impressing people

 ngl it’s sad how we’re all shy af and hardly approach each other to write.  like, even if mutuals we’re scared af like what is this.  i genuinely encourage all of u to approach me to write together.  best case scenario, our muses interacting, worst case scenario, i suggest we have something different aka our muses are still gonna inte r a c t.  also ?? friendly reminder that i’m a not mutuals-only blog!

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What's up with not wearing a ring?

Because if my partner and I know we love each other and that we’re committed, why do I need to wear a ring? It feels possessive to me. I don’t need to prove or show off to the cashier at the grocery store, or my coworkers, or anyone for that matter, that I have a spouse. It makes me uncomfortable that my relationship status would be such a big part of my first impression on people. To me, right now, the diamond ring thing is just a tradition feeding into consumerism.

My poet friends and I always joke about the danger in dating people like us:
The ones who will turn empty promises into love songs. 
The ones who will get on stage and share things they can’t find the courage to tell you without an audience. 
The ones who swallow antidepressants in the form of words. 
And let me tell you,
We are not easy people to impress either. 
When we are constantly surrounded with metaphors about flowers and the moon, even the most sincere compliments seem stolen from Nicholas Sparks novels. 
We will read your confessions like a romcom script. 
We will spell check your love notes. 
Don’t ever think you can fool us. 
We choose when we want to be fooled. 
You did not outsmart us, you just became our next great tragedy.
Do not fall for a winter. 
We break our own hearts already.
—  “On Dating Artists,” Ari Eastman

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Could you do some Lily Luna headcanons. Like how you did with James Sirius. :) I love both your blog and her <3

Of course! Aw, I love her too and thank you for saying that! <3

  • Lily’s been a vegetarian since she was ten
  • She’s one of those rare people who honestly, truly, 100% doesn’t care what others think of them. Lily’s incredibly secure and knows who loves her; she finds the idea of ‘trying to be someone you’re not in order to impress people who don’t know you’ to be incredibly stupid
  • Attached at the hip with James from the moment she was born – they both dote on each other and protect one another in any way they can
  • Lily teases Al along with James for the fun of it, but she’s less reckless and regrets some of her jokes, even though Al doesn’t mind. As a kid, she hung out with James, Rose or Hugo but every now and again she’d go and sit in Al’s room and quietly watch him feed his pets. She’s at peace when she’s with Al
  • She has the messiest red hair you can imagine, and wears it in a bob for most of her teen years, but grows it out as she gets older
  • Lily had to get glasses when she was eleven, and when Hugo laughed at her she didn’t speak to him for most of the train ride to Hogwarts
  • Rose was her sister until they both went to Hogwarts, and then they found different houses and social circles. They’d always be invited to each other’s common room parties, but their bond wasn’t as strong. Once they had graduated they found a sister in each other again and they brought out the life in each other
  • Lily would like nothing more than to be half the woman her mother is. She looks up to Ginny so much, and they have the most perfect mother-daughter relationship. They become true friends once Lily’s an adult, and she wants the same relationship with her own children when she has them
  • Lily and Rose had a secret club when they were children, and they had meetings in the Potters’ treehouse
  • The Potter kids would often hang out at Luna and Rolf’s house with their parents, and little Lily would love reading the books they created about all the magical creatures they found on their travels. She’d often fall asleep with a bestiary in hand and have to be carried home
  • She taught herself to be fearless. She’s also one of the fiercest Wotter girls, and was the only one who could get James’s gang to accept Lysander as one of their own. Lily’s a complete brat when she’s a kid – funny, sassy, siding with James at every opportunity – but she softens up a little when she’s fifteen and you can see traits of her maternal grandmother in her. Lily’s always been one of the most compassionate and accepting Wotters
  • Lily had no idea what she wanted to do after Hogwarts, and it was the only thing she would ever admit to being insecure about
  • Lysander’s been her penpal from the first day of Hogwarts right up to when they’ve got grey hair and are sitting in rocking chairs together. He was in love with her for years before she decided she liked him back, and they have one of the sweetest relationships
  • Had a crush on Scorpius Malfoy when she started school. They dated she was thirteen and didn’t know enough about relationships; she was quite naïve and fell in love too soon. They broke up but remained good friends, and all romantic feelings disappeared completely. Years later, when they’re adults, she’s like a sister to him
  • Hugo is her platonic soulmate, and the one person she’d honestly kill for. They muck around when they’re children and fall out every other day, and even when they’re teenagers they don’t like to admit that they actually need each other, and are frequently fighting (Hugo gets annoyed and Lily finds it funny). But underneath all of that, they’d be lost without each other
  • You will never, ever find anyone more stubborn than Lily, unless you count James. The two redheads have had only one proper fight, and it lasted for most of the school year because neither one of them wanted to back down. Lily’s biggest flaw is probably how stubborn she is
  • Lily inherited her father’s and grandmother’s talent for Potions. She had the pleasure of being taught by Slughorn in her first year, and he absolutely loved her. During her years at Hogwarts, Lily would only ever take the advice of three fatherly figures: Harry (obviously), Hagrid and Slughorn
  • Tries to brush off liking Potions when she’s a young teen in order to appear laid-back, but eventually she accepts her talent. Lily also really loves Arithmancy, and she hates Transfiguration more than anything. Before OWLs, she and Hugo used to look over (i.e. complete) each other’s homework for Potions and Transfiguration (Hugo was the best in their class at Transfiguration)
  • She got into a habit in her fourth year of talking back to all her teachers. Her classmates loved it, and she got away with it for a while when she was just being cheeky, but landed herself in detention when she made a comment to a substitute teacher that didn’t go down well
  • Lily hates Quidditch. She hates it with all of her heart and soul. If James didn’t play, she’d gladly never watch another game again. Hugo practically has to drag her to his matches once James graduates, and even then she misses most of them. It’s the one time she chooses to sit in the library with Al and either chat or study
  • Two of her best friends are Slytherins: Lucy, who she becomes good friends with when she’s sixteen and they stay that way their whole lives, and a girl called Abigail, who goes on to date Hugo and was Lily’s Maid of Honour at her wedding to Lysander
  • Lily was brought up with computers and technology, but she can’t stand most of it and prefers the simple, basic stuff. She has an old brick of a Nokia for years until Louis forces her to get a smartphone
  • Lily always wanted a sister growing up, and she was overjoyed when Teddy (finally) started dating Victoire. Lily goes to Ginny the most for guidance and advice, but if there’s something she can’t tell her mother then she will always tell Victoire instead. I guess to Lily, Victoire’s a cross between a cool older sister and an aunt
applications and such

