“Will ye trust me, Sassenach?” he said. His nose pressed against mine, but his eyes didn’t blink. Neither did mine.
 “With my life,” I said.
 I felt his lips smile, an inch from mine.
 “And with your heart?”
 “Always,” I whispered, closed my eyes, and kissed him.
—  Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn, Chapter 19

under-impression asked:

how does this whole thing with Zayn signing the contract impact the stunt? I mean when he comes back he's gonna have to explain a hella lot about everything now that he said on Twitter that he left to make "real music" and then he comes back to 1D to supposedly making "fake music" and not "being him"

History tells us 1D never explains anything that they don’t want to explain. If Zayn returns, whatever flimsy story they come up with is all you’re gonna get. And the fandom will swallow it because they always do.

As for this tweet, all things considered, this probably wasn’t even Zayn. It may just have been 1DHQ up to no good again. They supplied the drama, then denied it. That’s definitely their m/o.

Remember 1DHQ still has a vested interest in getting their digs in at 1D while they can, before they lose them as clients. Even if there is a reunion, it won’t erase the bad publicity that will be widely seen by casual observers rn. And they certainly don’t care if Zayn comes across as disloyal or flaky because he won’t be their problem much longer either.

Most people only read the headlines.

I dunno where they go from here. I dunno how they plan to fix this. We’ll see…


Dangerously in Love: Eisuke

Eisuke is hilarious by now. He really doesn’t want MC in danger but he just won’t say it differently. He doesn’t like showing his feelings at all. But I guess I like them that way.

Highlight of the story: Eisuke deftly swooped in and saved MC from fall doing negotiations with someone who put her at risk. Not as fun as Mamoru story but good.

So the LGBT association at my firm choice university lists asexual, aromantic, and agender on their website and I am a very happy bunny.

Has anyone put “all the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run better run outrun my” in the title and then something zany like “zamboni” or “crate golem” in the post yet?  I feel like that’d be hilarious but I wanna be sure I’m not gonna be seen as trying to ride someone else’s coattails so if there’s already a post like that with a zillion notes point me to it so I can reblog it.