impressing people


every last minute of the hour-long episodes of Rebel has me feeling attacked. i just care about everyone, and i’m constantly worried they’ll meet some horrific fate, and it’s literally giving me heartburn.  

at the time of this post, i’m about halfway through episode 5, so i haven’t really had a chance to get to know Ga Ryung and Gong Hwa. still, the few scenes they’ve had has already been enough that i feel extremely protective of them, and even more worried–given that we already know some of what they end up as. they’re such beautiful ladies, and i need more of their sisterhood! 

as well–i’d like a list of people who’ve dared to call Gong Hwa anything other than beautiful. she handled the little jokey-insult marvelously, but seriously? i’m a little in love right now, she’s so gorgeous! and Ga Ryung is as sweet and charming as i expected she’d be. i can’t wait to delve into the nitty gritty with her as well, and see how she went from that total fluffball to being tied to a pole and screaming at Gil Dong.

and then of course we have our Hong siblings. we’ve seen these three grow up right before our eyes, and i feel a little like they’re my own children. and the love and care they have for each other!! Eo Ri Ni is such a sweetheart, brainiac Gil Hyun is so kind, and then we have our titular Gil Dong; the gentle giant. the dynamics between these three are so spectacular, the fact that they love each other and would do anything for each other heartbreaking, given that–under the circumstances, i can’t see it ending well. regardless of the impending doom, these three have my heart, and i know i’m going to cry an ocean if and when something happens to them. it’s too late for me too quit now. i’ve gotten in too deep. 

side note: Ah Mo Gae’s lines are really lyrical. i could listen to him talk all day. 

Soo here we go! This is for @bloody-bee-tea! :) I really hope you like i ( i changed a few things from the orginal timeline and all that :D)

When Tony first meets T‘Challa he doesn’t know that this would change his whole life. Of course he met other important people before. And lets be honest here. He hates it.

As a kid he always had to smile and let the people swoon over him. His dad loved it to impress the people with his genius child. When he got older, that didn’t changed. He still smiles at those people. It’s a fake smile, but hey you can’t get everything alright?

But he won’t touch them. He doesn’t like it if they try to hand him things and he hates to shake their hands. He just can’t okay?

“Why are you always so distant with peolpe?” Clint asked him once, when they were laying on the couch together. Tony shrugged. How do you say that you don’t like other rich people?

How do you say that, when you behave like those arrogant people, too?

So when Tony looks at his shedule and sees that he has a meeting with the king of wakanda he sighs. Another day, another king. The only good thing about that, is that T’challa isn’t going to meet him alone. No the other avengers will be there, too.

A few hours later, Tony enters the room and sees that for the first time in forever he isn’t late. The other Avengers are already sitting in the chairs, but he can’t see the king.

“You are actually on time.” Bruce says and he smiles so that Tony knows he isn’t trying to be mean.

“Of course iam Brucie bear. But i don’t have much time. Pepper just told me she needs a new update on her stark phone and…” Tony rambles, while he takes his seat right next to Natasha.

“And you don’t want to be here at all.” Finishes Natasha his sentences and he nods. She’s right. He doesn’t want to be here. He doesn’t want to smile, when he isn’t feeling like it. He doesn’t want to shake hands with just another person, he isn’t going to like.

“Tony… we talked about this. I mean what is the worst thing that could happen?” Steve says now and Tony shrugs. He don’t want to talk about this. About all the times those people would laugh at his crooked teeth when he was little. Or when he called his father ‘daddy’ one time and this lady told him he should finally grow up. He shudders.

“Ladies and Gentleman. The King of Wakanda.” A person enters the room and bows. Tony rolls his eyes. And people tell him he is a bit much.

“Good morning.” A new voice says and now Tony looks up. That voice is actually really warm and deep and…

“Good morning!” Tony actually squeaks back and he hates himself for it. Oh god. Before he can think about it, everybody turns to him. Tony gulps and looks at his lap.

Normally he wouldn’t greet any other people and ignore them to the point, that they would ignore him, too. So of course everybody is a bit stunned about his reaction.

But he can’t help himself. Because wow. And now the king even smiles at him!

