Camille Pissarro - Avenue de l'Opera (1898)

Dutch-French painter Camille Pissarro is known as the “Dean of the Impressionists.” Heavily influenced by time, illusion, and the streets of Paris, Pissarro, as well as many other Impressionist artists, including Claude Monet are known to obsessively reproduce several works of the same landscape. To distinguish the multiple productions, they are composed during different weather or time conditions. The concept of time was a pivotal tool and theme in the Impressionist Era. By capturing the difference in shadow and color throughout the day or seasons the scenery and the mood of the location drastically changes. 

Monet at Poissy (29)
Rain and bayliff trouble
Monet produced a lot during the summer holiday of 1882, but it could have been even more if the weather on the Normandy coast would have been better, especially in July.
And then there were the local bayliff’s visits in July and August. Monet had to worry how to pay his bills before the end of the holiday. That too didn’t help.

Claude Monet, Marée basse à Pourville (Low tide at Pourville), 1882. Oil on canvas, 65 x 100cm. Private collection