This is the best video I’ve ever made


Man. This is some serious talent.


The obi wan 😂😂 “May the 4th be with you from me and all the Star Wars characters I do!! #maythe4thbewithyou #StarWars #impressions”

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So you think there is no chance babygate may end before February now?

I think that nothing should be stated for good when it comes down to this band. I am confident that the initial project didn’t absolutely go that far and that even if now things are definitely getting complicated, messy and very bad, NT will be able to cut it short in time for album promo.

So, this is the discussed Sugarscape article with the HQ bump pics. Now, apart from the fact that no fans took those pics because no one here shared them and that Briana is incredibly good at controlling her weight during pregnancy because she’s actually gotten thinner while expecting, have you actually read it? I get that we’re talking about Sugarscape, but some parts are so exaggerated that they almost come off as mocking. No, really, read that, you’ll feel that extra feeling, it’s pushed too much. This actually makes me wonder if the denial won’t drop as a big BOOM sooner than I was expecting.


Jessie and James are getting desperate for Ash’s Pikachu


More Dead-On Celebrity Impressions by Ross Marquand

The signs as I know them (as told by a Gemini)

This is based on the people I know

Aries: independent and blunt, enthusiastic and brave, loyal, arrogant, very stubborn, keen on personal hygiene, doesn’t care what other people think of them
Taurus: calm and laidback, easy to get along with, likable for the most part
Gemini: good-intentioned and funny, callous at times, social, youthful face, detail-oriented
Cancer: really chill and caring, looks like sunshine, tends to sugarcoat, some are compulsive liars
Leo: very humorous, laughs at people’s jokes, life of the party, really nice smiles
Virgo: sweet, gets away with everything bc they seem innocent, detail-oriented, keeps secrets, fault-finding, sensitive
Libra: always believes that they are right, sweet, easy to talk to, peculiar sense of humor, kind to everyone
Scorpio: super sweet, the devil when hurt, super loyal friends, funny and easy to talk to, very honest, intense and passionate
Sagittarius: likable, very good sense of humor, extremely blunt, tend to be tall, hardly responds to texts
Capricorn: caring, seems reserved, logical and diligent, subtly affectionate
Aquarius: interesting interests, not shy, independent
Pisces: artsy, caring but selfish, has mood swings, accepts everyone, some are fake, very easy to talk to, very late to respond to texts, kind


Jimmy Fallon sings “You’ll Be Back” in different impressions. Lin dies laughing.

Jimmy should doing his Bowie impression more. Holy cow.