impressing people

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What placements are most likely to have a long lasting impression upon people?

aries, LEO, libra, maybe scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, AQUA. especially sun & rising placements

I’ve realized after some time,
that you can never fully make people
like you, and accept you
for who you are.
And some,
don’t even bother
trying to,
some don’t even
want to
get to know you,
or understand you,
for the interior
rather than the outer
parts that you show.
So stop letting yourself
get so caught up
in wanting so badly,
to impress people
who don’t deserve
your best.
You are worth, a lot.
And there will always be,
some, who are too blind
to see you for what you are.
In the end,
it won’t matter
because you do not deserve
having people in your life,
who can’t see you
for more than what
you choose to show.
—  Keen Malasarte, “This is my farewell to the friends that don’t live up to the name”


If you are one of my people and support The Trevor Project, reblog this. I’m so proud of y'all for caring about such important causes, you inspire me every day. THANK YOU!

harry stops in the pouring rain to take photos with fans and hands out cupcakes to fans out of the window of his car and buys more cupcakes for his colleagues and treats even those who disrespect his privacy with a level of understanding and respect and i’m just quite intrigued and impressed by how such a curiously unique and beautiful soul exists in the body of a 20 year old pop star that is consistently beaten and bashed by the media and the rest of the world and remains as unfalteringly calm and kind as he did when he first began

I want to be someone sweet, caring and positive. I wanna be independent, strong and secure. I wanna fight for what I believe in, be open minded and accept the people I meet. I wanna reach out and help anyone asking for help. I want to be good. I wanna live life in the moment, I want to define myself by more than just my mistakes. I want to be someone who people trust. I want to be someone who inspires and someone who when people ask about, they’ll just go “they can change the world”

Please consider
  • Keith actually being really easy to talk to
  • But nobody approaches him because he gives off an unfriendly vibe
  • People always get the wrong impression
  • But sometimes people actually have to talk to him and when they do they realize that he’s not such a bad guy???
  • People getting flustered and embarrassed when they see what Keith is really like
  • Cause he’s actually really nice and sweet and “wow I can’t believe I ever thought this guy was an asshole”
  • “it’s been an honor flying with you boys” yeah how can this guy possibly be an asshole
  • Him giving people advice and genuinely wanting to help but people taking it the wrong way
  • Being really confused when people he doesn’t even know not-so-subtly try to avoid him
  • Oblivious Keith who doesn’t realize people actually do wanna talk to him
  • And when people try to talk to him he thinks it’s a joke because rarely anybody does that????
  • me riding by myself:yo my leg is on point today holla
  • me riding by myself:look at this perfect circle. here's another perfect circle.
  • me riding by myself:I'm totally over my "forward" problem check me out flying around keeping my chest back
  • me riding by myself:killin it
  • me in a lesson:um whats a diagonal???
  • me in a lesson:*canters two laps on the wrong lead*
  • me in a lesson:*almost falls off jumping a 2 ft vertical*
  • me in a lesson:what