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Hello! I loved that P5 AU! I was wondering what it would be like if the C:R gang met the P5 gang? I thought it might be a bit funny considering Joker's persona. Continue being awesome admins!

Mod S here! Thanks for enjoying that Persona 5 AU; I’m glad that you did! I really love Persona 5 so bring C:R into it was lots of fun. ^u^ So of course I’m totally up for doing this headcanon too! And thanks so much for saying we’re awesome. Mod Cheshire and I love our followers and enjoy the feedback and compliments! 

I’ll call this one The Code: Realize Cast Meets the Persona 5 Cast. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything else you wanted with this. And stay excellent. <3 

–I think the P-Thieves cast would be really thrilled to meet the C:R Gang. Of course, they’d feel really impressed that the guy who Joker’s persona is based off of is just as cool as his persona. But the C:R Gang would be really confused as to what personas actually are. They’d all take some time to learn about each other. And have some fun interractions. 

–Ryuji would think Van is really cool. He’d try and see if he could check out his shotguns, but Van would veto that instantly. Van would get along better with Makoto, as he sees her to be the most rational of the groups members. He would like Haru because she reminds him of Cardia. 

–Saint G and Yusuke would bond over conversations about art and aesthetic. They would talk about their favorite styles of paintings, and Yusuke would even give Saint G some tips about displaying texture on the canvas. They would schedule a time to go to a gallery together, and Yusuke would show Saint G is own artwork. Yusuke would tear up at Saint G’s praise. 

–Futaba would not let up teasing Impey. She would love it so much that Impey would have to run away from her every time she got close. Impey would love examining her computer though. Futuba would literally watch him take it apart and then rebuild it. She’d gain some respect for him, so the teasing would die down a bit. 

–Victor would spend a lot of time with Haru, as he enjoys listening to her talk about her experiments with gardening and coffee. Victor would help her come up with ways to make her plants grow more effectively. Makoto would talk to Victor about his history with experimentation, but that would make Victor a bit too nervous. 

–Cardia would really like Morgana; she’d want to hold and pet him all the time. Sisi would get a bit jealous of him and try to bite his tail, but Cardia wouldn’t let Sisi touch Morgana. Morgana would tell the group that this is how he deserved to be treated, but everyone would just dismiss him. 

–Joker and Lupin would really get along, as they hold similar ideals. Lupin would also support that they aren’t killing people, but changing their hearts. Ann would also like Lupin a lot, and it would make the other guys a bit jealous of how much she and the other girls enjoyed his company. 


tfw you double a quad combination and so you then throw in a quad-double and a triple axel and end up with a season’s best high score 


the raven himself is hoarse
that croaks the fatal entrance of duncan
under my battlements.

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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything

I was thinking of this, someone on Twitter had figured it out first but,

There, in the cup. We can see Sal has more than a prosthetic face.He also has a glass eye. Meaning, he’s missing one.

And we can figure this wasn’t dropped in willy nilly. As in the first epi his entire face but one eye is wrapped.

So it had me thinking. Does that mean that the septic eye in the sewers is more than a nod to Jack? Bc if so, I’d trucking love that. It’s not out of place and still fits in the universe of Sally Face. Bc Sally lost an eye.

i think social media (aka instagram) has made things worse for girls. my ex boyfriend used to always be looking at models on it, or showing me photos of other girls, and its like…. the expectations are SO DAMN HIGH for girls because we have these wholly unrealistic ideals shoved at us in all directions - tiny waist, perfect teeth, long hair, big boobs, etc. and i feel like guys suddenly hold more girls to this expectation and its like? um? there is nothing like that for guys. honestly, i’d just be impressed if a guy held a door open for me. but suddenly now us girls have to all be looking like instagram models, because thats what they see. fuck instagram and fuck unrealistic expectations