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Quetzalcoatlus goes down in history as the largest flying organism of all time, with a wingspan of 12 metres, which is larger than some planes. Quetzalcoatlus was the undisputed king of the Late cretaceous skies, so it seems fitting that its name is derived from an Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl. Although its wingspan is impressive, Quetzalcoatlus also had a huge 2.5 metre long skull, that is the average height of an Asian elephant!
To get such a huge animal in the air, a complex system of air sacs was needed inside the bones, this meant that Quetzalcoatlus probably weighed no more than 250kg. Quetzalcoatlus, along with many pterosaurs, was originally thought to spend most of its time gliding over the oceans, skimming fish out from the surface of the water with their elongated beaks. However, due to the skull and beak morphology and the presence of fossils far inland it has become more widely accepted that Quetzalcoatlus stalked prey far below on the land. The fore and hind limb morphology of Quetzalcoatlus also suggests that they were competent walkers on the land, they would have stood up to 3 metres tall. 

The feeding habits of Quetzalcoatlus still remain something of a mystery. It was originally thought to be more of a scavenger, but the blunt beak was unsuited to stripping and picking flesh of a bony creature. It is more likely that Quetzalcoatlus hunted like modern-day storks, stalking the land from the skies above for smaller animals and then swooping down to eat them whole.


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workin on some good omens animations! here’s a bit of crowley~

Can we just entertain the idea that there is spider silk in Prythian somewhere for a second? And think about the Inner Circle finding it and using it to mend Cassian’s wings? And Cassian would be elated to have his wings back and he would totally own his fabulous glittery wings because he is secure enough in his masculinity and doesn’t mind some glitter and tbh he is so relieved to have his wings back that he wouldn’t care if they were bright pink and fluffy. Nesta, however, would find them absolutely ridiculous and would keep pointing it out and Cassian would not even blink like ‘you seem to be paying an awful lot of attention to my wings, sweetheart. Is it the impressive wingspan that’s caught your eye?’ 

Kobayashi Gives Kanna “The Talk” (This Time It’s Not What You Think It Is)

More Dragon Maid family feels.  Today we’re serving some “shit I adopted a dragon baby” stress and partially reluctant grappling with mom-ing feelings on Kobayashi’s part. Just the kind of unabashed fluff I usually produce, this time in the g rated spectrum.

If Dragon Maid fic is your thing, there’s two more on my handy dandy fanfic masterlist.

Kobayashi feigns getting up from her desk to get coffee when her phone lights up with an incoming call. It’s Tohru, which isn’t unusual. She doesn’t know how to text and Kobayashi doesn’t feel she can really be trusted with much more than the landline at the apartment quite yet. Although she usually waits until lunch to call. She wonders what’s so urgent that she couldn’t wait the half hour. 

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18 Nessian :))

What “turns them on” Headcanon: Cassian already has a hard time controlling himself when he takes in Nesta’s curves, but his eyes never fail to stray toward the swell of Nesta’s breasts anytime she wears a tight fitted dress or Illyrian leathers. And cauldron boil him when she “accidentally” brushes against his arm with her soft breasts that he wants to hold in his hands! Of course his biggest turn on is when Nesta wears the color red, which she rarely does since she prefers subtle cool shades, or when she puts a subtle balm on her lips that make them more pronounced. This then leads his thoughts to imagine what those red lips would look like around his hardened length as she slowly worked him over the edge of oblivion. 

For Nesta it’s a huge turn on to see Cassian interacting with children and seeing him care for them as if they were his own. It makes her feel confident to know that if they ever had children that Cassian would the best father in all the courts. But seeing him in his “warrior-mode” also makes Nesta hot and bothered. Watching his muscles flex and strain during training has Nesta awestruck and when he happens to stretch out his wings to their full length…let’s just say that even Amren can’t snap her back to attention until Nesta gets her fill of that impressive wingspan. And mother above help her when Cassian strides over to her stripped of his shirt and chest gleaming in sweat as he teasingly whispers in her ear as he passes by.

