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bazluhrmann: The inspiration for the scene between the fish-tank came when Craig and I were so desperately looking for a solution as to how to surprise the audience for the first connective moment between Romeo and Juliet. I was younger then and we might have gone out to clubs a bit more. That night after working all day we squirreled out to a place (if I recall correctly called “The Dome”) in Miami. When I came out of the bathroom to wash my hands I looked up and saw a woman combing her hair with a brush through a fish-tank. It was a brilliant device to get guys and girls to connect through the sitting rooms, while protecting each room’s privacy. Obviously you can see where this moment lead … #romeoandjuliet


“The thing about Colin that I feel compelled to talk about is his intelligence because it’s really, really staggering. I’m deeply impressed by that man’s brain. When we do interviews together, I usually stay quiet and try to look pretty.”


“So stop acting like… someone who’s given up on life.”

there are some ultimatums i wish i had made earlier. cut myself out of pictures long beforehand. my mother told me if someone ever gave me an ultimatum to just get out of there but i think she forgot there are good ones. 

like it’s me or it’s your hate of women. like i should have stopped talking to him long before then. but he was nice when he wasn’t making those jokes and i tried to tell him. he said they weren’t hurting anyone. but why did he think i was bringing it up, then? it didn’t matter. i was young. and.

like it’s me or you keep doing those little impressions of a gay man. like i knew she thought they were funny. and she said she was totally fine with gay people. i should have known then. when she found out about me she couldn’t stop laughing. of course, she cackled, while i held hands with my girlfriend, god i knew you were weird but this is “and then some.”

it’s me or your petty racism. it’s me or how you treat waitresses. it’s me or you keep being a terrible human. i believe in you and i think you can change but the question is will you. because when i told him it’s me or your anger, he chose his anger. there are people like that. who won’t change. who don’t care enough about you. there are times you have to realize - we are two incompatible humans and flawed and maybe one of us is right or we’re both wrong but it doesn’t matter because we just don’t belong. there’s no reconciling what we’ve lost. 

she said fine. it’s me or your goddamn feminist poetry. and i smiled. because that one was easy. i just wish she hadn’t waited to ask me.

Kino Voice Sample
Kino (CV. Maeno Tomoaki)
Kino Voice Sample

(;-◞౪◟-)  I got my Lost Eden Vol. 2 CD in the mail today, so I’d thought to share a sample of Kino’s voice. (๑꒪▿꒪)*  I signed for the package right before I had to go to school, so I picked a random track to listen to and it was this one (track 3). Kino drinking guava juice in the bathtub. It’s about 1:30min long just to give you an idea of what he sounds like.

I have all of 0 idea what happened in the first episode of Flip Flappers, but shows like this are why I love anime. It’s dripping in creativity, it’s bright and colorful, the animation is really solid with a couple of stand out sakuga bits, and it’s seemingly original and refreshing. I’m already 100% sold even when I have no idea what I just watched. At the very least it’s going to be a visual treat, but from, what I’ve heard it’s a lot more than just that.

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the entire bit when John first going into 221B like “wow we gotta clean out this place” right as Sherlock’s like “I already moved in and them doing the 👀 exchange and sherlock suddenly like kiCKING INTO GEAR tossin papers in a basket and making the fastest automatic attempt to Clean Space and John is like "oh-” and Sherlock is like 😰😰😰😰😰😰 gotta impress the army doctor man gOTTA IMPRESS HIM KEEP IT COOL is like. One of my favorite things. To date.