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it’s been over 13 months since ‘the force awakens’ was released and i still don’t understand why people like h/ux so much other than the fact that he’s a white man. in all my months on this website i literally have not heard one single authentic and convincing explanation with canon basis as to why people actually like him

Types In The Classroom


- competition with others on how fast they can take notes

- 8 pages of notes summarized into 2 pages

- talking to people around them silently; doesn’t get caught


- notes organized so neatly that people around them thought it was a textbook

- always raising their hand either to ask questions, or prove the teacher wrong

- “what is the long term purpose of this?”


- playing video games on computer secretly

- whispers answers to people next to them, too afraid to raise their hand

- has a lot of doubts but refuses to raise their hand and ask them


- already knows everything the teacher is talking about

- on their computer, learning ahead of the class

- rolls eyes when someone asks a stupid question/comment


- class clown

- that one kid the teacher always hates but the kids love

- asks a lot of stupid questions


- “shut up I’m trying to listen”

- diligently writing their notes

- teachers love them; often left in charge when teacher leaves room


- thinks that the class is dumb

- points out logical flaws

- ends up playing video games with INTP


- neatly taking notes

- gets annoyed when someone raises their hand

- never talks during class at all


- laughs a lot to ESTP’s jokes

- easily distracted 

- talks to others a lot


- tries to help people who don’t understand the material

- takes notes correctly

- answers questions about why they would need the info in real life


- really quiet during class, unless sitting with friends

- laughs at everyone’s jokes and makes up their own, but doesn’t say them out loud

- notes are semi-finished


- talking to people next to them

- glances around room to see if they could spot crush

- lets people copy off of their notes


- also making jokes out loud

- teacher gets mildly annoyed at them

- doodling a little


- perfect teacher impression

- secretly talks to other people

- sometimes on their phone, texting friends to find out about what they feel about the lesson


- doodling

- notes are written in the form of doodles

- laughs internally at people’s humor


- quietly taking notes

- gets confused about subject but can’t raise their hand and ask for help

- asks friends for help after classes

fanon mccree: HIGH NOON, huge flirt, doesnt take anything seriously, goofy cowboy, arrogant, trying to impress other people all the time, rolling tumbleweed man

canon mccree: suffers from ptsd after joining a dangerous gang as a fucking child, and moving on to join blackwatch in his late teens and at some point losing his entire arm, is an extremely dangerous gunslinger/vigilante wanted for millions of dollars, suffers from alcoholism and depression, has terrible self esteem and self-destructive habits, lost his friends and mentors and has been alone on the run for half a decade

Venus in the houses

The house your Venus is in represents what you find beautiful, what you value/seek in relationships, and how you relate to others.

Venus in 1st house: You are naturally charming, diplomatic, and friendly. People are drawn to you, and you seem very easy to talk to. You appreciate and value art and beauty. You look for the beauty in everything you experience. In relationships, you value harmony and balance. You are attracted to those who are polite and sociable.

Venus in 2nd house: You may be slow to start in relationships, and you don’t like to jump into things. You have strong values and morals and you aren’t easy to persuade in those areas. You appreciate and value your possessions. You have a taste for luxury and money, but you are also known for being generous. In relationships, you value security and safety. You like to be comfortable. You may show your love to others through gifts.

Venus in 3rd house: You are verbally expressive and like to keep the peace and settle arguments. You appreciate and value communication and thinking. You like to be admired in your relationship. You like to compliment others and you have a graceful way with words. You are likely to be good at poetry or writing. In relationships, you value mental stimulation and you like to change things up every once in a while.

Venus in 4th house: You seek harmony and beauty in your home or home life. You are a very sentimental person and you like comforting items, and may have a lot of things that have memories or emotional value to you. You appreciate and value your home and comfort. In relationships, you show your love through sympathy and nurturing.

Venus in 5th house: You enjoy romance and flirting, and you like to entertain. You like to surround yourself with beauty and things that make you happy. You value creativity and excitement. You have a very playful flirting style and you love to have fun. In relationships, you are warm and loyal.

