Kam Brock of New York City was trying to get her car out of a police impound lot when she mentioned that President Obama follows her on Twitter. Her intention in bringing it up was to tell the NYPD that she is a good person, because, she says, “Obama follows positive people.”Woman held in psych ward after claiming Obama follows her on Twitter - even though he does. But the police didn’t believe her, and rather than looking at Brock’s Twitter account to see if she is among the 644,000 people the president follows, they forcibly committed her to a three-day stay in a psychiatric ward. The hospital also didn’t check Twitter and refused to discharge Brock unless she would state that Barack Obama does not follow her account. After finally being released, Brock is now suing the NYPD and the hospital for falsely imprisoning her — and medicating her against her will — and then handing her a $13,637.10 bill.

I hope she gets 100s of millions for this. Fucking outrageous.

In one instance from May 2014, for example, a man rushed to the scene of a car accident involving his girlfriend, who was badly injured and bleeding  profusely when he arrived. He approached and tried to calm her. When officers arrived they treated him rudely, according to the man, telling him to move away from his girlfriend, which he did not want to do. They then immediately proceeded to handcuff and arrest him, which, officers assert, he resisted. EMS and other officers were not on the scene during this arrest, so the accident victim remained unattended, bleeding from her injuries, while officers were arresting the boyfriend. Officers charged the man with five municipal code violations (Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, Assault on an Officer, Obstructing Government Operations, and Failure to Comply) and had his vehicle towed and impounded.

Dept. of Justice

Investigation of the Ferguson PD

Okay, so I’ve never done anything like this before, but here goes nothing…

A few weeks ago, my car was impounded and because of the ridiculous laws in the city, it is over $3,000 to release it.

I do not have any money as I have spent it all on a lawyer and on the off chance that I lose the case, I’d like to have the money to get it(I also can’t get to work without it).

If you cannot donate, a reblog would be just as good! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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