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*Ladybug and Chat Noir hit by an akumatized attack that turns everyone into 'magical girls'*
  • Ladybug, frowning at her outfit: ugh. How am I supposed to run and fight in these high heels and this tiny skirt??
  • Chat Noir, cartwheeling past her in his tiny skirt and heels: What, like it's hard?

I’m sorry, but Mercy’s “Combat Medic” skin is bullshit.

That outfit is impractical and unsuited to any battlefield. Blizzard made the worst combat medic ever just because they couldn’t resist feminizing it. “yeah, we could make it something you would actually wear into battle, but BOOBS.”

If you want to know what a practical, sensible,  videogame combat medic outfit that could be worn by any sex would look like:

rachelhanke27  asked:

Hey Charlie! First off, I adore your art. It gives me all the feels. Secondly, since you're primarily a self taught artist I'm wondering if you have any resources you strongly recommend for someone hoping to someday have a similar job to yours in concept art? If you've already answered this question just let me know and I'll comb through your blog to find it!


I think, along with resources, I’d always recommend having a good idea of what ‘area’ you want to work in too. My job is kind of a strange one (in that it’s an house job but we’re not producing the games or films or actual products.) We are a step in the production line. I get to be part of sweet projects, but also I get to be part of many… I’m not locked into whatever a studio might be making for 2 or 3 years etc. My fingers are in a lotta pies.

The reason I say that is because a lot of people coming into concept will likely need more skills than I have. I am 95% a 2D artist. I work with 3D but very rarely, and not enough to know the inns and outs. I like 2D… and I consider illustration to be the sweetest spot of all the work I do, so I’m quite happy with that balance (and I’m an old fucking curmudgeon and I don’t wanna learn no 3D.)

If you went for a traditional role in a games studio, it will probably be more expected for you to be fluent in 3D. Not always of course! But it’s likely another good skillset to have. Purely 2D (just art focused) roles are not something that I see as often as mutiltasking roles. Which makes a lot of sense. 2D art is often mostly needed at the beginning of a project, and briefly at the end. In my seven years at Atomhawk I’ve seen a lot of people in other studios laid off, and a lot of studios go under. So, multitasking roles mean people will always have something to do.

APOLOGIES. I’M SOUNDING A LITTLE DOOM AND GLOOM. Great jobs exists! People will always make cool stuff!

I’m very much a jack of all trades and my job demands a lot of different things: characters / turn arounds / outfit designs / expression sheets / illustration / marketing art / pitch art / but it’s all primarly focused around characters. So. If characters are what you want - look into that! I would say that when it comes to apply for / getting work etc, we always love to see range. If someone isn’t showing me all the process behind their work it’s likely the first thing I’m going to ask for when it comes to an interview. I think if you have shiny work (on a freelance basis) a client would have enough confidence in the end result. But for a production role like mine, I wanna see that stuff.

Rough sketches through to shiny polished work. The whole lot. I want it all. I want to see people’s thinking! I’m rambling.

First of all: be able to draw well. Know your characters. Know your figures. Know your anatomy enough to make it convincing and be able to twist it when you need to. We get a lot of people who apply, who, quite simply (don’t hate me) are not good enough yet. We have people who work in tons of different styles and methods but at the heart of it, they can draw well.

DESIGN. Mother of god. Design. Drawing well is the first step, but you also have to have that creative flair to be able to come up with ideas and be able to sell them convincingly. Drawing the thing is only half the battle. No one wants a beautifully rendered character wearing the most impractical / boring outfit you’ve ever seen (just an example). Thinking logically about design is something I’ve seen underestimated many times over the years. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s more important than someones drawing abilities. When it comes down to it, drawing is just the tool to represent the design.

Resources wise: the internet is your oyster! Cast a wide net. Create the kind of work you want to do but also push yourself. I think the results are usually better when artists find an area they’re good in and the push the boundaries of that. Better than trying to be a jack of every single trade possible. Don’t have an awesome portfolio full of character work and then think ‘oh, wait, this is just characters, maybe I should stick a fucking car in there too?’ YOU KNOW? Do what you do - and do it well.

Briefly just a few of the things that helped me most: any massive black videos you can find. Mostly for process. Jason Chan’s videos easily had the most impact for me, both in learning how to improve my process and painting the kind of characters I wanted to. Micheal Hampton and Mike Mattesi (force) for anatomy and energy in poses. Your peers! Your favourite artists in the industry at the moment! The places and people you will learn the most from are always so very individual.

Shit that was long. Good luck!