“My name is T’challa and i would appreciate it, if you would call me that. And i really would like to thank you, for receiving me. I’m honored.” T’challa looks at every single person as he says it and Tony stares back. He can’t takes his eyes of him.

The next hour is spend with a lot of talking about the avengers future. T’Challa was send by his father to help them finding the winter soldier. Steve is glad about the offer and has a few things he wants to talk about.

Natasha and Clint have a few strategies with them, that they talked through with Coulson before the meeting. Even Bruce has a couple of ideas.

Tony has nothing.

He only listens to T’Challa and smiles when the men looks at him. Or he tries to smile, but it is a bit shaky.

“Alright. I think it’s time for a break. Fury already told us that you would stay here for a few days. So maybe someone can show you around the tower?” Steve says now and Tony already stands up.

“I can do it!” He says loudly. A bit too loud, by the looks of his friends.

“Well thank you, Mister…” T’challa starts and Tony tries not to choke. He doesn’t know his name? Everbodys knows his name! It’s the first time since…ever that someone doesn’t know is name!

“Stark. Anthony Edward Stark. B-but you…can call me Tony…or anything you want really.” Tony stammers now and he can hear Clints snort. Followed by a yelp, when Natasha kicks him under the table.

T’Challa just smiles and nods.

“Oh well, then why don’t we start just now? I have a few lovely guestrooms.” Tony says and he clears his throat because when did his voice got so low.

“His second name is Edward? I didn’t know that!” Whispers Clint just as Tony walks out of the door and T’Challa follows him. One second later there is another yelp. Natasha is in top form today.

“This is one of our best rooms. It has everything you need. Even a little bathroom on your own and a kitchen. I hope you like it.” Says Tony a while later, when they enter the guestroom.

“It’s wonderful, Anthony.” T’challa answers as he looks around. Anthony. God nobody called him that, since those galas he went to, when he was a kid. But this time it actually feels good.

“Thank you.” Whispers Tony back, because he doesn’t trust his voice. T’Challa is just so stunning and he can’t remember the last time, he liked someone, he just met.

“You are really nice for a king.” Tony says then and claps his hands over his mouth. Why did he said that outloud? He is crazy.

“What do you mean?” T’Challa asks and he stretches a bit to get a cup out of one of those cupboards. Tony can see a bit skin where normally his jeans and shirt met. Oh god.

“I… uh just.. you know. Met a few rich people. Didn’t like them…” Tony answers and then looks anywhere in the room. Just not at T’Challa, who chuckles and fixes himself a glass of water.

“But you like me?”

Tony is sure that he is blushing. He is blushing. The world is ending. He can’t even remember the feeling of a blush. But his cheeks are all warm and he is so embarrassed.

T’Challa is still watching him and this smile, it kills Tony. But he can’t say anything. His mouth is to dry. His brain is offline.

“Tony? Ah here are you. I need your help, because Thor just destroyed the TV Remote again and i’m not sure who is killing who first. Clint Thor or Natasha Clint.” Steve says, as he sees Tony still standing half in the guestroom, half on the corridor.

“Uh? Yeah sure.”

“Thank you for showing me the room, Anthony. I will see you later.” T’Challe says now. Tony blinks once and then nearly chokes again, when T’Challa winks at him. He just nods at T’Challa and then waves at him. WAVES. Like i child or….or a lovesick teenager. But before he can embarrass himself anymore he turns and runs out of the guestroom.

Steve shrugs and then follows him towards the living room, where they sit so often on movie nights. Tony is there first and nearly throws himself at the remote. He needs to think about something, that is not T’Challa and his beautiful face and… nope. Not going there.

“Why are you so red?” Clint asks now and Tony just huffs.

“Yeah Anthony, why are you so red?” Steve laughs when he says it and Tony throws a pillow at him. Stupid super solider and his stupid good hearing.

“Don’t call me that! You know that i hate that!” Tony says and opens the backside of the remote. It’s always the same with Thor.

“Yeah you say that all the time. But the king from Wakanda can call you that?” Steve asks and this time he actually smirks. That should not be allowed! Captain America has to be all sunshine and puppies.

“That’s uh…different.” He says and hopes that this conversation is over. Sadly Bruce isn’t here to help him.