Venus in 6th house: You like to be helpful and useful in your relationships. You are a bit more subtle when it comes to showing love or affection. You appreciate and value little things and actions in relationships. You like to feel appreciated and show your loved ones how much you appreciate them often. In relationships, you are subtle and understanding. You are very friendly and pleasant in work situations, and tend to get along with your co workers easily.

Venus in 7th house: You are a peacemaker and like to be balanced. You are agreeable and charming, and people are naturally drawn and attracted to you. You have a tendency to enter relationships too quickly, but you value your relationships. You value and appreciate harmony and romance. In relationships, you are delightful and affectionate.

Venus in 8th house: You are intense and love wholeheartedly. You are very devoted and passionate, although afraid of vulnerability. You dislike mundane, everyday things, and you are attracted to all things taboo and enjoy deeper topics. You value and appreciate passion and loyalty, and you find beauty in secrecy. In relationships, you are loving and real.

Venus in 9th house: You are attracted to adventure and like to see the big picture of things. You like to learn and be educated, especially about the world or philosophies. You may enjoy travelling and like long journeys. You value and appreciate enthusiasm and knowledge. In relationships, you are idealistic and independent.

Venus in 10th house: You are very aware and conscious of your appearance and impression to other people. You are likely to be popular in your career. You like to be recognized for your talents and are likely to be attracted to authority. You value and appreciate inspiring and helping others, and your career. In relationships, you are respected and respectful.

Venus in 11th house: You like to make friends and be friends before starting a relationship. You bring your friends together and are attracted to unique qualities or talents. You have a soothing effect on people. You value and appreciate creativity and fairness. In relationships, you are fair and free.

Venus in 12th house: You have a tendency to hide your artistic side and like to be alone. You are very compassionate, but being affectionate or trusting isn’t easy for you. You tend to hide your emotions and romantic needs. You value and appreciate peace and solitude. In relationships, you are mysterious and giving.

Some quality Older Sibling Things that the Bureau of Balance employees have probably done to mess with Angus

  • Extensively coaching him in a particular skill only to then use his new mastery of that skill solely to impress other people and or play tricks on them. Carey taught him how to cheat at cards and dice and then turned him loose on the general population. Magnus is working on his pool skills. They’ve made a tidy profit gaming innocent guards who were too stupid to realize that a small child approaching them with a smile and asking to play was not a good sign. 
    • Angus occasionally objects to these scams on moral grounds, but has been convinced that these are important life skills he’s being taught, and anyways those guards need to learn to recognize a set up. This is a learning experience for them. 
    • Similarly, Killian spent three weeks coaching him every morning until he could do a LOT of pushups, only to then drag him around and make him show it off to everyone on the Moon Base. 
  • Once he came up to a group of them at lunch and they started speaking elvish purely to confuse him. Members of the party who did not speak elvish started making words up. They refused to switch back to common until he went away. 
  • “Hey there, kiddo, baby, tiny-small-child-thing!”
  • Complaining that they’re being patronizing only encourages them. 
  • He worked as a police detective for a while, he has a surprisingly good grasp of gross and grown up stuff. Whenever someone tries to cover his ears or shoo him away when the talk turns to the many, many, many scenes of carnage that come with the job he starts talking about crime scenes he’s been at and how one time he saw a guy’s head with the ears ripped off and stuffed in his mouth. 
    • This has not stopped non-THB-people from censoring swear words, discussions of death, dark humor around him. He’s getting a little frustrated. At least the trio, Carey, and Killian seem to respect him in that regard. 
    • They’re actually all a lot more lax about keeping him away from the lewd stuff, since he is under strict orders from the Director to not traumatize himself and therefore will cover his own ears when necessary. Thanks, Angus. 
  • Blocking his way for no apparent reason. “What’s that? You can’t get by me. Say the magic word.”
  • Trying to fix his clothes or ruffle his hair even when there is no need to do so. 
  • Trying to convince him of stuff that is blatantly Not True. He’s a smart boy and will can see through the more obvious ruses, but sometimes he plays along. One time Merle tried to convince him that since they were on the moon and the moon is made of cheese he could just eat the dirt, and he got Merle to do it first. 
    • Taako has the highest success rate when it comes to bluffing Angus out, and has gotten him to believe that the Director wears a wig, that Taako is in fact human and his ears are fashion implants, that you can just pour No Tear shampoo into your eyes, and that Davenport eats the bones of fallen BoB members to ensure their bodies can’t be used against the Bureau. 
    • Magnus is a simple man and prefers the “what’s that on your shirt?” gag. It never gets old. Agnus is a very neat kid and always falls for it, even when he should know better. 
  • He has a Baby Corner in the Icosahedron with, like, five pound weights and tiny boxing gloves in it. Killian made it especially for him. There is a sign. 
  • Avi just randomly gives him things. Candy. Bottle caps. “Here, have this rock, kid, now run along.”