hey friends! Wish me some luck or whatevers- I just sent out a cover letter and a resume for a job that I really hope I get… and I am, in general, on a bit of an employment hunt.

Thing is, it’s the first time in my life ever that I’m just not putting my dead name on resumes. Though I haven’t been able to and can’t really legally change my name / legal gender markers yet (until my flights are done in November), I just can’t deal with old-name being the initial impression people see.

also- because tumbr:

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I know right, like think big picture. Harry is focusing on his work, being a total pro, not giving the media much to work with right now and still getting a steady stream of positive press, he's so golden right now. If 1d fans are bored, sorry about it lol, I'm having a great time. Harry isnt gonna be catering to 1d fans, and I can't wait to see his approach for promo because I think hes gonna surprise and impress so many people 😁

every harrie is that snoop gif tbh we’re ridin through the city havin a BLAST 📢📢📢📢🌞

I’ve realized after some time,
that you can never fully make people
like you, and accept you
for who you are.
And some,
don’t even bother
trying to,
some don’t even
want to
get to know you,
or understand you,
for the interior
rather than the outer
parts that you show.
So stop letting yourself
get so caught up
in wanting so badly,
to impress people
who don’t deserve
your best.
You are worth, a lot.
And there will always be,
some, who are too blind
to see you for what you are.
In the end,
it won’t matter
because you do not deserve
having people in your life,
who can’t see you
for more than what
you choose to show.
—  Keen Malasarte, “This is my farewell to the friends that don’t live up to the name”
moon signs

aries moon: vibrant, surrounds themselves with many people, want to leave an impression on people, passionate, feel like they need to be praised, live for the moment, get bored easily, stubborn, impatient, craves something new.

taurus moon: patient, give a peaceful presence, avoid anger, great manners, set in their ways, enjoy routine, materialistic, sentimental, stick to their goals, like to help others, supportive.

gemini moon: great at communication, witty, enjoys being at home, active imagination, ambitious, restless, moody, fast learners, charming, a leader, enjoys being in love, worry about being bored.

cancer moon: empathetic, surprisingly romantic, make you feel comfortable, creative, vulnerable, can lack motivation, clingy, loving, can act irrationally, good at making others smile.

leo moon: confident, needs to preserve their pride, great sense of humour, love to be admired, entertaining, organized, generous, like to control a situation, jealous, defensive.

virgo moon: observant, a high achiever, chilled, live in the moment, productive, enjoy detail, like to run errands, trustworthy, appreciate simplicity, laid-back, they really listen.

libra moon: has a brilliance with words, very social, like to keep things light-hearted, avoid confrontation, enjoy having the last word, need intellectual stimulation, see flaws in things, strong.

