In spite of the internecine debates over the best way to overthrow capitalism, after their ride got impounded at a protest they all agreed on needing a revolutionary van guard. 

recently assaulted - need donations

hi everyone, as my followers know my girlfriend jasmine and i were assaulted and mugged at gunpoint last week, and had our wallets, phones, my wacom tablet and brand new laptop, and jasmine’s car stolen.

jasmine’s phone and wallet have been returned to them, but their car is stuck in the police impound lot and we don’t have the money to recover it. we have other fees to cover that we can’t afford now as well.

so we would really appreciate any help you guys can offer us. jasmine’s paypal is … thank you so much

The most expensive way ever to get the police involved.

My wife and I had a first floor condo in what had previously been a nice complex. Unfortunately, over time the couple who lived above us (hereafter designated AA for Angry Alcoholic and AAG for Angry, Alcoholic Girlfriend) began drinking heavily, or maybe they just got louder about their drinking. Nearly every night became a massive screaming match between them. They’d stay up until 2 AM shouting at each other at the top of their lungs, then one of them would put on music at top volume to drown out the other. Their taste in music wasn’t actually bad but when it’s 2 AM and my floor is vibrating, it’s a problem. Sometimes they’d even take their fight out into the parking lot, just to be sure all the neighbors were treated to a detailed explanation of who had cheated on who recently (both), and who was threatening to dump who and leave right now. (Neither of them ever actually left, they just went out to their car and threatened to, loudly.)

Then in the mornings he would “work on” his car in the car in the carport right outside our front door. As far as I can tell the all he did was sit there and rev the engine for (it seemed) hours on end. I have no idea when he slept, maybe while we were at work? We and other neighbors complained to the condo board, who issued a warning, which AA and AAG ignored. Eventually the condo board started fining them, but AA found a genius solution- just don’t pay the fine. All the condo board could do was, eventually, put a lien on AA’s condo, but that would only become a problem for him when he sold the place. Apparently, they couldn’t actually foreclose on him, or maybe they just didn’t want to go to the trouble.

Trying to talk to him directly was useless- if we managed to catch him during a rare moment of sobriety, he’d just kind of blow us off, but if we caught him while he was drunk, he’d get pretty threatening and was then even louder for a few days.

We even tried calling the police, but they weren’t really interested unless he actually crossed the line into a felony. They gave him a few warnings, which he also ignored. Maybe if he’d actually beaten me or one of my other neighbors up, they’d have done something, but none of us felt like getting into a fight to find out. Plus there was always the risk that the cops would arrest everybody involved in the fight on general principles, and none of us wanted an arrest record.

Eventually, my wife and I decided to sell our condo and move, for multiple reasons that definitely included AA and AAG. Because of the timing of our move, our realtor wound up actually showing the condo while we were home a couple of times, and we discovered that one of the potential buyers was a city police officer, her husband, and their 1-year old baby. (I guess their old place was too small now that they had a kid.)

Unfortunately, their offer was $3,500 below the top offer. After talking it over, we told our realtor to accept their offer anyway, and we’d just eat the loss. So AA and AAG had a cop move in directly below them.

I’m Facebook friends with a couple of our old neighbors, and in the six months since we moved, AA has been arrested multiple times, and had his car impounded at least once. Apparently he’s now trying to be quieter, but that only lasts until he gets drunk and then he’s screaming again, and his new downstairs neighbor has long ago had enough of his shit, and does not appreciate it if he wakes up her kid. And I guess she also doesn’t appreciate it if he shouts at her. He’s in an “obnoxious neighbor” war with a cop, and he’s losing badly. Hopefully soon he’ll wind up in jail for longer than a couple of days.

On Trump voters

You saw a child rapist and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone harass a disabled person and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone call for Muslims to be impounded and expelled from the country and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone brag about how fuckable his daughter is and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone insult veterans and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone who raped his ex-wife and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone call an entire nation rapists and thieves and drug dealers and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone steal time/labor/money from people who worked for him and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone brag about sexual assault and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone call for his opponent to be jailed or assassinated and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone commit treason and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone embraced by white supremacist terrorists and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone constantly and proudly humiliate women, people of color, non-Americans, the poor, and non-Christians and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone threaten everyone who got in his way or hurt his vanity and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”
You saw someone espouse genocide by proxy and said “this is not a dealbreaker.”  

