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Iwaoi Fic Rec Compilation

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a somewhat-comprehensive list of 57 IwaOi fics that I’ve really enjoyed! This isn’t every fic I’ve loved of this pairing (since I’m disorganized and can’t find all of them), but hopefully these will kindle your love of the ship as much as they’ve fueled mine. (These are listed in alphabetical order within each rating.)

Note #1: Please check fic tags before reading as I cannot list them here.

Note #2: In general, other fics by the same authors not listed here are also recommended!

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As anyone with eyes, ears, and internet access can gather, our current world is a frightening heap of deep structural inequality, unchecked global power, and incoherent mass media. Despite the warm comfort that comes with brain-melting repetitive labor, your worry-addled skull still needs a hand every now and again if you want to make it to lunch without hyperventilating. That’s why the Cracked Dispensary and the Cracked Store are here with a list of stuff to help you take refuge in your mind, man. It’s all going to be OK. 

We don’t know if it’s due to growing up on hyper-stimulating video games or if there’s something in the water, but people today are more fidgety than Kramer after … well, anything at all. Stop biting your fingernails and cracking your knuckles, and try giving this weighted desk toy a spin. After a few days of mindful whirling, you’ll impress your cube neighbors with your pointless prowess and improve your focus on work duties.  Usually $60, get this Stress Spinner here for $19.99.

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Cracked Article Starters:
  • “Tarzan is almost definitely banging some gorillas.”
  • “When the most well-adjusted person in your family is the cat, it’s time to rethink things.”
  • “Pinocchio’s sexuality is never explored.”
  • “I’m going to go out on a limb and say that blowjobs do not exist in Disney fairy tale kingdoms.”
  • “Roughly 80 percent of all food items fit in your butt if you try hard enough.”
  • “I promised myself I wouldn’t type that.”
  • “Wait, what the fuck?”
  • “My therapist says this is ‘manipulation’ and 'a twisted power play’ that could 'destroy my marriage’.”
  • “Surely this epic dance of seduction cannot be ruined by the addition of footie pajamas.”
  • “If you can see only one Chipmunk adventure, let it be this one.”
  • “That little dog has seen some shit.”
  • “The only reason to stroll pantsless into your sibling’s room is to lay a window-rattling fart and bolt.”
  • “What is the upside of holding a spider?”
  • “No, you can’t quit school to be in a band!”
  • “I shit you not, he really said that.”
  • “His jabs are literal and done with his penis, which he waves around.”
  • “I can feel everyone judging my [NAME] body pillow from across the room.”
  • “[NAME] wants to see the picture that you just took of him, then he squees and asks you to tag him on Facebook.”
  • “His brain could beat up your brain without breaking a sweat.”
  • “This is a picture of me taken last week.”
  • “What do you do when you’re looking for your spirit animal hat and your spirit animal is yourself?”
  • “Can’t go wrong with a llama.”
  • “On a scale of 'not one bit’ to 'desperately,’ how badly do you need a llama right now?”
  • “Cats are assholes.”
  • “No, you’re still not allowed to wear flip-flops with your tux.”
  • “It will only set you back by $41, 995.95!”
  • “My life is great, but it would be better if I owned a giant rock of dinosaur poop.”
  • “Few drugs have captured the hearts and minds of Americans like crack.”
  • “Want to help your kids keep up with the Kardashians?”
  • “Oops! Leaked another nude.”  
  • “That’ll show her who’s pro-violence!”
  • “Of course I’m talking about porn.”
  • “Honestly, if living in shit was good enough for our cavemen-ancestors what makes us so high and mighty?”
  • “Need to stuff your crotch to impress the neighbors?”
  • “We call those people vegans, and we speak of them in hushed tone.”
  • “I’m not touching you; you can’t get mad.”
  • “Really it’s a worthwhile exercise as long as your time is worth absolutely nothing.”
  • “How dare you enjoy something that I have deemed inferior?”
  • “Classic sex offender technique: leaving a trail of candy on the filthy ground.”  
  • “Ah, bagpipes; the beloved sound of Scotland and aquatic mammals in labor.”
  • “She looks like you’d have to pry the can out of her fingers to get her into rehab.”
  • “The man lost a lot of blood.. dick blood.”
  • “If you tell anyone you have a concussion, your parents won’t love you anymore.”
Anonymous asked:

What does 1p Prussia do when he realizes he gets a crush on his neighbor who just moved in?