If you’re a privileged person trying to combat your unconsciously prejudiced views of the world, absolutely congratulate yourself when you notice you’ve made progress–but don’t expect other people to put their energy into giving you a pat on the back. You are working on being a better person because you owe that to other people.



I mean sure I don’t think she has any idea what Syaoran has seen and I think she’s genuinely just that happy that Syaoran is awake but still. Still. 

…but also on second thought I can think of at least a dozen times where I’ve read the mood of a room so badly that I’ve done this exact thing, SO YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU GO MOKONA. I SUPPORT YOU IN THIS.


And Syaoran might never feel joy again you know no big deal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There’s so much packed into this moment I am overwhelmed.

I sincerely enjoy the fact that when Syaoran says his thing we get Kurogane’s silent reaction but also Fai’s. Because there’s nothing in particular in his words that would give away exactly how serious this is, but on the other hand everything does. He was just trapped in a cursed book that Fai couldn’t free him of, while crying his eyes out, and the first thing he does when he wakes up is ask to talk with Kurogane. I don’t know how much of Kurogane’s past Fai knows, but out of all of them I’m sure Fai is most naturally attuned to the tone of tragedy and recognises it the second it leaves Syaoran’s lips.

And he’s visibly sad. Which Fai doesn’t usually let come through in the first place, which shows just how seriously he’s treating this.

But it only shows for a moment

And then he plays his usual role and feigns the naturalness that no-one believes and gives those two the privacy they need in the process. 

Because that’s what he does.


Samantha Gray is here! She’s a peppy little dice head who barely breaks 5 feet, but she’ll break her way into your heart. 

 Her voice is very similar to Alison Brie

Also, Damien why didn’t you watch your head? I warned you.

EDIT: I should also mention that she was inspired by this part of this song

anonymous asked:

This is probably a extremely dumb question but how does one draw carefree? I am just so insanely stressed about my art and how it looks, so I literally can't even let myself doodle fun goofy things because my mental state is always telling me "that isn't art" i am just so stresssssed HOW DOES ONE NOT STRESS SO MUCH ?

no this is a really good question!! but it’s a tough one to answer because there isn’t a simple answer, like there’s not really a trick to it! but i’ll do my best to give a helpful answer!

i think a lot of this has to do with the relationship that you have with your art. i’ve met a lot of different kinds of people in art school, but there are a lot of people who feel this immense stress about drawing, and it seems like most of the time it’s because they put too much of themselves into their work! it’s this mindset of “drawing is stressful because if it comes out badly then that reflects on ME poorly.” but this isn’t true! if you find that you are taking your artwork so seriously to the point where the success of a piece is defining your worth, then it’s not a healthy relationship and you need to reevaluate it.

great artists can make bad stuff! not everything you make can be great, it’s impossible. all the fabulous artists that inspire you make ugly stuff too, they just don’t release those things into the public for you to see haha! they put out their best stuff!

