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“His name was Corazon… The man who saved my life, and… Doflamingo’s younger brother!!!

I Think I’m Yours

Request: “Eye colour Soulmate AU (where people are born with heterochromatic eyes, and they only revert to their genetically inherited colour when they interact with their soulmate.)”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1028

Warnings: None

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Newt sifted through his writing, letting out a long, tired sigh as he looked for a certain paragraph that he had forgotten to edit. His eyes, one blue and one green, flitted across the pages lazily, only half-heartedly putting effort into the search.  

“Newt!” A voice called. “Order for Newt!”

He jumped to his feet, running a hand over his face in an attempt to push away the creeping tiredness. Editing his manuscript was such a monotonous job that even now, in the early hours of the afternoon, he longed for his bed. He came before the little lady who held out the paper bag containing his lunch and a cup of coffee. She looked up to him, doing a double take as she spotted his eyes. Then she cast a sorry gaze upon him, a sad smile tugging at her lips. Newt took the meal, ashamedly hanging his head lower as he walked back to his table. Not many people noticed, but once up close many could tell the slight significance in the hue of his eyes.

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they proceeded to jump off the map and i went in the corner…because im a bad Hanzo

but yea, ive made a lot of friends in skirmishes who love Mchanzo, but sometimes they join me and im already kinda flirting with another McCree, i feel like im cheating tbh but its so overwhelming, like…who do i chose?

if ya’ll dont believe me:


Hello guys! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do studying tips so here it is! I am by no means an expert but as a student, I wrote this based on what I’ve learnt as I struggled and pulled myself through my school life!


As a student, I personally feel that it’s most important to know where your forte lies. By identifying your weakness you would know the subjects that you should tackle rather than focusing on the thing you’re already familiar with. You should spend more time on your weaker areas compared to your strong one, however do not get complacent!!!


 Studying for exams are always a race against time, thus mapping out the things you should do is always important. I don’t have a strict time schedule where I allocate certain timing for my subjects; however, I do time myself when I do papers. For example, when I was doing math papers as revision for o levels, the duration given for one Emath paper was 2 hours. Thus, when I practiced and did my papers, I would only give myself 1 and half hours. This will train me to do my papers faster with maximum accuracy. You’re also required to have a good grasp of your subject to be able to complete questions faster.


Somehow during exam periods, a lot of my friends start sacrificing their sleep and food to study. And I can’t emphasize enough how wrong this is. Most of my friends, who do this, end up making more careless mistakes in their paper and thus winding up with lower marks. Lack of sleep is a serious flaw and can jeopardize you paper immensely. If you’re tired, rest; don’t try to push yourself because your brain won’t be able to absorb the information any longer. It’s the same situation with the food, if you sacrifice your meals, you may end up getting gastric that may just affect your performance during the paper.


Well duh right? Everyone makes notes, but more importantly, you need to make notes that you would want to read. As much as the process of writing and remembering is important, if you like the way you notes look, you’ll feel more inclined to read it. Thus, this is partially why I enjoy making notes that look pretty to me.


 Never ever forget to take breaks. I’d recommend a 15minutes break every 2 hours. Pushing yourself to sit there continuously will only cause you to lose focus, causing you to become restless. Different people have different attention span, thus never ever compare yourself to your friends and force yourself to sit down and study as long they do. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t.


 I looooove music. But I have to admit, listening to music while I’m trying to memorize some lit quotes, isn’t working out for me. Thus, I don’t recommend listening to music as you’re trying to absorb content heavy subjects. However, if its question based subjects like math, by all means. Check out my studying playlist!


 You need to know what method helps you work best. Writing? Auditory? Everyone has a different style of learning that works best for him or her. Some people need to read their content out loud for themselves to hear before they can memorize, however this does not work for everyone. Maybe you’re the type that needs to draw diagrams to colour code your notes. Whichever the case is, its best to know yourself, and the style of learning that best suits you.


 Stress isn’t necessarily bad. A little bit of stress can get you off your lay bum and to start doing some work. However, being overly stressed will just backfire and may cause anxiety problems. This is why it’s essential to keep a healthy balance of work and play. Don’t overwork yourself and drive yourself into a corner, this isn’t healthy for you or your studies. Taking conscious effort to distress can help keep a pleasant attitude and mind that’s good for learning. 