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A Court of Lost Things


              The horse’s hooves click over the cobblestones as we make our way through the city.  People pause to wave at their prince and one woman in a tight, green dress winked with a flirty gesture and adding extra swagger.  Yet when I glanced back at Calev, he was staring straight ahead, never noticing any of the women who seem to be looking at him like some kind of delicious treat. My eyes drank in his beautiful features and in my pain-filled haze I reached up, running my fingers over his lips. As his wide eyes flick down to me with an expression I can’t understand, I suddenly realize what I’ve done. It’s like something inside me just needed…to touch him. My thumb strokes down his jaw and something sparks in me.  I quickly look away and press my hand into my lap. The same hand that I touched him with and is now tingling between my fingers. Calev lets go of the reins with one hand and braces it against my thigh.  I open my mouth to tell him to stop but then I started to sway and that hand seemed to be the only thing keeping me from tumbling off the horse.  The grand palace looms over us and the golden gates open wide, the metal groaning on its weight.  The horse stops near the stables and Calev moved, dismounting the horse. He stood before me and his hands braced my hips as he lifts me off and then shifts me into his arms.  Carrying me into the grand entrance, I tuck myself into his warm embrace. I wanted to curse at him for carrying me, for thinking I am a damsel in distress, but I said nothing because if he didn’t carry me I don’t know what I’d do. I could hardly move half of my body.  The pain climaxed through me as I tried to lift it up and everything went black.

              I drifted in and out of consciousness, hearing voices murmuring around me. I couldn’t understand one word the voices were saying, even as I tried to. Hands softly brush my hair away from my face and I sighed. It felt like a comfort and I thought it might have been my father, had I not remembered that I wasn’t anywhere near him at all. Not near my family. My home.

I blink my eyes to open and saw a shadow of a person over me. As I blinked my eyes again to see more clearly, I could see a patch of white hair and black swirls of a tattoo on the person’s neck. I closed my eyes again, too tired to keep them open. Something deep in my heart knew that Calev was different, he was something else to me.  Yet I didn’t know what.

              “I have to go, little bat. I will be back soon.  Hang in there till I come back and don’t worry, you will be safe.”  I felt a slight pressure against my head and warmth filled my body.  Calev’s lips.  When he pulled away, I heard a slight intake of breath.  “I will be back as soon as I can,” his voice sounded shocked.  Footsteps retreated and I heard the sound of the door being shut.

              I groaned as I moved to sit up but found my arms weighed down by chains.  A gasp escapes me as I look around to realize I am in a dank cell.  There were walls of brick all around me apart from the bars.  Fear creeps up to me as I call for my magic and find it flickering just out of reach.  A noise of devastation fell from my lips. Had Calev really thrown me in prison? And I just now realize that the pain I felt before is gone and that I am completely healed. I didn’t get why he would have me healed just to throw me inside of this…hellhole.  Though this wouldn’t be the end. I had my family waiting for me in some other world or reality and getting back to them was my main priority. And I know that my parents are probably trying to find ways to get me back right this very second. I tried to stand but found the chains on my hands restricted the movement.  I felt my wings rustle behind me at the movement and with a shock, I found that my magic fell away from them. They probably showed up when I was passed out.  Biting my lip, I reach deep inside where my power thundered within me, but the more I reached the farther away it slips.

              A growl rips from my chest at the inability to reach it.  In Prythian, I rival my mother and father’s powers, and being unable to reach it now made me beyond angry.  When I failed to lure my magic back to me, I look around for a weakness in the chain but to no avail.

              Feet echoed through the hall before me as a guard stops in front of my cell carrying a tray full of what I’m assuming to be food. He slides the tray towards me and starts to walk away before-

              “Wait!”  At my words the guard stops and gives me a long look.


              “Why am I imprisoned?”

              “That’s not for me to say,” the guard answers stiffly.

              “Come on Joseph. Surely the little creature could use an explanation,” I could hear laughter in the voice and another guard showed before the light.

              The first guard turned and gave him a look of uncertainty. “Zachariah, the king and queen-”

              “You are imprisoned due to your coming from this world called ‘Prythian’ that we have never seen or heard of before and we do not know if you are a friend or foe.  The King and Queen fear you maybe something else, like the Valg.”

              “Two things: what has the prince said about this? And what the hell is a Valg?”  I tripped over the word, ‘Valg’.

              “The prince had nothing to say because he is on a mission for a few weeks and a Valg is a demon-like creature. Absolute disgusting.” His face turned, like he smells something foul.

              “Wait, so they locked me up down here after the prince left?”

              “Well after you were well enough to be moved, but yes.”  A snarl ripped from my throat causing the guards to take a step back.  I reached out and grabbed the bread as the guards made their way back. Sniffing it to check for poison, I found none so I took a huge bite. I have to get out of these chains.  