You saw someone promise to destroy everything good about the country and said “this is not a dealbreaker,” because you consider anyone who isn’t just like you something other than human and are 100% okay with their death and suffering.

So really, I’ll call any Trump voter racist, misogynist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, queerphobic, ableist, anti-Semitic, white supremacist, and just generally hateful and evil – and it will be the truth.

here’s what cas carries in dean’s his old dufflebag whenever he’s not home:

  • two ids: jimmy novak’s driver’s license (real) and an fbi badge (fake.)
  • a hooped keychain with a spare set of keys for the continental (now impounded), his truck, and the bunker’s front door.
  • an angel blade. whether it’s his or a spare, he doesn’t know anymore.
  • a few changes of clothes. in particular: two flannel shirts, three t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, a hoodie, and clean socks and boxers.
  • some money, usually tucked away in a side pocket but it always manages to get loose and end up on the bottom of the bag, mixed in with loose buttons and bottlecaps he’s found on the side of the road.
  • swirl mints and scrunched packets of raw sugar from biggersons.
  • a collection of postcards from various gas stations across the states. 
    • none of them are addressed, but each of them has a small confession on the back, such as: “i watched you rake leaves.”
  • a small vial tied to a piece of leather string. its insides swirl against the glass and glow blue-white in the dark.


This is my family. “Is smoll and broken, but still good.” (from left to front and top to bottom) Kimmy (@spideygirl) is from Utah and Gwen (@gwennspacey) is from Georgia and I (@emberbrekker) am from Colorado. We met through tumblr and our friendships blossomed to become what is our family of three transgirls madly in love.

When Kimmy and I first met I was living in my ex’s car working as a sex worker in trouble with the law, and Kimmy was getting kicked out of her dads living room. So she came to Colorado and we met. Things were still really rough with her and I being in love with each other and with my ex and I growing apart we decided to move to Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs offered new obstacles. Being on our own with only our bags, I saw clients so we could have hotel rooms to stay in and food to eat. But then I met with my uncle who was not only non supportive but also dropped us off in Denver so we could get our lives together. And if the springs were the pot then Denver is the fire, comparatively. 

In Denver, I had the hardest time seeing clients. We walked around drowning in the size and speed of Denver living. We stopped off at a bar to get a drink because I needed to get tipsy to even handle the situation. But not even through our first drink some guy walks up and proceeds to attempt to drug us (we saw it dissolving in the liquid) So we left. Kimmy then has a major panic attack and we call an ambulance. We then end up in the ER for the first night of Denver. I didn’t sleep a bit. The next night Kimmy slept in the Bus Station while I stood watch. This being day 3, and at 2 am my ex came and picked us up and took us back up north. We then sold everything and had my ex drop us off in Colorado Springs.

 I saw a few clients when we got to the springs so we had places to stay and food to eat. One client bought us a car from auction. It was a wonderful gift that was given because I had impressed him so much and he was a nice guy.  So we at that point lived in the car. I did finish my court requirements and got my slate wiped clean. Then one day Kimmy introduces me to Gwen (who she met on tumblr) and we start talking. We hit it off and decided we were going to ask Gwen to move to Colorado with us. Everything lined up and Gwen had me fly out to drive her back to Colorado and back to Kimmy. The first few months were like cats getting use to each other. Quite funny in hindsight, but first had it is terrible. We got jobs and worked trying to take care of each other and doing anything we could with loans to get our life back and the van which had been impounded (we got it out and paid like $1300.00usd for it). But some good did come out of it, I was able to quit the Sex Working industry.

We were staying with a friend at the time who booted us out to live with her boyfriend. So we (K,E,G) moved into said boyfriends empty town house. Which was a big win for our family or so we thought. We settled in for a little bit got food, cleaned the place and planned for Yule. Not more than a week and a half later the “boyfriend” is back in his bed room dealing with issues involving the judicial system.  And this is where we have been. 

At this point “the boyfriend” is already crossing boundaries, being extremely disrespectful, and has now only given us 2 weeks from 02/24/17 to remove ourselves and items from the location. 

This is pretty much all we own. So we are going to get a storage unit and pay two months in advance in Denver, while we move there. 