you cannot let making bad things scare you away from making art and you can’t let it suck the enjoyment out of it. it’s easier said than done of course, but you have to consciously try to think differently! as you are working, you must tell yourself in your head that making something bad will not break you as an artist. if something’s not coming out great, then it’s fine! you will make something great in the future. no amount of time drawing is wasted–it’s all practice to help you improve, even if it’s happening so slowly that you can’t see it

ask yourself why making something bad bothers you to the point that it makes art stressful! are you trying to impress yourself? are you trying to impress other people? is art acting in place of self-worth? are you relying on art to be ‘that thing’ that defines you, that you’re good at, that makes you special? are your standards too high? why must every drawing be ‘art’? why can’t it just be a drawing? or a warm up? 

you need to distance yourself from your work. your relationship with art needs to be more casual! that doesn’t mean you can’t be passionate, but you cannot be dependent or obsessive about it to the point where you no longer love it and it becomes a source of stress for you. it’s kind of like relationships with people in that way! you don’t need more stress in your life!!

you also need confidence in your work. i don’t know if you make art as a hobby or if you would like to make it your career someday, but in order to enjoy it as a hobby or to be successful in your career, you NEED confidence! you need to feel confident that you make good work and that if you make something bad it doesn’t rip you apart because you can just try again another day and you can make something great!

i’ve honestly never felt this immense stress about making art that you’re feeling, but i can understand it in a different kind of way. art would become less enjoyable for me the more of a perfectionist i let myself be about it. so i taught myself how to loosen up (which is a separate topic) and how to stop caring so much! i told myself it doesn’t really matter. who cares!! i told myself i’d make something i liked more another day and had the confidence to believe it. i looked at artists that i really loved who didn’t work so tightly and they embraced fluid stuff and things that don’t have to look like highly rendered masterpieces. 

i’m trying to give you things to DO in order to change your mindset, but it’s not really that simple. like i do think that a lot of it is you CONSCIOUSLY trying to think differently, like thinking of more positive things when you catch yourself thinking negative things, but i also think this is something that takes time to change! it’s a very personal process that no one can tell you how to go through. gaining confidence in your work can take a long time for some people and you can’t just flip a switch to make it happen. as you grow and develop i think it will become easier!

i really hope this could be of some help to you!! let me know if you have any questions and i’ll add more to this if i think of anything else :o

EDIT: another helpful thing is to put up work that you are proud of around your workspace!! seeing things that you made that you still love and are proud of will help remind you that you CAN make great things and if you did it once you can do it again :) 

arranged marriage; jeon jungkook x reader

Originally posted by jeonify

description + foreword 

genre: fluff, romance, smut (not in this part, tho)

word count: 5.061;

a/n: this is going to have three or four parts; jimin x reader as well; has a few swear words, nothing violent; if you like it please let me know; lots of love and hugs;


Being forced into a marriage just because that kind of a link provided your family the exact amount of recourses needed for their business to become even more successful grossed the hell out of you, but you had to do it regardless of your liking and you knew that you had to do so since you were a little girl. Your father, a respectable and well-known doctor seated in the position of the CEO of his own hospital pushed you into an arranged marriage with the son of a wealthy politician due to his own greediness and enormous pride when you were only eighteen years old.

The scheme was pretty simple: you were promised to another family since you were just a teenager and when you hit the age of twenty-five, after you finished the medical college and got a job for yourself, you had to marry their son – because that was what your father desired, because your marriage could provide him political security and lots of money, coming from your father-in-law’s connections and influence.

When you found out about his plan, you provoked a ruckus within the first half of hour and exploded into an insane juncture of crying and screaming. You packed all of your things and ran away from home, only to be dragged back by his employees and to beg for forgiveness and ask for pity in less than three hours. If he wanted, your father could have made your life a living hell, and you were very much aware of his immense power and his complicated and damaged personality.

Liking it or not, you had to cope with the situation and you had to formally get married with an unknown guy about whom you knew only one thing, and that was his full name. Jeon Jungkook.


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Invisible, Chapter Twenty

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1950

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'World Of Dance' Star Eva Igo Doesn't Pay Attention To The Haters

Eva Igo, who first caught the attention of a national audience after she stole the show during the third round of qualifiers on NBC’s “World of Dance” with her stunning solo to Bishop Briggs’ “River,” is anything but your average teenager. 

