Forensics Asks

Prose- What was your first tournament like? 

Poetry- What were the nicest and meanest comments you’ve ever gotten on a ballot?

Duo- Would you date anyone from forensics? Your team or another?

Inform- How did you get involved in forensics?

Oration- Have you ever cheated or lied somehow? Have you ever caught someone else cheating?

Extemp- Have you ever pulled an all nighter before a tournament to prep? 

Impromptu- What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you in front of a judge?

IDA- Who is your best friend in forensics? How did you become friends?

HI- What is your favorite forensics memory?

DI- Have you ever cried because of forensics? Why?

Congress- Do you have a forensics rival? Who and why?



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Impromptu Part 3 || M.C.

It was highly requested that I do a part 3…
Summary: Based off of this blurb, written by likehemmins
Part One x, Part Two x

You fall asleep with your mind traveling about 100 thoughts per second.

Your alarm woke you up a little before nine in the morning. You groan, trying to find your phone so you can turn your alarm off. You slowly get out of bed and start getting ready for school.

You don’t have any classes with you ex-boyfriend, luckily. You’re thankful that you probably won’t run into him ever considering that he’s apart of a fraternity and you can just avoid those kind of parties. He’s too busy being with his “frat bros” that you most likely will never see him around campus, considering that your college is remarkably big. 

By the time your makeup, you don’t have time to do your hair, so you just throw it up into a messy bun. You pack your bag with the two textbooks you need, your laptop, and a notebook. You only have two morning classes, thankfully. You grab your phone and bag before locking your room. 

You start heading to class, checking your phone to see who had texted you. You had received a text from Michael asking what time you have a break, and you text him back telling him that all of your classes are done around noon. You put your phone on do not disturb when you reach your first lecture. 

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