My eyes traveled to where they were bolted to the floor.  It looked as if it had almost been melted but how could that be?  Biting my lip, I chewed on the bread thoughtfully.  If my dad were here he would probably charm the guards.  Charming things had never been my strong suit which was strange because both of my parents were good charmers. I have always seemed more like Amren, I suppose, or my aunt Nesta.  Aunt Nesta was like a viper and that’s one thing I admire about her. Tugging on the chain to test its strength, I found it to be hardened steel.  My only option was magic which I can’t use because it seems like a far away echo in my mind.  Well…I could come up with another way to approach my magic.

              For the next several hours, I try dozens of ways to get my magic to no avail.  I plunge head first; I plunge feet first; I shout; I pretend to be my father and coax it out; I whisper to it.  Nothing.  I push my hair back and a frustrated scream fell from my gritted teeth. Pulling and clawing at the chains in my anger, I do not feel the pain and the blood dripping from my fingers didn’t matter to me.  Hard stone presses into my palms as I brace my arms against the floor.  A cold seeps into my bones, one that has little to do with the moisture in the cell and more to do with the dread that is slowly taking over my mind.  My wings wrap around me, creating a comfortable cocoon of velvet black.  If I closed my eyes I could almost smell the scent of the sea, hear the roar of the ocean, feel the cool breeze on my face.  I could imagine that if I moved my wings I could dive into the waves then go back to the city to eat some ice cream and then sit with my mother at her art studio, watching her paint and laughing at the memorable stories she tells me of her past.  But I knew the moment I  move my wings away, I would still be in this dank cell with bloodied hands, a faint smell of pine which was covered up by the smell of piss and vomit.

              A thought came to me. What if I tried to slowly bring my magic to me?  So I did, inch by starry inch.  I felt night come to me as it curls around my arms then twining with the Illyrian tattoos over my chest and back.  Hour by hour, more of my magic curled around me.  Night flowed around the dark cell, stars weaved around my head.  Dancing over my wings and sliding down the claws that tip my wings.  I felt my mother’s powers start to well within me.  Not as powerful as hers but the water in the cell danced along the stars, flares of light shining in the darkness, fire joined the dance, and soon my powers were all spinning around me.

              Eyes closed, I concentrated on breaking the chains and then… The chain disappeared. I stood, my wings stretching as far as they could.  I had an impressive wingspan for a female and I was proud of that as I shook them out in the small cell.  A proud smirk pulled at my lips and I winnowed out of the cell.  Reining my powers back in, I walked up the only stairway upwards.  Ascending the mold covered stairs, I listen for any guards beyond the doors but hear none.  With another winnow I am walking through the elaborate corridors.  A group of servants’ chatter around the corner and slipping behind a pillar, I search their minds for where the throne room is.  I almost don’t find it in time but just at the last second, I find the location.  My feet make no noise as I avoid the shafts of sunlight coming from the giant windows to my right and I stick in the shadows as Uncle Azriel taught me.  Quickly and quietly, I move to the throne room.  Avoiding any guards or servants haunting the halls, I didn’t consider hiding my wings and instead choosing to show off my heritage.

              Finally, I reach the large golden doors, it depicted a mark of a stag staring at me in a wooded forest.  A hawk sits above the stag on a tree, staring at me with its hooded eyes as if debating whether or not to kill me.  Taking a deep breath and shaking out my wings, I shove the doors open and saunter into the throne room.

              Inside, I find two royals sitting upon the thrones.  A white wolf, a large leopard, and a tall male with golden hair and tan skin stood near them.  The king and queen on the throne stood as the wolf shifted into one of the most beautiful males I had ever seen. They all stood at the ready for a fight.  The queen stepped in front of all of them with a look of wrath on her face.  Before she even spoke, she launched herself at me with daggers in her hands.  I winnowed away from her and she froze, spinning with wide eyes.

              “What are you?” Her shriek filled the throne room.  As the white haired male came up behind her I realized with a start how much Calev looked like him. These were his parents.  I was surrounded now but they were no match for me.  Night started to wrap around me, readying for the attack that was to come.

              The doors burst open again and there stood Calev.  His chest heaving as if he had been running here.  Calev walked up to me, pushing past his parents to get to me.  His hand reached for my arm but I jerked away from the touch. With his back to me, he turned toward his parents.

              “What is going on here?”

              “Calev, step away from her.  She has escaped.”

              “Escaped? She wasn’t supposed to be imprisoned in the first place! I saved her because she was in trouble,” the growl in his voice and his protective stance filled the air with a haunting dread and it makes me uncomfortable. What he is insinuating was between us.