This is our next hurdle. I have my Med Badge and Kimmy and Gwen are going to get theirs. But we are paying tons for healthcare and medication as we are all going off HRT. We do have appointments set up but its gonna be two months till the earliest appointment. We have pretty much no food, our accounts in total are -$350 usd. We have no idea how we are are feeling rather trapped and are worried about having to move cities. We know we are going to live in the car again, but we don’t know what to do about our stuff, or food, or even necessities like showers. We need a grand total of $950 to successfully move to Denver, and this does not include an apartment.

We aren’t asking for very much if anyone has even a dollar to spare or even $.50 every thing is going towards us moving and finding a safe place for us to live. 

Thank you for all your help so far and continuing to aid us in finding our place in the world! We are doing our best and just need a little help. Thank you and Blessed Be!

(PS paypal is

Mafia AU (Inspired by John Wick)-Submitted by Anonymous

This is not exactly a fic but more of a collection of ideas. I don’t know what to do with it. So maybe others could have a go at it.

Victor is an ex-assassin for the Russian mafia mourning the death of his husband Yuuri. Vicchan, Yuuri’s beloved poodle and sole reason why the two of them met, was left in Victor’s care. While coming into terms with his grief by visiting the first place he met Yuuri, Victor has a run-in with Yurio and his friends which ended with him losing Vicchan as well. This triggered the bloodiest war waged against the Bratva yet.

With Yuuri and Vicchan gone, Victor loses all of his mercy and morality. He slips back into his old assassin persona and becomes hellbent on killing Yurio. It doesn’t matter who stands in his way.

As the top assassin in the world and a former associate, Viktor becomes the greatest threat to the Bratva since Yurio is its heir. They scramble to set up defenses on his inevitable onslaught, call in favors for further support, and even raise a bounty on Viktor’s head.

Meanwhile, the Russian government and the Interpol see this as an opportunity to bring down the mafia. They become an unexpected factor in the war as they would sometimes blatantly back up Viktor or take advantage of the chaos the assassin leaves in his wake during his hunt. 

Many allies, both fake and sincere, tries to keep up with Viktor but he constantly leaves them in the dust. He prefers to work solo and he made a vow to never let anybody close again. Yuuri and Vicchan and their memories together will be enough to sustain him until he could avenge them properly. After that, Viktor looks forward into seeing them again in another life.


- Like John Wick in the movie, Victor uses Yuri as a scapegoat for his mourning and loss. Yuuri, an ex-competitive figure skater, died because of a brain injury gained after a bad fall while demonstrating a quad jump to a young fan. It was an accident and Victor couldn’t cope properly with it because he needed something or someone to blame. He felt helpless. So when Yuri and his friends killed Vicchan, he releases all of his pent up frustration and aggression at them.

- Viktor also has a lingering resentment against the Bratva. They made him jump through multiple hoops before finally letting him retire and live in peace with Yuuri. Had they let him go sooner, he would have spent a longer time with Yuuri and Vicchan. He could have been happier for so many more years. He blames them for his “stolen time” with his husband. This resentment grew worse when he discovers during his crusade that there had been attempts on Yuuri’s life by the Bratva before. The reasons for it were unknown but the fact that they tried is enough for him to desire vengeance.

- The “war” goes on for a longer time than the movie because the Bratva is careful in this AU. Yakov knows there will be no negotiating with Viktor so he didn’t bother placating him. He also didn’t underestimate him and straightaway made preparations for the worst. Yuri is smarter as well and is more mature with his reaction against the threat of Victor. He even think of it as his “coming-of-age” test. If he beats Victor, no one will question his authority anymore even if he’s just an adopted son.

- Otabek is Yurio’s only friend and his closest body guard. The rest of people with him when they harassed Victor were just leeches that he had been forced to make nice with for the family’s sake. Those idiots were the ones that grievously harmed Vicchan. Yurio stopped them too late because he was busy with Victor. He’s not a dog lover but he doesn’t condone animal abuse and mercy kills Vicchan to end his suffering - a scene that is forever seared negatively in Victor’s memory. Once Yurio realized how much of a colossal fuck up the incident was, he punishes the idiots accordingly and manages to blackmail their families into helping them in the “war”.

- Lilia Baranovskaya works with the Russian government. She has a history with Yakov Feltsman who is the leader of the Bratva. She doesn’t talk about it but there is an obvious respect between them even if they are on the opposing sides of the law. She also personally knows Viktor.