Originally posted by prettyrecklesss1

New neighbor? Wait woah , they stole his heart , he couldn’t stop thinking about them , every day he will just peek out of the window to see if they were outside, if he spotted them he will go and pretend that he was going to throw the trash.He will be blushing so much but he will keep his head up , to impress his neighbor, (s/o).He will look at the other way to see if he got their attention and they will be there reading sitting on a chair , well then he needs to get their attention by the looks of it , but he can do this , just got to be awesome after all and impress them.He will take out his hose and start watering his plants , he will look at the corner of his eyes to see if they are looking at him , fail, they aren’t.He needs to step up a level, he waves at his face and says loudly “Gee it sure is hot” and he takes off his shirt , he looks again but they are still looking at their book, well then he knows they are playing hard to get , no worries.He was about to do something else but he tripped over the hose , making a huge crash noise and that got (s/o) their attention as they look up from their book , they stood up and walk to where the noise came from and they look down to see him in the ground groaning.They giggle a bit and they bend down to help them up,”My you got yourself in a bit tangle problem”, (s/o) said as they smile at him , this was his chance , he smiled ,”Well it became more better when you came around here”, he said as they blush a bit , he has them now for sure ,”The names Gilbert, welcome to the new neighborhood~”

Exo Reaction

Exo Reaction when their kid is stuck in a tree

I personally love this, Hope you enjoy!

Sehun: *still as bratty as ever*
“I swear if I find a scratch on my perfect skin to get you down from there, I’m blaming this on (y/n)”

Kai: *Hears his baby crying*
“Oml! The Baby!? I FORGOT! (y/n) is gonna kill me*

Tao: *called the least reliable person to help*
“You see her, she’s right there! I can do thus”
Sehun: *shakes him* “Then why’d you call me”

D.o: *third time this month*
“Ugh, i gotta go get the ladder again. I swear I have to keep Baekhyun away from my girl”

Chanyeol: *impressed that his boy even got up there*
“Boy! how’d you even? I knew I should have stop feeding him bananas”

Chen: *not very concerned*
“THat’s My boy! taking on his fathers way”

Baekhyun: *coming to save his baby like…*
“Daddy’s got thus!!”

*tbh he has no idea what he’s doing, probably will call the giant known as Chanyeol*

Lay: *fast asleep to even notice*

Suho: *is prepared*
“Don’t worry, daddy’s got this”
*secretly been waiting this for this moment to prove to his little girl that he is a man*

Kris: *at a breaking point*
“I can’t get up there, my arms are gonna be ruined and then I can’t create my masterpiece, but then again (y/n) might just break my arms”

 Luhan: “Oh baby, don’t cry, don’t make me get you. You can do this yourself….. I can’t come up there, cause then we both would be crying”

 Xiumin: *impressed*
“Wow! It took the neighbors kid 4 weeks to get up there”

How to be a stereotypical Hufflepuff:

Hufflepuff: So I made a great first impression with my neighbors tonight.
Slytherin: Oh good.
Hufflepuff: The entire family next door walked out of their house to find me sitting in the middle of my front yard… Cuddling with their, hm, free-range cat.
Slytherin: “Free-range,” lol
Hufflepuff: Trash can abandoned behind me because priorities. …And they all just kind of stared until I pushed the cat away and hid inside.
Slytherin: Oh my god.
Hufflepuff: I AM A WALKING STEREOTYPE. …He was a very nice cat, though.
Slytherin: Is that what he told you?
Hufflepuff: …Well, yeah.
Slytherin: Oh my god. Of course you’re sitting in the grass with a cat getting stared at. You should probably just move to Hogwarts.

Vernon/OFC: Vernon Being a Noisy Tenant/Neighbor

Genre: Fluff/Humor

Word Count: 1173

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female 

Three hours. One hundred and eighty minutes of continuous noise. Three hours of this:


What the hell did that even mean.

She wanted to just grab her broomstick and shove the other end into the wall separating the rooms, but her neighbor probably wouldn’t even notice. Moving in last week was supposed to be an exciting moment, a new chapter in her life, but for the past two days she’s been noticing the tenant in the opposite room was an absolute nuisance.

