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I think Jensen is very aware of his looks, and knows full well that he's drop-dead gorgeous. He's commented on his own looks numerous times at cons and I think even in the gag reels, saying he has "striking features" among other things. To me, it seemed really conceited that he's commented on his own looks with such words, but really, who can argue with him?

I am sure Jensen knows he is beautiful, he is told often enough. I honestly believe that he is a little shy about it and that anytime Jensen mentions his good looks he is joking around, being sarcastic or making fun of himself. I think Jensen likes to dress well and knows how to pose for photo’s but i don’t think he is conceited in the slightest, which is amazing for someone who looks like he does.

Gosh, I love this camera. 

After using it on a couple of trips, shooting in bright sunlight, during golden and blue hour and in a rainy bush setting I couldn't care less about all those extra megapixels. It is everything else I care about. Those colors, the dynamic range, the crispness (okay I guess that’s the megapixels coming through), that beautiful grain, having to do so little post. Did I mention colors?  

I shoot the same crappy stuff but it just looks all so different. And I like it. 

I like it big time.

ENTPs are so great omg.

I’ve come across only a few ENTPs in real life, and I have to say I was absolutely stunned by how awesome they were. They’re so charismatic…..I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s like…you can feel their presence. I don’t know. They’re so cool, and they’re super original. And also they could win any argument…so don’t even try. 

If you’re an ENTP. Keep doing you. Omg. 


Jon Pertwee Tribute by Wink Taylor…

Impressionist Wink Taylor has recorded a tribute to Jon Pertwee and his role as the Third Doctor. Wink has appeared in the Big Finish audio drama The Natural History of Fear opposite Paul McGann and has devised the Theo the Mouse variety act with stage partner Wendy Abrahams.

You can hear more of Wink’s library of voices on Wendy Abrahams’ YouTube channel.

(With thanks to Wendy Abrahams)

Cuddle Buddy Application

Name: F-fluttershy
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Big/Little Spoon:  L-little
Favorite Movie: Frozen
Favorite TV Show: Strawberry Panic
Favorite Music Genre:  Enya

Can we talk about mundane things: Y-yes
Is it okay if I fall asleep: I-if I can t-too
Are kisses allowed: -blushy profoundly shy pony noises-
Are pants required: W-what are pants?

When are you available for cuddles: W-whenever I’m not t-taking care of my a-animal friends.
My place or yours: W-whichever is c-closer?
Can we cuddle in bed or couch only: E-either?
Will you play with my hair: I-if I’m allowed
Can we have a snack before: Y-yes.

        “Huh, I’m impressed! And it takes quite a bit to impress me..
    So, for that reason alone I will most definitely accept your application!”