If you find yourself being constantly distracted by your phone or a particular app, delete it. Lock your phone in the drawer or temporarily delete your social media apps. Downloading focus aps can help you too. Apps like helps block access to some websites can restrain you from falling back into the trap that is distractions.


 It is important that you’re doing all this for yourself. Not your parent. Not anyone else, but you. If you lack the desire to get good grades and do well, it’ll definitely be tough finding the motivation to do anything. You don’t have to like studying, but you at least have to want getting good grades. If you desire to have straight As, you’ll naturally fell more inclined to do something to help you get it. However, its also important to set realistic goals. It’s impossible for you to jump from a F9 to A1 in a month. Set practical goals and take baby steps to get there.


 Well, procrastination can be a bitch. I started my studyblr account during my o level periods because seeing other people’s notes made me want to study. You should find a way to help YOU counter your procrastination tendencies.

 All in all, studying is something very unique and personalized. What works for me may not work for you, but if you keep working hard. No goal is ever too far. Thank you for reading!


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Heaven Sent index

Kageyama had not been exaggerating in the slightest when he said the new room waiting for Shouyou was nice. It was nice; but so had the first one been. This new one, Shouyou would have said, was more accurately magnificent.

Now he could see why Kageyama had called it the summer room, as its true worth would be most apparent during those warmer months—for the room had a roof resting on the ornate marble columns lining its borders, but no walls. Like the pavilion, it was open on all sides, and looked out over the city and the surrounding hills of the countryside.

Shouyou did rest after his filling lunch, falling asleep easily in the enormous bed. He woke with the sun still high in the sky, about to begin its downward descent, and sat up, stretching and yawning.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, at this point, a servant seemed to materialize right as he thought of a question, and as they bowed to Shouyou, he rubbed his eyes and asked, “Where’s Ka—where is the villa’s master?”

“He is out taking his exercise,” the man replied. “Shall I bring you to him?”

“No, no…” Shouyou waved his hands. “I don’t want to disturb him!" 

"It would not be unwelcome,” the servant told him. “He instructed me to deliver you into his care, as soon as you wanted to go.”

“Ah…” Shouyou said, rubbing the back of his neck. He wondered what else being in Kageyama’s care entailed. “Then, I’m ready. I’ll follow you.”

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Two Hours ‘Till Kendrick


Warning: smut

Author’s Note: thank you everyone who has been so nice and encouraging to me as a writer. I love writing and I love Ethan and all of you have made this this a fun little safe haven for me. I can’t say thank you enough. Drop me a message or an ask. I love talking with you! Now here’s a little Coachella Ethan, kinda, sorta.

“Remember when Ethan gave you fake flowers for Easter?” Cameron spoke dryly, knowing fully well Ethan was only a few feet behind her, leaning against the doorframe and nibbling on a plate of pancakes. You were sitting in front of a mirror curling your hair.

You looked at her through the reflection, a smile stretching at your lips. You went to speak, but were cut off by your obnoxious boyfriend who still spoke with his mouth full no matter how many times you told him it was rude and unbecoming of him.

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here is yuzuru being “shy”, pretending he’s not enjoying to be the center of attention.
you fool no one, kid.

here is yuzuru saying ( a g a i n ) how he is gonna destroy the other skaters  —in a voice that, you could say, he is probably talking about winnie the pooh —.

here is him, landing an almost impossible jump with the grace of a touch-by-god versace swan.

the end.

those were the news.

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THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  mooseleys vs. samsfight
Round 2 sam + favorite scene: living under Lucifer’s shadow

Netizens: Jungkook has discoloration on his neck… the only reasonable conclusion is that he received a hickey whilst having sexual relations with a girl!


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The Good Movies List

If you know me, I love making lists of recommendations for you guys. I’m constantly uploading new playlists for you guys and now I thought I’d make a list of movies that I love!

Bare in mind some of these are foreign films so I’ll mention which ones are. Also, you’ll notice that this is a very eclectic mix!