The 14-year old, who started dancing at age 3 and competing at age 5, lives and breathes dance. In fact, it’s the only thing she really wants to be doing. And we can’t blame her ― after watching her command the stage through our TV sets over the past couple weeks, it’s obvious dance is what she’s meant to do. 

“I love dance. Whenever I’m not dancing I feel like I’m missing out on dancing. I just always want to be dancing,” she told HuffPost in a recent phone conversation. 

And while the Minnesota native makes it all look easy, she, like dancers everywhere, puts in hours of hard work to make it appear that way. 

“During the school year I wake up at 7:00 or 8:00 and do my school, then I come to dance at 1:00 and practice by myself, do exercises and stretches. Then I get into rehearsals with my team and small groups and ballet class and all of that,” she said. It doesn’t end there ― after practicing with her groups, Igo said she then works on solos and duets before she finally leaves around 9 or 9:30 p.m. 

And all that is just during the school year. In the summer, when Igo doesn’t have school, she still practices for about eight or nine hours a day.

All that hard work clearly paid off. 

Igo caught the attention of “World of Dance” producers, who contacted her with a direct message on Instagram. “They asked me if I’d like to audition, so I went to Chicago and auditioned,” she said. “Then I found out that I got to be on the show.” 

Naturally, Igo was excited to join the show, but admitted it didn’t really hit her until she arrived on set and got to perform. “I was like, ’Oh my god, this is way bigger than I thought.” 

After her first performance aired ― she earned a score of 88 out of a possible 100 ― reception was largely positive. Judge Jennifer Lopez called Igo “a star,” and Derek Hough praised “the difficulty, the athleticism, the artistry, the performance, the execution” of the routine. 

Not everyone felt the same way, though. Igo, being a teen who’s active on social media, read some comments from critics online who, as she recalled, felt the routine was more a show of acrobatics than dance skills. 

″‘River’ from ‘World of Dance’ was posted on Facebook and it got a lot of people saying it wasn’t dance, that it was gymnastics,” she explained. “Of course there were tricks in it, but dance comes in many forms and dance is not a certain thing. It’s an art form. It’s like if you take an artist, a painter, and people are saying their work isn’t a painting because they drew it upside down or something. It’s still art.”

When asked how she deals with it, Igo said, with confidence and a laugh, “Oh yeah. I just ignore it.” 

Luckily, Igo said her friends support her dancing and think what she’s doing is “really cool.” 

In terms of her dance career, Igo said her ultimate goal is “to be the best dancer that I can be and not really care what anyone thinks, and really dance for myself instead of trying to impress other people. I want to show what I can do and do it for myself.”  

What would she do if she won the million-dollar “World of Dance” prize? “I’d probably pay for my own dance, because it’s expensive,” the teen said. “It’s hard to pay for it.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.
[Translation] Popolo April 2017 “10 Years of Us” Yamada Ryosuke x Nakajima Yuto: ACE

P.S: Do not publish or re-post to other media without permission!!
Thanks to weibo user @MoMozzz32 for the clear scans! 

This series looks at JUMP’s traces and future from two people’s conversation! In this 7th edition, we have the duo who draws out different guns to pull their group forward, Yamada and Nakajima! The two will talk about what they think about “Ace”and “Center”…. Since you two can talk about this topic freely now, please give your honest thoughts about it!

“When people around me starts acknowledging it, it was the first time for me to feel that I’m the ace.”

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Control Ch. 4 (NSFW)

And we’re back! After the Choi boys happiness, time to go back to some angst with doses of smut in this chapter. Next one will be out next week! Hope you like it!



You blink slowly as you’re not sure of what you just heard. Did Seven just ask you what should he vote for?

“I don’t think this is correct, Luciel. She just said she abstains from voting, asking her what should be your vote is transferring your vote for her.” Jumin states, finally taking his eyes away from his glass of wine.

“Not really, if I were transferring my vote for her, she would have two votes. She already used her one vote, I’m about to use mine. It’s still my vote, her answer doesn’t affect my decision, by any means.”