Considering it was early noon, her other neighbors were probably out working (y’know, with lives and all that) and had no need to complain about her mysterious neighbor’s wall-shattering rapping. But she was home, and that’s all that mattered.

“Oh, she says she loves my rap.” she heard the speakers blare from the opposite room. She scoffed, yeah right.

Forcing herself to concentrate on her paper (so far, five words out of the five thousand), she glued herself to her desk and tried to type, hoping her new noise-cancelling headphones would be delivered by the end of the day. Sure, she could’ve moved to a cute coffee shop down the street, or go to the library and finish her work there, but it was her home, dammit. She had a right to peace in her own home. Maybe if she just tuned everything out, she could isolate the music away and she’d be able to finish. Yeah, that could be done.

Five minutes later, “PULL UP—”

That’s it.

Throwing her textbook against the wall, she shot up, throwing her door open and banging as loud as possible on her neighbor’s door. Ten seconds passed, and the music was still going strong. Kicking with her bare feet, she knocked harder. Finally, the noise from the other room dissolved into a low hum, and the door opened with a soft click.  

“Hi, can I help you?” her neighbor asked politely.

Oh, he’s gorgeous.

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anonymous asked:

Fred stopping fe!mu from leaving because she cant handle the loathing and smirks of some hateful ylisseans to her because she had grima's blood? (This happened after endgame when she came back)

(Want to change the name? Use this!

He heard the whispers of your “weakness”. The unrest between nobles and civilians that the returned hero was evil. That Grima’s blood was still there, and the dragon would come back with a vengeance with you as the vessel.

Frederick had worked tirelessly, trying to dispel those rumors. So why, then, were you still hearing them? Why were you still so distraught? He wanted to protect you, yet he kept failing.

Those failures manifested that rainy afternoon. In the dreary haze, he found himself cleaning your office. Sitting innocently in your desk drawer was a letter- addressed to him. His brow furrowed, picking up the envelope and taking out the parchment inside. Of course he was curious; what in the world would you be leaving him a letter for? He began to read it.

And he wished he never found it.

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Typical Tales By Untypical Males (V)

Kim Taehyung AKA Mature Underclassmen

Taehyung was nervous. His first day of high school and all he could think about was impressing his older neighbor and long time crush Y/N. She was a year 10 only a year above him but she was older. She didn’t walk with him to middle school last year which scared him but she came for his graduation from it which he liked more than anything. But now he’s heard she’s gotten very popular and he felt like he had no shot with a chick like her.

He walked out of his apartment slowly and just stood there for a few praying you hadn’t left yet and was very much relieved when you walked out of your apartment. “Hey Taehyung are you excited for your first day of high school?” you asked him with a smile. “Oh um yeah as excited as it can be to be new and all that” he spoke you patted his cheek lightly. “If you need me I will be here” you spoke as you began walking “can I walk with you?” he asks quickly before blushing.

You paused and looked back at him “I always walk with you to school when we’re in the same building” you spoke. He sighed and rushed up to catch up with you “what kind of classes are you taking?” he asks “whatever they assigned” you smiled. 

You had to admit Taehyung was an adorable little puppy constantly following you around and people even noticed it. “So you have a little guy after you?” your friend coos pinching your cheek “leave me alone” you blush swatting them away “if he wants to he can walk with me and all that he’s very good at it” you say. 

Taehyung stood there listening and frowned slightly ‘were you just saying that?’ he asked himself snapping out of his thoughts when he felt someone poke him “Tae are you ok?” you asked him concerned “I am fine” as he moved away from you “I guess you heard my friends then” you say. “Why don’t you tell me to leave you and your friends alone?” he says stopping quickly “Taehyung” you sigh. 

“I mean if you want me to leave you alone I will just say it” he says flailing his arms but you caught them “because I don’t want you to leave me alone Taehyung I enjoy having you around and all that. You’re one of most important people in my day” you tell him with a blush rising quickly. He took a shot and leaned in fast pressing his lips against your’s as he locked your fingers together when he noticed you didn’t pull away. 

