impossible triangle


collection of offbrand bills

my friends suggested accessories and shapes @ me.  my favorite is probably the screaming rectangle with the baseball cap on it’s ass or the lolita egg.

impossible triangle bill // infinibill was entirely @sharkylookingthing including the perfect!! infinity bowtie

I did some more sticking, and some more poking! Here is my arm with my new impossible/penrose triangle, plus leaves n’ junk. I am v happy with the shading I did and I’ll add some more shading into the petals/leaves when the lines are healed. It makes the little branch/moon thing above it look pretty shitty I reckon! I will do some more work on the twiggies and make them a bit finer and more detailed, it should be an easy fix! 😘💗🌙💘💋

You look up to find the unspeakable horror staring back at you with head tilted slightly in question. It’s a little blond kid in a thin grey hoodie, face solemn and eyes obscured by an extremely familiar pair of pointy sunglasses. He’s got a sword strapped to his back and a pair of metallic bunny ears poking out of his hood. The kawaii-animes have apparently been cranked up to eleven.

“…Li’l Sebastian?” {stay lost on our way home | curliecuecal

JJBA Part XX: Achtung Attitude

July, 2016: 5 years after Joseph Joestar’s death at age 101, his adoptive daughter, Shizuka, returns to the town of Morioh, Japan, where she was found, to search for her birth mother.

In Morioh, Josuke Higashikata, now a police sergeant, informs her of a Korean criminal gang creeping into the Morioh suburbs from S-City. By chance, the pair run into the leader of this gang, a twisted old man named Sanjo, who is revealed to be a Stand User.

After defeating him, Sanjo tells them of how his gang was ruined last time his gang aspirations were ruined in Morioh: a young woman with a scar shaped like a fish-hook infiltrated their gang, pretending to be the boss’ girlfriend for 2 years, even bearing his child, before mysteriously eliminating them all. IT was only after getting his own powers that Sanjo realised she had Stand abilities. Josuke and Shizuka immediately suspect this woman to be Shizuka’s mother.

Shizuka travels to LA to find her mother. There, she defeats a small pack of muggers, only for the leader, Kilo Staples, to be a Stand User of tremendous power.

They fight, and Shizuka spares him after winning, recognising the righteousness in his heart. In return, Kilo offers to help her find her mother. Together, they end up embroiled in a gang war that threatens to tear LA to pieces.

Main cast

Shizuka Joestar – Achtung Baby

Protagonist (16), the adoptive daughter of Joseph & Suzie Q Joestar, born in Japan, raised in New York City. Her quest to find her birth mother is the driving point of the story.

I’ve designed her as a hybrid between Joseph’s children: Josuke & Holly. Appearance is based off the gyaru subculture; tan skin, bubblegum pink hair and thick make-up (Sergeant Higashikata believes this is karma for putting make-up on her at only 6 months old.) She also has a tattoo of an impossible triangle in place of a Joestar birthmark.

A kind, genuine girl, there is no deception in her heart; she says and does what she means and always keeps her promises. The problem is she assumes everyone else does as well, and tends to be overly trusting, seeing good in everyone even when it’s not there. But this also means when she is deceived, she takes it VERY personally, flying into a rage. Her Stand and her intelligence allows her to defend herself when she finds herself in danger. Her kindness comes from a desire to be liked by everyone.

Her Stand, [Achtung Baby], allows her to manipulate photons, or light-particles, up to a radius of 40 metres. This allows her to go invisible, and to turn other objects including human invisible. A long-range type, what it lacks in speed & power is more than made up for in precision and versatility. By controlling photons, Shizuka can create highly realistic optical illusions. These illusions are just light, however, and have no sound or physical mass. Instead, these illusions are designed to disorientate her opponents, disturbing their perception so Shizuka can come up with a way to take them down properly. These illusions are themed on MC Escher-style art, using impossible 3D shapes to disorientate her enemies.

Kilo Staples – Saturn Barz

A street thug (20) from the streets of Compton, Los Angeles. Decides to help Shizuka find her mother after she defeats him, then recognises him as a good person at heart.

His design revolves mainly around weight imagery, like the Nijimura brother’s currency theme. He wears long, braided cornrows that end in large rings, is decked out in chains with metal weights, and all emblazoned with the “Kg” symbol.

Kilo’s personality is the opposite to Shizuka, as a mistrustful, suspicious person who is generally hostile to those around him. This stems from a harsh upbringing, raised by neglectful parents and being pressured to join a gang from an early age. However, he is also quite intelligent, and he has strong sense of justice, expressed in a disdain for gangs. He is constantly held back by self-loathing, believing himself incapable to redeeming himself and becoming a good person.

An incident from his teens left him deeply misanthropic, as he and his childhood friend were caught up in a feud between two Stand users. Both Kilo and his friend, Kish, were struck by a Stand arrow. Kish died, and Kilo acquired a Stand, defeating one of the Stand users and leaving the other indebted to him. However, once the incident was over, Kilo was accused of having murdered Kish, resulting in everyone he knew turning against him. A lack of evidence kept him out of prison, but he decided never to rely on anyone but himself ever again. Only in meeting Shizuka does he begin to trust again, as Shizuka was the first person to believe in him since Kish’s death.

[Saturn Barz] is an intimidating Stand, a close-range power type with the ability to induce phase transition in matter; its touch can turn solids into liquids, liquids into gas, and back again. Nothing is immune to this power, including other humans, making a very dangerous Stand. However, it also has the potential to heal, which Kilo himself is unaware of before meeting Shizuka. By reconstituting lost blood into solids, Kilo can heal wounds. Another, final ability, is to ionize gasses to create powerful explosions, but this power does severe damage to the user because of the necessity of the Stand’s activation-by-touch.

(My concept for a fan part of JJBA, starring Shizuka Joestar. This is just the first part, featuring just the main duo. There are more characters to add, including Shizuka’s mother, the main antagonist, and the various, colourful gang members,