“So why do you wanna know my answer?” you ask, getting tired of being the subject like you weren’t here.

“Hmmm… just curious.” He smiles teasingly, what is he thinking? “So… what do you think, MC?”


“What do you think, MC? Should I do something?” he asks, and though you can’t really see him, you know he’s smirking.

You’re still trying to recover your breathing, your chest rises and falls exhilaratingly, you answer, but can’t even listen to yourself.

“I need you to be loud and clear, kitten. What should I do next?” he brushes his fingers through you wet folds, you arch your back, longing for more friction, but he pries his fingers away as suddenly as he brushed them against your clit.

“F-fuck me…” you were so sure your voice would come out whiny, but no, it’s dripping. “Fuck me, Jumin… please…”

“Oh, is my kitten that naughty?” he asks, taking the blindfold off of you. “I asked you a question, are you naughty, MC?”


“Yes what, MC?”

“I’m… I’m naughty. I’m so naughty. This naughty girl needs to be fucked, Jumin. So please… please fuck me.” It’s like you gather your strength when you recover your vision. You look straight at him and spread your legs.

“So eager for me… so demanding… are you demanding me to fuck you, kitten?”

“No, I’m… begging.” Why does he stall so much? You know all the dirty talking is part of the scene, but you’re pretty sure you made yourself very clear about how much you want him to fill you.

“Very well, then. Stay still.” He crawls over you, his lips attack your neck, nipping and sucking harshly, trailing down to the swell of your breasts. Oh no… is he going to…? Ahh, he bites one of you nipples, making you whimper painfully. You hate bites in your nipples, they’re so sensitive! You squirm your arms, even though you know it will be useless, you won’t be able to get rid of the ribbons tying you against the headboard. Ugh… stupid sensitive nipples, why can’t you even enjoy some bites in your breasts without feeling bothered? His teeth find your other nipple… shit! You squirm again, getting rid of the ribbons. Hum… he didn’t tie you properly, maybe you could show him how to do it one day…

“What did you do?”

“I-I’m sorry, It was a little loose already.” Why are you apologizing? He was the one who didn’t tie you right!

“Such a rebel kitten. Be careful, MC, rebel girls get punished.” His hands hold your wrists next to your shoulders. “I hope you’re ready for your punishment.”

He pulls his cock in, making you scream from the suddenness of his movement. He’s usually more careful, slowly pulling in and taking it out if he feels you can’t handle at first. Not this time. His pace is fast, harsh, all you hear is the sound of his thighs crashing against the back of yours. And this look in his eyes… you’ve never seen it before. So unexpected and sexy… and dark, like if he’s hungry and he’ll have to dig deeper in your body to find what will satisfy his hunger. Do you have what he needs to feel satisfied?

“I won’t allow you to cum. That’s your punishment for releasing yourself from the ribbons.”

“J-Jumin… it was not my fault… ahh… I…”

“You have to deal with the consequences of your acts, MC.”

Yes, you really do. Jumin’s words resonate in your head, it wasn’t your fault he didn’t tie you correctly that night, it wasn’t your fault he listened to a private conversation between you and your client, it wasn’t your fault he was never able to express his feelings like a normal person, to the point you were afraid of telling him the truth about being a domme. It wasn’t your fault, and yet… you had to deal with the consequences, being away from your friends and from your duty with RFA, wondering what you could have done differently. Your suffering was a consequence inflicted by Jumin. And you’re tired of suffering.

“I want to leave.” You say firmly, looking at Seven. You wish you could pretend you didn’t hear Zen, Jaehee and Yoosung gasping.

“MC… are you sure?” Jaehee asks.

“I… I am…” at least you’re trying to be. “Let’s face it, how can we plan parties if I stay in a place when two people don’t want me?”

“MC, let me be clear, I never said I didn’t want you here, I…”

“You’re voting for what you think it will be best for your friend, V. I get it. No hard feelings, I swear.” You make sure to look at him and nod, no smiles.

“Well… is that’s what you really want, sweetheart, I…” Zen says.

