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so this post by @lesbianemilydavis came across my dash and because this topic is what im writing my dissertation about this year ive turned a jokey post into a dive into video game morality and im?? really sorry??

spoiler warning for these 2-4 year old games yall

the post talks about the games ‘the last of us’ and ‘life is strange’, both of which feature a moral choice at the end: whether to save or essentially kill a companion character that both you and the protagonist have grown close to over the course of the game, considering saving the character will in both cases cost the lives of hundreds if not thousands of others. these decisions are much-discussed in the respective fandoms because they’re fuckin huge, theyre massive moral and philosophical questions, and people love to come along saying theyre right and decry anyone who picked the ‘morally wrong’ option.

these games are essentially dramatising the old ‘two train tracks one runaway train do you send the train over one person you love or ten strangers’ question. and of course we all know logically, objectively, morally, the lesser of two evils is to save ten lives over one life. but we’re also all human beings with emotions, and i think if any of us were actually faced with this choice none of us would be so quick to pull the trigger (piglet) on the person we love, even the objective moralists who turn up on the internet talking about how wrong and selfish it is to save chloe or ellie. 

these questions of ‘what would i do in this position, and do i think that’s morally right’ are exactly what the games want you to be asking. video games as a narrative medium have a dual-purpose that isn’t found so directly in other forms of literature: they want to tell a story, but they also want to induce some kind of reaction in the player, whether that’s fun or fear or questioning your own morality.

ofc these two games go about inducing that response in opposite ways – in tlou it’s joel that makes this moral decision, and you the player have no choice but to go through with what he’s decided. the only choice you have is keep playing or turn off the game. on the other hand, lis gives you that moral choice to decide yourself, and although there’s a case to be made to say that the game tries to push you in a certain direction, you are still ostensibly in control.

but whether they give you a choice or not, both these games ask you to confront your own morality and priorities, much more effectively than other narrative mediums ever could.

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The Meaning Of God‼️ ✨🙏

The divine consciousness is present everywhere, expressing itself in various different forms.  It is just like the light that projects at the cinema, where one light passes through different films, and different imprinted characters are being projected onto the screen from it.  Without the light, there is no film. There is no hero, no heroine, no villain, nothing!  They are all just figures projected on a film with a single light.  The same light is the hero and heroine, and many different characters on the screen. The same light can be a mouse and a lion. Behind all these characters is only one beam of white light.  The brave one is one who can see that if this person is that way, and that person is that way, it is all just play and display of one consciousness. 
Recognize, that the one consciousness which appears to be perfect somewhere is really not perfect, and that which appears imperfect somewhere is not really imperfect.  It is all made up of one being, one field of energy. One who focuses on this and understands this deep within, crosses over this world of death to immortality.   Nothing whatsoever can shake him or her. The ephemeral happenings do not touch the one who is connected with the universal energy. So, from you projecting your mind onto everybody, you see everybody as the projection of that one consciousness.  This is the journey of life, from ignorance to enlightenment. In ignorance you project your emotions on others, you are angry at everyone, you say and you think everyone is angry at you. You have an ego, you think everyone else have an ego too.  You are negative, you think others are negative.You do not respect people, and you think that others do not respect you.   You do not love others, and you think others do not love you. You are projecting your mind on to others, and this is ignorance. See the whole universe as the projection of consciousness.  It is not an individual who is doing this or that.  It is all a play and display of a universal phenomenon, everyone is like a rag doll.  Knowing this, is enlightenment. This is something to be done right here. When you die, you will carry all your memory, cravings, aversions and hatred with you.  This is a great loss to you, as the mind is meant to experience infinity. Instead of ingraining infinity in the finite mind, you drag the mind through the mud.  You criticize and complain, and this is not worth carrying.  Let others form their own ideas, let them seem imperfect. But you should not carry that and spoil yourself.

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i despise that marauders' diagram alignments nostrum you reblogged because i was forced to diagnose myself as peter pettigrew even though sirius black is my emotional lodestone/indelible heart-imprint. i'm bitter.

as someone who also considers sirius black her spiritual imprint and projects mightily onto him like a bug flies into a windshield i can tell you this is an extremely sirius black comment. live ur truth. destroy the prep-goth spectrum. eat a few rats. listen to bauhaus. dress like ezra koenig. give yourself a code name. make out with a werewolf.

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I'm currently editing my ms before my agent and I go on submission. There was a really big deal made recently to a big 5 with a book that sounds close ish to mine. Should I be worried? Is that a whole house that won't consider my project? Will imprints not take projects that might compete with fellow imprints in the same pub?

No don’t be worried. Projects can often sound similar and then in fact not be similar. And lots of times imprints don’t know what other imprints are doing. (It depends a bit on the publisher).

But please just focus on what you can control. You’ll be way happier.

I love Klance but there is gonna be so much time until it gets developed

S2 Keith is still in love with Shiro (unrequited) and when Shiro gets captured or whatever and they’re fighting to get him back, Keith is being impulsive and making bad calls and Hunk tries to be the voice of reason but he’s panicking a little too without Shiro’s calm confidence. Lance ends up being the one who is able to ground Keith, Lance being the force that keeps the team functioning. Keith depending on Lance more and more for reassurance. He doesn’t need as much guidance, and they disagree on the best tactics sometimes, but ultimately the best plan is one they can both agree on.

They get Shiro back and Keith has to try and balance the old team dynamic with the new. He questions Shiro more, their bond is still close but…different. He no longer pines the way he used to. He has Lance.

Keith realizing he’s in love with Lance and actually can be happy with him. Keith coming to terms with his misplaced feelings for Shiro, knowing he does love him but they would have been doomed from the start.

Just. Give me this Keith. Gay baby Keith who imprinted on Shiro and projected all of his feelings onto him. It’s such a common experience that I’ve had and friends of mine have had when coming to terms with their sexuality and growing into their identities.

I’m on mobile but when I get on a computer i can go into more depth about the Hunk/Lance team dynamic and how they support the team in different ways. I feel like the way I worded this may make it sound like Hunk is incompetent and that’s not what I’m trying to convey at all! But yeah. I wanted to write this out.


Auntie Kay, a beautiful woman with a stunning Irish accent! <3.

These photos mean the world to me. This wonderful lady is who we call “Auntie Kay”. My Mum used to baby sit her children when she was a teenager and called her Auntie. As my siblings and I grew up, we called her Auntie too. There is no blood relation, she’s not my Grandma, but is a close to a Grandma as I have and a ‘sister’ to my Grandad. Over the last decade, this woman has been a beacon of support and reassurance. The compliments (whether true or not!) are too numerous to count.

There are people in my life that I’ve never been able to capture in my project for one reason or another. No camera to hand, people too ill, some living long distance…. Never managing to include my Grandparents on my Dad’s side is a big regret for me.

We’ve had a few upsetting things happen this evening, bringing the family together for the first time in years. The fact that this unexpected meet happened allowed me to capture what I thought I possibly never would <3. She’s now forever imprinted in my project, which means so much to me.