The Impressionist Landscape Painting of Graham Gercken


Graham Gercken–Award Winning Australian Artist

Graham was born in Queensland Australia 1960 than lived in Penrith from 1961 to 1983
Predominantly self taught he chose oil paints as his medium and painted wet into wet, which is the style of the impressionist artists and lends itself best for outdoor painting like those of the AustralianHeidelberg school of artists. artsaus



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Camille Pissarro - Avenue de l'Opera (1898)

Dutch-French painter Camille Pissarro is known as the “Dean of the Impressionists.” Heavily influenced by time, illusion, and the streets of Paris, Pissarro, as well as many other Impressionist artists, including Claude Monet are known to obsessively reproduce several works of the same landscape. To distinguish the multiple productions, they are composed during different weather or time conditions. The concept of time was a pivotal tool and theme in the Impressionist Era. By capturing the difference in shadow and color throughout the day or seasons the scenery and the mood of the location drastically changes. 


Today is a day to remember Childe Hassam who passed away 80 years ago on 27 August, 1935.
Hassam discovered impressionism during his years in Paris (1886-1889) and went on to become one of the leading first generation American impressionists. Look at how he treated a similar subject before and after his encounters with Monet, Pissarro and the other key French impressionists.

Childe Hassam, Rainy Day, Columbus Avenue, Boston, 1885. Oil on canvas, 66,4 x 121,9 cm. Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio, USA
Childe Hassam, Champs Elysées, Paris,1889. Oil on canvas, 32,4 x 41,6 cm. Private collection