- Celestino Cialdini and Phichit Chulanont work with the Interpol. Phichit personally knows Victor through Yuuri and genuinely wants to help the assassin.

- Chris Giacometti is a fellow assassin and the only person in the world that Victor might consider as a friend but is extremely dangerous since he is Heel Face Revolving Door trope personified.

- The entire Russian Skating Family had been and/or is still with the Bratva.

- Yuuri doesn’t know about Viktor’s life as an assassin but he can recognize the signs that he was part of the mafia before. It was easy for him to spot them since the Katsukis are yakuza. He grew up in the underworld but eventually escaped from it through competitive skating. His family didn’t resent him for not following the tradition and was truly proud of his accomplishments. Mari was instead groomed as the next leader of the yakuza.

- On their wedding, the Katsukis became suspicious of Victor until Yuuri assures them that his husband really had left his dark past behind. The man is truly enjoying the normal domestic bliss that they share together in Detroit. The family was not entirely convinced. Yuuri allows them to make only idle threats so they will finally let it go but not before extracting a promise from them in return. If ever Victor gets into trouble, the yakuza will help him as they would with Yuuri. Mari would later make good of this promise once she gets a wind of the Viktor’s “war” in Russia.

- Yuuri and Victor met during the Rostelecom Cup. Victor was on a mission at that time when he got “mauled” by an escaped Vicchan. The poodle followed him everywhere and he begrudgingly let him stay with him for a night. He later posts a picture of the dog with some details online in hopes of finding the owner because Vicchan is messing up his schedule. Yuuri later shows up at his rented apartment to pick Vicchan up. They were instantly attracted with each other. Sadly nothing else happens except for an exchange of names but Victor definitely looks up Yuuri Katsuki in his free time after that.

- They met again at GPF Sochi. He was free at that time so Viktor was able to watch Yuuri’s freeskate. Yuuri performed badly because he just received news about his father’s death that morning. Viktor had slipped backstage to check up on Yuuri and heard him crying in the restroom. With no idea how to help Yuuri, Viktor ended up inviting the skater for a drink. Yuuri agreed, blows off the gala and the banquet, and got absolutely smashed with Victor at the club. That night, Victor realized that he actually cares for Yuuri and wants to keep the man close to him. Their night ended with them cuddled up together in a cheap motel dead drunk and half naked. Victor wakes up first that morning and leaves. He left Yuuri his personal contact number so they could keep in touch along with some medicine and water.

- Victor and Yuuri kept in touch after that. They meet up “accidentally” sometimes when Yuuri is competing. They slowly fell in love. They had their first argument and first kiss in a parking lot before the Cup of China gala exhibition. Their first official date was in Saitama during Worlds. Victor finally decides he wants “out” in the mafia after he and Yuuri exchanged rings in Barcelona.

- Victor and Yuuri got married in Detroit. They decided to live there together with Vicchan as soon as Yuuri retired. It was perfect since they both can start a new life far away from their dark pasts together there.

- Victor became suicidal after Yuuri and Vicchan’s death until he meets Makkachin during his crusade. She’s a big old poodle he had “borrowed” from an impound he had broken into during an escape. Makkachin become his Hope Spot.

- No character is safe but between Yurio and Otabek, one will definitely die as the other lives at the end.

- Viktor earned the silly nickname “Old Man Winter” because of his silver hair. The name became synonymous to Boogeyman soon after in the underworld because of Victor’s clinical and efficient kills. No one beats his record yet of the highest body count.


rumor had it ;

kavinsky had laughed and told the judge he’d never get pulled over again. he probably wouldn’t

rumor had it ;

kavinsky’s father had bought off henrietta’s sheriff

rumor had it ;

to celebrate the mitsubishi’s release from the impound, kavinsky had just put three coats of anti-laser paint on the headlights and bought himself a new radar detector

Either the Rowdy 3’s van gets impounded by the CIA for evidence, or it gets left by the side of the road and eventually towed away for scrap metal after the local authorities assume that it’s been abandoned. But then they steal another van during the breakout and it’s not the same, it’s not their baby, but it’s a fresh new start. It’s their home sweet home and the newest member of their little family, and they can’t wait to get back on the road once they’ve finished laying low in the deserted cabin that Farah organized.

They come out one morning, yawning and bleary-eyed, only to find that there’s no longer an intimidating black CIA van parked outside.