“I vote for her to stay.” All eyes hover over Seven again.

“What?” you and Jumin ask at the same time. You feel a shiver when you realize your voices coming out in unison like this.

“My vote. I think MC should stay.” Now you gasp, feeling the need to lean your back in the chair’s backrest. Only to realize how close Jumin is standing behind you.

“But Seven, I… I told you I want to…”

“And I told your answer wouldn’t really affect my decision, MC. I’m just thinking what is best for RFA. We just got back to our original purpose when you showed up and the parties you coordinated were even more successful than the ones we threw previously, so… despite of what Jumin, you or V think, RFA needs you.” Who is this guy and what did he do with Seven? He’s so serious, mature and… manipulative, huh? It was almost like he knew your answer before you.

“Well, majority wins.” V states. “2 abstentions, 2 votes against MC staying and 3 pros. MC stays as guests’ coordinator.”

“I’m so glad you’re staying, MC. We’ll make sure you won’t regret it.” Jaehee says when you two are in the bathroom alone. “I… know why you wouldn’t want to stay, but… don’t mind what other people think. You’re a professional and you’re talented, and RFA would lose so much if you let us. So… count on me to make sure nothing will get in your way too much.” You smile sweetly, her ability with words is impressive, “other people” and “nothing getting in your way” mean her boss, Jumin. Ahh, you missed her prudence.

Well… you’re staying. And even though you said you didn’t want to, somehow this doesn’t feel like it’s against your will. Maybe Seven is right, staying would do a greater good than leaving, think of all those people the parties helped with the money gathered, this is nothing compared to Jumin or you… right? Right. So staying is good, and Jaehee is also right, nothing will get in your way! And “nothing” means Jumin.

Okay, but he is literally in your way as you step out of the bathroom. You give a little jump back, scared by seeing this figure looking at you with his arms crossed and an unexpressive face. Well, not really unexpressive, through the months you were together, you became an expert on unraveling Jumin’s expressions even when they all look the same monotone ones. Right now, he’s angry.

“So you’re staying.”

“That’s how democracy works.” You smile ironically and make your way out of the hallway, but  he blocks you with his arm.

“You really don’t know when to stop.”

“No, you don’t know when to stop. You lost, get over it and do your best to keep it professional.”

“Don’t you see the trouble you can bring to RFA? MC, we are a philanthropic organization, we have people constantly in the spotlight here like Zen, V and me. What do you think it will happen when press finds about your… other ‘job’”? yes, he does the air quote with his free hand when he says job.

“Awww, how cute! You’re worried for your friends’ reputation in case they found I’m a… how did you call me? Oh, a whore, yeah… Well, just know this whore has some of the most powerful media men as her clients, and they know how to handle information pretty well, believe me. I’m in this business for a while now, Jumin, and I have some very important people requesting for my services, if people didn’t find out about this before, is because they are discreet. I deal with powerful people pretty well, it won’t be a simpleton director like you that will harm my ‘job’. It’s been like this for a while now, so don’t worry about your precious reputation. People will never know you almost married a whore.”

“You think you have the upper hand right now, but that just confirms how much of a untrusting person you are, are you aware of this?”

“Well, I don’t need your trust. And I don’t need you pretending you care for V or Zen or RFA, you just care about yourself. Your reputation, your feelings, your problems, your pleasure, so stop pretending you’re not the little selfish prick you are and I can at least pretend I respect you as another RFA member, I owe that to them.” You walk to the other side, Jumin grabs your hand.

“I’m not done.” He says, though he’s not sure about that. He is done, there is nothing else he can say. You don’t respect him, he doesn’t trust you. What else could he say right now? Or do?

It’s quick, he grabs your wrist and you immediately stiffen your body, your free hand pushes him against the wall harshly. Jumin lets out a low yelp when his back hit the wall. You place your knee between his legs and press your body against his, immobilizing him.

“Aren’t you? Okay, so what you’re going to do next?” you ask. Jumin is surprised, is like you read his mind. “I’m asking you, Jumin, what are you going to do? Tie my wrists weakly? Hate fuck me again? Go on.” He stays paralyzed, impressed by your strength.