- The Graduate (1967)

- Murder On The Orient Express (1974)

- Grease (1978)

- Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

- The Breakfast Club (1985)

- Dead Poets Society (1989)

- The Fiugitive (1993)

- Pulp Fiction (1994)

- Empire Records (1995)

- Romeo And Juliet (1996)

- The Titanic (1997)

- La Vita E Bella / Life Is Beautiful (In Italian) (1997)

- 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

- Jawbreaker (1999)

- Donnie Darko (2001)

- The Sweetest Thing (2002)

- City Of God (In Portuguese) (2002)

- How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)

- White Chicks (2004)

- First Daughter (2004)

- The Girl Next Door (2004)

- The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

- The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

- Limitless (2011)

- What’s Your Number (2011)

- The Help (2011)

- Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012)

- Stuck In Love (2012)

- 21 Jump Street (2012)

- The Impossible (2012) - my friends brother is in it!

- Prisoners (2013)

- Now You See Me (2013)

- The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

chasing--the--universe  asked:

I'd to point you to a couple of things. They are. Soviet Russia. Maoist China


Soviet Russia and China are examples of countries that were still entrenched in feudalism at the times of their respective socialist revolutions, which effectively catapulted them into variations of state capitalist development instead of full workers-democratically-control-production socialism. The state became the analogous capitalist class and instituted developments and policies over the course of a few decades that private capitalists elsewhere were pushing for centuries – think forced proletarianization of peasants and concentrated industrialization. The state took over the functions of a bunch of private capitalists, appropriating surplus value generated by workers and distributing the surplus where deemed necessary; they often put this towards the industrialization of infrastructure and public services, but it just as often was used to enrich the party apparatus. Even Lenin literally deemed this setup as “state capitalism”, the idea being an intermediary stage for formerly-feudal societies before full socialism. 

As a libertarian socialist/Marxist, I don’t defend the actions taken in these countries, but it’s important to contextualize what was going on. The idea is that it’s near-impossible to just jump from feudalism to socialism – a period of capitalist development/accumulation and liberal institutions makes the jump more viable. As far as I’m concerned, this could have been accomplished through mutualism or market socialism, combining the liberalism of markets with the democratic accountability of worker control (thus mitigating much of the poverty and violent consequences of class domination).

To quote Terry Eagleton:

“Marx himself never imagined that socialism could be achieved in impoverished conditions [i.e. Russia and China]. Such a project would require almost as bizarre a loop in time as inventing the Internet in the Middle Ages. Nor did any Marxist thinker until Stalin imagine that this was possible, including Lenin, Trotsky, and the rest of the Bolshevik leadership…

Building up an economy from very low levels is a back-breaking, dispiriting task. It is unlikely that men and women will freely submit to the hardships it involves. So unless this project is executed gradually, under democratic control and in accordance with socialist values, an authoritarian state may step in and force its citizens to do what they are reluctant to undertake voluntarily. The militarization of labor in Bolshevik Russia is a case in point. The result, in a grisly irony, will be to undermine the political superstructure of socialism (popular democracy, genuine self-government) in the very attempt to build up its economic base…

As Marx insists, socialism also requires a shortening of the working day – partly to provide men and women with the leisure for personal fulfillment, partly to create time for the business of political and economic self-government. You can not do this if people have no shoes; and to distribute shoes among millions of citizens is likely to require a centralized bureaucratic state. If your nation is under invasion from an array of hostile capitalist powers, as Russia was in the wake of the Bolshevik revolution, an autocratic state will seem all the more inevitable…

To go socialist, then, you need to be reasonably well-heeled, in both the literal and the metaphorical senses of the term. No Marxist from Marx and Engels to Lenin and Trotsky ever dreamt of anything else. Or if you are not well-heeled yourself, then a sympathetic neighbor reasonably flush in material resources needs to spring to your aid. In the case of the Bolsheviks, this would have meant such neighbors (Germany in particular) having their own revolutions, too. If the working class of these countries could overthrow their own capitalist masters and lay hands on their productive powers, they could use those resources to save the first workers’ state in history from sinking without a trace. This was not as improbable a proposal as it might sound. Europe at the time was aflame with revolutionary hopes, as councils of workers’ and soldiers’ deputies (or soviets) sprang up in cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Munich, and Riga. Once these insurrections were defeated, Lenin and Trotsky knew their own revolution was in dire straights.

