impressions vol.2

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in the theater– again!

It’s rare that I go back to watch a movie in the theater more than once (let alone most Marvel movies, which I usually like but don’t really love), but I couldn’t help it, this movie is so damn good– space adventures, badass heroes, and great 1970s music! One thing that stood out to me the second time around is just how tight the script is. Though the movie is over two hours long, it moves at a great pace and you’re never bored or wishing for a scene to end. My impression that Vol. 2 is superior to the first movie still stands; this one has a stronger emotional center, develops the characters further, is much more fun, and has a memorable villain who isn’t just “big buff bad guy who wants to use the MacGuffin to open a sky portal.”

Of course, I got the same trailers at my theater too. I can’t decide whether or not going to see Wonder Woman will be worth it; it looks better than Man of Steel and Suicide Squad, but I’ve been burned twice with DC already. The Mummy remake still looks hilariously awful. The Last Jedi I remain cautiously optimistic about, even excited for with Rian Johnson at the helm.

Damn, I want to see Vol. 2 a third time now!