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Quantum computers have arrived.  

First there was the mainframe, then came the personal computer, now we’ve reached a new monumental landmark in the history of technology. For the first time ever, IBM aims to bring universal quantum computers out of the lab and into the commercial realm. Projected to sift through vast possibilities and data, to choose the perfect option or discover unseen patterns, quantum computing is poised to drive a new era of innovation across industries. This means that some of the world’s most complex problems now have a chance of being solved. And as the quantum eco-system grows, a seemingly impossible kind of physics could start to make the most incredible things possible.

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ao3 klance fic recs

After making my way through most of the klance tag on ao3 I thought I’d share the ones that have stuck the most with me so far. honestly this fandom is a blessing, these authors are a blessing, these dumb space gays are a blessing. so in no particular order, please, have some klance;

Cheeky by rideahorse / a short and sweet oneshot that involves both kissing and incessant bickering, and honestly with this pair, what more could you ask for. rated T.

official summary: Keith pinches his eyes shut, slamming the book down again and swiveling to face Lance. “Oh my god,” he groans, standing up and crossing the two feet between them before Lance can get out a word. He grabs Lance’s face between his hands (perhaps a bit rougher than needed, but hey, he’s always wanted to slap Lance’s stupid face) and the last thing he sees is an expression of pure surprise before he leans down and presses his lips against Lance’s.It’s a peck, and it lasts a second, and then it’s over. Keith leans back, releasing Lance’s face, and hisses, “There.”

if it takes two by velvetcrowbars / Lance has a confession to make and Keith is a knight in shining armor (sorta). a well written oneshot that Lance is absolutely not going to remember in the morning. rated T.

official summary: After the Sendak attack, Keith and Lance deal with unresolved things. Whatever those might be.“Keith?”“What?” He finally says, safely slipping the piece over Lance’s head with minimal knocking against his temple. He sets the discarded parts on the floor next to the bed.“I have a confession.”

never been kissed by kairiolette / I got a pretty good laugh out of this one, Keith and Lance have a Quality Bonding Moment™ at a local alien burger joint and things may or may not get a little out of hand. not that either of them are really complaining. rated G.

official summary: “You give off the obnoxious popular vibe. The mullet, and the rap sheet, and—the fingerless gloves,” Lance replies, and barrels on before Keith can take it the wrong way. “I’m so handsome, my name’s Keith and I’m a pilot.”“That sounds more like a compliment than an insult,” Keith says slowly, a disdainful quirk to his eyebrows that only spurs Lance on. He tilts his head a bit, his bangs shadowing his face, like he’s assessing a particularly impossible physics problem. “And I don’t like that voice you’re using.”

A Fish And A Bird by Methoxyethane / I loved this fic, adored it to be totally honest. the writing is excellent and the plot is funny while also being meaningful. could alternatively be titled “Keith and Lance take miscommunication to a whole new level and then some”. rated T.

official summary: Lance has a boyfriend. Lance does not realize he has a boyfriend. Keith, understandably, does not react well.

head to head, neck and neck, side by side by kushling / lance actually wins a spar with keith and he is so incredibly baffled that he 100% misses the 5000 implications of keith’s super massive gay crush on him. also, avatar references. definitely worth the read. rated T.

official summary: Lance and Keith both like sparring, Avatar, and each other. They have a hard time admitting it. Pidge makes fun of them. Space swords!!!

Stranded by cyborgtoaster / keith and lance end up being both very cold and very gay, in that order. denial is rampant and i definitely snickered once or twice during this one. rated T.

official summary: On a mission gone wrong, Keith and Lance end up stranded on a barren planet during an unexpected ice storm. Left to their own devices, they have to find a way to keep warm for the night. For once, maybe they can get along and only increase their unresolved feels.

moments of silence by attemptsonwords / really well written and great character capturing. lace is super bi and keith is really really frickin gay, together they both start to put the pieces of their relationship together. rated T.

official summary: Quiet moments between two boys who spend most of their time yelling at the other.

