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ok but if you think about it, izuki has all these puns that can only be delivered in a specific situation, like I can just seem him carrying around a gym bag full of random objects eagerly waiting for the right time or even him just like standing around doing something weird for like an hour waiting for someone to notice like seriously #punproblems

he’s so dedicated to his work, we should all give him a round of applause

Starring: ‘55 Buick Roadmaster 

by Clay 

One thing I would like to share..

(because it’s really completely harmless information unless your heart really can’t handle it so consider this your warning)

Remember that laugh from the “Legend” trailer we were all over some time ago?

Taron Egerton really does laugh like that.

Seriously. All that unhinged glee that we’re associating with Teddy Smith? All Taron.

That’s all.

The two times Tim impressed me the most

(Robin #150)

I mean, anyone else would have gone for it or created a suit but… geometry? God.

(Every year is a year farther away from the one I had to learn trigonometry… and it will never be far enough XD)

(Red Robin #12)

I didn’t expect this at all, and I was so OH GOD THAT’S TRUE!!!

As Ra’s sums it:

(And didn’t that have me fangirl over it for a whole hour <3)

“It’s a bloody swiz, that’s what it is.” said Alan, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “It’s self-raising flour all over again. Did it move an inch from the countertop? Did it hell. I want compensation.”

When you like someone but don’t know if you’re interesting enough to be liked

snake bites
others see blood and infection
while i see blaring red lights
that tell me i cannot caress
your hurting wound. i wonder
if they were the ones impaled instead,
would they crave gentle, tender hands?

two flowers, metallic, spiralling
leaves and vines below an alluring
mess of a bird’s nest. i’m so in love
with the girl that has snake bites
in her neck.

Joker Reel
  • Joker Reel
  • Voiced by Eyn Ross

Still practicing my Joker voice as best I can. It was either this or trying to find someone else to do. I have a couple of voices I would like to move to, but I’m pretty fond of The Joker, so I wanted to try to perfect it. That isn’t to say that this is perfect at all, but I’m pretty proud of it for what it is.

I took several quotes from some comics here and there and a few of the batman games. Some of you will definitely recognize a few of them or all of them.

I hope you enjoy. I had a lot of fun doing it.

(Please do not remove this caption)