Let me say a few things about this scene, because you know I ALWAYS have lots of words for this shit ITS THE STUFF I LIVE FOR.

In my episode impresisons post (which i will link later after I’m done watching), I mention that Kumiko has an inferiority complex, and Reina has a superiority complex.

Kumiko is distant, as as we can see from this episode, CRIED IN RELIEF when Natsuki and her finshed talking. Because she was scared she was going to be yelled at again by her senpai. For being better. And all this nervous enevery Kumiko had because she took up Natsuki’s seniority place for the concert WAS SUCH A RELIEF AND SHE REALIZED THAT SHE DESERVES IT BECAUSE SHE SIMPLE DOES. Like, that wasnt even being humble. She straight up thinks she shouldn’t have gotten that place, but Natsuki convinced her otherwise and showed her her worth.

THEN, Reina fucking goes off and straight up says “Kaori I am the motherfucking SHIT and am better than you. Don’t fucking complain to me until you’re better than me.” Like, god i love Reina but jesus she needs to step off her goddamn high horse.

But inferiority/superiority complexes!


Ever since they became friends again and we’ve been treated to scene of them intereacting with ONLY each other, we don’t see either of this ‘i’m not good enough’ or ‘i’m better than thou’ attitudes from them. They balance each other out.


She goes from “HOLY SHIT I CAN’T STAND HER SHE SUCKS “ to “Do you think I’m wrong?”

She is able to step off her high horse and needs that confirmation, or denial, SOMETHING, from Kumiko to tell her if she’s in the right for going off on Bow Bitch and Kaori. That’s a complete difference from how she was in the club room. And it’s only with Kumiko she is this way. Kumiko’s gentle and insecure nature is able to balance out Reina’s passionate conceited one.

And then,

if Kumiko was asked by Reina literally only one day ago if she was in the wrong for going off on Kaori and Bow Bitch, for taking a senior’s spot in the solo, Kumiok probably would have been conflicted. Because one, Reina. To please Reina (which is heavily how her character is based right now). And two, because of how she thought she HERSELF was in the wrong for taking a senior’s place when she’s a first year, like in middle school.


Natsuki made her see.

And Kumiko, in this scene can definitively say “No, you were fine.”

And if that ain’t beautiful character development, in not even 2 minutes of show time, then I don’t know what is.

Also, just wanna point out there is now shadow of Kumiko’s arms outstretched in shock in the last cap. Which means she returned the hug. JUST wanted to point that out. Because reasons.

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