Drive! by wolfgun / set in an earth-centric au, keith has obviously never attended a child safety course in his entire life since he thinks jumping into a strangers car and screaming “Drive!” is an acceptable escape plan. it’s like a sleepover au but better. rated T.

official summary: “C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Don’t you know how to drive? With a car like this, you can’t tell me you just love to mosey on down the road like a goddamn geezer,” he taunted. “What is this? Just a bit of daddy’s money and mommy’s rules?”“I’ll show you geezer, mullet-head!"Au Prompt: You’re getting chased by the police and you just jumped in my car and yelled drive, wtf man (except it’s not cops because Lance’s mom would kill him for bringing home a wanted teen)

I’ve got 99 problems and you’re every single one by kitwitt / lace is so deep in denial it’s almost physically painful to witness, keith is so amazingly gay that’s almost physically painful, too. for an explicitly rated fic a majority of the (currently 4/5) chapters are more fluff then smut. well written and witty, keith is a snarky little shit and it’s great. rated explicit.

official summary: “Obviously I’m not gay.” Lance floundered, voice breaking to a higher pitch.
Shiro tilted his head slightly. “But you have a crush on Keith.”

In which Lance fails to mask his attraction to a certain pilot under the ruse of rivalry, and everyone knows but Keith.

Miscommunication and failures by Lance by mikuridaigo / oh man i got a pretty good laugh out of this. collage-student au where Lance fucks up big time and ends up with a seriously pissed off Keith on his ass. literally. rated M.

(it’s Explicit companion piece Disastrophe (I like it rough) is also absolutely worth the read if you’re looking for that kind of thing.)

official summary: When Hunk called the Sunday before the spring quarter began, asking if he wanted to grab brunch with him, Lance said yes; and when Hunk called again, saying that his friend was joining at the last second, Lance didn’t think anything of it.Until said friend was the best sex he’s ever had.Basically Lance is a screw up and fixing this mess was probably going to kill him.

I could absolutely keep going and going and going (and going) because there are so many great klance fics floating around out there. I definitely encourage you to root around in the tag for yourself if you haven’t already. huge shout out to all the voltron fanfiction writers out there, every single one of you are in my heart. every. single. one. 

thats all for now kids, tune in next time for more Quality Space Gay™ fanfiction recommendations !


i made a second fic rec!!! here is the link:

Since i spend every night curled up in a ball at 3 a.m. reading klance fics i thought i would let you guys know some of my favorites ! 

in no particular order i give you my top klance ao3 fanfictions (that i have come across so far) 


or even a dan and phil fanfic rec/ a larry fanfic rec

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any good klance fics?

wow so this is extrememememmememmememllylyllylyyyyyy late lol like no kidding i think 2 of these messages have been sitting in my inbox for who knows how long….and ive gotten requests to do fic recs post since like. the beginning of this blog lol. but here i am almost a yr later sup guys

so ill go ahead and only list my top 5 because out of the 46248678282 fics ive probably read these are the most memorable ones for me…..there are more but they are either unfinished or i jut genuinely do not remember the title/author because i am a mess lol….so here goes!

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No joke or trick my friend accidentally hit his fiancé Coca Cola and it tilted like this which didn’t spill any of the soda. In conclusion you never see this everyday and Coca Cola can defy gravity. Science side of tumblr please explain!


One of the foremost minds in his field, Michio Kaku is probably the second most recognizable theoretical physicist in the world (after Stephen Hawking). He is the author of eight works of popular science, a number of which have been New York Times bestsellers, including his most recent The Future of the Mind. Dr. Kaku has passed through the University Book Store on a few of his book tours and is easily one of the nicest author guests we’ve hosted.


the HIGHLY requested part two of my klance fic list is here, if you missed part one here is a link:

A LITTLE DISCLAIMER: i read fics purely bc i am a sucker for some cute ass shit and i love the story telling and some fic writers are actually AMAZING writers so my recommendations are usually story based or AU’s and are suuuuuuuper long with not voltron based plots, that being said i sprinkled some voltron ones in there bc i love my gay space sons ALSO I DO NOT READ WIP FICS SO ALL THESE ARE COMPLETED 


Now are you ready for some gooooood ass shIT

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anonymous asked:

What are your recs for klance Fanfics. As many as you can throw out. I'm getting desperate fam

mmmm okay here we go!!!! my personal fanfic recommendations <3 

“Firsts are best because they are beginnings.” Or, Keith is the new Gryffindor seeker and Lance is in denial (but what else is new). SFW ・ one-shot

“You give off the obnoxious popular vibe. The mullet, and the rap sheet, and—the fingerless gloves,” Lance replies, and barrels on before Keith can take it the wrong way. “I’m so handsome, my name’s Keith and I’m a pilot.”
“That sounds more like a compliment than an insult,” Keith says slowly, a disdainful quirk to his eyebrows that only spurs Lance on. He tilts his head a bit, his bangs shadowing his face, like he’s assessing a particularly impossible physics problem. “And I don’t like that voice you’re using.” SFW ・ one-shot

Lance is the star athlete of his college swim team, and the best diver they’ve had in decades. He’s a watercolor artist who’s brilliant use of palettes and textures has given him regional recognition, often displaying his work in multiple student galleries. He’ll never admit it, but he loves art museums and talking about technique and styles of art. He’s an active member of his fraternity and holds his role as Vice President very highly. He gets good grades and works hard to be recognized - he even tutors English Literature to other students on Saturdays.

He didn’t know he’d be talking about conspiracy theories with an unknown number on a Tuesday night, until his phone went off at three in the morning. SFW ・ 4/?

“I am trying to figure out these VSEPR exercises,” Keith sighs. Loudly. “You know, like—”
“Like valence-shell electron-pair repulsion theory?” Lance finishes for him. 
Keith stares.
Lance bats his eyelashes and chews on his bubblegum, blowing a large bubble and snapping it right in front of Keith’s face. “What?” he says. “Like it’s hard.”
(or, the fic in which antisocial loner Keith seeks chemistry tutoring from resident airhead cheerleader Lance. Who, actually, isn’t that much of an airhead as it turns out.) SFW ・ 1/3

So being the delightful boyfriend he was, Lance offered to stay in Keith’s apartment while he was gone. Besides, it was comforting being surrounded by Keith’s belongings. If felt like he was still with him. Lance had been in the middle of his own Christmas cheer, subtle decorating to music and working on something special for Keith when his phone rang.
“There’s just too much snow, baby. We couldn’t even see the roads; we had to stop.”
That was not what Lance wanted to hear. SFW ・ one-shot

For Lance, humans were a mystery. He’d lived beneath the surface of the ocean with his shoal his entire life, and had intended to remain there. He knew the danger humans posed to his kind, and what would happen if he came close to one. That’s why, when he found one drowning, his first instinct was to save him.
He’d never been good at following the rules anyway. Not Rated ・ 26/?

Music is the language of the soul. Keith wholly believes in that philosophy. He’s always been able to hear more than just words in lyrics, more than just chords in music, and this new band speaks so loudly, with so much heart, that he’s swept away by their songs, and, more importantly, by their very attractive frontman. SFW ・ 4/? (discontinued :( still a fave though)

Lance and his friends have been regulars at the Altea Dance Studio for years. Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with good people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. 
And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.
Luckily, Shiro comes up with a brilliant plan: convince Lance and Keith to audition as a duo.
With a little convincing, and a lot of effort, these two might just be able to pull it off and go to regionals… or they might crash and burn. SFW/mild mature scene ・ 11/16

After the Conclave blew up in everyone’s face, the whole world went to shit. Lance didn’t know what to make of it, but there was no way he would join the Inquisition to become their tool. Sure, he could close the rifts now, by some miracle - accident in his humble opinion - and he was doing his best to close them on his own. Trouble was, they were getting worse as time went on. After being tossed by a shade, he was seriously reconsidering doing this by himself. Needless to say, he got lucky that a cute Seeker came to his rescue after getting caught in a dragon’s nest; the only problem was that cute Seeker was trying his damnedest to recruit him into the Inquisition. Mature ・ 5/?