It was sweet and cute when it happened it wasn’t like anyone was near you or anything or that you were still in school . You two pulled away and he instantly smiled “I just kissed an older girl” he smiled proudly while you laughed.  

anonymous asked:

Are there any new fluffy tattoo AUs? (Preferably ace-friendly?) Thanks xx

I found a few for you! I hope you like them

how you mix the two by red0aktree

After their meeting - and subsequent falling in love - the asexual owner of Brooklyn Tattoos and the battered-but-not-broken war vet who loves him tumble through their lives together. From panic attacks to Star Trek marathons and Led Zeppelin t-shirts, Steve and Bucky attempt to experience the world.

Series of ficlets following the events of ‘never gonna find it (if you’re looking for it)’.

Tales from a Flower Shop by Buckysaur 

Bucky has been pining after his next-door-store neighbour for an embarrassingly long time. When he locks himself out of his shop, he finally gets a chance to get to know the guy. (Which he does not at all enthusiastically grab and hold to his chest. The chance, that is. Steve Rogers remains to be seen.)

Natasha totally ships it.

Tonight, tonight (WIP) by Milady (MyLadyDay)

When the fire alarm went off, Bucky may have been a bit too hungover (half-drunk) to even consider the possibility of an actual fire. Or to check out his hot neighbor properly. Or to even do something other than groan at the regrets he had about drinking with Nat. At least he made a memorable enough impression with said hot neighbor.

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Hi there ! I was wondering if you've come across any fics based on Jongin's first impression of Kyungsoo?

hmmmm i (admin y) was unsure if you wanted fics based on jongin’s actual first impression or just fics with any sort of first impression, so i sorted them into two separate lists c: hope you enjoy both!

fics based on jongin’s actual first impression of kyungsoo (i.e. “i don’t want to eat with that hyung” / astigmatism):

  • First Impression - really sweet and fluffy
  • il y a une première fois à tout - lots of romance and a little drama, basically about how kaisoo’s relationship progresses while they are idols
  • Pick Me Up, Put Me Down - a reinterpretation of jongin’s first impression in a college!au setting (disclaimer: this is admin y’s fic :c) (i’m sorry i recced my own fic but i can’t find many for this request)

fics with jongin having any first impression of kyungsoo:

  • Altercation - enemies!kaisoo, highschool!au
  • Athanasia - reincarnation!au, jongin meets ksoo in many lifetimes aka MANY FIRST IMPRESSIONS FOR OUR LOVELY REQUESTER YAY
  • Coincidence - predebut!au, jongin hears ksoo singing and really wants to get closer to him
  • First Impressions - crack neighbors!au, ksoo is under the impression jongin likes luhan
  • In Bloom - flowershop!au, shy!jongin has a crush on accountant!ksoo
  • Timer - soulmates!au, everyone has a timer that counts down to when they meet their soulmate!
  • What Lurks - supernatural!au, high school!au, scary ksoo approaches jongin with the request to date him and jongin is fear

- KFR Admins

all your friends would always want to come over and stay over so they could ogle your hot neighbor calum from your bedroom window. despite the fact you’d lived next to each other for ages, you’d never been very close, and you would always roll your eyes at how he ate up the attention, strutting around his backyard shirtless, showing off his killer physique. it wouldn’t be until you were both at the same house party your senior year that you’d say something, collapsing on the couch next to him after you’d both had a couple drinks, stating matter-of-factly that over the years, his abs glistening in the summer hear had stolen the heart of every single one of your friends. he’d just grin and put his arms behind his head, sighing wistfully, “but it never did impress you, did it?”

neighbor!5sos night with quiffedluke and assholelukey! feel free to send in reqs or your own blurbs!

Sunday Recs (SHUSH! It’s maybe still Sunday somewhere lol) 😉

yes yes, I’ve dropped the ball a little, but to be fair last week at work was crazy so most of my weekly reading was done Saturday and Sunday……still, HERE we are now, and it’s CS AU WEEK!! And it’s my first cs au week and I truly do not know what to do with myself (and so much awesome fic lol) I’m slowly making my way through the fics, and the artwork, and videos, and my Gosh, y’all are such a gift to this fandom! thank you! <3

Today’s rec’s however, are brought to you by my never ending list of saved-for-later fics. I find myself drafting and bookmarking so many stories, yet actually getting to them takes me a bit of time.Still, better late than never!