There’s Dirk Gently with a pile of empty spray cans at his feet, looking proudly at their new Mystery Machine.

Refrigerator Magnets - Smut

Originally posted by night-daaze

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 4,402
A/N: Okay so a few things. First, thank you to @potterworld4ever for helping me come up with the concept for this fic. Thank you to @writing-obrien for encouraging me and helping me with the title. And to @toppunks cause she’s amazing and also supports and encourages me more than I deserve.

Warnings: IDK this got pretty filthy, sorry I just really want Stiles Stilinski to talk dirty to me.

You stood in the impound lot next to Malia and Lydia, your arms folded across your chest.

“-dragging me out of bed once a week like I’m some supernatural metal detector!” Lydia was saying.

“You’re not the only one he’s dragged out of bed.” You pointed out. You weren’t really complaining, however. Stiles just got over excited sometimes.

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Help me save this dog!

hey Tumblr! I don’t post here often but I need your help!

my neighbour has been abusing their dog for two weeks now, we don’t know if he actually owns the dog, but this is basically what I’ve got;

  • -We got him impounded two weeks ago because continuous barking for hours on end, it’s a German Shepard, and it’s bark was so dry and screechy that I actually thought there was two dogs, because there was no way in hell a German Shepard’s bark could get that high pitched and messed up. found out he was locked back there for hours upon days without food or water. the owner had to pay a $300 fine but that didn’t teach him a lesson.
  • -The police were at the house again at 3am a few nights ago, I guess to check in or another concerned neighbour called, again, no food or water outside and she was locked outside at 3am, I don’t think they let him out at all
  • -They’re letting him wander freely around the back allies, in my city that’s very illegal and it’s causing extreme stress to mine and my brother’s roomates dogs (who live right next to me) and I’m terrified to let my cat out because I don’t know how the GSD will react to seeing cats
  • -My brother saw the owner punch the dog
  • -My father has seen the owner whip the dog with it’s leash, and pick it up (hook it up, basically like choking it) on the leash
  • -The dog is well trained though
  • -As I’m writing this he’s been trapped outside all day in the pouring rain without food or water and he’s howling (more like shrilling, it legit sounds like a dinosaur because the poor animal’s throat is that sour) and walking back and forth along the fence in the neighbour’s yard, I can’t see in the yard to record, which is why I’m asking for help.

I need to get enough evidence to get the dog taken away (it’s a male GSD and he knows a lot of commands because I’ve seen the owner showing him off to people passing by in the back alley, so he won’t have a hard time finding a new home!), but the neighbour purposely built the fence so high that even though I have the highest house on the block, I can’t see anything back there.

So Tumblr, I need your help!

I need ways that I can record and take pictures of their yard without trespassing, as well as ways to potentially sneak food and water to the dog in the meantime. I live in an alright area but these ARE NOT FRIENDLY PEOPLE. My mom’s pretty sure she heard the owner of the dog slap his 17 year old son, who I went to school with in grade 6, so these ARE NOT THE PEOPLE I WANT TO SCREW WITH. I really need any advice or help at all!

IF YOU CAN’T HELP, PLEASE REBLOG! YOU COULD SAVE A PUPPER’S LIFE! I’ll reblog with updates and pictures of the dog if I can manage to get any!

My parents and my neighbours are in 100% support of helping me save this dog, I don’t know if the owner actually lives there or is just staying there, so this is really urgent because if he’s only staying there temporarily with friends of the family that lives there, I could miss my opportunity to get him away from that family! SO THIS IS VERY URGENT!

Public Indecency

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 841
Warnings: Violence. Blood.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @magellan-88 Prompt: Ford Mustang / Quote: “You’re sexy when you’re mad”
Challenge: This was written for @beckawinchester’s Becka’s Birthday Challenge. My quote was “You’re under arrest for public indecency!!” and my location was a police station.

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Block my driveway? I'll go ahead and take your vehicles.

Friday night here in the country can get a little crazy sometimes so I don’t mind when my neighbors cause a ruckus or loud party as long as its not too crazy. Tonight I’m on call for Virginia State Police towing rotation which means I’ve got 25 minuets to get to where ever the wreck/DUI/impound/etc is.

