I can’t decide how Improbablycluelessbing is best punctuated:



“I’m probably clueless.” -Bing

When the quandary first occurred to me, I considered asking Bing directly, but I thought the question might hurt his feelings.  Later I realized it probably wouldn’t hurt his feelings… because he wouldn’t understand the question.

Yesterday I asked Mr. Bearcy for an opinion, and he responded:

punctuation isnt my strength due to lack of dexterity however my best guess for bings handle is

im pr ob ab lyc lu ele s sbi ng

i believe thats a chemical compound you see bing is a dedicated medical student

As much as I respect Mr. Bearcy’s insights regarding the heart & tears of William Darcy, it is impossible for me to concur with him on this particular issue– because I have a degree in chemistry.

My academic background also makes it difficult for me to support Mr. Bearcy’s opinion that Bing is a dedicated medical student.  Gee, I sure hope Bing isn’t lying to Darvid about studying medicine the same way Batman lied about studying caves…