You packed your bags,
so quickly,
Like there was a train
shaking this town
and you heard your name
in the vibrations.
Like the roads
led to a sea,
like you finally found God.
like I wasn’t
holy enough for you.
I’m sorry,
I never meant to be so much of a fire
that you tasted hell when you kissed me,
but your lips held sin, too.
And your knees never kissed the
floor the way mine did,
your nails never clawed,
your eyes never leaked like broken pipes
in a Brooklyn sewage system.
It was me that begged and talked to your
closed doors like they were confession rooms.
I loved you enough to find hope in empty skies.
You owe me this at least,
please do not play God with the next girl,
do not tell her to prove her love for you
by bruising her knees,
Do not put her hands in places
that she is not ready to touch.
You turned yourself into
a twisted religion,
don’t come crawling back to me
when they don’t read your scripture anymore,
don’t come crawling back to me when they
burn all your holy books.
—  Y.Z, Imposter
迷惑 Part 2 - Comments from Ruki

[In regards to Aoi’s imposter.]

Ruki (The GazettE): If you cause trouble in various ways, apologies are important, but first isn’t it best to just delete the account? And then please don’t do it again.

Ruki: Next, when we’ve found the fake account…yeah. You know what’s going to happen, right?

迷惑 Part 3

[In regards to Aoi’s imposter, and Ruki’s earlier messages]

Ruki (The GazettE): “Even if everyone opposes the fake account, it will only make things worse, so leave it alone!” is all I said ( ˘ω˘ )

[Yes, Ruki is definitely right about this. Aoi is perfectly capable of reporting the fake account for impersonation, so all of the flaming is really quite unnecessarily; this person seems to be seeking attention after all.]

[Let’s just see this incident as a reminder that we should each be careful and polite about our online behavior.]


Ruki: Well, everyone, let’s go to bed already.

[It’s 3am in Japan and time to be done with this imposter business.]

[Let’s hope things go better for Aoi in the morning. (。-ω-)zzz]