PS. It’s also my humble opinion that you should never take all of your advice from just one person - just take the pieces that click for you :)

a list of things about The Defenders in no particular order

- Matt and Jessica doing things together
- how they managed to pair off so that Matt and Jessica were together most of the time, and Luke and Danny were
- Luke absolutely slaying Danny about privilege
- Elektra’s coat going whoosh
- Stick cutting his own fucking hand off to escape (I was waiting literally the whole time for him to just keel over from the blood loss, but fine, whatever)
- Foggy what have you done to your hair (I say like Cecil about Carlos in WTNV)
- was kinda hoping that Melvin wouldn’t be in it?
- all the loved ones in a room together! Karen and Trish! NEW FRIENDS FOR EVERYONE.
- Matt being good with kids
- Jessica being surprisingly good with kids, and also letting Matt know she knew about his past, and also at the same time kind of reassuring him about it
- Matt turning the light on and off like a good responsible citizen who cares about the environment
- really Matthew you’re not even locking the trunk now, just closing it? that’s cool, sure
- Matt and Foggy clearly still caring for each other
- Stick is dead, okay, not really a surprise I guess
- really Danny she totally tricked you into punching the wall and you fell for it
- I think this whole thing would have gone better if Matt went to see Father Latte more than once
- Danny being strapped down on a rolly cart for ease of use
- Alexandra’s frankly ridiculous and impractical outfits that were always on point
- I have a lot of complicated emotions about Elektra and Matt and their relationship, and that frankly IDIOTIC thing Matt did at the end, but let’s not go into that now
- um crying
- some more crying
- there needs to be a superperson support group (because people don’t like the word ‘hero’)
- also god fucking damn that ending, holy shit, how dare you marvel

Can we just talk about how unique and interesting the uniforms and and costumes are for the women in black panther? Like, most female costumes (esp. for superhero films) are just boring, skintight or sexy (and ultimately impractical) outfits that have been seen a hundred times before.

I can genuinely say that I’ve NEVER seen female costumes like the ones in Black Panther. They are colorful and visually stunning, while also looking practical. A+

honestly im so ready for a deviantart culture renaissance like lets maintain everything we’ve learned about how to be good respectful people but also like bring back sparkledogs and self inserts and ocs that are like. half angel half demon and have a rainbow streak in their hair and are all angsty and have wings and impractical outfits lets bring sonic + sailor moon crossover fic and all that shit because it was fun

like im so tired of everything being soaked in 10000 layers of irony im tired of acting like im too mature to just have fun and make goofy dorky stuff because it makes me happy like can we just agree to recreate how fun life was before you were worried about your art being bad and ur ocs being mary sues like can we just. bring that back

getting into newer (in the sense that i came up with them literally years ago and drew them once and then never again) characters for day 9

this is hirahara
she’s an abomination of sorts, i think is the best way to put it
her head and nose are always bleeding and she’s got tentacle parasites on her back
she wanders a wasteland whacking shit with a croquet mallet that she swears is a legendary weapon
she also does it in a very impractical outfit because she just likes showing off Big Muscle™

also i have a GUY lined up for tomorrow so that’ll be fun because i never draw those whoops

Jason Todd Imagine:

Jason in tight, black leather pants, a clingy, flowy long red shirt that may or may not slim his waist. This shirt may or may not show off his arms as well.

Then imagine him ripping this all off to reveal his whole costume and mask underneath because why the fuck would he fight in this

I don’t know where this was going. Something about women in impractical outfits *hacks lungs out* starfire *coughs up esophagus*

why do like, ALL the gerudo in botw wear that awful Sexey Bellydancing Costume . its shitty and offensive but also they all wear the exact same outfit. the gorons have more variety in clothing and they are all almost butt fucking naked with their Glutes of Rock bared to the wind. like god it would be bad enough if just one of the gerudo wore that outfit but no…..they all wear the EXACT same scanty hornily-designed outfit with absolutely no variation except for riju and the jewellery saleswoman (who both wear a feminized but just as oversexualized version of the standard gerudo wear). its lazy is what it is!!!!! its lazy and its ugly!!!!!! you expect to believe that every single woman in this entire race wears the same completely impractical outfit for the climate with absolutely no individual style or hint of MAYBE presenting as an autonomous human being. like every god damn hylian/sheikah woman is carefully rendered with her own practical clothing suited to whatever she may be doing at the moment, each with its own individuality…..not with the gerudo though!! i guess aonumas fetish wins out over thoughtful character design……?

I feel like the argument about Momo’s outfit will go on forever but while I’m here I’d just like to address the “it cant pass thru her clothes so she exposes as much of her skin as possible” thing. (BTW I’m tagging this bnha/anime spoilers but if you havent blacklisted that please ignore & scroll by my post you’ll get there soon enough.)


pt 2:

The only other thing I could think of is if Momo’s quirk produced items that had NONE of her DNA in them. Which… it’s being pulled from her own body so I have a huge problem trying to pretend it has no DNA tbh. Along with that technically the “it’s made with my genes so it works!” thing is flawed in general but if it works for some characters, it should work for most.

Also, to those who keep saying “she chose her outfit herself it said so in the manga!”— the series is not written and drawn by a fictional character, it’s made by kohei horikoshi.

EITHER WAY she is written as a serious character outside of her design and I do appreciate that she’s intelligent and devoted to her education and personal growth. It just is so odd to see people defend the shit out of that very impractical outfit when we have two adult males covered almost completely with clothing that works with their quirks that involve having things pass through them.

(editing to say if I made a mistake please let me know, I’ve read the series a few times but still notice small things when i reread chapters. thx)

Things to consider:
-eyebrows on fleek
-not evil
-very welcoming actually
-most sexualy confusing creature alive
-designs clothes for supervillans
-the Edna Mode of supervillan fashion