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0/ more photos and random flailing on my twitter btw! Thanks for the well wishes, I’m having a blast, best vacation ever!

OH MY GOD whyyyy did no one tell me you’re supposed to send thank-yous after interviews?? Why would I do that???

“Thank you for this incredibly stressful 30 minutes that I have had to re-structure my entire day around and which will give me anxiety poos for the next 24 hours.”



Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 2
   ➸ Favourite Malec Moment(s)


I just love living in a constant tire fire, so this was inevitable. GTAV ruined me in a very unique way. This is only the beginning, you should probably unfollow.

has this been done yet?

  • me watching parks and recreation: working in government is fun and will lead to lifelong friendships and great change for citizens!
  • me watching veep: working in government is terrible and will make you hate everyone and prove change is impossible!
  • me watching west wing: working in politics is honorable and courageous and will let you interact with the greatest and most heroic people in the country!
  • me watching house of cards: working in government will get you murdered!
Triplicity (M)

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=> Yoonseok x Reader Poly!AU

Summary: Distance is a cruel thing, and when you find yourself going astray, they are there to help remind you of just where exactly you belong.

Warnings: Explicit smut. Includes M/M smut as well. Slight angst. D/s themes.

Words: 11,191

a/n: 11k of smut. This is a new low.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Voice thick with irritation, spitefulness leaking from plush lips that supported the thin cigarette hung loosely from his teeth, a threatening gaze sized you up and left you feeling defenseless and weak under the scrutiny of coffee eyes, depths uncertain and unknown.

You weren’t exactly sure how you managed to find yourself in this predicament, hands held at the small of your back, wrists overlapping each other as a much stronger hold pinned you in place. You could feel the drumming of Hoseok’s heartbeat against your shoulder, grip tightening around your skin as you poorly attempted to gain back any control you once had, which hadn’t been very much to begin with.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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I wanted to draw something angsty but my body decided to purge all the fluff instead, so this is random but meh. More Creek, what a surprise, amirite?

 For me Craig is boyfriend material, he can be grumpy, non caring for other things but I imagine him taking good care of Tweek, fight me!

Requiem (1/??)

And at long last!! The Delinquent AU I’ve mentioned in the past. This is part one, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Summary: When he was a child, Shinichi had thought he’d become a detective. Now he’s halfway there, looking into a series of attacks against delinquents in Tokyo, trying not to become a victim himself. Delinquent!AU

“Listen,” Kudo Shinichi says, his tone bored as if he’s had enough of the conversation, has had to repeat it multiple times. “How many times do I have tell people around here that the Mouri Agency is off limits?”

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I personally think Tim is a really sweet boy! A very smart one at that too! It’d be impossible for me to hate a good kid like him~

I know Tim and Damian don’t get along quite often, but they have been trying to put in the extra effort in trying to do so. Despite how Damian is like, deep down, I know he wants to make amends for the things he’s done in the past. 

They’re currently upstairs right now, they’re probably having so much fun together! I’m sure Tim understands why Damian reacted the way he initially did, so they’ll probably begin to finally understand one another in no time!

So. We’re back to phase one… Every time these two finally take two steps forward, something just has to push them one step back.

From what I’ve heard… If it wasn’t for how horrible their first meeting went… I bet they would have gotten along just fine. They’re both good people in their own strange way.

And they’re both clearly skilled detectives and vigilantes. They’re just completely unaware of how many things they have in common, but for now.. “C’est la vie” as they say. I’m sure they’ll grow out of it someday.

anonymous asked:

I’ve been going through some hard times and would really love a sweet fluffy first morning after ficlet. It would make my day a little brighter.

Oh gosh, I’m not the best, Lovely, but I’ll try! Here’s my quick ficlet I’m writing between projects at work.


Those were John Watson’s first thoughts when he began to gain awareness after his deep sleep. He breathed in heavily through his nose; the smell of cinnamon, chemicals, and something utterly Sherlock hit his consciousness and the previous evening’s events flashed into his immediate thoughts.


The heaviness moves at John’s risen chest, snuffling and tickling his chin, a pressure squeezing his rib cage tighter in protest of John even daring to move. The weight settles again and hums contentedly, a rumble into John’s ribcage. 

John smiles widely, turning his nose down into Sherlock’s hair, inhales. 

The smell is so heady to John; he fears he is dreaming, at least until he brings his arms around the man cuddled against his chest. John’s arms grip tightly around Sherlock’s back, pulling the Sherlock-shaped limpet up closer to his own face. Said limpet finds this an agreeable idea, and makes the effort shuffle up, positioning himself so that his whole body is lying right on top of John, wrapping his own arms under John’s shoulders. Sherlock buries his face in John’s neck, and proceeds to nuzzle it with his nose. Sherlock’s morning stubble is rubbing pleasantly against his own. 

