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@arrowsbane well i guess we’re going to just have to keep being inspired by each other. i read her amazing post HERE, which was in turn inspired by my post HERE and you don’t need to read any of these to read this, but can i just say –

holy shit. havoc/ed. what a brilliant fucking paring that i’ve never even thought of before. holy shit, it’s perfect.

so – to set the scene. trans female ed. trans ed who performed human transmutation not to bring anyone back to life (both her parents are alive, but gone, trisha was not content to be left behind this go around) but instead to give her the body she always desired. and she succeeds. she and al are still trained by izumi curtis, and this gives ed her driving passion, her goal in life – to be a housewife.

so she and al go about her adventures, dragging winry along more often than not, but they stay away from central and they always come home. and ed’s about to turn twenty, and pinako is talking to her old friend ellie, and ellie is moaning about her unmarried grandson, her grandson who refuses to inherit the general store and won’t settle down and is off in the military, of all things. he’s a bright, handsome boy, elle says, he just has his head in the wrong place.

and pinako taps her pipe and goes – you know i’ve been raising three kids right, my granddaughter and my neighbor’s kids, a boy and a girl. and ellie is surprised, she thought both elric children were boys, but she dismisses the thought easily. she remembers ed as a tomboy, of course, and with that name who can blame her. but no one’s first thought is unprecendented human transmutation when presented with someone’s who’s a different gender than the one she remembers.

ellie is like oh, is winry looking to settle down? but pinako scoffs, says she’s a career gal through and through. but her other girl, eden – she has a wandering spirit, but she’s a good girl, a lovely country bred woman who’s looking to be a housewife (ellie’s idea of housewife and ed’s idea of a housewife vary wildly, but pinako’s not about to bring that up).  so pinako sends a message to her children, and ellie sends one to her grandson: she’s sending a young woman to central from their hometown. she’s single, and looking to settle down, and the granddaughter of an old family friend.

so jean havoc gets this letter, completely and utterly horrified. the whole team makes fun of him. but grandmother eleanor rules the family with an iron fist, and havoc better come up with a damn good reason not to marry this girl. he’d not interested in a country mouse for a wife. before he can think of one, eden has already agreed and is on a train to central. she convinces al to stay behind, just for a couple of weeks, because she doesn’t want him scaring this jean havoc off.

ed is gorgeous, and a genius, and an absolute terror. she’s dated a lot of men, slept with just as many, and hasn’t found a single one worth her time. she doubts she’ll be interested in a boy from their little rural town, but pinako knows her and she trusts the old woman’s judgement. if she thinks jean havoc is someone who could make her happy, eden is more than willing to give it a shot.

so havoc has to leave early from work to meet his amost-maybe-fiance at the train. obviously, the team minus hawkeye follows him. they’re dying to know.

a country girl. they were expecting a country girl, someone wide eyed, unpolished, a little out of her depth. instead they get eden elric, a girl who’s been to cities and knows how to dress for it. they get eden elric, black boots and black leather pants and a black shirt with a dramatic red coat flaring out behind her. eden elric, golden eyes and golden hair and in the setting afternoon sun just golden. she smiles when she sees him and jean’s mouth goes dry and his heart goes zing! and havoc is going to send his grandmother some really nice flowers. “you must be jean,” she says, voice low and smoky, eyes crinkling at the corners. “you look like your father.”

“i, you,” he fumbles, holding out his hand to shake and stepping forward to take her bag at the same time. “hi.”

“hi,” she repeats, and he’s screwed, she’s already laughing at him and it hasn’t even been five minutes. “did you know you’re being followed?”

he sighs and doesn’t look behind him. “those would be my coworkers and my superior office.”

“delightful,” she says, dry and completely unimpressed, and she’s from resembool, his job and his rank is worse than useless with her, it’s a detriment. none of that crowd like the military. his mother hadn’t talked to him for over a year after he enlisted. “that won’t do. we’ll have to ditch them.”

“how?” he asks, and she grins, sharp. he takes her to his car and she shoves him in the passenger seat and climbs in the driving one, breaking about a thousand laws as she careens down crowded city streets. jean’s horrified for about thirty seconds, then he’s egging her on and cheering, directing her down roads whenever she hesitates and laughing the whole time.

they make it to where he was supposed to drop her off, beaming. “usually men throw up when they drive with me,” she says, beaming.