              “So you bedded the girl? Nice job, boy,” the once wolf purred at him.  Calev tensed but said nothing.  I would not be spoken of like that though.

              “Excuse me?  I am not some prize to be taken! Nor have I had any relations with this male,” I spat the word male.  “I have no idea how the hell I got here.  I don’t know any of you and I just want to go home!”  My breath came out fast and harsh now, the power I had was swirling around me now, fueled by my emotions.  Calev turns to me with a look of surprise.

              “This male? You wound me, little bat.” Calev presses his hand to his heart but I roll my eyes wanting to pluck his out.

              “I am NOT a little bat,” I snap.  His eyes flick to my wings.

              “Could’ve fooled me, little bat,” the way he enunciates the words makes me want to punch him in the face.

              “Enough,” the king says.  “What do you mean how you got here? As in how you got to Terrasen?”  I turn to the king.

              “To this world.”

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edited by the amazing @crazy-fangirl16

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chapter eleven of the lost princess of merope: slaying a dragon

see chapter one, meet the princesses // 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

This is PJ’s opportunity. Every kid raised on Harry Potter and Sabrina secretly hopes- maybe even expects - to get secret powers. “I’m going to turn this pillow into a shield,” she announces. She reaches down and grabs Tate’s pillow. It remains a pillow. She shakes it. It remains a pillow. “Wait. How do you do magic?”

“Open your heart. Breathe in smoke and breathe out sparks,” Oona says helpfully. Zoila has no idea- she just speaks and animals understand her. Helene tries to explain the science of botany to her. Outside, a dragon roars so loudly that the windows of Tate’s room shake.

“Close your eyes,” Calla says. “And just try to breathe. Think of something not so-” A loud scream echoes from outside. “Awful.”

PJ closes her eyes and tries to let go. She tries not to think, which makes her think of how she’s not thinking. She tries to think of something that calms her, something that makes her feel- 

The pillow suddenly flails in her hands and meows loudly. PJ’s eyes fly open and she drops the cat now in her hands. The cat shoots under the bed. “I wanted to make a shield!” she says, falling on her knees to look for the cat under the bed. (“Were you thinking of a shield?” Zoila asks, and PJ shoots her a dirty look.)

“We should probably get out there,” Helene says, looking out the window. “They need help. PJ, you should stay here and work on your… gifts.”

“What!” PJ shouts as the others run out the bedroom door. She chases after them. “You did not kidnap me and take me to another world to leave me inside!”

They burst out of the castle doors into pure chaos. This kingdom is freezing- everything is huge mountains of snow around the entire castle. The dragon and crowd of knights and Tate are standing in a courtyard filled with huge, big trees covered in ice and snow.

The dragon is big, but not Jurassic Park tyrannosaurus rex big. It’s probably about fifteen feet tall, easily able to fit under the trees in the courtyard. Its long wings are spread out to show off its impressive wingspan. It’s pure black, only a shine from the sun on its scales to display any sort of texture. It breathes fire almost carelessly, melting all of the iron weapons the people of Celaeno are trying to use against it. Tate is in the middle of the fray, wildly manipulating iron in attempts to keep the dragon at bay. When the iron weavers seem to create a sort of cage around the creature, PJ thinks for just a moment that the beast is contained- 

But the dragon’s back foot comes up to seemingly kick itself. The dragon’s scales seem to spark at the hit- twice, three times- and the entire dragon’s body lights up in a ball of flame. Helene lets out a shout. The iron cage melts away. It must be something like flint and tinder, or coal. When the fire fades, the dragon is still there.

Evangeline hurries to their side when she sees them. “We have to do something,” she says. “They already lost-” She glances at Helene quickly before continuing. “If I hit the tree branches above the dragon, the snow should get the dragon wet enough that it can’t relight immediately. If Tate can get close enough, she can kill it then.”

“Well,” PJ says. “I’ve got an idea.”

You turn: Do you remember what the P stands for in PJ’s name? Go to that page and follow the instructions to help slay a dragon. (like this:

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I love the Maximum Ride AU! What are the crews wings like? Does Ryan know what his were?

Geoff: Geoff’s wings are made up of thick, dark feathers, almost waxy in texture, his splice derived from the DNA of a Cormorant; a coastal seabird. Gavin sometimes likes to tease him that in some places, Cormorants are called “Shags”.

Jack: Jack is spliced with a Harris’s hawk, his wings large and long, chestnut red and dark brown with cream, striped undersides. Harris’s hawks are one of the few large birds of prey known to hunt cooperatively; something Jack is always quick to point out when others in the crew get too territorial.

