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it’s been over 13 months since ‘the force awakens’ was released and i still don’t understand why people like h/ux so much other than the fact that he’s a white man. in all my months on this website i literally have not heard one single authentic and convincing explanation with canon basis as to why people actually like him

fanon mccree: HIGH NOON, huge flirt, doesnt take anything seriously, goofy cowboy, arrogant, trying to impress other people all the time, rolling tumbleweed man

canon mccree: suffers from ptsd after joining a dangerous gang as a fucking child, and moving on to join blackwatch in his late teens and at some point losing his entire arm, is an extremely dangerous gunslinger/vigilante wanted for millions of dollars, suffers from alcoholism and depression, has terrible self esteem and self-destructive habits, lost his friends and mentors and has been alone on the run for half a decade

Some quality Older Sibling Things that the Bureau of Balance employees have probably done to mess with Angus

  • Extensively coaching him in a particular skill only to then use his new mastery of that skill solely to impress other people and or play tricks on them. Carey taught him how to cheat at cards and dice and then turned him loose on the general population. Magnus is working on his pool skills. They’ve made a tidy profit gaming innocent guards who were too stupid to realize that a small child approaching them with a smile and asking to play was not a good sign. 
    • Angus occasionally objects to these scams on moral grounds, but has been convinced that these are important life skills he’s being taught, and anyways those guards need to learn to recognize a set up. This is a learning experience for them. 
    • Similarly, Killian spent three weeks coaching him every morning until he could do a LOT of pushups, only to then drag him around and make him show it off to everyone on the Moon Base. 
  • Once he came up to a group of them at lunch and they started speaking elvish purely to confuse him. Members of the party who did not speak elvish started making words up. They refused to switch back to common until he went away. 
  • “Hey there, kiddo, baby, tiny-small-child-thing!”
  • Complaining that they’re being patronizing only encourages them. 
  • He worked as a police detective for a while, he has a surprisingly good grasp of gross and grown up stuff. Whenever someone tries to cover his ears or shoo him away when the talk turns to the many, many, many scenes of carnage that come with the job he starts talking about crime scenes he’s been at and how one time he saw a guy’s head with the ears ripped off and stuffed in his mouth. 
    • This has not stopped non-THB-people from censoring swear words, discussions of death, dark humor around him. He’s getting a little frustrated. At least the trio, Carey, and Killian seem to respect him in that regard. 
    • They’re actually all a lot more lax about keeping him away from the lewd stuff, since he is under strict orders from the Director to not traumatize himself and therefore will cover his own ears when necessary. Thanks, Angus. 
  • Blocking his way for no apparent reason. “What’s that? You can’t get by me. Say the magic word.”
  • Trying to fix his clothes or ruffle his hair even when there is no need to do so. 
  • Trying to convince him of stuff that is blatantly Not True. He’s a smart boy and will can see through the more obvious ruses, but sometimes he plays along. One time Merle tried to convince him that since they were on the moon and the moon is made of cheese he could just eat the dirt, and he got Merle to do it first. 
    • Taako has the highest success rate when it comes to bluffing Angus out, and has gotten him to believe that the Director wears a wig, that Taako is in fact human and his ears are fashion implants, that you can just pour No Tear shampoo into your eyes, and that Davenport eats the bones of fallen BoB members to ensure their bodies can’t be used against the Bureau. 
    • Magnus is a simple man and prefers the “what’s that on your shirt?” gag. It never gets old. Agnus is a very neat kid and always falls for it, even when he should know better. 
  • He has a Baby Corner in the Icosahedron with, like, five pound weights and tiny boxing gloves in it. Killian made it especially for him. There is a sign. 
  • Avi just randomly gives him things. Candy. Bottle caps. “Here, have this rock, kid, now run along.”

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Hello. :3 Could you please tell why did you headcanon Napoleon's favorite movie as "Casablanca"? Thanks! <3

Oh, sure!  There were two main reasons I headcanoned Casablanca as Napoleon’s favorite movie, the first reason being that it takes place across the ocean in Morocco in 1941.  I always imagined young Napoleon to have a thirst for travel and all the adventures that entails, so having a movie set in another continent would have piqued his interest very much (and led to him choosing a career that would allow him to have adventures around the globe).

