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still watching ep 6 of haikyuu

to celebrate here is my summary of eps 1 - 4 in really bad scribbles

hinata’s shirt says number 10 but he always has to go number 2

What each planet governs
  • Rising/Ascendant: How the world perceives you, your outward appearance, first impressions
  • Moon: Emotions, expressions, intuition
  • Sun: Your inner-self, ego, consciousness
  • Venus: Love, affection, passion
  • Saturn: Responsibility, level of reality, patience
  • Jupiter: Luck, how you perceive the world, confidence
  • Mercury: Logic, creativity, social interactions
  • Mars: Execution of thoughts, aggression, power
  • Uranus: Uniqueness, sense, psychic ability
  • Neptune: Religion, spiritual thought process, imagination
  • Pluto: Growth, change, adaptability
  • Lilith: Your dark side, your flaws, bad traits
  • Descendant: Friendship
  • Midheaven: What you aim for in life
  • N. Node: What you are destined to do
  • S. Node: Your past life and memories
  • IC: What shapes us

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I watched YOI after all the episodes was aired so...Could you please tell us more about what fandom thought about Otabek and his connection to Yuri??

I joined the fandom I think after Episode 9 aired so I was here for all The Beginning of otayuri. Here’s what I remember (if y’alls remember more, please add on!)

In the Ep 10 preview in Ep 9 everyone literally flipped the fuck out about Otabek and his motorcycle. He went from “look another cool guy” to the fandom darling in a matter of hours and it was wonderful. Everyone also enjoyed Yuri’s reaction to Otabek swinging by in his motorcycle and lots of people started shipping it. I seriously remember seeing fanart of Otabek and Yuri literally in a matter of hours too. We didn’t have much to go on but Otabek’s bad boy image and Yuri’s impressed expression was enough reason for us to ship them. 

In Ep 10, shit went down. This was one of the episodes that literally inspired hundreds of meta posts, fanfictions, fanarts, rants, shitpost, and basically everything in the fandom. Everyone started making memes like “find you a boy who’ll remember how your eyes look in five years” or started poking fun at how extra Otabek was. This was also the episode where Yuri’s “Fairy of Russia” and Otabek’s “Hero of Kazakhstan” nicknames became All The Rage. Everyone was also super weirded out but thankful at how absolutely calm Yuri is when it comes to Otabek and started screaming when they became best friends. We all felt that Yuri treated Otabek very differently from everyone else. ALSO THE COFFEE DATE KILLED EVERYONE. Smiling Yuri? SMILING OTABEK? We were 800% blesSED. We were all Mari and Minako right there and then.

In Ep 11, Otabek’s crush was revealed omg. The fandom didn’t expect Otabek to think about Yuri during his skate…BUT SIKE HE DID OMG. And then this was also the episode where the “thumbs up” + “davai” became code language in the fandom for “I love you” and is basically the sIGNATURE thing for otayuri. And Yuri’s smirk while watching Otabek was screamed about for days. 

In Ep. 12, everyone died and went to heaven when Otabek yelled “davai!” at Yuri and Yuri mirrored it with a thumbs up. Everyone also flipped THE FUCK OUT at how tenderly Otabek clapped and smiled at Yuri when he was skating. 

Fanart for the bit where Sans is obnoxious with his trombone in Never a Lovely So Real!  This is by Sirrius The Moonblade/stmb_ff, and was done in mechanical pencil!

This was originally posted on Instagram, but with the artist’s kind permission, I now get to show it off here!  Check out the rest of their Instagram for more fanart and general fannish stuff!

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Good. Now tell me a few romantic headcanons about them. Be serious, be cheesy, cringe if you must.

1. Scotty/Enterprise

Scotty knows how to treat a lady. He enjoys outfitting Lady Enterprise with the best and most advanced technology. And of course keeping her shiny and clean is a number one priority, because what woman doesn’t want to look her best when she leaves the hangar? A perfect date night includes sharing a bottle of the finest wine whilst watching vintage holovids. Lady Enterprise considers From Here to Eternity a favorite. Scotty doesn’t much care what they watch. He spends most of their viewing time gazing upon her polished metal hull and listening to the melodic hum of her machinery.