Michael: While not the largest, Michael’s wings are built for speed and manoeuvrability; he’s almost impossible to catch in full-flight. Spliced with a Peregrine falcon; they are a smoky grey-brown and the undersides are white and barred with thin, clean bands of brown.

Gavin: It’s hard to mistake the distinct mottling in Gavin’s large and deadly-silent caramel-coloured wings as anything other than that of a barn owl. He thinks it’s funny he should be spliced with a bird so often associated with wisdom, but it’s actually more fitting than the crew often give him credit for.

Jeremy: Non-winged. He wasn’t part of whatever fucked-up experiment the others had been involved in. He was picked up as …he often thought of it like an afterthought, but he is much more to them than that. He can blend and infiltrate and he keeps up with them despite not sharing their abilities. Besides, it’s probably for the best; he’s deathly afraid of heights.

Ryan: He remembers them vividly; an impressive wingspan, maybe not quite as large and elegant as Jack’s or Gavin’s, but his wings were strong and reliable. They were satiny black with stunning shimmers of blue or purple tint in the right light. The raven is a fitting splice for him, the intelligence, loyalty and cunning as well as for the more sinister symbolic omens attached. 

Ryan misses his wings every day.

Tricky Soulmates

gif is not mine

Title: Tricky Soulmates

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 712

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N: I just wanna say today is a Gabriel day! I hope you are as pumped as I am! The requests I’ll be doing aren’t Gabriel, but I’ll be putting out 3 Gabriel fics today because I just feel like it I guess.

The Winchester brothers called your name from the library.  You knew they were hungry, but you could only walk so fast.  You were carrying pizza, beers, and your phone.  You went to go get the pizza and decided to grab a few beers on  the way to the library.  You stopped in your tracks; there was an unfamiliar face in the library.  You knew Castiel, but not this other man.  You shot a curious glance towards the Winchesters.  You looked at the strange man, seeing his wings tucked behind him, but enough to where you could see them.

“Well, well, well, you knuckleheads didn’t tell me you had a beautiful woman hidden in your bunker,” the mysterious man sauntered over to you, giving you a smirk.  “My name’s Gabriel, I’m an archangel,” he leaned down, kissing your hand.  “You must be [Y/N].”

Your vision was blocked when his golden wings unfolded before your very eyes.  You looked over his feathers, each one more magnificent than the other.  You walked around him, setting the pizza and beers down on the table.  You turned towards the archangel, “why can I see your wings, but not Castiel’s?”  You looked over at Castiel and the Winchesters; you didn’t see Castiel’s wings, only Gabriel’s.  “They’re so…  Beautiful,” you stated, reaching your hand out to touch his wings.

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The Signs as Dragons

Aries - Has smoky grey scales and lengthy wings. Darts to and fro at rapid speeds with its retractable claws wielded. Likes to challenge other dragons regardless of size.

Taurus - Large, muscular and has scales that change to match the foliage in its surroundings. This camouflage allows it to catch prey with ease. Avoids involvement with other dragons.

Gemini - Two heads and two separate necks adorned with crystals jutting out in every angle. Hisses at the other head frequently. Has brilliant copper scales and can spit blazing hot flames. Very social.

Cancer - A water serpent with opalescent scales that shimmer in the sunlight. Eats nothing but sea creatures and is very territorial and protective. Fosters baby dragons.

Leo - Breathtaking serpent that lives in a sea of jewels and gold. Generally mellow unless you touch its treasure. Its scales match the color of its riches so it will attack you by surprise.

Virgo - Polished scales that are pearl white. Perfectly aligned black spikes and an impressive wingspan. Prefers isolation but enjoys the company of their mate. Competitive and picky.

Libra - As elegant and refined as a dragon can be. Has scales that vary from pink to lavender. Exhales a gas that induces sleep. Intelligent, easy to tame, and very cautious.

Scorpio - A slender dragon with crimson scales and eyes. Black jagged spikes run down its back. The black speckles on its rear and tail indicate that its venomous. Aggressive and easily provoked.

Sagittarius - Has charcoal black scales that are non-reflective and broad wings. Its eyes are bright green. Rarely stationery and is commonly found interacting with other dragons.

Capricorn - Almost never seen unless searched for. Known to exhale shards of ice when threatened and has light blue or silver scales. Peaceful and secluded, lives in high altitudes.

