Impressive oceanfront home in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico  |  Homeadverts

Impressive Aguadilla oceanfront villa located next to world famous Crash Boat and Gas Chambers Beach, ranked among the top surfing beaches in the world.


HOW? Blind Gamer Beats Ocarina of Time After 5 Years of Trying

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Impressive residence, Mallorca, Spain  |  Homeadverts

Magnificent newly-built Designer villa with stunning seafront views and sea access situated in the residential area of Camp de Mar, close to various golf courses, beaches and restaurants.


So this was my conversation with my feedee last night. Due to my challenge I complete last night, she also ate two dozen doughtnuts. But to impress me more she ate a 4000 cal shake, added an order of bread sticks, and made the pasta a four pound dinner. I’m soo proud of my little feedee!! I could not believe she ate it all! I don’t know where she puts it! She’s only 5′2″ and 115lb!!

To top it off shes not done for the night she said! She has a pint of icecream and possibly more food on the way! <3