Chopin - Impromptu no.4 in c# minor, “Fantasie”

In another twist of historic irony, it was a surprise to me to learn that Chopin almost had this work destroyed. This piece which would rise to become one of his more popular works was almost lost to time, if it weren’t for his friend and fellow pianist Julian Fontana. This impromptu was written before his other three, in his mid-twenties, but was published posthumously by Fontana. No one is certain exactly why Chopin didn’t like this piece, but the best and most likely possible reason is that it is very similar to the last movement of Beethoven’s ‘moonlight” sonata. Probably a move to avoid criticism, feeling it was musically weaker than his other works. But when I first listened to the Fantasie-Impromptu, I felt like I’d entered a new world of music. Growing up, I only knew of pop songs that my cousins and friends listened to, I was never a big fan of music. But when I discovered Chopin, I realized there was an entire universe of unheard music waiting for me, and this piece was among the first I’d listened to. The central section is lovely if not repetitive, and the combination of this calm aria with the intense Beethovinian storm that sandwiches the work, the ending simple coda of repeating that melody in the bass while the right hand ornaments above it…it makes me think of the music of the stars.

Try to Sleep (ASMR)
Try to Sleep (ASMR)

Contains: all whispers, normal voice, gliding ocean wave-like sounds, words of comfort and encouragement. 

So, I know that it’s taken forever since you guys heard an audio, and it’s going to be a while before I get my regularly scheduled programming back to normal and I’m so sorry from that. However, I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging without an audio until then, so I decided to fill in the blank with what I wanted to help with, something I’m currently trying to struggle through: going to sleep. 

A/N: This is also super spur of the moment. I literally recorded it like, a half an hour ago. I know it’s probably disappointing that it’s not Yuri and I apologize, but I thought this would be better than nothing. If you guys want me to make more of these, by all means please tell me and send me ideas for triggers you guys may want to hear (I’ll make an “ASMR triggers” tag for it). Thank you so much for listening! Goodnight!


im advancing to sectionals in impromptu and instead of practicing i made this. the quality is kind of garbage because i was having difficulty with the programs i was using but here take it

The Signs as lines from speech pieces
  • Aries: "I believe democracy is the greatest political system on earth. But that's just the problem. It's on earth.
  • Taurus: "internet trolls tell me I'm fat because I use a Tolberone as dildo -- which really wouldn't be an effective way to ingest calories at all"
Gemini: "He shoved me right up his ass... and this soon became a part of his masturbation routine." 
Leo: "Sometimes I see people as colors -- like this guy over here is purple because he just got a promotion. Or a blowjob. A blow motion if you will."
Virgo: "I was Rose, he was jack. I was his guitar and he would fiddle with my strings"
  • Cancer: "I mean like the killings of all of the Glorbons was bad and stuff, but nothing was more important than Brad."
Libra: "... just like incest, Mumbo handled his problems inside the family, as it should be."
Scorpio: "Unlike McDonald's, this is not about how fast you can go through that drive thru. If you want something from God you're gonna have to cook a little."
Sagittarius: "Here asshole. C'mon asshole."
Capricorn: "For a $1 billion dollar pizza, the least they could do is add some pepperoni. And maybe a blowjob."
Aquarius: "... and [he] eventually dumped me for someone annoyingly named Mindy."
Pisces: "Just like our president elect, we must grab our dreams by their... genitals."


Fanals dins la boira arrenglerats a un carrer desert

on els cotxes descansen en el son dels conductors.

Han somniat de dia unes hores tan fredes i humides,

i ara tremolen en la nit dins de vànoves marcides,

no corren les hores en el gran silenci de la mort

que cala sense esperança en el paisatge ert.


Lanterns in the fog lining on a desert street 

where the cars rest in the drivers’ sleep.

They dreamed a few hours of a day so cold and wet,

and now tremble at night in faded quilts,

do not run the hours in the great silence of death

that creek without hope in the frozen landscape.

Fotografia:Agramunt, per  Oriol Vidal

Add-A-Line Story Time

So, @whovianextrodinare and I were having a LOVELY conversation on impromptu writing. It was a blast! So, I said, “What if we explain the game, make a post, and see what happens?” So here we are!

The game is simple. Read each line that has been posted. Then, reblog the post adding your own line to the story. Be sure to add the tag (# Add-A-Line Story Time) to your post so responses can be found. Initial line by @whovianextrodinare. Thanks Esther!

Happy story time friends!
———————————————————————— All that I had left of my wings was a single, solitary feather…