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Interesting things regarding SuMo

So, me and a few of my buddies were dicking around around with a few things on Pokemon, and we found out some neat things:

-Vivillon’s Powder can stop Inferno Overdrive from happening. Yeah, it seriously can.

-A Ditto that transforms into a Battle Bond Greninja via Imposter will not transform into Ash Greninja upon a KO.

-A Smeargle that uses Sketch to learn Nature’s Madness cannot use the Guardian of Alola Z-Move.  Ditto, however, can if transformed into a Tapu that knows Nature’s Madness via Imposter.

-A Ditto transformed into Giratina Origin Form can use Z-Moves.

-A Ditto transformed into Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon, or any Mega Evolution cannot use Z-Moves.

-A Zoroark disguised as a Mega Evolution (or anything by that matter) will drop it’s Illusion to use it’s Z-Move. It remains undisguised for the remainder of the battle.

Infinite High IV/Shiny Ditto Hunting Tutorial

I’ve seen this floating around on Youtube and Reddit but not yet on Tumblr.
It’s basically a super fancy SOS chain that can go on literally forever, gaining you infinite EXP (albeit 100 or so at a time, and some people even suggest turning off your EXP share to make the battles go a little faster), dittos with perfect IVs (great for competitive breeders), and maybe even a lovely shiny Ditto for the shiny hunters.

It takes a lot of setup and planning, but once you’ve got the chain going, nothing can stop it, and keeping it going is so incredibly mindless that it’s basically AFK.

What you’ll need:
- A Pokémon that knows Recycle and NOTHING ELSE (This is CRITICAL), preferably one that’s low-level. I got this by getting a wild Smeargle to Sketch the Recycle one of my Pokémon used, but it’s also possible to just get a Poké with Recycle and use the Move Deleter to remove the rest of their moves. This is your Recycler.

- A Pokémon that knows Switcheroo. Dhelmise is a good candidate for this, as it learns Switcheroo at level 1. Catch a Dhelmise and bring it to the Move Reminder and it’ll just be there. This is your Switcher.
Now, have your Switcher hold a Leppa berry.

- A Pokémon that knows the move False Swipe. This can also be your Switcheroo ‘mon, but mine isn’t. This is your False Swiper.

- A high-levelled Pokémon that meets two conditions:
1. Can 1hko a lvl 25-ish wild Ditto
2. Does NOT know any moves that damage its Ally (such as Discharge or Earthquake). I learned this the hard way.
This can also be your Switcheroo/False Swipe user, which would make things very efficient. Mine are not all the same Pokémon since I basically just used whatever I had on hand.
This Pokémon is your Sweeper.

- Adrenaline Orbs, which is what you always want when SOS chaining. They make it more likely for a wild Pokémon to call for help.

- You’ll also want a ton of Leppa Berries/Elixers/Ethers/PP-Restorers for your own Pokémon if you want your chain to last a while.

- Timer Balls might be a good idea for when it’s finally time to catch at 6IV/Shiny ditto.

- Some method of counting the number of Dittos you’ve encountered, if you want. This makes the chaining slightly less mindless, though.

What to do:

1. Put your Recycler in the first slot of your party.

2. Find a wild Ditto; they’re found in the patches of grass on Mount Hokulani. Have it Transform into your Recycler. The wild Ditto now only knows Recycle, a move which will allow it to re-use whatever berry it’s holding, even if said berry was already eaten.

3. Switch your Recycler into your Switcheroo-er. Use Switcheroo.

I’ll pause here to explain exactly what you’ve just done and why it’s an infinity setup.

Switcheroo swaps your item with the opponent’s, so what you’ve just done is given a Leppa berry to the Ditto which can only use a move that will let it get its Berry back.
Leppa Berries restore 10 PP to of one Pokémon’s moves.

You’ve now trapped a wild Ditto in a setup that will let it use Recycle infinitely. All this Ditto will do is use Recycle until it’s low on PP, then eat its Leppa berry to restore PP, then use Recycle to get its Leppa berry back, repeat. This can and hopefully will continue indefinitely.