“Different, how so?” Natasha asks and she looks up from the knife, she’s cleaning. Tony can see there is still something red on the blade. He shudders.

“You always wanted me to be nice to guests and this is me doing just that. Why is that wrong, too?” Tony asks and mentally gives himself a pat on the shoulder. That’s why he is a genius. He always has some excuses.

“No no no. I think you like him.” Natasha answers and Tony can feel the heat in his cheeks again. Why!

“Am not.” He says and even he can hear that he lies. Fuck.

“Tony come on. We never see you this flattered. It’s cute.” Steve winks at him and Tony grumbles.

“Alright, so what if i like him, huh?!” He asks and the rooms falls silent. Everybody just goes back to the stuff they were doing before. Natasha cleans her knife. Steve opens his book again. Clint snuggles closer to Natasha.

“I would say, that i like you, too.”

Tony counts to ten before he turns and yes. There is T’Challa standing in the doorframe. And he smiles so sweet that Tony can’t help himself smiling shyly back.


And if months later the next rich guests arrives at the tower and Tony treats them like dirt. Well nobody even twitches. And Tony doesn’t care. He still doesn’t like most of those people.

And that doesn’t matter because he has his own king now. And he would also love him if he wasn’t one.


Well that…got a bit longer than i thought. Hope you like it anyway! :)

clydeandjanie  asked:

♥ and the barnetts

♥ - family headcanon

Hyde wasn’t sure about meeting the rest of the family.

It costed Angie to convince him to going to some reunion they were having at their house in Kenosha. He thought it would be awkward, as if meeting WB hadn’t been awkward at first. He’s just too different, he figured it would be a burden to WB to explain why to everyone, to what Angie answered saying he was just making up excuses.

Once Jackie started to pester him into going to said reunion too, he finally gave up and prepared himself for one hell of an afternoon with Jackie trying to impress people he actually doesn’t give a fuck about and who probably doesn’t give a fuck about him either.

He first met his grandmother, Izzy, who was incredibly excited about having another grandchildren. Her excitment was genuine and she told him how she had wanted to meet him ever since WB told him about his existense.

She pulled him around, introducing him to everyone as her grandchildren and giving zero explanation about his whitepassing situation. It surprised him how well most of the people he met took it, and he discovered later that WB had put on a number months ago about how he was going to slowly kill anyone who dare look bad his way when they met him.

He would never admit it, but it stole a smile from him.

Nowdays, he has a good relationship with most his cousins. He hangs out a lot with Angie, his cousin Tom and his brother Will. He also has an amazing relationship with his granmother.

Jackie insist that this is how good karma works. That he had a shitty childhood and still managed to be a good man, so life compensate him with a good family on his adult life.

He may agree with that.

badwolf626  asked:

You English is awesome!!! I only recently found out that English wasn't your native language, so I never wouldn't have thought that from your writing. I am always impressed by people like you who not only communicate extremely well but also write stories in their second (third or fourth) language! English is my native and only language and I still suck at it. Just wanted to let you know, your English in not terrible :D

Awww thank you so much! It means a lot <3 I think I’m a bit too much worried about my English, as I didn’t finish the course I had and I forgot so much about the English grammar. There are things that really got me confused, like the tenses and the prepositions too. So I’m always worried. English is my second language, I can read in Spanish and Latin and a little bit in Italian and French, because as Portuguese, they are all Latin languages, so they have similarities, but I can’t actually write in them or speak. After Portuguese, English is the language that I can at least write in it. Ah, I can understand, there are things in Portuguese that I still stuck too, I think it’s really hard to learn completely a language, even our native languages. But thank you so much! It means a lot as I’m always worried if what I’m writing in English is making at least sense. :D 

I survived the job interview, more or less, but it was extremely uncomfortable and I was mumbling even after taking additional medication. I don’t think they will call me back and give me the job. I’m just completely incapable of selling myself and make a good impression on people. I can’t make up reasons why I would be good for the job, I can’t think of my best quality because I donpt believe I have any, and I can’t make up a “good” negative quality that wouldn’t compromise my image. It’s all so frustrating, every time I’m asked typical job intervierw questions I just don’t know how to answer and I feel completely in another dimension, I just don’t fit in this world, I’m not equipped to be successful. I’m starting to think that going for a PhD might be my best choice for the future, since in academia many people are as weird as me. And you don’t deal with customers…

it’s been over 13 months since ‘the force awakens’ was released and i still don’t understand why people like h/ux so much other than the fact that he’s a white man. in all my months on this website i literally have not heard one single authentic and convincing explanation with canon basis as to why people actually like him