  • Peace, in the struggle -  AreYouSittingComfortably
    This is a 3B-ish divergence/speculation kind of fic. SO incredible. I’m in love with the writing and how vividly I could picture the moment the author presents. Remember David’s words to Emma about enjoying the moments? Yeah, well, this story is Emma’s and Killian’s moment –the one when she stops fighting the fact that he has real actual feelings for her, and it’s just so beautiful!

  • Pirate Glasses -  sheawrites  
    um, excuse me, did any of you ask for the cutest domestic fluff in history? lol THis is a future-ish fic that has Killian in dire need of glasses to keep him cutie from squinting at everything in order to see! I loved it! Emma taking care of him is a weak spot of mine and there’s plenty of that here, so yeah, read and love it! :)

  • can you feel it right now? - @cutieodonoghue
    UGH, so much about this story has me hooked! It’s a WIP multichapter! I tried to resist it, but I just couldn’t! Neighbors AU with a side of single!mom!badass Emma AND A FAKE RELATIONSHIP! So far I’m loving this so much! CS are so in point and still THEM in this universe which I’m forever thankful for to the author!

  • Friday (Saturday), I’m In Love - @high-seas-swan
    I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I read this! more like grin. like a complete idiot! it’s an au universe,  answer to this prompt: “Okay, buddy. You’ve been serenading the wrong window for about five minutes now, time to let you know my neighbor is out of town.” And Killian SINGS! He sings and I just about died! lol Also The Cure, and it’s winter, and she’s freezing, and he’s freezing, and there’s pinning! pinning that’s SOOOOOO mutual, and things most certainly escalate but it’s not forced or anything! It’s precious!!!! <3

  • Because that’s what our family does - @blowmiakisscolin
    Captain Cobra Swan 5B One-Shot.   My notes for this one: lots of UGHHHHHs and CRYING! lol! MY GOSH! This is a pre-S5B speculation kinda fic. LIAM’s here! They are in the Underworld and he “welcomes” his little brother, but then Emma gets there, and my favorite part, Henry! meeting Liam! declaring they are there to save Killian! ugh SO moving!

  • at my worst, you are my best -  @alexandralyman
    itty bitty little drabble of “what if Killian got the same split-self treatment the EQ/Regina had” Only it takes on the greatest possible turn ever and I just love it. Even Killian’s darkest self loved Emma Swan most and that is backed with canon and I’ll go down fighting if you try to tell me otherwise lol This ficlet is just so sweet and a ‘suck it’ to the haters who think Killian could ever hurt his Swan.

  • untitled little things o/s -  @dani-ellie03
    Another little drabble, packed with ALL of the feels! Family feels, CS feels, HAPPY EMMA feels! My sweet girl deserves to be happy and sit back for at least a minute so bad! this little fic does such a wonderful job painting that kind of scenario! :)

  • Under a Starry Night Sky -  @rumsandleatherjackets
    Such an underrated little gem! LITTLE MOMENTS lil postS5 ficlet! :) I love those! It’s such a beautiful quiet moment between them. I think these two are so allowed to be “selfish” and just take some time to be them and enjoy the fact that they are alive! the two of them! I love the idea of Emma planning a whole evening out for her pirate! it’s just so moving and lovely! i loved loved this little fic!

  • Close Your Eyes, Brother -  @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable
    I CRY! Jones Brothers backstory kind of fic. Think baby Killian, afraid of the dark and bullied by the older brats during the early days after his father’s abandonment. SO angsty, but comes to show Killian and Liam’s relationship and that bond of theirs that is just so so so beautiful!!!

  • Armour  -  @profoundlyfadedprincess
    Quiet post S5 moment. This one is so sweet, it’s them, unwinding kinda from the underworld events. it’s such a sweet little thing! middle of the night conversations, and they are open and vulnerable! so sweet!

  • some aloe for that burn -  @spartanguard
    This is THE cutest thing! Killian of all pirate cuties gets sun burned and it’s probably the cutest fic I never knew I needed in my life! Domestic fluff is what I’m here for and this one takes the cake! i loved loved loved it! :) The writing is spot on! it manages to be funny but also moving and sweet! I LOVE IT!