You hold him by his collar when you kiss him in the lips. Your breath is heavy and you make sure to leave a few bruises. Jumin is surprised, not only by your movement, but also by the fact he doesn’t feel like pulling you away, his breathing is heavy too. He was expecting the same roughness from when you pushed him against the glass table before, but no, you trail your lips gently down to his neck, making him sigh lowly as you keep your strength concentrated in your hands keeping him in place.

He wonders if your physical strength is a requirement for your… services. It must be, right? And how did you never show him any of that when you were together? Where did you hide this tornado inside you all the time? Why did you hide it? He still wants answers, but now he can barely move as you palm his length through his pants.

“I like how you’re naive, somehow, you know?” you stop the kisses and reach for his ear. “Did you really think you could corner me against the bathroom and expect I was going to back away just because you want, after a group decision? Ah, Jumin… you’re cute.”

“MC… I…” you grab his bulge, gaining a low moan in response.Your voice is calm and collected, it doesn’t even feel like you’re putting any strength on your grip… well, maybe you aren’t, after all. He’s just weak to you and your touch.

“You think you’re so above everything, Jumin, but you’re not.” He leans his head against your shoulder when you quick the pace in the friction against his length. “See? You’re rock hard for me already even when you said this was a mistake you would never make again. Don’t you think it’s sad? How you can’t keep your word?”

Jumin can’t answer, he doesn’t know how to deal with the tone of your voice, the way your fingers tease him, the look in your eyes… he missed your touch, even if right now it’s not even close to the passionate touch he was used to getting from you.

“But that has to change, right? You need to keep your word. You have to promise me you won’t get in my way of my work here so I don’t get in yours and we can act like the two professional adults we are. Will you promise me, Jumin?”

“I… y-yes…”

“Yes?” you swear you’re feeling something wet in his pants. Cum? No, pre-cum, for sure. “Good, so keep your word from now on.” You let him go and turn your back on him.

“Are you really going to let me like this?” his voice is husky, but you’re not even fazed.

“Well, you have to deal with the consequences of your acts. See you in the messenger, Jumin.”and you walk away.

Okay, just to be clear, you’re not proud of what just happened, by any means. You should not have done that, you could have made him promise to leave you alone with words, that whole scene wasn’t necessary at all! And yet… all you can think of is the kiss and how quickly he melted against you. Who knew Jumin Han could bend that easy? Maybe he changed in these six months? Or did you change to the point you can finally impose yourself? Well… doesn’t matter, just make sure to stay away from him and avoid trouble.

“Hey, wanna a ride?” Seven is leaning against his car when you walk out of the building. Speaking of trouble…

Chapter 3 | Chapter 5 

how the signs actually are

Aries: full of self-doubts, they always like to act the boss full of confidence, but they are insecure af

Taurus: very very selfish, although they don’t want to be. they try hard to not reveal their true uninspired selfish lazy ass but sometimes ooooh they reveal it

Gemini: they change their decisions in seconds, they don’t know what they want, they don’t know their goals and they don’t even know what are they doing whatever they are up to

Cancer: they actually think that they’re bad and evil people but no they are not. but do not underestimate them because they can show you your place anytime

Leo: can’t stand to be ignored, they know how to love, very regretful, curious and they get bored easily but they do not show it

Virgo: desperate for leaving a good impression on the other people around them, although they can be so evil inside

Libra: tryhards to be #1, they always want to be the prettiest and they always want to point out what they’re good at, sometimes they can be very stupid and boring

Scorpio: deeply emotional, overly-attached, can’t even make peace with themselves but they can be okay sometimes

Sagittarius: hot-headed, they know how to love, they love arguing and they are ones of the most revengeful people

Capricorn: selfish, materialistic, poker face all the time, but very caring, can only love once

Aquarius: desperate for many things such as attention and desperate for always being special (at which they SUCK)

Pisces: artistic, neurotic, insane, cold-hearted, can’t handle their emotions / their lack of emotions