As luck would have it, my neighbors are having a party and guess what’s blocking my driveway? That’s right, about 25-30 cars. I live down a dirt road at the end of a cul-de-sac, and its pretty narrow. One in one out type of deal, and with this rain we’ve been having, parking in the grass/clay/mud is really not the best idea. Even with a 4x4 it can still get tricky.

I noticed a few cars coming in early this evening and walked over to my neighbors and made it pretty clear I was on call and as long as they didn’t block the road or my driveway all would be good. No problems here. Well I get a call from my boss asking if I can go warm-up the Rotator and the light duty flatbed (tow trucks). Its about 12:30AM so I get my boots on and other gear because if I’m up I might as well stay at the shop and clean a few things to stay busy and make the night move along.

I get in my car and as I’m backing out of the driveway I notice I’m blocked in. I don’t mean by one truck, but by nearly 15 different vehicles. I calmly walk over to my neighbors about a 1/8th mile hike and as I’m looking for them through the crowd of drunk teenagers, some idiot wants to know why I’m on his property (he’s not the property owner, I’ve never seen this classy gentleman)

Finally, I find my neighbor and ask her if she can move the cars, I’ve got to go to work she says in a normal tone (doesn’t yell over the music) into the house “whoever’s blocking the driveway next door move your trucks” then slams the door in my face. I knock again and she answers with a drunken “oh god this bitch again?” (internally I’m thinking alright then) I do my best to explain, I’m on call and need to get out of my driveway to go to work, she comes back sloshing a Natural Light exclaiming its a party, relax!shuts the door in my face and yells “fuck that dyke cunt” I smile and as I’m walking away macho man throws a beer at me and cackles “yeah you best leave, go on, git!”

I get on the phone with dispatch and call for as many trucks as we have available tonight (about ten) and tell them to come on over, mommas got some PPI’s (private property impounds) I call police dispatch and ask if they’d send out a officer Incase things get out of hand and as soon as he gets to my place, my rigs start rolling up and hooking vehicles up and taking them to the impound yard. We get down to the last three vehicles. A yellow civic, gold Silverado and a old F-150

The civic owner bolts to his car and takes off. The Silverado girl (pretty wasted) gets stuck and starts tearing up my property. Officer walks over and she throws a fit long story short she gets arrested for underage drinking and DUI. The Ford owner doesn’t show up.

I get to work after all the impounds and with me I brought coffees and snacks for my drivers. Tomorrows not a business day which means if these tools want their cars back, its going to be the regular$289.50 plus two days of storage at $55 a day and a $100 gate fee. I make a note in every single storage sheet (papers that the vehicle owners get) to thank the girl who had the party for getting towed. Several of the kids parents called wanting to know where there cars or trucks were. I gave them the yard address and told them they can come anytime. As soon as they started shouting about illegal tows and threatened with lawyers I showed them pictures of their cars with no parking signs. And explained that I tried to reason with the owner of the property (me) but she was tired of being blocked in by drunken teenagers.

There are signs on my road saying no parking, and not to block the driveway. Don’t piss off a tow truck driver, she’ll legally take your vehicles.

I asked about Martin Chorley’s Ferrari GTO and Nightingale said it was temporarily impounded.
‘Why do you ask?’
‘I thought they might auction it.’
‘And you were thinking of bidding?’
‘Just a thought,’ I said.
‘Alas,’ said Nightingale. ‘That car will never be sold.’
‘No,’ he said. ‘I declared it a “magical device” under the terms of the agreement. At least until such time as we can declare it safe for mundane use.’
And he’d stashed it in the coach house where the Orange Asbo used to live.
‘How long do you think that will take?’
‘Well such an evaluation can take a considerable amount of time,’ said Nightingale. ‘Especially given our current work load.’
‘And we wouldn’t want to cut corners, would we?’
‘To do so would be irresponsible,’ he said.
‘Respect,’ I said and raised my fist which Nightingale stared at for a moment before raising his own and bumping mine.

the hanging tree chapter 16

i need to draw nightingale and peter fistbumping. I’m embarrassed that even nightingale managed to get it right but the first time someone tried to fist bump me i grabbed their fist because i was so confused my brain shut down

Silver Lights [Sherlock/Reader]

Okay so this was reaaaaally heavily inspired by Hotline Miami bc I forgot how much I loved that game. I love Jacket’s character so much, I thought it’d be interesting for reader to have a similar one. So here, have a murderous Mute!Reader. ~ 🕷️💋

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

‘Need you down at the station ASAP. - GL’
‘I thought I told you already, if he has a purple mop, you can arrest him. Check the underwear drawer, the gun’s in there. -SH’
‘We already took care of that. New case, very peculiar circumstances. Need you here for help. Please come. -GL’
‘Be there in twenty. -SH’

Sherlock grabbed his coat, throwing it on as he hurried out of the flat and into the street below, where he eagerly hailed a taxi. New cases were always amusing. Arriving at Scotland Yard, he made his way to Lestrade’s office, where the older man sat waiting, sifting through various objects sprawled across his desk.