Shiro has been a Galra prisoner for over a year; with his flight feathers clipped and unable to fly. Desperate to escape, he jumps overboard while being transported to the capitol on a Galran ship. Lance is a merman who saves him from drowning. Keith thinks Shiro is about to become mermaid dinner. Hunk just wants Lance to stop going to the surface all the time, dammit!
(AU where Avians (winged folk), Galra, humans and merfolk cohabit earth. Shiro and Keith are avian soldiers, Lance is the youngest son of a Queen, Hunk is also a merman and Pidge is still looking for her family.) Mature ・ 10/?

Keith never expected YouTube to lead him to the love of his life. Mature ・ 11/?

Nothing Like a Lawful Neutral

Context: My fighter is the only Lawful Neutral character on a team consisting of a True Neutral halfling monk, a Chaotic Neutral tiefling warlock, and a Neutral Good half-elf ranger with a bad impression of laws in general. They’re all endearingly nuts in their own way, and, well. He fits in like soy sauce on mashed potatoes.


Warlock: *after surviving the shipwreck that nearly killed all of us* So you worked for the people transporting us?

Fighter: Money doesn’t grow on trees. Of course I was.

Ranger: You know it was a slave ship right?

Fighter: You were getting transported to prison! The only thing enslaving you are the consequences of your crimes.


Monk: You not gonna like, wrangle us into line?

Fighter: Why.

Monk: I mean, you were a guard, right? You arrest people.

Fighter: We are in the middle of a jungle. What laws could you possibly be breaking?

Ranger: *OOC* I roll to see what impossible feats of physics-defying tricks I can do to piss this guy off.


Warlock: So are we going back to jail if we get to a place where there’s a jail?

Fighter: I mean, they feed you in most prisons. Terrible food, but it’s free.

Warlock: …Damn he right.


Ranger: Do you arrest people even when they’re doing the right thing?

Fighter: Everyone should be held accountable for their actions regardless of intentions.

Ranger: Easy for you to say.

Fighter: Listen, I got banished from my country and disowned from my family because I was fucking my country’s Crown Prince. I deserve the rights to say this like it was easy.

Ranger: …Okay but that’s– Okay, you couldn’t have had good intentions about that.

Fighter: I think there were some good ones, but then he took off his shirt and I forgot what they were.

Monk: And I thought my getting kicked out of my temple for fapping during prayer was dramatic.

DM: …Oh. :-)


Ranger: You don’t have many friends, do you?

Fighter: I had some but the murder hobos fucking killed them all. :)


Warlock: Well at least you aren’t lecturing us on honor or anything.

Fighter: Honor is reliability. That’d like chanting Celestial to a demon.



Warlock: …Not all tieflings.


Soy sauce on mashed potatoes: weird taste, but acceptable.

Important points on dimensional outsiders

• Most of the time they can be impossible to comprehend, this is okay, they’re most likely not putting the energy into comprehending you either. Just ignore them and they will move on

• You will NOT go insane by simply viewing them, at most you will be confused by their seemingly abstracted shapes and impossible physics, the same cannot be said of holding a conversation

• MOST outsiders are not even aware that they are crossing into this plane of reality, just as you are not aware of the infinitely many planes of 2-dimensional realities you pass through just by walking or moving around daily. you’re just as scary to them as they are to you

• They will most likely seem to be able to do impossible things, this is because they do NOT follow OUR conventional laws of reality, they simply follow whatever alien laws of reality apply to them

• They can be summoned, or at least communicated with. find a phone or computer and look for the right frequency, they’ll find you. but be careful about talking with strangers

• None of these beings may make any sort of sense to you, that’s alright, you don’t make any sense to them either

and finally, 

•  Be nice. while they may not be able to understand you, Helena times out of purple they get the gist of your intent and will try to be as kind as possible in return, just beware of what they interpret as “kindness”

Voltron Fic Rec List


you have received entirely, entirely by loveghost

Shiro blinks at him. Lance doesn’t blame him; he’s horrified at himself too. What karmic sins did he commit in past lives to bring this upon himself? To now, in the midst of a training session of all times, blurt: “Hey, guys? You ever think about soulmates and shit?”

