impressionist photo


Cityscape Superimpositions by Alessio Trerotoli

In this series “Urban Melodies,” Alessio Trerotoli depicts an abstract vision of urban scenes. By juxtaposing same images, the artist aims to show an usual image in a conceptual way, almost impressionist. Here everything is duplicated, the lights, the structures multiply and build a new vision of life.


Renewal in some cities,
It is a constant,
the story goes. It is work.

But. There are times of many works,
accompanied by noise, dust,
mud and discomfort.

In others, the works are rare.
An indicator for crises,
when everything is delayed.

In a historical center,
It is cause for alarm.

Here however it was demolished
which should never have existed:
Therefore a work of improvement.


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For Seriously edited Friday

Thank you Nikos

Seriously edited Friday - 26 - 08 -2016

An interesting edit that brings an impressionistic feel to the photo. I really like how the warm colors mix with the cooler ones.

PWS - Nikos