“New case?”

Lestrade jumped at Sherlock’s voice, “Yes. Multiple homicides. Horribly bloody. Might as well call it a massacre.”

“Sounds fun.”

“You should’ve seen it. The newer guys, they won’t sleep for a week, at least.”

“That bad?”

“Yeah,” Lestrade picked up one of the objects - a Walkman - and inspected the outside before opening it and pulling out a cassette. He noted the piece of Scotch tape at the top with chicken-scratch writing scrawled across it. He took a moment to read it.

“Richard’s Mix?”

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Could you possibly write an imagine were the reader is Graves’ daughter and gets severely hurt by him (cause he’s Grindelwald) and that’s when she tells Newt that is not him and he comforts her?? That would be great, thank you!!!

Warnings-Use of Cruciatus curse, one smol swear word. 

You were being dragged to one of your dads boring work meetings. 

“Dad, why do I have to come?” you ask. 

“Because I said so” he replied sharply. You roll your eyes and cross your arms. 

“Nice one dad. No wonder you’re not a lawyer” you spat. 

You dad’s eyes flared with anger. He grabbed your wrist harshly and dragged you to the meeting room. He practically threw you into the chair. You held your wrist and rubbed it. Yes, your dad was harsh sometimes but never physically rough. Soon many important wizards filled the room. Including you and your dads boss, President Picquery. You zoned out for most of the meeting, still confused about your dad’s behavior. Your dad hit your shoulder and you focused on the meeting again. 

“I will not be lectured by the man who let Gellert Grindelwald slip through his fingers” you heard Madam Picquery. You snickered at the comment, you loved how sassy she could be. 

“Madame President, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but this is critical..” You look up to see one of your good friends Tina Goldstein standing in the center of the room. Most people steered clear of you as your father was a very intimidating man but Tina was never afraid of him. Holding a brown leather case. You watched Tina and Picquery engage in conversation. You were more focused on your dad’s reactions. His stare was filled with anger but a hint of curiosity, excitement, and confusion. You expected disappointment, not excitement. Your dad always got frustrated by the young Aurors actions so why the excitement?. 

“Where is this man?” you hear Picquery ask. 

Tina places the case in her hand on the ground and knocked. You shifted in your seat, suddenly interested in what was happening. Suddenly, A man’s head pokes out of the case. He stepped fully out accompanied by another man. 

“Scamander?” the British envoy asked. 

“Oh-er-hello, Minister” the man says. 

“Theseus Scamander? The war hero?” Another person asks. 

“No, it’s his little brother” the minister replies. You studied the young scamander. His posture slightly hunched and he didn’t make eye contact. His voice was soft as he spoke. 

“And this is Jacob, he’s a no-maj that was bitten by one of Mr. Scamanders creatures” Tina rushes out. 

Your eyes widen at the word no-maj. Was this man insane? You watched as he bit his nail as he glanced at the dead no-maj. 

“This was an Obscurus” he said. Gasps rippled through the crowd. 

“You go too far Mr. Scamander. There is no obscurial in America” 

Madame Picquery says, slight anger in her voice. You studied obscurials in school, you had to admit, the marks were eerily similar to the pictures you’ve seen. 

“Madame President If I may-” you cut in. 

Your dad glares and you shut up. Madame Picquery stares at you as if you were to continue. 

“Um, nevermind” you whisper. 

You take a quick glance at Newt. His eyes are on you, his eyebrows furrowed. 

“Impound that case graves” Picquery commands. 

Your dad raises his hand and Newt’s case flies to his hands. He throws it at you and you catch it softly. 

“Give that back!” Newt yells pulling out his wand and aiming it towards you and your dad. Your dad raises Newt up in the air and throws him back down harshly. 