Lightning in a Bottle by amillionsmiles

“Well, buddy, beach volleyball isn’t a fight,” he says, getting close enough so that he can clearly see the navy blue of Keith’s eyes, their noses almost brushing. “It’s a dialogue.”

Keith thrusts the ball back at Lance’s chest, eyes flashing.

“Oh, yeah? You’d better start talking, then.”

(or: it’s good to be back at Veradera Beach. It’s good to be back home.)

Kiss Me, You Idiot by @glowdroid

It happens at 2 am, like all regrettable-but-painfully-sincere things do, even in Altean time.

He’s Shallow, Is What I Mean by @lancecmcclain

This is actually just Keith being gay and Pidge being aro as hell. Rated G for Gay. 

bench press me by eggboi

“The hell are you doing?” Keith grumbles out, body mid-push up. There’s a snicker behind him, too close to his ears, though Keith can’t really understand what would be so amusing about this. Then again, he’s not really sure why Lance is lying on him while he’s doing push ups either. Other than to be, of course, annoying.

“Nothing.” Lance finally says. Keith hears the grin in his voice, which only proves to irritate him a little more. ‘Nothing’ his ass. “Continue with what you’re doing, Mr. ‘I’m-Too-Good-For-Socialization’.”

(Lance, as always, tries to annoy Keith by making his exercise harder. It doesn’t work. At all.)

Color Me Intrigued by dreamcp

Lance draws. Specifically, Lance draws Keith. A lot.

twelve feet deep by starspecters

Keith doesn’t respond, but he does smile - which is honestly better, in Lance’s opinion - and Lance starts to worry that maybe he should have applied more sunblock when the tips of his ears grow hot.

never been kissed by kairiolette

“You give off the obnoxious popular vibe. The mullet, and the rap sheet, and—the fingerless gloves,” Lance replies, and barrels on before Keith can take it the wrong way. “I’m so handsome, my name’s Keith and I’m a pilot.”

“That sounds more like a compliment than an insult,” Keith says slowly, a disdainful quirk to his eyebrows that only spurs Lance on. He tilts his head a bit, his bangs shadowing his face, like he’s assessing a particularly impossible physics problem. “And I don’t like that voice you’re using.”


according to protocol by amillionsmiles

“PDA in uniform can result in a demerit of fifty to a hundred points,” Shiro murmurs.

“Good thing we’re not in public, then,” Keith mutters hoarsely.

Part 1 of the this corner of the universe series

keep up with you by amillionsmiles

“Clay thinks you have an eight-pack.”

Shiro’s eyebrow jumps. “Does he, now?”

“I told him I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it,” continues Keith, eyes dancing with a challenge.

Part 2 of the this corner of the universe series

Victorious by themorninglark

“When you come back - ” says Keith, again, and then he can’t finish the sentence for the enormity of it, so he stops short. Leaves it hanging like a promise, waiting to be fulfilled, and settles for reaching out to rest his hand on Shiro’s shoulder instead. Lets the contact linger for as long as he can, etched like life lines and heart lines into his palm.

Shiro nods. He doesn’t break promises.

Neither does Keith.

For the Damaged by commodorecliche

You’ve held your head up
You’ve fought the fight
You bear the scars
You’ve done your time
Listen to me
You’ve been lonely, too long

anonymous asked:

(Time Travel Anon) Traveling to the past isn't impossible. It just isn't currently possible. Every time someone has said something is impossible, someone narrows their eyes and says "Oh really?" and goes off and builds a nuke, or a plane, or computers (all of which were once considered to be impossible).

