impossible stump

Hidden Under Amaryllis (1/ 2)

summary: No one knew when it began. It was a disease a couple generations old. Their butterflies either rise up and escape as kisses, or… (Aka, “The Hanahaki Disease Flower Shop AU No One Asked For.”) Twoshot.

pairings: killugon, leopika

notes: the flower meanings are listed where the fic is posted on ao3 and ffnet

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The bell above the doorframe chimed, marking the three o'clock rush of one customer. 

Kurta Flowers and Creations was far from a popular location and patrons were a selected few. It was a small corner store that only residents who lived here their entire lives could remember existed, tucked away in the shadows of the town. 

It was overstocked with every flower available. There were flowers one wouldn’t believe existed. Anything a florist could get their hands on, The Kurta had it. It was rare to hear they didn’t carry what you were looking for. It was damn near impossible to stump them when it came to types of flowers. They were fairly popular for their Amaryllis, yet they rarely sold these days. The current owner claimed that he didn’t stock them due to lack of interest.

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#124: Infidelity Accusations


Liam: “It’s me, or it’s her.” You said awfully calmly for the situation. “Why are you so worked-” “I’m not interested in your drama, Liam. I need an answer so I don’t follow you around like a lost puppy while you shag all your exes! It's embarrassing! You’ve got me mum calling because it’s on telly. I need to know before I get hurt!” You yelled exasperated, plopping down onto the bed and thrusting your head into your hands. “You’ve got me wrong, I wouldn’t touch any of my exes. They’re my exes for a reason.” He sighed, plopping on the opposite side of the bed. You didn’t speak like he had hoped so he turned to face where you were and he pulled on your arm. “I know you probably don’t believe anything I’m saying,” He sighed, lying on the bed now, trying to pull you into him. “But I choose you.”

Zayn: "Fucking arse.“ You mumbled in disgust as he lead you out of the room filled with dancing bodies. "I know what it sounds like…” He trailed off, quite near you since there wasn’t much breathing room in the thin hall to the toilets. “Zayn, you –” You started but he was quick to clamp a hand over your mouth. “Please, let me explain before you yell and someone notices?” He whined and you ruefully complied. “I know what she said, but I only met her last year because she was dating Louis. I don’t know anything about her, hell I don’t even know her surname. I don’t want you to think I did something with her because I didn’t, I don’t even know why she’s fucking with me. But please don’t get worked up, you know I would never.” He sighed, finally unclamping his hand from your lips. “I want to go home.” You eventually said after an intense staring match. “I want you to prove it to me.”

Louis: “You really think I would do that?” He yelled as if he was being attacked by your accusation, as if it was physically hurting him. He slammed the door behind him as you got to your flat, and he was quick to corner you. “I don’t know where you get these fucking ideas, (Y/N).” He said, anger blazing in the back of his eyes. “But I can’t believe you would think so little of me.” He whispered, his voice cracking and his eyes glistening. “I try so hard to show you how much you mean to me and all you take out of it all is that I’m sleeping around?” He asked shakily, waiting for some sort of rebuttle. “I didn’t say you were sleeping around I said sometimes it seems like you’re wanting someone-” “Just stop, please.” He sighed, pulling a hand over his face in defeat. “I’m going to bed, and as soon as you feel like I love you enough to not fucking cheat on you, you can come upstairs. And maybe by then I’ll forget you said anything.”

Niall: "It’d be so easy.“ You whispered to him one night over the phone, silently hurting about how easy it would actually be. "I guess it would.” He shrugged half-asleep, staring up at the ceiling, clutching his phone to his face. “I’d never find out.” You whispered back, the hole in your heart growing. “You don’t actually think anything’s going on here, do you?” He said with amusement but was disappointed when a laugh didn’t come from you. He sat up in his bed, now completely awake. “Well sometime’s I just get ideas and-” “Hey, I don’t wanna hear that kind of stuff.” He demanded softly, chewing his lip as he thought. “I couldn’t ever do that to you, you should know that. And you know what, love? It wouldn’t be easy at all. It would be fucking hard, I can’t even leave the hotel without paps on my arse the whole time. I not only couldn’t but I would never. I love you so much that it would hurt to much to even think about another girl. You’re far too amazing to have these insecurities, love. Alright?” He asked, lying back down on the bed. You nodded but didn’t say a word. “I don’t want you to worry about anything, I’ll be back to you in no time.”

Harry: "Do men even have consciences or are they all just fucking pigs?“ You snapped angrily, storming into the kitchen and straight to the freezer to grab a bottle of vodka, with Harry hot on your heels. "So first prick and now pig, what else have you got in your horrible book of insults?” He snapped sarcastically, snaking the bottle from your grasp and taking a swig before handing it back. “Lying, cheating, scum.” You spat, spinning around and heading for your bedroom. “I’d like to know who I slept with, the exact date and your proof, please?” He spoke calmly, confidently, clutching his hands in front of him as he waited for an impossible answer. You stopped, stumped, unsure of the reason you had thought he was cheating to begin with. “Hmph, you see, my dear, you should really collect your information before you accuse perfectly wonderful people of doing nasty, horrible things.” He spoke with a smirk on his face as he walked towards where you stood. “Now if you’ll please proceed to the bedroom where you can show me how sorry you are.” He growled with a slap to your ass.

I want to fly on a hippogriff
And feel the wind on my outstretched arms.
I want to ride on a powerful lion
And heal wounded on the battlefield.
I want to break the chains of slaves
With 8000 invincible men at my fingertips.
I want to solve impossible puzzles
That stump the “boring” human mind.
I want to shoot down my oppressors
And unleash a rebellion.
I want to take down men
With my thighs and an innocent smile.
I want to be the hero of my own story
And know that victory can be even mine.

a Muslim girl who grew up never seeing herself as a hero between the pages of a book.