Abstract Impressionist Cityscapes by Leonid Efremov

A professional artist since 1978, American artist Leonid Afremov (previously featured here) graduated from the prestigious school Vitebsk Art School, originally founded by classical artist Marc Chagall. Inspired by the work of the latter, Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, and Salvador Dalí, Afremov’s work is purely emotional. Every scene is a reflection of his feelings, emotions, passions and anything that feeds his soul. For this reason, he often chooses to cover the beauty of young love, romance, and the grandeur of cityscapes, which often glimmer as brightly as his paintings during the night. 

Depicting world famous cities, including Paris, Amsterdam, Greece, Venice and New York among others each work showcases a kaleidoscope of vibrant and abstract colors and shapes.

The vibrant and highly saturated colors of Afremov’s work mimic his inspirations, although his technique emulates Camille Pissarro’s and Claude Monet’s impressionist brush and Georges Seurat’s pointillistic style. By combining the soft flare of depicting images and figures with the contrast of pixelated sharp colors, Afremov delivers stunning and stimulating pieces. You can find more of his work in his Etsy shop.

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