This is an objection I get a lot whenever I say something like “time travel to the past is impossible” or “faster than light travel is impossible”, and I’d have to disagree with it. Sure, I admit there is a slim possibility that we might uncover new physics that allows for it, but going so far to think that it most likely is possible I feel is a tad unscientific.

Here’s an example. Say, a billion people try to win at a normal looking slot machine, and all of them fail. Sure, it’s possible that everyone was just extremely unlucky, but a much more likely explanation is that the slot machine is rigged. It’s a similar idea here. Over the past 100 years we have gathered a tremendous amount of data in complete support of quantum mechanics and relativity, models that are both incompatible with time travel to the past. Sure, it’s possible that we just happened to miss all the evidence in favor of it, but a much, much more likely explanation is that it’s simply impossible. We live in a universe where certain things are going to be impossible, or else physics wouldn’t exist in the first place.

Not to mention, the examples you gave are a part of survivor bias. Of course you’re going to hear about the cases when someone succeeds at doing “the impossible”, but you’ll never hear about all the others that failed. Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure most of those examples were actually deemed possible at the time, albeit difficult.

Point is, in science we follow the evidence wherever it takes us. Right now, the evidence is strongly suggesting that time travel to the past is impossible, so I’ll place my bets on that.

Friends With (Tax) Benefits, 1/?

One of the few things we have stuck to on this blog is that “Thou Shalt Not Post AU/AU’s”.

And then one day, Mod S asked Mod Z “but what if Mabel died while having the kids and Dipper and Henry got friend married?”

And then Mod S started writing things and then OH SHIT THIS IS A THING NOW HELP.

And then Mod S went to Mod Z and went “um….can we post this?”

And then Mod Z went “eh, maybe we’ll start posting au/au’s, as long as they kind of go along with the general rules of this universe?”

TLDR: Here is the thing we’ve been working on forever and we may be posting a few more au/au’s in the future


Multiple universes, a new one branching off for every decision made.

Universes so much in number that not even a top hatted dream demon could keep up with every one of them.

(Dipper tried once when he was 22 and a bit bored and the resulting week long headache that had resulted was decidedly Not Worth It)

Here is one universe, where a certain deal between Henry and Stan and Dipper was never made (why? perhaps Dipper missed a detail, perhaps none of them stopped to think about what being pregnant with triplets would mean, perhaps there was no warning signs….there is no knowing now)l.

End result being, here is Dipper Pines, 27 years old, and watching his sister give birth to her triplets.

There was blood in the OR.

Far, far too much blood.

And Dipper had to choose, make the impossible decision.

Did he save his sister, or her newborn daughter?

(“Dipper Pines, if you love me, don’t worry about me. Save my girl. Please.”

He could never say no to Mabel. Even if it meant losing her.

There was a lot more that was shared between the two of them in the Mindscape before he returned them both to the hospital, felt Mabel leave even as he focused on saving Willow, but what the last conversation between the twins was shall remain strictly between the two of them.)


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Watch on

“If you want to learn the truth about NO PLANES on 911 you need to take the time and watch this video.
Treat it like a movie and give it some time to build its plot.  Anyone that watches the entire thing will KNOW that :
NO PLANES crashed ANYWHERE on 9/11!”

Use this link if video is blocked in your country.
This video is dedicated to everyone who still believes that real planes crashed on 9/11.

I ask everyone to forget everything you have learned or have been told about 9/11. Start here with a fresh clean slate and let your mind go blank. For the information in this video will prove conclusively that NO REAL PLANES were used on 9/11.

This subject has been talked about since at least 2005/6 and despite years of ridicule it is this information that stands out as the truth. Years of psychological mainstream media propaganda has poisoned peoples minds into accepting an official story so riddled with errors and impossibilities that it makes a mockery of all that we know about science, engineering and aviation today.

