imprint projects

I love Klance but there is gonna be so much time until it gets developed

S2 Keith is still in love with Shiro (unrequited) and when Shiro gets captured or whatever and they’re fighting to get him back, Keith is being impulsive and making bad calls and Hunk tries to be the voice of reason but he’s panicking a little too without Shiro’s calm confidence. Lance ends up being the one who is able to ground Keith, Lance being the force that keeps the team functioning. Keith depending on Lance more and more for reassurance. He doesn’t need as much guidance, and they disagree on the best tactics sometimes, but ultimately the best plan is one they can both agree on.

They get Shiro back and Keith has to try and balance the old team dynamic with the new. He questions Shiro more, their bond is still close but…different. He no longer pines the way he used to. He has Lance.

Keith realizing he’s in love with Lance and actually can be happy with him. Keith coming to terms with his misplaced feelings for Shiro, knowing he does love him but they would have been doomed from the start.

Just. Give me this Keith. Gay baby Keith who imprinted on Shiro and projected all of his feelings onto him. It’s such a common experience that I’ve had and friends of mine have had when coming to terms with their sexuality and growing into their identities.

I’m on mobile but when I get on a computer i can go into more depth about the Hunk/Lance team dynamic and how they support the team in different ways. I feel like the way I worded this may make it sound like Hunk is incompetent and that’s not what I’m trying to convey at all! But yeah. I wanted to write this out.