“Dad!” you yell standing up. 

“Stay out of this Y/n” he growls. 

You take a step back and watch as Newt and Tina are helplessly dragged away. Your dad turns around and glares at you. You gulp and move back, you dad grabs your wrist and roughly drags you to his office. He throws you into his office and locks the door. 

“Dad! What the hell!” you shout. 

He just glares, he moves creepily closer to you. You looked into your fathers eyes, you looked for emotion but all you say was cold black hatred. You step back until you hit the wall. 

“D-Dad?” you ask shakily. 

This wasn’t the man who raised you. Realization washed over your face a new look of horror appeared. 

“Who. Are you and what have you done with my father?” you snarl. Your “dad” pulls out his wand and aims it at you. 

Confringo” he hissed.

You ducked your head and the books behind you exploded. You scrambled away and pulled out your wand, 

Petrificus Totalus” you yell. 

Fake-dad dodged and grabbed Newts case and held it in front of him. 

“You seem so attached to that man, willing to keep quiet for this case” he growls. 

You keep your wand still, you didn’t know that man at all but you knew he cared about his case. You carefully lowered your wand and raised your hand in defeat. Fake-dad smirked and set down the case in the table and turned away. You sighed and reached for the case when he suddenly turned around,  


You were overcome with burning pain. You fell to your knees and tears streamed from your eyes. 

“P-please” you beg silently. 

You got hit with the curse a couple more times before almost fainting from the pain and exhaustion. 

“I have an interrogation to get to” he says. 

He walks out he door leaving you on the floor, trying to stay conscious. 

“Y/n?! Y/N!” you heard someone shouting. 

You opened your eyes slowly and groaned out in pain. You looked up and saw Tina, Queenie, Newt, and Jacob. You tried sitting up but was met with excruciating pain. 

“Oh honey dont get up, Newt is your case big enough for another person?” 

Queenie asks. You knew Queenie was a  Legilimens, you became close to her when you became close to Tina. You were slipping into unconsciousness again. 

“Hey, it’s y/n right? I need you to stay awake. Please” You hear Newt ask. 

You nodded and tried your best to stay awake. Newt picked you up and tried to carefully take you down into his case. He placed you on a cot in his case and started rummaging through his potions. You propped yourself up and watched Newt work. 

“Your case is amazing” you whisper. 

Newt jumps at your voice, “You should be lying down” he says. He brings over some medicine and a potion. 

“Drink this, It will help you feel better” he says. You take the potion and then the medicine. 

“Newt, My dad, he’s not really my dad” you say. 

“Come again?” Newt asks confused. 

“Someone is impersonating my dad.” you say. 

“I’m sorry. I tried to protect your creature but he went through your case and. im just so sorry.” you sob. 

Newt sits next to you and delicately hugs you. 

“It’s okay. He would have done something worse if you hadn’t done anything” he comforts. 

“Oh Y/n, Sweetie I’m so sorry” you look up and see Queenie standing at the doorway. 

“The Cruciatus curse!” Queenie gasps. 

Newt looks at you concerned and hugs you a little tighter. 

“Queenie, w-what do you think happened to my dad, my real dad?” you whisper. 

“Honey, I’m sure he’s okay” she comforts. 

“Y/n, If I may, You are one of the strongest people I have ever met and I’ve only known you for a couple hours. But, if your dad is anything like you, I’d say he’s okay.” Newt says. 

You smile at him and throw your arms around him. Newt freezes but lets you cry on his shoulder. 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so physical” you apologize shrinking back. 

“It’s quite alright y/n, Would you like to see my creatures?” Newt asks in hope to get your mind off your father. 

“I would love to” you say. You stand up but almost fall back down. 

“Right, Cruciatus curse.” you say clutching your side. 

“Oh right, maybe later. But, I have one creature I can show you” Newt says. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a green stick creature. 

“This is Pickett, he’s a bowtruckle” Newt explains. 

He let you play with pickett for a bit before Pickett got tired. 

“I’m going to let you rest now and When you start to feel better than we’ll see my other creatures “ He says. Y

ou nod and nestle your head in the pillow. Newt stops at the door and turns to look at you 

“And y/n, We’ll find your father, I promise” 

I’ve been watching A bunch of Broadway stuff and I just. Really love Les miserable and I really want my school to put on Les Mis one year because you bet your ass I would try out.