It is not that the building of socialism cannot be begun in deprived conditions. It is rather that without material resources it will tend to twist into the monstrous caricature of socialism known as Stalinism. The Bolshevik revolution soon found itself besieged by imperial Western armies, as well as threatened by counterrevolution, urban famine, and a bloody civil war. It was marooned in an ocean of largely hostile peasants reluctant to hand over their hard-earned surplus at gunpoint to the starving towns. With a narrow capitalist base, disastrously low levels of material production, scant traces of civil institutions, a decimated, exhausted working class, peasant revolts, and a swollen bureaucracy to rival the Tsar’s, the revolution was in deep trouble almost from the outset…

Imagine a slightly crazed capitalist outfit that tried to turn a pre-modern tribe into a set of ruthlessly acquisitive, technologically sophisticated entrepreneurs speaking the jargon of public relations and free market economics, all in a surreally short period of time. Does the fact that the experiment would almost certainly prove less than dramatically successful constitute a fair condemnation of capitalism? Surely not. To think so would be as absurd as claiming that the Girl Guides should be disbanded because they cannot solve certain tricky problems in quantum physics. Marxists do not believe that the mighty liberal lineage from Thomas Jefferson to John Stuart Mill is annulled by the existence of secret CIA-run prisons for torturing Muslims, even though such prisons are part of the politics of today’s liberal societies. Yet the critics of Marxism are rarely willing to concede that show trials and mass terror are no refutation of it.” 


1) You can’t just expect socialism to quickly arise in materially- and socially-isolated countries in the throngs of feudalism (Russia and China). A material base of industrialization and a social base of liberalism are generally understood to be useful/basically-necessary prerequisites to build from. If other capitalist countries had undergone socialist revolution and provided aid to the struggling formerly-feudal state capitalist countries, they probably wouldn’t have congealed into top-down bureaucracies. A domino effect of worker revolutions across capitalist countries is considered necessary for socialism to fully take hold, just as a domino effect of bourgeois revolutions across feudal countries was needed for capitalism to fully take hold.

2) The violent primitive accumulation of early capitalism and the concentrated industrialization of state capitalist Russia and China served similar analogous functions in the broader context of historical materialism. Private capitalism for the enrichment of individual capitalists over the centuries, state capitalism supposedly for the enrichment of society’s material base and an eventual transition to full socialism. 

3) Capitalist societies have unleashed violent imperialism, mass enslavement, systemic poverty, and police states. If we’re going to bring up the disasters of isolated countries that set their aims at socialism, then we need to bring up the centuries-long disasters of not-isolated capitalist countries that have actively oppressed domestic and foreign populations of people. 

4) We live in an era of material abundance aided by advanced technology and automation; any attempt at socialism in late-capitalist countries would be significantly easier than what Russia and China experienced. As such, these industrialized late-capitalist countries need to undergo social revolution and provide aid to each other and to struggling countries that would have otherwise been state capitalist. 

(This answer has mainly been for the benefit of people already at least relatively sympathetic to anti-capitalism; I realize it is unlikely to sway someone so entrenched in capitalist ideology that they have no clue what socialist movements have entailed and strove for. If your analysis stops at “Russia and China were bad and that’s what socialism means and therefore it’s not worth fighting for”, then I don’t know what to tell ya. If your analysis stops at “capitalism preaches liberal individual freedom so therefore it is good”, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Dig past the ideology you’ve been spoon-fed by capitalist media and the state since childhood and recognize that you’ve been conned, all for the enrichment of the bosses and the bureaucrats.)


Double Agent Vader fic: Rocks and Water

Finally a new DAV fic! Sorry for the long wait, everyone. (If you want to read the whole series, the best place to do so is on AO3.)

This one begins very shortly after Trophies, but covers a span of several months during Anakin’s wild bantha chase for the location of the Rebel base between ANH and ESB. It will be a two-parter, as well: the next part will be from Leia’s point of view.