“Mmm, good morning, Love,” John mumbles as he returns the nuzzle. He feels Sherlock smile, squeezing tighter, curling his toes against John’s calf.

“Pet names already, John?” Sherlock speaks softly to John’s earlobe, a lilt of mirth tainting his voice. “We’ve only just started sharing a bed together.”

“Oh shush, you idiot,” chuckles John, fondness oozing from his lips, “you love it.” John brings up one of his hands to pet at Sherlock’s curls; the grunt of pleasure Sherlock emits sends a shiver down John’s spine. “Adore it, even. Would have never taken you for a cuddler, though. Thought you hated all this sentiment stuff.”

Sherlock lifts his head up and presses his cheek into John’s. “This is different, John.”

John cracks open his eyes as he chuckles, “Oh? How so?”

“It’s YOU, John. It’s impossible for me to hate anything that has to do with you.” Sherlock’s face goes very serious as he stares right into John’s eyes.

John giggles. “You hate my jumpers.”

Sherlock’s face goes terribly soft and starts to blush. He pushes his face back into John’s neck, and mutters, “Not really, no.”

John chuckles. He pushes his head into Sherlock’s. “And my blog.”

Sherlock squeezes John tighter still. “No.”

John’s smiling wide, strokes one of his hands down Sherlock’s shoulder blade.  “Knew it.”

“Is-sow-i-owe-oo-uv-eee,” Sherlock tells John’s cranium.

“What’s that, Love?”

“It’s how I know you loved me,” Sherlock whispers to the pillow. “In some capacity,” he adds after a second. Sherlock kisses John’s shoulder. 

John sucks in a breath, brushes his lips against Sherlock’s ear. “Was it that obvious?”

Sherlock shakes his head minutely. “Not really. Though in hindsight it is fairly obvious.” Sherlock lifts his head again. “I guess I just didn’t want to hope too much.” Their foreheads touch. “I’ve loved you for too long, John. I couldn’t bear it if I was wrong about this one thing, so I just never let myself hope too much.”

John returns a hand to Sherlock’s scalp, and brushes his lips against Sherlock’s. “I’m sorry I made you wait so long.”

Sherlock smiles, presses his lips into John’s. “Worth it.” They share a tender kiss, then another. Lazy pecks to greet each other on this new day, the first day of the rest of their lives. 

Later, they will share a shower together, lazily drawing soapy patterns on each other’s backs. They will share a few of Mrs Hudson’s scones for breakfast, John feeding Sherlock as they snuggle close on the couch. They will share a tea, because Sherlock just likes John’s better. And later still they will share kisses and moans as they make love in Sherlock’s bed, after Sherlock decides that he just isn’t close enough to John sitting practically in his lap, and John will tell Sherlock how beautiful he is. Sherlock will tell John he’s an idiot, but he’s HIS idiot, and that no one else can have him.

Later, Sherlock will ask if he can keep John forever. They will share the rest of their lives together.

But right now, John is content petting Sherlock’s hair, as Sherlock dozes off again, sharing this moment together.

Bleh, sorry it’s kinda crappy and short Nonny, but I hope you feel better.

What About Us - Jack Avery

Summary: What was suppose to be a cute picnic date went horribly wrong.

Requested by @wdw-b-log 

A/N: I still have request from the list of numbers, but I think I’m going to take a break from those bc I can’t seem to write any of them, sorry :/ 

You sat on the grass, ripping the strands out one by one. You’ve been waiting for hours, the sun already set and the air cold. You stared at the stars, making up excuses as to why Jack wasn’t with you.

‘Maybe he’s just running late.’

‘Maybe he was stuck in traffic’ 

‘He could be caught up with the boys, they were working on their music earlier.’ 

‘What if he forgot?’

You shook your head, the possibilities as to why Jack was late were endless. You stood up, feeling the cold air brush against your skin. You take Jack’s hoodie in your hands, pulling it on to keep you warm. It smells like him.

You clean up, carrying everything to your car. You sat in your car, waiting a few more minutes, just in case.  

“I can’t believe he forgot.” You groan, turning on your car. You rested your head on the steering wheel, debating on whether or not to confront him. “Fuck it.” You put the car in reverse, beginning to drive towards the boys’ house.

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My final Top 11 pick that nobody asked for

Things have changed, with a lot of my faves being eliminated

Kim Jonghyun // Pledis

Lee Daehwi // Brand New Music

Park Woojin // Brand New Music

Hwang Minhyun // Pledis

Jung Sewoon // Starship

Kang Daniel // MMO

Kim Jaehwan // Independent Trainee

Im Youngmin // Brand New Music

Ong Sungwoo // Fantagio

Lai Guanlin // Cube

Park Jihoon // Maroo