Thank you everyone who entered my tumblr awards! ^^ I honestly did not expect it to reach this many notes and omg, all your blogs are amazing!! How I wish I could make everyone a winner! Congratulations to the winners and to those who didn’t win, you guys are still winners in my eyes <33 

Best URL

Winner: awclara

Runners-up: owsald, viserian

Best Icon

Winner: oswining

Runners-up: trenzalori, lmpossibleamy

Best Theme

Winner: europhe

Runners-up: crystalread, ollyhooper

Best Doctor Who

Winner: starlightclara

Runners-up: impossiblekaren, ameliasfez

Best Sherlock

Winner: dvtective

Runners-up: clvelock, doctorwtsn

Best Marvel

Winner: falcqn

Runners-up: kitpryde, hawkeyetbh

Best Multifandom

Winner: alohomvra

Runners-up: ewmurphy, ohmockinqjay

Best Original Content

Winner: bisexualamy

Runners-up: doctorstwelfth, myfairytal-e

Best Underdog

Winner: the-morning-owl

Runners-up: rohwena-ravenclaw, imagineoswald

Best Overall

Winner: donnanohle

Runners-up: doctorssoul, tardisnight

Cheryl’s Fave

Winner: bellamypond

Runners-up: thatexactleaf, elevensilence

** Reminder of what you won here

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My Q + A Video

Go and follow the people who participated. I had so much fun making this

Please do watch till the end spent a good long time on this. Have fun.

Thank you to everyone who entered my spring bots! The post got fifty notes so I added a fourth runner up. It was a very hard choice, so I encourage everyone to enter again if they didn’t win! Reminder that runners up can enter again, only winners can’t. This is your last chance to check out my winter bots. Also, reminder that my theme giveaway is still going on. Now, without further ado, here are the winners!

The Winner is...

frozencap - I was looking for aweosme marvel blogs to follow and I found one! You have awesome creations, your theme is gorgeous, and you have some amazing posts. I’m so pleased to make you my spring bots. This means that you’ll have a link in my updates tab for March-May, a custom theme (upon request), have unlimited promos (upon request) throughout spring, and of course, my love and friendship.

The Runners Up are...

doctormuggle - Teph, I can’t put into words how much I love your blog. Your graphics are amazing, your entire blog is so pretty, and you’re such a nice person.

impossiblekaren - you have such a quality blog. I just love it! Your theme is so pretty and your posts are awesome.

braveheartegan - Leticia, you’re so sweet and I love your blog to bits. Everything about it is amazing.

marcasite - wow, you make some kickass graphics! I’m really happy I discovered your blog during my tumblr awards, it’s fantastic!

All three of you win a symbol link in my updates tab for the whole spring, and three promos upon request. And, of course, my eternal love and friendship.

Handwriting Challenge!

I was tagged by gallifreystands

1) Name

2) Blog title

3) URL

4) Favorite color

5) Crush

6) Write something in all caps

7) Favorite band/artist

8) Lucky number

9) Favorite beverage

10) Tag 10 people

I’m tagging: impossiblekaren, fairytailamelia, captainoswin, blacwidov, doctormuggle, alexskingston, pctercapaldi, riversmelodyy, impossiblyamelia, millionponds

Expellairmus, Impossiblekaren and Doctorstwelfth’s 48 hour tumblr awards results! 

best icon: dontblinque
best theme: twelft
best posts: doctordarkness
best url/domain: gallifreystands
best original content: marcasite
best overall: doctormuggle
best doctor who: spacevortex
best sherlock: rosetvler
best harry potter: nebnla
best multifandom: brusebanner
Seth’s fave: barctheon
Mila’s fave: tommycaliigans
Agustin’s fave: helptwelve

Congrats to all of you! Here’s what you win :)

Tag 10 (or 8) followers you want to get to know better

Thanks to my amigo aryastakres for tagging me n.n

Name: Sanne
Nickname: San, sannie, admiral chocolate chip 
Birthday: January 23
Star Sign: Aquarius (whoop)
Height: 164 cm, so something like 5″4
Fave colour: Blue, I think. But I literally love every colour.
Time rn: 22:19 pm
Average hours I sleep: 7 I think?
Lucky number: 4 and 7
Last thing I googled: Names for girls (for a fanfic)
Word that comes to mind: Butter
Happy place: My beeeeeed, or the couch. They are my babes.
Number of blankets I sleep under: One really thin one, because it’s very hot in my room
Fave fictional character: Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, Moriarty, Bellamy Blake. My babes.
Fave famous person:  David Tennant 
Fave book(s): Uhmmmmm. I really love a little something different, eleanor & park and paper towns
Fave bands: Panic! At The Disco, no doubt man, they’re my bae
Last movie I saw: Bridget Jones’s Diary
Dream trip: aUSTRALIA
Dream job: Something creative or something medical, but y know, I’ll stick with mafia for now 
What I’m wearing now: Dark green dress from Zara

impossiblekaren, ameliasfez, tardisdust, impossiblyamelia, oswinism, chasingpotters, elcventh, isrorysqueen, rcsetylr, twelfthpaldi