“nah, that wasn’t scary, it was fun,” he says, and he’s already kissed this relationship goodbye before it’s started. she’s beautiful and brave and exudes the same type of easy confidence the colonel does, and that’s not something he’ll ever be able to match. she’s no country mouse. she’s a supernova, and he’s stardust.

eden smiles at him, and says, “would you like to meet me for lunch, jean?”

havoc peers up at the building, and it’s central university. he wouldn’t have expected a country girl / wanna be housewife to be pursuing a degree, but clearly he should toss every preconceived notion he had about eden out the window, because none of them are going to be right.

“yes,” he says, because eden will make an effort with him for a while, he knows, since she’s here on the insistence of both their grandmothers. but she’ll grow tired of him eventually, like they all do, and jean intends to spend as much time with her as she can before that happens.

except it doesn’t happen. she’s kind and smart, so unbelievable smart, and dry and biting. she snores when she sleeps and get snappy when he interrupts her reading, refuses to drink milk and hates brushing her hair, so more often than not it’s up in a truly awful ponytail. he likes these things about her best, because her little imperfections, her temper and her skittering attention, the messy way she eats, all make her human. she’s flawed, and each new one havoc finds delights him, because the fact that she leaves crumbs on the counter brings her just a little closer to his level.

they keep going out. the brother shows up, and gives him one overly-firm handshake, then takes his lead from eden. she’s happy with him, so alphonse is happy with him, but he imagines the easy friendship he shares with the other man would disintegrate the second eden indicates she’s moved on from him. eden talks about her classes and the kids in them, which ones are good students and which ones aren’t, and havoc keeps meaning to ask what exactly she’s studying but it keeps slipping his mind. he listens to her talk about it for hours, but it’s all science mumbo jumbo and honestly goes in one ear and out the other. he just likes listening to her talk when she’s excited.

she follows him home about a month in, and the sex is so amazingly mind numbingly good it almost doesn’t seem real.

she comes to office one day to meet him for lunch, a first because she hates his office and his work and the impasse they’ve managed to maintain about his career is that they just don’t talk about it much. but she shows up, pretty pale pink dress and softly curled hair, looking close to the delicate country girl they all expected her to be. havoc is running late, and when he shows up it’s to eden sitting on hawkeye’s desk and laughing with the woman. it’s a terrifying experience. he didn’t know hawkeye could laugh.

but she’s around more after that, befriends hawkeye, and jean finds out that eden met catherine armstrong on campus and they’re fast friends, she spends a lot of time at the Armstrong mansion. and havoc is sure that’s it, that eden will meet strong, rich alex and their relationship will go out in flames. but it doesn’t happen, eden keeps asking to see him and he keeps saying yes.

it’s been almost a year when eleanor barks down the line, “are you going to marry this girl or not, jean?”

“i don’t know if that’s something she’s interested in,” he says, because he’s not the marrying sort, but for eden? he would be willing. he’d be a husband if it meant having eden as a wife.

his grandmother scoffs down the line, “she’s a smart girl, jean. if she’s still seeing you, she’s interested in it. she didn’t move to central to date you. the girl wants to be a housewife.”

and jean hems and haws, but the thing is he does love eden. and maybe, just maybe, eden loves him. so he goes to hawkeye for help, and she goes, “oh thank god, finally.” havoc is offended for all of two seconds before realizing that means eden’s been waiting for him to propose. yes.

he’s walking down the street with her after a movie, holding up his jacket over both of them as some sort of minimal protection from the rain. there’s a ring burning a hole in his pocket, but thanks to the torrential downpour this is not the romantic evening he intended. they see roy, and are confused for about to seconds until they see serial killer scar going to attack him. havoc yells at eden to run, and she does – right at the serial killer.

but then she does something he’s never seen her do, she claps her hand together and blue energy cracks in the air, and – she’s an alchemist?

he really should have had that conversation about what she’s studying at university.

she good, incredible good, and he knew she worked out, but he didn’t know she was combat trained. she launches a relentless alchemica/physical attack against scar that has him running away with his tail between his legs. ed’s helping roy up when jean runs up and grabs her by shoulders to shout, “you’re an alchemist!”

“what,” she blinks, “of course I am? i talk about it all the time! i know i teach the advanced theoretical alchemy seminar, but my knowledge isn’t theoretical. what kind of professor would i be if I didn’t’ test my own theories before teaching them?”

