impressive strength and balance

I actually wrote out a modern AU scene where my warden plays pokemon almost a year ago. Tiny bit NSFW due to imagery and some Spanish phrases.


Easy… easy… just a little more… Don’t fall over now…


Got it!

Leliana let out a long sigh of relief as the apartment door unlatched and swung open. As it did so, she put her leg down and slid her left foot back into the shoe. Her toes felt cold and tingly after manipulating the doorknob, and it made her shiver as she dwelled on the sensation. Her arms, both loaded with a dozen plastic shopping bags, were held out to each side in a rather impressive display of strength and balance as she shimmied into the home she shared with Kallian.

“Don’t get up or anything.” The redhead called out to the living space as she trundled inside. She had to avoid a pile of clothes that had been tossed somewhat close to the laundry hamper, sidestep Kallian’s discarded combat boots, and walk over an empty pizza box before she could set the two dozen plastic bags down on the small apartment’s equally small dining table. It creaked as it did so, but didn’t collapse.

Though they only shared a meager few-hundred square feet together, and the building was older than her grandparent’s ages combined, Leliana still smiled as she took a moment to rest inside the place she called her own. The aroma of half-eaten pizza mixed with old perfume that mixed with dirty laundry hit her nose as she re-acclimated herself to the apartment. Not a particularly pleasant odor, and a far cry from the opulence she had known before, but she knew the smell was unique. It was theirs.

Not too long ago, a life like this seemed impossible. If not for the efforts of the woman she vowed to spend her life with, she knew it would have remained so. She felt no greater joy than she felt in this place.

Sparing a moment to swing her arms and return blood flow to her numbing hands, Leliana stepped away from the groceries and turned her gaze to the rest of the apartment.

“Kallian?” she called out, but got no response.

A quizzical eyebrow raised as the Frenchwoman walked away from the rickety table and made her way to the bedroom, still rubbing her hands together. It took a meager few steps, past a sofa covered in sweaters and a single lonely sock, around their small television and over another pizza box.

“Tu fais quoi?” she asked as she pressed against the door. No response. But as she held her ear to the door, she could hear a familiar set of muffled sounds. Electronic beeps and faint chords of tinny music.

Leliana rolled her eyes and opened the bedroom door, expecting a certain sight, but getting an eyeful of something completely different.

Kallian lay on their bed belly-down, her feet swinging and bouncing off the pillows. All four-foot-nine of her took up only three quarters of the bed’s length, giving her arms ample space to swing around and give the other woman many different views of the beaten-up Nintendo 3DS in her hands. Her ears were also plugged with earbuds connected to her phone, which seemed to be buried somewhere deep in the jacket. Several things Leliana had come to expect.

What she didn’t expect to see was Kallian’s near total state of undress. While her shoulders, arms, and back were (as always) adorned with the ratty, torn, and stained military jacket that had been given to her by her now-passed-away mother, Kallian only wore a single sock on her right foot, a pair of underwear, and a thin shirt. Kallian’s rear end moved up and down with her swinging legs as she immersed herself in whatever game she had become entangled with.

Caught between the shock of the sight and the annoyance of Kallian’s indifference to her earlier troubles, Leliana could only let out a quick gasp.

Still enthralled by the game, Kallian paid no attention to the now-open bedroom door, or the person standing above her. Instead, her head bobbed up and down as her fingers ran over the handheld machine’s buttons at a fevered pace.

Me gusta mi reggage, me gusta punk rock.” The half-naked woman absentmindedly whispered to herself as she kept playing. The faint music that echoed from her earbuds clashed with the tunes from the 3DS, but only to an outside observer like Leliana. Kallian had it playing LOUD. “Pero la cosa que me gusta mas es panochita…”

Leliana sighed and put her palm to her face. Zevran must have given her a collection of “classic” songs to listen to after his last visit, going by the Spanish phrases Kallian aped. Of all the stupid reasons to keep someone distracted from the door… First that game that had kept her occupied for a week straight, but now music with filthy lyrics that blasted into her sensitive ears.

Although… the way the beats of the music made Kallian’s legs sway, which invariably pushed her bottom up…

“Ponga la nalga en la aire y empieza gritar” Kallian’s whispered lyrics agreed.

No. she had to be strong. This was the last straw.

Leliana marched up to the bed, leaned forward (rather far considering how short her lover was), and yanked the earbuds free.

“Take your chones, y les…” Kallian cut off as her music died, then jumped backward as she realized what happened. The 3DS flew out of her hands, but landed a mere few inches away on the bed. The music from the game and the loose earphones clashed even harder up close.

“Having fun?” Leliana asked with a bemused smirk.

“OH! Uh… I didn’t hear you come in.” Kallian blabbered as she scrambled further up the bed and moved to a more natural sitting position. As she sat up, the wires connecting her earbuds tangled themselves around her limbs, pulling Kallian’s body in several directions. After a few awkward seconds, her phone came free of a jacket pocket and she pulled the cord out of it, killing half of the cacophony.

“Of course you didn’t.” Leliana stood up and crossed her still-sore arms over her chest. “What did I tell you about that game?”

“No, wait,” Kallian said as she put her phone on the nightstand and bounded on hand and knee back to the 3DS. It would have been an interesting sight if not for the circumstances. “You don’t understand. I just got…”

“N’importe quoi!” The French came out before she could re-think in English. Leliana took an exasperated breath, once again rubbed her hands, and concentrated on her foot, which still felt clammy and weird. “I waited out there for ten minutes!”

“I’m sorry.” Kallian’s cheeks went red and her eyes drifted downward. The game’s cheerful music, however, ruined any contrite mood she might have had.

“What is it about that game that keeps you so… obsessed?” Leliana sat down on the bed with a satisfying WHUMP. Her leg muscles tingled as they finally relaxed after the trek with the groceries.

Instead of replying, Kallian reached over, grabbed the 3DS, and plopped down next to Leliana. Their thighs rubbed together as she did so, a sure sign of blatant manipulation from the other party. “Look.” Kallian said as she held the glowing device up to her eye level, which was considerably shorter than Leliana’s, even when sitting. “I’ve been working all morning on this. I wanted to surprise you.”

While not a stranger to games, Leliana always found this “Pokemon” to be rather mystifying. She had missed the initial craze when the game first released out of Japan, and never caught onto the subsequent releases over the years. Still, she had known plenty of others into it, especially her half-nude Kallian, who continued to suggestively rub her bare thigh on Leliana’s fully-clothed leg.

On the screen, some sort of pink monster jumped and flitted about as if it were a real creature. Now and then, above the cheerful but bland music, it would make little noises and responses to things. It looked cute enough, she supposed.

“And… what is it?”

“Look at the name!” Following Kallian’s finger around the screen, she saw what she meant. Proudly displayed at the top was the pink monster’s name: Schmooples.

Leliana smiled and put her hand over her fluttering heart. That name meant a lot to her, and Kallian knew it. One day, she vowed it would see the light of day again, perhaps when they moved out of this place and had room for a dog. Until then, it seemed her tiny girlfriend was content to keep the memory alive in video game form.

“That’s very sweet, Kallian.” Leliana said as she placed a small kiss on the top of Kallian’s head. She then stood up, avoiding further physical manipulation, reached down, and threw a pair of unused trousers on top of the 3DS. “Now go put the groceries away.”

(Of course a modern-AU Zevran would be familiar with Sublime and their song “caress me down”. And if you disagree, you’re wrong.)