You only went and did it!! You amazing people <3 Thank you so much to riversfairytale, doctormuggle, impossiblekaren and grumpycapaldi who all helped out and all have amazing blogs you should check out :)

And thank you to all you beautiful followers for being awesome and following me I do not deserve any of you but I love you so much guys xx

bellblaks  asked:

when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see what I said about you <33

OMG LUIZA!! Your so sweet and really? OMG I feel so honored ily <3

cresobia: you’ve been my very first tumblr friend and I’m so so happy that we became friends in real life too! You’re just the best, thg obsessed cutie and i love you! <3

impossiblekaren: You’re so nice and kind and have hella rad hair! I love when we’re talking about our favorite books and movies and tv shows and… I just love talking to you! <3

potter-super-who-lock: you always cheer me up with liking my posts and gave me a lot of confidence last year! You’re so kind and I’m glad you’re one of my friends and i love you <3

kingfilis: You’re just the cutest little hobbit of them all and it could be, that yours is my favorite blog of them all <3 

octxvias: you’ve always been one of those blogs I admired from afar but never really thought you’d talk to me. You probably don’t know I squeaked when you followed me ^^ ily <3

Top 10 Husbands/Wives

The rules are pretty much to write down your top male/female celebrities or characters and then tag at least 10 people to do it. I was tagged by my dear augenbrauen. Thank you sweetie! <3

  1. Peter Capaldi
  2. Matt Smith
  3. Benedict Cumberbatch
  4. Karen Gillan
  5. Martin Freeman
  6. Alex Kingston
  7. Mark Gatiss
  8. Robert Downey Jr
  9. John Barrowman
  10. Catherine Tate

I tag: clauswaldd impossiblekaren chiinny the-11-doctor jingleoswald dooweeooh dalekmakingtea frostedgallifrey reichenbachlock astudyinscotlandyard

(Of course you don’t have to do this!)

repost this. do not reblog. just insert your answers to the questions below. tag ten people you want to get to know better.

i was tagged by the wonderful luplns uwu

name: emily
time and date of current moment: january 18th, 12:01 pm
average hours of sleep: 9 ish hours 
last thing you googled: broadchurch screencaps
nicknames: em
birthday: june 10th
gender: female
sexual orientation: straight

height: 5’8” i think

favorite color: burgundy
one place that makes me happy: bakeries (hehehe)
how many blankets you sleep under: a 10.5 tog duvet
favorite movie: oh god how do i choose but idk maybe the book thief
what are you wearing right nowjeans, my leaver’s hoodie and bird socks
last book you read: gone girl
dream job: oh god i don’t even know

last thing you said to a family member: i said to my mum that yes i did shake the duster out
favorite beverage: hot chocolate/banana & strawberry smoothie/milkshakes
first word that comes to mind: chocolate
last movie watched in cinema: paddington and it was brilliant
3 things you can’t live without: my laptop, my rabbit and my friends
something you plan on learning: more geography i guess??
piece of advice to followers: keep on being your awesome selves and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise c:

i tag: the-fate-of-the-bbc, dreamyclara, notgingcr, impossiblekaren, trueclara, evergreenclara, reichenfell, galuhfrey, bbcdetective & trenzalores c:

welcome to lauren's autumn blog of the season results

this was soooo difficult, i didn’t anticipate my very first blog of (well, anything) the season to take off as much as it did, and it was insanely hard to pick from the amazing 100+ blogs that entered, but remember that you’re all wonderful and winners in my heart :) now, without further ado, drum roll please…

lauren's autumn bots winner

owsald // gabbi’s blog is actual perfection and she’s a total sweetheart; honestly, if you’re not following her, i have no idea what to tell you because you are surely missing out. everything is perfect from her theme to her posts to her x

lauren's autumn bots runner ups

*in no particular order (and i know i said two but i couldn’t pick alright)

cybermqn // i recently found miranda’s blog and i have no words; everything is so impeccable and i love it to pieces, like seriously everything is insanely beautiful x

impossiblekaren // mila runs an amazing blog surrounded by a beautiful theme, she’s absolutely wonderful to have on my dash and i always look forward to her presence there x

clararific // jenna’s blog is stunning and she’s one of the friendliest people i’ve met on here, her posts are beautiful and she’s got the personality to match x

goldpond // rachel’s blog is also one that i’ve recently found but fell so in love with - her posts are gorgeous and she’s a lovely person to talk to x

yay! congrats to all the winners and runner ups, and even if you didn’t make it, friendly reminder that you are so important and somebody adores your blog - i promise :)

here’s the original post so you can see your prizes :) congrats again! x

Favorite Actors/Actresses

The rules are pretty much to write down your top male/female celebrities or characters and then tag at least 10 people to do it.

I was tagged by the beautiful impossiblekaren :) thank you <3

(they’re not in a particular order and i know i forgot someone important)

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch
  2. Aaron Tveit (basically the whole Les Mis Cast)
  3. Jennifer Lawrence
  4. Martin Freeman
  5. Natalie Dormer
  6. Bobby Morley + Eliza Taylor
  7. Aidan Turner
  8. Josh Hartnett
  9. Gary Oldman
  10. Emma Stone

I tag: cresobia, bellblaks, potter-super-who-lock, kingfilis