“teach,” he says faintly, “professor. right.” he’s such an idiot, eden isn’t attending central university, she’s teaching there.

she gives him an odd look, and okay, his girlfriend is way more awesome and too good for him than he previously thought, but that doesn’t change anything.

“will you marry me?” he asks. they’re sweat, rain, and blood soaked. roy has horrible gash on his side, and he thinks eden might have a broken arm. he had a speech planned, but he can’t remember it right now. “you do still want to be a housewife, right?” he knows better now, that eden will never be the traditional housewife. but he can give her a home and his name, and, oh god, kids, when she wants them. he’ll give her everything within his power to give her, if only she’ll take it.

finally,” eden and roy say at the same time, and havoc doesn’t have the time to get flustered before she’s kissing him.

and they all lived happily ever after

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Hey there! For a sesskag prompt: dealing with body image issues. Love your work! Thanks :)

Thank you so much for you kind compliments and the prompt! ♥ Here you go!


She was all alone and far from his foolish half-brother and his ragtag retinue of companions; a rather reckless disposition from a girl with such an uncanny penchant for trouble. He was quite prepared to severely admonish her – though why he cared he did not wish to subject to any closer inspection at the moment.

However, his ready reprimands vanished when he caught the sight of her. She sat by a small pond, shoulders hunched, tossing pebbles into the still pool of water and intently staring at the growing ripples.

For a moment, he simply stared – then the words tumbled out before he could stay them.

“Why is your hair purple?”

She startled at the sound of his voice and whirled around – but as her blue eyes met his piercing golden ones, she visibly relaxed.

Sesshoumaru was fairly sure he should feel offended by her utter disregard for deadly predators –himself included.

“What do you think?” she asked, tilting her head and raising her hand to the absurd-coloured strands framing her face. “Does it suit me?”

Sesshoumaru arched one very derisive eyebrow at her.

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God damn this was way more fun than it ever should have been, let me start off by saying THAT! J2 are so impossibly perfect and such lovers of all things /brothers/, all things the /heart/ of the show, that it made this photo op a dream in all the best waaaays.
Jay and I get to the front of the line (after Creation staff saw and approved of our sign!) and turn the poster around so J2 can get a good look at it first. The way Jensen and Jared’s faces lit UP with these huge boyish smiles at the sight of our poster will keep my heart warm for eons.
Jensen didn’t even hesistate when he said, “Now THAT’S more like it!” and Jared followed up with a, “Right?!” and gawd, my Tumblr babes, it was a glorious moment.

But the icing on the cake? The literal best part of all this was that I was fully prepared to hold the sign up by myself. Hold the sign, hug Jensen from the side, get the photo done and be done, but Jensen wasn’t having /any/ of that nonsense.
He physically reached across me, grabbed the side of the poster and PULLS it so it would be right in front of him, and said, “Oh no, I’m /holding/ this,” and turned his face so deliberately towards the camera as if to make a point with the sign that it was all I could do to keep it together.
I friggin’ love Jensen (and Jared!), their honest reaction and outright approval made today so damn amazing and worth the entire trip to Atlanta a bazillion times over.
I hope they know there’s so many of us who appreciate what the heart of the show really is. I hope they know there’s those of us perpetually sorry for what the Hellers put them through. J2 endlessly remind me why this show has lasted 12 seasons and will last longer, and that, my friends?
Is brothers.


“I have something for you too.”
“It’s a book.”

Oh. My. Goodness. I am still so obsessed with the thought of you.

the only thing that can console me is if we get a truly happy ending







(n) a place where from where one’s strength is drawn, where one is their most authentic self

A/N: Hello. It has been a while. I have one answer:  School  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.   But I truly sorry that I couldn’t post this earlier. This is a birthday present for @donttellme-byebye​ / @xtaetae​. Whose birthday was in April. Today is 18th June. Heh. 

Really though, this fic is my baby, I’ll protect it until my last breath. I’ve never written something this big, and I’m proud of myself (even if it did take me this long) So I hope you guys like it. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BB~

Words: 8.6K (!!!)