scorpio moon: has a terrific presence, good at solving problems, enigmatic, intelligent, emotional drama is fulfilling, go after what they want, prone to mood swings, has a lot of love.

sagittarius moon: honest, a dreamer, a good sense of humour, upbeat, open-minded, impatient, impulsive, need time to escape, bright, independent, enjoys tackling new things.

capricorn moon: mature, a philosopher, deep, enjoy a challenge, strong-willed, avoids emotions by being productive, like to get their own way, concentrate well, does well under pressure, great with friendship.

aquarius moon: stands out, good-humoured, straight-forward, down to earth, strong ego, need freedom, take criticism badly, likes to observe, have a cool aura, good at cheering you up.

pisces moon: compassionate, intuitive, fun to be around, push-over, they avoid important matters, become overwhelmed by emotions, sweet, soft-hearted, not in touch with reality, non-judgemental.


um… are you telling me that… Stevonnie is stronger than pearl?? they’re made of a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old though?? I’m impressed

Update: lots of people have been reblogging this with their speculations!! I didn’t even consider that Connie is a trained sword fighter and Steven has gotten super strong lately. (Picking up Jenny in Joy Ride and that huge speaker thing in Drop Beat Dad without breaking a sweat, for examples.) Pearl fights for skill, not strength. It makes sense!! But now I’m left wondering how Opal is stronger than Garnet…
Sun in the Houses

Sun in the 1st House: You have a strong sense of self and you like to project a strong image and first impression. You recognize a lot with the image you portray to others. You like knowing you left a mark or impression on people. You have natural leadership qualities.

Sun in 2nd House: You are very stable and you like security. You are reliable and have a strong value system. You tend to identify more with what you have and you value wealth and material possessions. You are good with money and financial matters. You value being comfortable and secure above all else.

Sun in 3rd House: You adapt easily to any situation or environment. You are curious and love to communicate with others and learning. You like mental stimulation and intellectual or deeper conversations. You value your friendships and relationships with others. You can be a bit restless and like to change things up every once in a while.

Sun in 4th House: Family and loved ones are the most important to you. You value privacy and your personal life. You always plan for the future and make decisions based on their long term effects. You are protective by nature, especially over friends and family. You like to have your emotional needs met.

Sun in 5th House: You are unique and creative, and you like to be known for those qualities. You are proud of your personality traits and capabilities. You have a cheery disposition and like to have fun. You are usually good at drama and/or sports. You like to express yourself through your creative outlet.

Sun in 6th House: Your sense of identity is closely tied with your acts of service or work. You like to keep busy and be productive. You like to feel appreciated and like getting good feedback. You like things in a neat and orderly fashion, and you usually like to do things your way or think your way is the best way.

Sun in the 7th House: You are great at negotiating and are extremely likable. You value relationships and love, and having a partner is usually important to you. You like to keep things peaceful and you are naturally harmonious and balanced. You have problems asserting yourself and putting yourself first, as you put others first.

Sun in the 8th House: You crave passion and experience in all that you do. You want to get deeper and further into topics, and you dislike surface level things. You are drawn to taboo topics and mystery, and you like to investigate. You have deep emotions and you are intune with your inner self.

Sun in the 9th House: You value your morals and ideals. You are philosophical and idealistic. You are always looking to the future and looking forward to tomorrow. You are naturally curious and love to ask questions, especially “why?”. You like to learn, especially about the world.

Sun in 10th House: You value success and you like feeling accomplished. You know exactly what you are capable of and you are very ambitious. You are extremely reliable and like to have a good reputation. You are ethical and logical, and you know how to succeed in whatever you are doing.

Sun in 11th House: You are a true humanitarian who values equality. You hate to be boxed in and hate expectations. You like to be original and outside of the box. You have big hopes and dreams and you like to take every opportunity in life. Your friendships are the most important to you.

Sun in 12th House: You value privacy and alone time. You are introspective and usually introverted. You recharge in your alone time, and you identify a lot with your deepest, most inner self. You are compassionate and understanding.

To find what house your Sun sign is in, do your birth chart here and hover over the icons, and the house number will be in roman numerals.


okay but for real why for years do they always act like stalkers/hackers have all the power and there’s nothing that can be done and no legal action that can be taken when that’s… literally not the case… it’s so irritating how they give people the impression that acting that way has no serious consequences


I am very impressed! Bettie Anderson inspires people to achieve goals no matter what! She wanted to join Peace Corps for more than 50 years and she did it! Bettie devoted most of her life to her family and after these obligations ended, she knew where to go. Her mission will be to provide services to orphans, vulnerable children and their caregivers, at-risk youth, people living with HIV, or those affected by gender-based violence.  

Black people inspire me every day.