Keep an open mind and just listen to the real evidence and see for yourself that no real planes could’ve caused the damage we saw at all four crash sites on 9/11.

Impossible Physics, Speeds, G-Forces, Manoeuvres and Impact Dynamics.

Lack of debris, lack of any physical evidence, no serial numbers, no DNA identification or any bodies, false flight data recorder and no plane recovery identity done by the FAA.

The documentation that shows Flight’s 11 & 77 did not take off on 9/11 and that ACARS data shows Flights 93 & 175 were still airborne after their alleged crash times. No passenger manifests, boarding cards, ground crew testimony no confirmed CCTV footage of any of the hijackers arriving at the airports or boarding the planes. And the fact that several hijackers were still alive after 9/11.

The evidence that goes against the no planes on 9/11 is quite extensive while evidence that goes the other way is almost non existent. It is this evidence that has been ignored and ridiculed by lying and corrupt media, politicians and military towards citizens who have demanded answers.


So…. I can explain.

I like to travel with lots of companions okay (There are six of them all living in Sanctuary Hills with me), so I switch a lot, but of course I always come back to Hancock and spend the most time with him because he’s my SS’s bb and my forever fav, but when I want him back I CAN NEVER FIND HIM. If I ring the bell, he takes for fucking ever and is always the last person to show up with his lazy-ass sauntering shit (which we all love tbh).

Hancock bb, what is it you do in our settlement, like ??? He doesn’t work in the fields, ever. He doesn’t really hang out at the center of town where everyone else seems to crowd me while I work on my weapons and shit (probably because he “can’t operate heavy machinery”). 

If I’m lucky, I can sometimes find him chillin in the saloon I built or standing at a guard tower and more than once, I’ve found him splayed out in a sleeping bag by the river at like 1pm (???). But 90% of the time, I legit cannot find him because he seems to spend most of his time either hiding in a vacant house somewhere or wandering the perimeter in circles.

Solution: I built a fucking impossible-physics “Find Hancock” lookout post, you know, just so I could get as high as possible and find him. It seemed to work.

And GUESS FUCKING WHAT, Hancock now spends all his time up there. I’ve been chilling with Strong and Mac lately and both times when I came back to get ghoul husband, he was up there in our slumber party chill spot

So protip: Hancock likes treehouses?

never been kissed

lance/keith, 2800 words; first kisses and fast food

“You give off the obnoxious popular vibe. The mullet, and the rap sheet, and—the fingerless gloves,” Lance replies, and barrels on before Keith can take it the wrong way. “I’m so handsome, my name’s Keith and I’m a pilot.” 

“That sounds more like a compliment than an insult,” Keith says slowly, a disdainful quirk to his eyebrows that only spurs Lance on. He tilts his head a bit, his bangs shadowing his face, like he’s assessing a particularly impossible physics problem. “And I don’t like that voice you’re using.”

read here on AO3 or below

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Save Me {Oneshot}

Yoongi x Reader BadBoy!AU

Genre: Angst, fluff

Summary: The world wasn’t perfect. But with you in it, Yoongi thought it got pretty damn close.

Word count: 4,044

Notes and content warnings: Reader-Insert//strong language, violence

This is for @jiminmusings​’ contest! Congrats on 3k (: Also, thanks to @teal-n-turquoise​ and @ivechangedforabit​ for the support and help (:

Yoongi had always been problematic, but he had also always been your friend… sort of.

You met when you were kids in an orphanage. You were put there before you were old enough to retain any memories about your parents, so you didn’t know anything about them other than what the orphanage told you. But it didn’t really bother you, your lack of memories.

When you had someone like Yoongi to compare yourself to, you seemed very lucky. He was from a broken, abusive home and had been removed from his family by the state. He had memories, and you weren’t put into the system because of your home situation. You knew which condition you preferred. You were able to move on from your past. He wasn’t. You were able to adapt and become a functioning member of society. He wasn’t. You were adopted. He wasn’t.

He wasn’t able to be.

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