Tʜᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇ                      αη∂                the bad influence ☠

                              "I'm sick of walking around “

   “Ƭнєη trу rυηηιηg”

                               "Ha! You're joking, right

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' together; always. ' ur welcome

Kingdom Hearts Quotes Sentence Starters

                 “Why’re you getting all sappy on me– ??

  We’ve been together this long, no chance of us parting ways anytime soon.”

     Death was a possibility that surrounded them constantly, anyone was susceptible to it’s icy grip
.   Noctis could only do all within his power to protect the others from such a fate. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to imagine life without them, it was pretty depressing.

                            “You want a group hug or somethin’– ??

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sits on.

            The sudden addition of such weight would drag an annoyed grunt from the prince, who had been on the verge of sleep. The surrounding area was quiet, and all had been calm.
                  Had, being the key word.

     Now Noctis would be fixing the gunner with a narrowed gaze, not quite a glare, but enough to vent his quiet frustration upon being woken so suddenly. And why on his lap—— Gladio was bigger.

                                “Really– ??
                      C’mon, Prom, you’re heavy as Titan. There’s a chair right there.”