You don’t have to worry about the Ditto using Struggle and knocking itself out and you don’t have to worry about taking any damage at all until Dittos with Imposter start showing up and maybe not getting 1hko’d immediately.

Moving past here it’s exactly the same as your normal SOS chain setup.

4. Switch your Switcheroo-er into your False Swiper (if necessary). False Swipe the wild Recycling Ditto. This will get it to 1hp exactly, or at least very low. Then, use an Adrenaline Orb. Now the Recycling Ditto will be calling for help almost every single turn.

5. If your Switcheroo/False Swiper isn’t your Sweeper, switch into your Sweeper now.
(Note: Bonus Points if any of the Pokémon you’ve used have the ability Intimidate, since Intimidate makes it even more likely for wild Pokémon to call for help!)

6. Wait for the Recycling Ditto to call for help. If it doesn’t, go to your bag and “use” another Adrenaline Orb, or “use” something like an Antidote/Paralyze Heal/Awakening on a Pokémon that isn’t Poisoned/Paralyzed/Asleep. This will use your turn, but it won’t use up your item!
Later in the chain, if the Recycling Ditto doesn’t call for help, that’s when I start restoring HP/PP to my Sweeper, if it needs it.

7. 1HKO the Ditto that was called as help. Be super careful to not accidentally hit your Recycling Ditto, so no moves that hit everyone on the field and no moves that hit both opponents at once. Don’t even have these moves on your Sweeper at all.**

8. Wait for Recycling Ditto to call for help again. 1HKO the help. Recycling Ditto will call for help. KO. Help. KO. Infinitely.

I don’t know exactly how many Dittos are needed before their IVs are perfect; all I’ve heard is a vague “30 to 40”, but I have gotten a 30+ chain this way and caught a Ditto with 4 perfect IVs, so it really does work and it’s actually pretty fun, if grindy, but it’s incredibly, INCREDIBLY useful to Shiny hunters and VGC competitors alike. Go out there and chain some Dittos; you won’t regret it.

Also, I just realized you could hypothetically get this same chain with wild Smeargles, if you want a shiny Smeargle…

**When I did my first chain, my Sweeper was a Magnezone who knew Discharge, which damages every Pokémon on the field, including your allies. When the chain was just starting to get good, a Ditto with Imposter appeared and immediately transformed into Magnezone. I didn’t get a 1HKO, wild Ditto used Discharge, knocked out my Recycling Ditto, and the chain was over.
Don’t make the same mistake I did. Keep Discharge and Earthquake out of your Sweeper’s moveset.

Breeding Ditto: Week 6!

This is not a regular Giveaway.

Found a great Ditto that’s perfect for all the breeders needs!

If you’ve gotten an English Ditto from me, come on back and get a foreign one!

Ditto will be available until they run out. I have 4 boxes cloned!

This Ditto has 6 IVs, is Japanese, in an ultra ball, OT is natsume, Timid nature, ability Imposter, level 100, and holds a Destiny Knot! Make sure to check for these things to know if I’ve traded you.

Only One Rule: You can get a Ditto every four weeks. If you received one on Week 4, then you’ll have to wait until week 8 to get another!

Deposit one of the deposit Pokemon and then nickname it “Sinnoh”!

Message or ask me what you’ve deposited, what level it is, what gender, and also your IGN. I hate to have all these rules, but it only makes things go smoother.

Deposit Pokemon:




These are all subject to change. The new GTS system is rough, and I’ve run into a ton of problems lately.

I’ll update what’s going on, and how deposit Pokemon will change as I go. Please check back for those updates!

This was posted on (1/3/2017)

NOTE: If you send me an anon ask, I won’t reply, but keep an eye out for when I trade you. If you send me a non-anon ask, I’ll respond personally. If you message me, I’ll respond normally.