imprint fair

“M'sorry about last night.” 
“Don’t be sorry. I’m not.”
Daryl shook his head in dismay, his sorrowful gaze sweeping over the bite mark on her neck. ”I should have never done that. I hurt ya real bad.”

Daryl sighed, feeling extremely guilty for the pain he had inflicted on her body. His roughness had left behind a variety of bruises on her hips and scratch marks on her arms which she had managed to cover with her winter clothes. The wound in her neck, however, was still red and very visible. He swore he could even see a couple of his teeth  imprinted on her fair skin. Daryl ducked his head in shame. He was supposed to be her protector, avoiding any pain on her part at any cost. So far he had kept that promise, slaying hungry walkers and unkind strangers, all to ensure her safety. Little did he know it only took one moment of complete loss of control to be the one to hurt her. 

She traced his mark on her neck with the tips of her fingers, hissing at the feel of broken skin. A wicked smile graced her lips. She ignored his tensing manners when she leaned closer to him, her lips barely touching his. “I kinda liked it.” Those few words made Daryl Dixon’s control slip from him once again, forcing him to close that last bit of distance between them.

[Gifcredit to therearezombiesallaround- although the watermark says otherwise, so I’m not really sure]