Aquarius - Most feral looking – long snout with sharp jaws. Acid drips from its mouth almost constantly. Has dull green scales and short legs. Very interesting to spectate but not safe to.

Pisces - Its scales change color depending on mood. So they change frequently. Always seen tailing another dragon that it finds attractive. Gentle and coy nature.

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(if you're a fan of/familiar with fairy!Robbie) what do you think Robbie's wings would look like?

I’m definitely a fan of fairy Robbie! I’ve seen wonderful art as well as beautiful descriptions of his wings on fics. I’ll try my best to describe how I personally would picture his wings be like!

I like to picture him having the swallowtail kind! The forewings would be predominantly purple, a darker shade with yellow highlights. The hindwings would be of a slightly lighter shade, still having those yellow highlights but it also has speckles of pink on it. Like, small oval shaped dots, especially near the bottom. Robbie has an impressive wingspan, With his wings fully outstretched, it’s a bit longer than his arms. When he flies with them, it releases gold shimmers (?) that’s beautiful to look at.

I hope that it was somewhat imaginable! 

I need to get me a guy with an impressive wingspan 😏

Thoughts while reading A Court of Mist and Fury

15 ASSOCIATIONS    repost !  and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question .

i .       animal (s) :     mute swan , ever elegant , regal  –  impressive wingspans with the only ever shred of aggressiveness when threats are made to those they consider kin . 
ii.       colour (s) :     royal gold , silver , white , soft grey , rich emerald green .
iii .     month (s) :     march .  ( alternatively following his birthdate , december . )
iv .     song (s) :     vallis alps - reprieve ( subranger remix ) .   these silver screens , these scripted dreams   /   and now   /   we`re suddenly   /   fates latest casualties .
v .      number (s) :     2 , 7 .
vi .     day or night :     day , with the breaking of a night into a new morning .
vii .     plant (s) :     wildflowers , least care needed but those still yielding the prettiest of bloom  –  those that do not flower when dictated , and ask the least amount of attention .
viii .    smell (s) :     of both the earth and skies , a gift from the heavens ; a being born neither made for the world nor the celestial bodies .  of grasslands and ozone .
ix .     gemstone (s) :     emerald green .  ( alternatively following his birthdate , a laid claim possible between three choices of zircon , tanzanite and turquoise . )
x .      season (s) :     spring of the march equinox .  ( alternatively following his birthdate , winter of the december solstice . )
xi .     place (s) :     ancient towering cathedrals , places lined with status carved from stone  –  their gargoyles and angels ; histories engraved in walls telling stories of old , palaces with grand marble floors and chandeliers carved from to form the most intricate glass pieces .  hallways , an academy , of those children training to be fine soldiers for their nation in arts of war and the battlefield in academics or bloodshed .
xii .    food (s) :     miscellaneous , easier supplement pills to more natural foods . 
xiii .   astrological sign (s) :     sagittarius , the archer .  wanderers of the stars , suggesting high purpose , creativity and ambition in their ways of life and pursuit .
xiv .   element (s) :     water , crashing waves that both cleanse and purge  –  being the softest rolling waters to ever unforgiving tides that ravage places it sees fit to overturn .  fire , unforgiving and unrelenting  –  quick leave a wake of destruction when unrestrained , burning all it sees fit of its wrath and any coming in its way .
xv .    drink (s) :     tea , mild blend , to start the morning .  coffees to extend already sleepless nights .  smoothies , glazed ice , fruity blends on lazier days .

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Sorry for answering like this 2mahnas and tchernobog, but I wanted to make sure the image was view-able. Anyway, RD’s wings are actually kinda small; short and narrow for speed purposes. If you wanna talk impressive wingspan, it’d be better to look to Fluttershy, who has the longest wings of the Mane 6. Twilight’s wings, when she still had them, weren’t as long but they’re the widest. She misses them dearly.

Just a really quick doodle to show off the wingspans, hence the lack of manes and very simplistic lines. Also, I’ll be doing a height chart of the Goddess!AU Mane 6 soonish, but for reference here: Twilight’s probably 5′11 in this AU, Shy’s 5′9 but she sometimes hunches to seem smaller that what she really is. And if course, Rainbow Dash’s 5′4, the short gal.

That said, to answer your immediate questions: RD’s wings are large enough to give Applejack a wing hug. They’re also very strong, so if RD were to pick AJ up and fly, she’d be able to fly without much of a problem, so instead of a glider Rainbow would actually be able to carry Applejack. Her size undermines the strength she carries in her body. o3o