  • untitled -  @wingedlioness
    Smuffy goodness galore! Please and thank you! You know those posts about folks missing Season 1 Emma? Well, this is again a perfect ‘suck it’ to the haters! Killian Jones would have indeed loooved S1 Emma and this fic shows you just how much! I loved the idea of this, and the actual fic is just so silly and awesome! i loved it!

  • Proud of Your Boy -  @incaptainswanwetrust
    Oh yeah, I did not cry reading this bit about Killian Jones meeting his newborn baby! Allergy season, y’know? lol! no, but in all seriousness, this is just the cutest thing! Bit of angst, touching on Killian’s insecurities about being a father, but then you have him actually having a a “father/son” conversation with his tiny newborn son and I just about died! SO CUTE!

  • Persistence -  @laschatzi
    CAPTAIN CHARMING!!!! Night before CS wedding drinks with Dave! This made me SO happy! so freaking bloody happy! I love these two and my Goodness, them bonding is one of my favorite things! I love how David so very subtly lets Killian know he thinks he is worthy of his daughter’s love! SO MOVING! and then there are bits like  “True Love’s Kiss doesn’t work with memory loss,” in which we have David unknowingly clearing things up for Killian while also reassuring the cutie! it’s so sweet! I love the last lines most! the best! :)

  • To The Pain -  @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable
    What a satisfying read this was! I guess this goes under future-ish GEN fic with a generous dash of angsty CS. In my honest opinion, Rumple became nonredeemable after this season. This fics deals with that, with what he did to Milah and how some deeds should not go unpunished. And Killian, my God, he’s the one to give f’ing Rumple what he deserves, and like I said, it’s just so satisfying to read. The ending is all shades of bittersweet but also fitting and so moving!

  • You Can Wrap Your Arms Around Me -  @amagicalship
    Smutish post 521 o/s. This was one of the first pieces of CS fanfic I read and it is still one of my favs after a re-read this week! This is just such an intimate moment between them! the kind of moment I want SO MUCH to happen in canon! It’s perfect and extremely well written!

  • Locked Up -  @ive-always-been-a-pirate
    A Daddy!Killian One Shot! Oh THE CUTENESS! The little bits with little Liam are extremely precious! It’s such a little one shot but you get an incredible glimpse of what their lives are now, how much Little Liam takes after BOTH his parents! AND THEN the bits with Emma are just the cutest things in the world! and it all comes back to Tallahassee! I loved looved loved the throwbacks!

  • It’s Our Ship -  @rollyjogerjones
    Daddy!Killian One Shot! What can I say, I’m a sucker for him as a Daddy lol! But this time he’s fathering a teenage daughter —-one that is so much like him but also Emma and I swear to God, it doesn’t get any better than that! He’s such a good dad! I loved all those little bits of backstory, and just how Killian dealt with his kid’s fears! it really is just so sweet! instant fav!

  • Roger the Cat & Betty the Asshole Betta Fish -  @itsalostgirlthing
    This one right here made me grin like an idiot the whole entire time! NEIGHBORS AU! AND ROGER! He’s a charmer and i love him! Picture CS co-parenting Killian’s cat —it’s utter perfection! I died! I truly did! this one shot made me SO happy! it’s a winner from the first line to the last one! also the asshole fish! Such a great story! (OH, and Captain Swan! Killian calls Emma CAPTAIN SWAN! I went to heaven at that one, I swear lol!))

  • Fair Fight -  @laschatzi
    NEVERLAND!! Missing scene kind of fic. Words can not describe how much I loved this! Killian polishing Emma’s sword fighting skills! and it’s the way he did it that absolutely destroyed me! He’s so HIM in this fic! this is exactly how I would picture Killian approaching Emma about her abilities  as well as the methods he uses to teach her! this IS so perfect and in character! one of my favs reads this weekend!! :)

  • White Picket Fence” -  @shipping-goggles
    This is a bit of 5B canon divergence. It’s such a sweet thing! the conversation between Emma and Killian is honest and you get to see those little bits of insecurities they are still dealing with, but, you know, they are together, so it’s just nice to see them have an open conversation about their future and just how that future’s gonna look like! also, it points out the resemblance of Emma’s dark!one home (CS HOME!) with a castle, which I have to admit, I never stop to consider, but I can see so see it! great story!! :)

  • Impression Soleil Levant -  @captain-emmajones
    Neighbors AU meets “I’m your kid’s K-teacher, nice to meet you!” It’s THE best! can you just picture Killian as these little kids’ teacher, all perfectly polished, with the crazy PTA moms drooling on him all the while he only has eyes for Emma???? yeah, I can too! I LOVED THIS! The little bit with Killian reading the kids was almost TOO much! SO CUTE!