2. Jim/Mirror!Jim

Mirror!Jim is actually a closet romantic. He sends Jim ridiculously sappy poetry and quotes Shakespeare to him on the reg. But not in front of anyone, of course. During a shift, Jim receives several messages of the like. Sometimes Mirror!Jim enjoys expressing impressive displays of power to prove what a catch he is. He once threw three redshirts in the agonizer because they said Jim’s green wrap shirt was of a distasteful design and color. Jim appreciated the gesture.  

3. Sulu/Captain’s Chair

They have to keep their relationship a secret, for obvious reasons. Sulu steals subtle glances every now and again when he’s able to. Being on duty right in front of the Chair and not being able to sit on it, knowing it’s right behind him, just out of reach–it’s torturous. Sometimes, on late nights when no one but the skeleton crew is about, Sulu will sneak onto the bridge and gently glide his hand over the soft leather and down the arms of it. Once he accidentally pressed a button and triggered a red alert. It was very embarrassing and Sulu hasn’t tried sneaking out of bed to be with the object of his affection for several nights.

4. Scotty/Someone who actually gives two shits about engineering as much as he does

They spend hours discussing the technical manuals and investigating the ship’s performance logs. If the crushing weight of responsibility wasn’t there to stop them, they would do nothing but sit in the engineering department for days pouring over blueprints, records, warp theories, and anything else they could get their hands on. Scotty has, on several occasions, forgotten to report to conferences and diplomatic functions because he was much too involved with an experiment on transporting random objects back and forth between varying distances in space. 

5. Bones/8 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep

Sleep is a fleeting thing and more often than not plays hard to get. It’s always just out of reach and Bones yearns for her with such passion that it’s a wonder how he gets anything done in a day at all. He chases her on lazy afternoons and cries out for her in the middle of the night. This relationship is entirely one-sided, he realizes, but he can’t seem to give up on her completely. Coffee helps, sometimes. Bones hates how much he loves her. He hates how badly he needs her. Sometimes she comes when he’s not ready for her. She wraps him in her loving embrace and even stays for a while. Just as Bones begins to get used to her presence, she leaves him again.

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I love your comic so much, Keith is so freakin adorable!

Aw thanks! I was actually very impressed with his expression in the panel where Shiro introduces him to lance and Allura haha. I was like “look at… This soft boy”.

I’m looking forward to some cute flustered lance’s in the next few pages.

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Can you do Blackpink's reaction witnessing their gf save another persons life?

Jisoo would be shocked and impressed. She would be so scared and caught off guard when the situation presented itself, but she’ll admire how calmly and coolly you take over and save the person.

Jennie would be so proud of you. She’ll be watching you the whole time, in awe of how you know exactly what to do in such an intense situation.

Rosé, like Jisoo, would be scared during the actual event, but afterwards, she wouldn’t be able to stop expressing how impressed and proud of you she is.

Lisa would find the whole thing exciting. Sure, she’d be a little bit freaked out that someone was dying in front of her, but to see you save them would make her so happy and proud.

sorry you waited so long for this and it sucks lmao

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Billy and Tommy are not allowed to accidentally finish each other thoughts, because they creep the hell out of everybody.

Tommy licks his lips. “Why don’t we go to–” Billy shakes his head.

“No, that’s too oily, Kate will never–” Tommy makes a face. The two of them are walking down the street with Kate, Teddy, and Cassie following behind. Usually the twins keep a few people between them, mostly because they like to pretend they aren’t all that close.

Today, though, is one of those days. 

“If you suggest going to Veggie Hut, I will personally–” Billy laughs.

“You’d have to find me first.” Tommy crosses his arms and pokes his brother, at a normal speed thankfully. 

“Well for the record–” Billy cuts him off with a look and they fall silent. They also stop walking, just gazing into each other’s eyes. Their faces aren’t blank by far. Each is still making an impressive array of facial expressions. 

Cassie, who has seen this only once before, finds herself concerned. “Should we…?” Kate shakes her head.

“Don’t worry, they’ll stop and have the rest of the day planned.” 

They end up getting burgers for lunch. Why that took super-special twin telepathy (as Loki likes calling it), no one knows. It stops Tommy and Billy from arguing for the rest of the day, though, so no one complains either. 

Sorry for the color photos, but sometimes the colors express themselves impressively. And we discover that in this black and white world there is some beauty