The second reason is the theme in the movie of doing the right thing, even if you have to make very difficult decisions, and you run the risk of angering very dangerous enemies.  The theme of Casablanca is protagonist Rick Blaine’s struggles to decide whether or not he should help his ex’s husband (and her, as well) escape the Germans and their Vichy collaborators (Morocco was French-owned, and the Germans had captured France by this point in the war).  To help them means opening up a closed chapter of his past, as well as being marked by dangerous enemies.  In the end, he chooses to help, and I think that theme would have definitely shaped young Napoleon, as it would resonate with who he would eventually become.

when your job is office-based you don’t develop many skills that impress other people in an emergency like knife fighting or fire lighting or how to hotwire a car, but at 7am this morning my dude was desperately trying to send a 2 page exam to the printers for school and it was all automatic so if he sent the whole 300 page PDF they were going to charge him 1000 Euros and it wasn’t a clever enough programme to let you select pages to print. He was sitting there panicking in his pyjamas with no idea what to do and I was all *cracks knuckles* ‘move over babe, I got this’ and in 2 clicks I had extracted pages 13 and 14 and saved them as new documents and his printing cost went down to 3 Euros and he looked at me like I’d just done MAGIC 

I mean wait till he sees what I can do in Microsoft fucking Word

how the signs actually are

Aries: full of self-doubts, they always like to act the boss full of confidence, but they are insecure af

Taurus: very very selfish, although they don’t want to be. they try hard to not reveal their true uninspired selfish lazy ass but sometimes ooooh they reveal it

Gemini: they change their decisions in seconds, they don’t know what they want, they don’t know their goals and they don’t even know what are they doing whatever they are up to

Cancer: they actually think that they’re bad and evil people but no they are not. but do not underestimate them because they can show you your place anytime

Leo: can’t stand to be ignored, they know how to love, very regretful, curious and they get bored easily but they do not show it

Virgo: desperate for leaving a good impression on the other people around them, although they can be so evil inside

Libra: tryhards to be #1, they always want to be the prettiest and they always want to point out what they’re good at, sometimes they can be very stupid and boring

Scorpio: deeply emotional, overly-attached, can’t even make peace with themselves but they can be okay sometimes

Sagittarius: hot-headed, they know how to love, they love arguing and they are ones of the most revengeful people

Capricorn: selfish, materialistic, poker face all the time, but very caring, can only love once

Aquarius: desperate for many things such as attention and desperate for always being special (at which they SUCK)

Pisces: artistic, neurotic, insane, cold-hearted, can’t handle their emotions / their lack of emotions

favorite pride and prejudice quotes

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What's it like being around Gerard in person? Like, what sort of vibe does he give off, etc?

i personally always feel super calm around him. like even when im lowkey nervous about seeing him before when i see him im all calm. and he just gives off really positive and good vibes. theres always smiles and laughter and he makes it really easy to talk to him. i mean like i said, this is just my impression, maybe other people feel differently bc maybe theyre intimidated and just too nervous and they maybe find him hard to approach - and honestly i just wanna tell those people that hes not hard to approach at all and that its really just them being nervous/intimidated but theres no reason to be bc hes always so sweet. but even at his events like signings and shows (again i can only talk about the ones i attended, and from my perspective), i feel like the vibe is a really positive and happy one.  

I want to cut my hair and make it my natural brown, stop plucking my eyebrows, stop wearing makeup and using fake tan. Stop dressing to show my body and working out to impress other people. I’m sick of being the pretty blonde girl at the party, because at the end of the night, that’s all I am.

I’m sick of guys hands on my body, telling me I’m beautiful while they drunkenly grab my thighs, making me feel validated for a few minutes, and cheap for the next few weeks.

I’m sick of being catcalled as I walk around the streets in my short tight dress, makeup done for the party.

I don’t want to be that girl anymore.

I want to know my soul inside out. I want to shave my legs and exfoliate my body because I like being soft and clean, not so a guy can fucking touch me. I want to put away the mirror and maybe if I stop focusing all my energy into how I physically look than people will stop noticing that alone.

I want to feed my starving soul with my own love, until I grow into a person I am completely in love with. Because self love is fucking important, and I am fucking important.

I want to find someone who is in love with my roots, my soul. But until then I will continue to work on myself. And everyday I will grow

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I wish I had your confidence... Advice?

This’ll sound selfish as fuck but start doing things for yourself.

Why? Because how are you meant to feel confident in yourself if you can’t even acknowledge yourself? It’s all well and good to care about the things around you, but start doing that after you start caring about yourself. Like it peeves me when people say it’s selfish to do things that only benefit you because if you’re struggling to fit in your own body that last thing you need is to do things for other people to look good in their eyes when you really need to start wanting to look good in your own eyes.

For example, I only started editing because I wanted to edit and it made me love editing and my style of editing. If I started editing because I wanted to try and impress other people then I’d forever be stuck in a cycle of hating my own editing since I’d think it wasn’t impressing anyone. However, because I edited for myself, I can now work on editing to try and make other people happy since I’ve come to love my own editing.

(I know that may sound really confusing but yeah that’s the best advice I can give you)

Whenever a year comes to a close, I see people posting their resolutions online or telling me about their plans to reinvent themselves. With this, I can’t help but to recall the resolutions I did last year and if I was even near in accomplishing some of them. Truth is, I wasn’t even close.

The goals that I had set last year were molded not just to create a better version of myself, but also to impress other people. It seems that I can’t help but be preoccupied by other people’s perception of me that I ended up not accomplishing anything and just plainly succumbing to the pressure.

