over the music. “Come join me, it’s good for you!” I couldn’t help but laugh at her, she was absolutely perfect and I was in love with her.

Calum: Y/N and I were going to a Sleeping With Sirens concert together in her hometown, they were one of her favourite bands. Minus all the annoying Kellin fangirls the night was going pretty good. Later on into the night they started playing the acoustic version on Audrey Hepburn & James Dean. I knew this was Y'N’s favourite song. We spent many a Saturday night making out to this song, because according to Y/N it was the most romantic song ever. I could here Y/N squealing beside me. I grabbed her waist and started to sing along. But I stopped and looked at Y/N, she looked so happy, she had a huge smile plastered on her face and she was singing the words perfectly. I had never seen her look so at peace with everything, it was as if she had forgotten about everything and everyone else and just focused on the song and it’s lyrics. Maybe Y/N was right about it being a romantic song because it made me realize how much in love I was with Y/N.

A/N: Hope you liked it, I threw in a couple of my own little quirks into this like the ordering earl grey tea in starbucks (all my friends tease me) and the James Dean and Audrey Hepburn song was my favourite song for ages haha so you got a few facts about me in this! Feedback is welcome xx

sockmonsterkookie  asked:

Okay imma spam you now hahaha. What kind of best friend would jungkook be?

What kind of best friend would the maknae line be?

Jungkook would be a very fun best friend to have. I couldn’t see him having a lot of deep, insightful conversations with you, but he’d still be sincere and know when to be serious. He’d love to play competitive games with you, like Mario Kart or ping pong, and he’d love to sing songs with you (example below) and watch anime too. If you’re a girl (i think it’s safe to assume that all of our readers are girls), he’d be sort of protective over you and give any guy you were dating the classic death-stare. Sometimes he’d get shy when it comes to boy-things, but other than that you’d be totally comfortable around each other.

Taehyung wouldn’t treat you differently at all because you’re a girl, in fact, sometimes he’d forget completely and get confused when you don’t follow him into the boys restroom. The only cons to this friendship would be that sometimes his touchiness and outgoing personality could be a little overbearing if you’re an introvert. He’d love to embarrass you, and the more silly you are the more likely you’d get along with him. You and Taehyung would have a “hoe don’t do it”-“oh my god” type of friendship, and if you’re up for pranking the other members in the middle of the night and impromptu dance breaks, then you’d be the best of friends.

Jimin would be the type of friend who’s always optimistic and bright, and he would be great at cheering you up if you were ever sad. He would get very attached to you if you were best friends, rather than being close with everyone (like imagine that you’re the Jungkook to his Jimin), so if you’re turned-off by people who are super intense, then you probably wouldn’t get along with him. 

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