Pairing: Kim Taehyung/ V X Reader ; Park Jimin X Reader (yay! love traingle)

Warnings: Self-deprication (?) Abandonment, Dark thoughts (( I really want this to be effective but I really don’t know what I can add ))

You blink up at the bleak ceiling, what can you see of it; the moon is your only lamp. The only sound you can hear is that of the ticking clock. Tick tock, tick tock, tick.

Also of the party downstairs. The party downstairs. An engagement party, a dance party, a bachelor party, a get-drunk party, a birthday party.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Whether or not there’s a cause, there still a celebration.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

That might even be better than having a cause. Simple. Enjoying the booze, enjoying the music, enjoying the feel of someone beside you, the feel of a random smile thrown your way just…because.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

You consider calling him. You can, you certainly can. The phone is right there, his number being the only one other than your grandfather’s and the takeout guy’s. It would take exactly three taps on the screen. What would small talk would you have to endure? What would you say after?

Hi, I’m okay(ish) How are you? Of course, all must be merry with you. The weather is perfectly alright. Classes are going well; the business is going well. I would love to meet up with you both (and your dog hopefully) but I don’t think I can make it. I have a big project and the shop…. Yeah, maybe another time. When Pa is feeling better. Yeah, it’s been nice. Oh, must be date night, haha. I-uh, would love to talk more, but I think Pa’s calling. Yeah, have a nice time with her. Bye. (friend)

Or maybe the excess medication flowing through your bloodstream will loosen your tongue.

Hi, I’m feeling utterly miserable and the only thing that has even a sliver of a chance to make me feel normal again is your voice. The weather is as wretched as I am, and the classes would be immeasurably better if we could get high off suppressed giggles together instead of taking notes. But, no. It is not my pleasure and intention to meet you and my flawless (former) friend. I’d rather it be you. And me. (And your cute dog). At the shop. Snipping stems, and humming Symphony No. 7. Are you going to the fair for a date? I wonder if you remember how much I love cotton candy. Don’t buy her any, please. I want to talk more. Till my heart can’t beat and my arms can’t greet, I will still want to talk. But this feeling, I don’t know what, is slaughtering my soul more than when you left and I can’t talk. Irony at its best, dear fawn. So, I take my bow now with grace (or so I hope) and I will proceed to fall asleep with all the thoughts in the world or no thoughts at all. Bye (impossible lover).

Or maybe you will do what you have always done this time of year. Bake a cake for your grandfather– and to share with the watchman – wash down a sleeping pill with a swig of fancy wine and fall asleep with the hope for a dreamless night.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick -

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I have this juminzen headcanon where in a situation that Jumin gets jealous, he probably be pretty possessive of Zen where as for Zen I can't decide whether he might get super passive aggressive with Jumin when he gets jealous or just be a tsundere about it. What are your juminzen jealousy headcanons?

Jumin is super possessive as we can tell from playing the game, so when he gets jealous, he makes a show of it (done subconsciously, I like to think he’s not deliberately trying to be a dick most of the time, more like a male bird of paradise showing off his dominance). If he sees Zen flirting with someone else or being flirted with, he will cut them off rudely and create space in between them, state that Zen is his boyfriend, and pull him away. This drives Zen up the wall, can’t he talk to people without Jumin getting the wrong idea? He feels loved but doesn’t enjoy his every move being controlled by Jumin.

When Zen gets jealous it’s a bit more passive aggressive, very tsundere, very reverse-psychology. He wants Jumin to figure out himself what he’s done wrong. He sulks, but says he’s fine. “Why don’t you hang out with your new friend?” “Don’t worry about me I’m sure they’re more entertaining than I am” Jumin finds this highly amusing, he thinks Zen being jealous is cute as fuck (and he usually is because he throws tantrums like a child).

I also like to think that when they both get jealous, their levels of trust are different. Jumin worries less about Zen cheating on him than he does people taking advantage of Zen because he’s so sociable and accommodating. He knows Zen loves him but that won’t stop others from trying to stick their fingers into his pie. Zen on the other hand, feels insecure. Jumin is a man who can get anything and everything he wants, has no shortage of attractive acquaintances, and he has a taste for the impeccable and the luxurious. As a child Zen’s been consistently hammered by his family about how he’s not good enough and he has no merits of his own and this kind of causes him to feel like he will never measure up to Jumin’s standards. So he worries Jumin will leave him for a younger, more attractive (which is impossible), more successful lover and it eats him up inside constantly.