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tfw you double a quad combination and so you then throw in a quad-double and a triple axel and end up with a season’s best high score 


Shiratori 3rd years’ current concerns in case any of you were still under the impression that these guys are anything different than absolutely ridiculous ✌️ (Wakatoshi has no concerns at all and somehow that’s even funnier to me?? haha)

Also tomorrow is Reon’s birthday! An early happy birthday to you you gorgeous nerd!!!

Flirting/Seduction Tips 🍸

Some of these could work for your girl crushes too. 

Let’s start with the most subtle things you could do: 

- Wear a vanilla scent or something sweet. I get a lot of compliments from my guy friends when I wear a basic vanilla body spray. It smells like home to them.

-Exotic fruit scents are also very pleasant and leave an impression

-Another scent my guy friends like is the Amor Amor perfume. A bit heavy at first but it is very sexy! 

-If the guy is a friend or you both feel comfortable around eachother(which is rare when you like someone) hug him and the scent of your perfume will turn into a memory. It sounds funny but it is true!

-If you are shy, just listen to them when they speak and look at them. Eye contact can be everything sometimes. Plus everyone appreciates the people who listen to them and are interested about their life and themselves, so you could ask some questions!

-Flip your hair. Not is the sassy way but in the “I’m just trying to fix my messy hair” way. Flip your hair behind your shoulders and show of your neck and collarbones. 

-You could mention something you enjoy doing (cooking, baking cookies, collecting things) because guys will get curious(especially if it is something with food) and you could offer to do something for them sometime! However you shouldn’t lie about your hobbies. 

- Having a quieter and softer voice around the person you like is attractive! A playfull voice could work too, but don’t change up your natural voice because of another person. 

- Don’t smile all the time. But when you do, smile at them. 

-Don’t be pushy and don’t talk about very personal stuff. Do not put down other people and make fun of something. Try to be positive because they will feel the energy and enjoy being around you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  🍸

Finished the last guardian today

First Impressions

Hi guys <3

Look. This made no sense. Not just in a “that wasn’t the story we needed to be told way.” Just everything! Was incoherent! Random vignettes of moments? Random unexplained threads everywhere? How can you go from the crystal clear cut editing of The Lying Detective (x) to this? You don’t. You simply don’t.

I truly believe right now that there’ll be a series 5. I understand people’s confusion and hurt and anger and grief (The “I love you” tweet?!!) The fact that I can still look back at this when I watched the ‘leak’ and have the episode speak more sense to me speaks volumes.

Right now, I’m waiting. My family all agree that it just didn’t make a lick of sense at all. 

But either way, I’m hopeful. Either way, we will get the true love story of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes told. By so many of us! 

If this is how they decided to sign off, then this is a truly ridiculous send off. This is not how you make groundbreaking, meaningful, important television.

But at this moment, I’m still waiting. And I totally appreciate and understand all other negative reactions at this point! It’s totally valid and understandable. <3 But, The Six Thatchers and The Lying Detective ran together, and followed through, the story flowed. This jarred and went on a different path entirely. And surely, that is not what two great writers intended.

Too much faith? Prove me wrong, Mark and Steven.

Much love to you all! xxx

We’ve all got these #JealousEven theories, and, I hope so because yes. It’ll definitely be the push Even needs, and hopefully he’ll TALK to Isak.

However, this is Skam. Watch them do a 180 and fuck us all up. This show gives me so much anxiety.


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ok FIRST OF ALL!! thank you so much to allow me draw your styles guys!! this was so fun but exhausting at the same time haha…. I’d love draw more version but Im rEALLY Tired right now like… I could make more but at another time. Thank you for reading! please ENJOY! (ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩


KIMMEL: Today, I have to say, I was very surprised at how friendly you guys were and are, because I was under the impression you guys didn’t like each other -

GA: You mean friendly to each other?

KIMMEL: VERY friendly to each other

GA: Well, you made us like, have sex! We don’t usually do that on every show that we do together -

KIMMEL: I’m talking about off camera

- - David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson being VERY friendly to each other on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Jan 2016

maybe he doesn't hit you...

maybe he doesn’t hit you but he reminds you every day how worthless you are until you start to believe it yourself
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he controls what you wear,who you talk to and what you do daily
maybe he doesn’t hit you but every time you threaten to leave him he threatens to kill himself so you’ll stay
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he’ll make you feel guilty for the things he’s done
maybe he doesn’t hit you but you feel as if you have to have sex with him so he will show you affection
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he doesn’t like it when you overdress or wear too much makeup because he’s positive you’re going out to impress guys
maybe he doesn’t hit you but being with him makes your friendships suffer
Maybe he doesn’t hit you but you can’t go anywhere without him knowing precise details.

Maybe he doesn’t hit you..but maybe he destroys you mentally.

Imagine barista!Mingyu trying to impress you because he thought you were cute but he clumsily added too much water into the cup so now your drink is very bland.