I’ve realized after some time,
that you can never fully make people
like you, and accept you
for who you are.
And some,
don’t even bother
trying to,
some don’t even
want to
get to know you,
or understand you,
for the interior
rather than the outer
parts that you show.
So stop letting yourself
get so caught up
in wanting so badly,
to impress people
who don’t deserve
your best.
You are worth, a lot.
And there will always be,
some, who are too blind
to see you for what you are.
In the end,
it won’t matter
because you do not deserve
having people in your life,
who can’t see you
for more than what
you choose to show.
—  Keen Malasarte, “This is my farewell to the friends that don’t live up to the name”

honestly it’s crazy to me that there are people that genuinely believe that it’s unreasonable or unrealistic that Steve Rogers would choose Bucky Barnes over anyone else. and not even looking at it romantically. even though Steve is adapting to this world, it’s still not his world, and everyone in this world knew him as Captain America first and Steve Rogers second. everyone else around him will always be slightly removed from his reality bc their idea of him will always be clouded by knowing about him as a legend first and then discovering the person behind it. can you even imagine how isolating that must be? the only person alive on the planet that knew Steve first, connected with Steve first, loved Steve first, is Bucky. the only person that knew him as a person and saw that person become a hero is Bucky. Bucky is always going to be the person Steve is connected to deepest because he’s connected to Steve first and foremost, everyone else is connected to the persona of Cap before the person of Steve.

Honestly the amount of people who think Neil and Matt are dating is probably ridiculous. Then there are those risky people that think Neil, Matt, and Dan are in a polyamorous relationship.

Neil is so confused when someone asks about his boyfriend and he’s like “how did you know Andrew and I are together?”


well, here’s ten minutes of aaron tveit’s top most embarrassing, dweeby, awkward, nerdy moments


All you’ve been talking about since Jace arrived was becoming parabatai.

Chess as a symbol in falsettos

Chess is talked about A LOT in falsettos, so it’s clear it’s an important symbol. I saw a few posts about what it could mean and I want to give my input. To me chess has always been the equivalent of masculinity.

Especially in The Chess Game, winning at chess equals being more masculine. Marvin beats Whizzer over and over again until Marvin let’s Whizzer win, and when he does, he instantly regrets it. Marvin storms off but Whizzer stays and says “Whizzer’s supposed to make the dinner, be a patsy, lose at chess”. Lose at chess is really restating be a patsy, or make the dinner, both feminine things Whizzer has to do since he got together with Marvin. Marvin breaks up with Whizzer not directly for beating him at chess, but because Whizzer has rebelled against the housewife role Marvin gave to him. Marvin’s internalized homophobia hates that Whizzer chooses to do the masculine thing, and they break up.

Later in Days Like This, Jason brings a chess board to Whizzer’s hospital room and says “I’ll let you win Whizzer”. Whizzer responds “Don’t let me win”. In a way, Jason is trying to make Whizzer feel stronger in a health sense, which can be translated to masculinity. However, Whizzer acknowledges the fact that if a child has to let him win, it’s just as bad as losing.


None of the female characters are shown playing chess, or wanting to play

In act one, Jason likes playing chess alone, where he can’t lose. He feels demasculinized because he doesn’t know if he will be queer via genetics yet so he wants to prove he is masculine.

At the very end of the revival, Jason places a king chess piece on Whizzer’s grave. This could simply be Jason calling Whizzer a king or him saying that Whizzer, in a way, won life itself, showing Jason’s infinite respect and love for his friend. 

tl;dr let’s start a discussion of what chess means in falsettos

a stray thought

remember the mysterious door at the final rest in kh1 and the disembodied voice that spoke to him? i know it’s a common theory that voice was mickey’s, which never made a lot of sense to me, but now that we know that mickey and aqua go to the destroyed destiny islands, maybe they’re the ones who left the door for sora