I was caught off-guard with myself - thinking that life is a marathon of competitions. And I always end up losing and being insecure about the accomplishment of others.

The word goals had gradually changed its definition in my book. My goals had became impersonal and were set to a standard to please others.

The beauty of setting goals for yourself is that it can serve as a humility patch that grounds you - a constant reminder that you are here not just for others, but also for yourself.

I have always loved the idea of the year ending, because it gives me an opportunity to start clean and to set new goals. And I guess next year, I will start to focus on myself more, to stop comparing myself to others and for a more positive outlook in life.

Ghost Story Update

Guess who finished Part 5?! This girl!! I’m giving it another read through today and then it’ll be all queued up for Saturday at 9am PST. I’m excited for y’all to read it… especially since I’m stoked for Part 6 :)

Wanna catch up? Click me!

ENTP Before & During Relationship

Before a Relationship

ENTPs are quick to befriend those who have similar interests and personalities. However, sometimes they give the impression that they view other people only as an audience. It may be difficult to get the attention of an ENTP, especially as an introvert.

It is best to approach an ENTP in a straightforward manner, for ENTPs strongly dislike playing “relationship” games, such as engaging in antics that provoke jealousy or speaking ambiguously. In fact, if one is involved in such a game with an ENTP, not only will the ENTP always win, but the other person may be trapped in a circle that goes nowhere. In addition, affirming one’s “rank” will also not bode well with an ENTP, for they dislike social ladders and will attempt to put the person in his or her place using consistent one-upmanship.

Male ENTPs can be boldly flirtatious. With full force and directness, they may charm someone that they are interested in. Depending on the ENTP’s instincts, some male ones have the potential to be “playboys”, jumping from partner to partner because they enjoy each new experience. Due to different gender norms, female ENTPs vary in their audacity. Some may be very flirtatious while others may be hesitant to show their cards.

During a Relationship

When ENTPs form relationships, they can bond very closely and suddenly with their partners. At times they can be very publicly demonstrative of their affection, while at other times they will appear unusually nonchalant.

ENTPs like to understand how their partner’s mind works. They are usually good at coming up with creative solutions to solve interpersonal problems.

Living with them is lively and exciting. They are usually in good mood and easily entertained. They encourage their partners to follow their ambitions, and they wish to have the same support. However, some may engage in one-upmanship with their mates. This may strain day-to-day harmony if the mate is stressed by competition or if the mate is as competitive as the ENTP.

ENTPs’ primary goal in their romantic relationship is to promote growth and improvement. They enjoy starting creative, new projects with their partners that promote knowledge discovery and growth. Their ideal partners are open-minded, intellectual, and confident, for the ENTP quickly becomes bored with someone who cannot match their wit.  Just as important, their partners must be decisive and organized, for these traits provide an anchor for the ENTP from which they can pursue their creativity.

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I just finished threadcaster and I want to say that it was amazing! The magic and the world felt fleshed out and real and I loved the characters with all my heart! Thank you for your wonderful book!

oh my goodness you finished it Already!?!

Originally posted by narcissistic-junkie

Wow! I’m floored you could finish it so fast, and I’m even more glad that you liked it!!!

Thank you for telling me your thoughts!!! 

SEVENTEEN REACTION To you being scared of dating them because you're not asian and younger  (Jeonghan, Jun, Woozi, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon).

It´s a double request dudes! Since we got the same request for all these members!



“You know very well that doesn’t matter to me… but I understand if you want sometime to think. I’ll be here waiting!” As usual, Jeonghan would be the angel that he already is.


Jun would be sad that you were hesitant to accept his confession. As you explain your motives to him, he smiles sadly and kisses your forehead saying that he will wait a little bit more.


“Do I look like the type of guy that cares about your age or your origin?” He’d be a bit pissed off to be honest. He knows that your age and origin are important, since you nor him want to give the wrong impression to other people and your parents and the cultural differences could be an obstacle, but he knows too that all that should matter is love, not image.


He’d froze for a couple of seconds as you tell him that you were afraid of dating him because of your age and because you’re not asian. When he reorganizes his thoughts, Wonwoo would smile while scratches his head and say:

“I know but… don’t you think we should at least try it out?”


I think his reaction would be similar to Wonwoo’s. He’d try to convince you to at least try it out to see if it works. Of course he would do his best to make it work!


Let’s all be clear here. Hansol is the one that mostly don’t give a shit about the not asian thing. He isn’t completely asian and he don’t look like one, so this matter wouldn’t be an issue for him.

He’d let this pretty clear to you too.

With the age, as a person that grew in America, I think too that he won’t make a big deal out of it. Here, age gap isn’t too much of an obstacle for relationships usually…  

“Baby girl, this isn’t a good argument for you to not accept my invite to the movies..” he’d make a little joke to break the ice “Please.. don’t be like this. I promise to make you happy and I’m sure your age or where you come from isn’t a problem, so don’t be afraid”.


For today we’re done~ Look forward to our tomorrow updates!

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