Next weekend (hopefully SUNDAY! lol) I’ll dive in properly in cs au week fics and rec my favs!! :) I haven’t yet contributed to cs au week, but I’m planning to have something up Day 6 & 7 (hopefully!)

For now, here’s the one story I did post this week(last week shush lol),
It is my take on a so needed CS quiet moment plus how I think a proposal between those two should go down! ;)

AND, that is it for now lovelies! Hope you all have an awesome week! Also, HAPPY CS AU WEEK! keep on reading all the goodies! it’s sooo much fun! this fandom is so active and talented it makes my heart happy! :) <33



Hannibal raised a kettle of spring water brought to a boil, and poured its contents in a glittering arc. The waiting loose leaves of second flush Darjeeling blossomed inside the porcelain teapot he’d painstakingly brought home from his travels.

He appreciatively breathed in the honey-sweet muscatel notes of the tea and swirled it gently in its antique bone china teacup, before taking a quiet sip, enjoying the sublime silence of his kitchen.

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I can’t remember the name of it, but I always liked this story:

Once, there was a kind and gentle man who was walking along the road. He was poor and had little but he saw a crane stuck in a trap and released the beautiful creature without hesitation, marveling of it’s feathers as it flew away. Soon after, a beautiful young woman appears at his door and offers him her hand in marriage. Humbled, he thinks the crane was a sign but declines her offer until she insists she will be a good wife and will truly love him forever. And indeed the poor humble man accepts and she loves him dearly. 

However, the man wished that he had more money because he would will her to be more comfortable and so she told him that she will weave white silk into beautiful patterns and give it vibrant colours for him like none he has ever seen if it would make him happy, however he has to promise that no matter what, he cannot take a peak of her while she is weaving. 

He agreed and she retreated into her room and surely enough, the hours passed and she finally returned from her room with the most beautiful red patterned silk one could ever hope to own. The poor man had never seen such fine silks before.His wife was very tired and weak from the exertion and the tiring delicate work so she rested for a while. 

They trade in their home for one more comfortable and soon they are happy… but it does not last. The man, no longer poor, wishes to drape his wife in fine clothes and jewels and wear himself in a high manner to impress his neighbors who are also wealthy. And so implored her once more to make the silk.

She told him it was very tiring for her and he accepted that but promised that it will be the last time. She accepted. 

He took the next red silk and sold this for a handsome sum. But it was not enough. Soon though he asked her once more to make the silk and again she pleaded him not to ask, for she would do anything for him but it would make her weak and frail and she did not want that. But again he pushed and she accepted and told him it was only because she loved him. 

More and more silk she was asked to create and each time she agreed dutifuly for her husband and each time she was finished she would be more frail, 

The man had grown greedy. Where a kind and gentle, humble poor man had once been, had been replaced with a selfish, greedy and elegantly dressed man. Yet for what he had become, his lovely wife never complained because she loved him dearly and he had ever kept his promise to never ever look at her while she worked. He had asked a few times what her secret was, but she would never say and merely told him it was her secret to keep.

But alas, her husband could not take it any more and his curiosity got the better of him. He surely must know how his wife could produce such silk and if he knew the secret then he could teach others and let her rest as the task was tedious and time consuming. If he could have more people creating the silks then he could become very, very wealthy and see to it his beloved could rest! So he decided to peek in on his wife while she worked. 

What he saw shocked him for there across the white silk she had laid out before her, his lovely wife had not hands, but beautiful white feathers fanned out like a bird. She had been plucking the feathers and letting her fresh blood fall free to stain that beautiful white silk, causing her fatigue.

He was so shocked that he gasped aloud and his lovely wife was alerted to his presence. They shared only a brief moment before her eyes widened and then she transformed into the very crane he had saved, shedding her robes, and without any hesitation she flew away into the sky leaving the greedy husband alone to wallow in his wealth.