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He tried so hard to be what his father wanted him to be. So talented, so bright, so strong. Worthy of his father’s pride. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t enough. And never would be.

things to SToP thinking, spreading, writing & saying, about our fav boys:

  • jin is NOT useless or boring. he is an essential part of bts. he is NOT boring, he is a charming, funny, caring person who loves to laugh, play games and all of the members of bangtan love him with all of their hearts. he is NOT useless either, without him there is no bangtan. also, while we’re at it, he is NOT a bad dancer, just because he doesn’t dance like the dance line does not mean he’s a bad dancer, he’s improved so much and he can hold his own with their dancing these days.
  • yoongi is NOT lazy, cold, careless or apathetic. yoongi is probably the least lazy person on the planet tbh. he works VERY hard, he’s passionate. keeping up with their schedule takes a lot of work, he finds time to update daum forum, tweet, practice dance, practice singing, write new music and lyrics, as well as just live his life. it takes a lot out of him, he doesn’t get much sleep, this is why he falls asleep a lot, it is not because he is lazy. he is NOT careless or apathetic either. he cares VERY much about everything he does, he’s kind and deep and passionate.
  • hoseok is NOT useless, i cringe to even write this, but he is not ugly, he is not annoying. hoseok is an essential part of bts. he is the choreo leader, he personally helps each member, leads practices and they all count on him so much. he writes his own lyrics, has his hand in producing music, and they all adore him. if you even remotely try to call him ugly i have to question if you have eyeballs??????? also, he is NOT annoying. he is the aegyo machine of bangtan, he’s their hope and their charger. he goes out of his way to brighten up the mood and make everyone laugh because that is what he believes in the most. he pours his all into everything he does, including making people laugh and stay hopeful.
  • namjoon is NOT useless, anymore problematic than most other idols, or a bad/useless leader. he puts his ALL into everything he does. he cares literally SO much about everything he does. he studied psychology just to get to know people better. he produces, he learned to dance and even like dance even though he never wanted to or liked dance before bangtan. when asked if he wanted to go solo he said no with  no hesitation. he cares about bangtan and guides them very well. he makes mistakes but he learns from his mistakes and genuinely works to improve himself every single day of his life. he is constantly worried about how he will be perceived and he works very hard to make sure that he’s the kind of man that people can respect.
  • jimin is NOT (only) greasy, he’s not bulletproof, he is not selfish. jimin is the most caring, sweet, gentle person. he is very respectful towards his hyungs, sunbaes and dongsaengs, towards fans and strangers. he’s a gentle person, a little bit timid and self conscious. he’s self conscious about his weight, his height and his dancing sometimes as well. he worries that people will suddenly want to leave him, or won’t find him handsome. he worries what will happen if he doesn’t have abs, or gets chubby. he is not selfish and he is not made of confidence he is a man who worries about his flaws and deserves and seeks support.
  • taehyung is NOT stupid, airheaded, weird and do not call him ‘alien’. do NOT typecast him as the dumb kid. taehyung is clever, he’s artistic and thoughtful. he is NOT dumb or weird. he has a lot of hobbies and things he loves, including art and fashion, he especially loves high fashion, abstract and nude art. he is often met with backlash when he tries to share the things he loves, he doesn’t like when people call him weird or 'alien’ and he does not consider himself the most handsome member of bangtan.
  • jungkook is NOT a baby, obnoxious, awkward or shy. there was once a time when jungkook was shy, but he is not a little kid anymore. he’s a man and he has grown into himself. he can be a little awkward but not because he is shy or self conscious. he is much more confident and passionate these days. he is not obnoxious he is comfortable with himself, playful and supported well by his hyungs. he has a difficult time expressing his emotions and thoughts, but he struggles all of the time to share more and more of himself with army and fans so that he can become closer to us. opening up when you’re not good at it, or when it makes you uncomfortable, can be very difficult, but he tries so hard to do so for us. he is not a kid anymore.

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ok FIRST OF ALL!! thank you so much to allow me draw your styles guys!! this was so fun but exhausting at the same time haha…. I’d love draw more version but Im rEALLY Tired right now like… I could make more but at another time. Thank you for reading! please ENJOY! (ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?


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“Lord and Lady of the Underworld” - Digital Oil Painting

She put on the gown to impress him and was shocked to find he’d cut his hair to impress her. Perhaps love isn’t impossible, even in the Underworld.

My last in this series (for a while, anyway) so I can work on the next one, hot guys with cute animals. ^_^

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Like A Shibe

Rating: PG-13 (for some oblique references to sex)
Word Count: 2K or so
Summary: After TATINOF, Phil’s feeling insecure about how fans think of him compared to how they think of Dan. Why didn’t he ever get to be drawn like a French girl in the stage show? Dan’s always the sexy one. Dan tries to reassure him.
Author’s Note: Just a quick little scene I wrote. You can alternatively read this on AO3 (where my username is kimberly_a) here.

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