In part one you get: Anakin building a lightsaber and definitely not having any conflicted thoughts about Obi-Wan Kenobi, or any parental feelings about Leia. Nope. None at all. Also we get a glimpse of the secret network of free droids within the Imperial ranks. And there’s a lot of Tatooine folk magic. (If Master Obi-Wan could see this, he’d be very grumpy indeed.)

Title is taken from Deb Talan’s song of the same name, which is basically the Anakin and Leia theme song for this ‘verse.

Warnings for: some body horror (mainly because Anakin has a morbid sense of humor), implied abuse, medical situations, burning, and…casual talk about murder?

Part 1: The Lightsaber

His new left hand was nearly identical to the old one. Anakin smiled to himself without any real humor as he tested the fingers. He wondered darkly if his Master had a store of such things somewhere, just waiting. He’d certainly been ready enough with the life support suit, all those years ago.

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Still More Gary

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG
Summary: Gary makes a move

In case there was any doubt that the redhead lives somewhere else, I can now say with certainty she does because we live in the somewhere else now too.  Let me back up a bit.

The last time we talked, the tall guy and the redhead were unhappy and we didn’t see the redhead much, but that changed after the night she stayed over.  She started coming around again, just like she used to, but things still seemed awkward between them for some reason.  They didn’t watch (or pretend to watch) movies anymore, but sat and talked quietly.  Too quietly to hear, most of the time.  

They also argued quite a bit, not loudly, but loud enough.  We didn’t understand most of it, but it sounded like the tall man was afraid of something happening to the spawn once it hatched and she didn’t want to talk about it.  Every time he tried, it led to raised voices, then whispers, then tears, then long hugs, then more quiet talking that we couldn’t hear.  

One time, during one of the arguments, she pulled a long cord out of a bag and gave it to the tall guy.  He put the cord in his ears and she pressed the other end against her belly.  Whatever he heard made him smile really big, and then he cried.  She touched his face and he held her hand against his cheek for a long time.  They didn’t argue so much after that, but she brought the cord out a lot when they were sitting together and he would close his eyes and listen while she held his hand.

We could tell the day the spawn was hatched because the tall man buzzed around the apartment like he couldn’t sit still.  He burst through the door in the middle of the night and started packing a bag, muttering to himself the whole time.  “My son,” he kept saying.  “He’s my son.”

After that, the little man with the glasses came by to feed us for a few days and then the tall man and the redhead came back together, with the spawn.  I swam over to the side of the tank to get a better look when she sat down on the couch with the little spawn to her chest, but it just looked like a red, wrinkly, bald thing to me.  They both looked at it like he was the most fascinating creature on the planet, though.  I made a nice splash to remind them that I could do a backflip anytime I wanted and I could swim a lap around the tank in under five seconds.  That’s way more impressive than being bald and wrinkly, I think.

The day they brought the spawn over was the last day we saw the tall guy.  I don’t know where he went, but not too long after, the redhead came back with the spawn and a brunette lady and the spawn sat in a little basket while they took away all the things in the apartment.  We were put into little plastic bags and the next time we saw our tank, it was in a different place with a different window and a different view.  It didn’t take long to figure out we now lived with the redhead.

I don’t know how long we’ve lived here, but long enough that the spawn isn’t so bald or red or wrinkly anymore.  It used to be pretty noisy, waking us all up in the middle of the night with its squawking, but it doesn’t do that too much anymore.  Every time it make a sound though, Lois hides in the castle because her nerves can’t take it.  Mike and Joe just ignore it.  They tell me to just wait, soon it will get bigger and then it’ll bang on our tank and try to put its fingers in our water, but I think they’re just jaded.

I happen to like the little spawn.  It’s pretty easy to entertain.  Sometimes, the redhead puts it in a little seat by the tank and I’ll do backflips for it to make it laugh.  When I wave my fins at it, it waves its arms.  If I shake my tail, it kicks its feet.  Sometimes, I swear it’s telling me to do it.  Even though I’ve never heard it speak, I can hear its voice in my head saying, “Gary, flip, Gary swim, Gary jump.”  Impossible, I know, but that’s what it seems like.

Late at night, when just our tank is glowing, sometimes the red head will come and sit by us while the spawn sleeps in her arms.  She smiles whenever she looks at it and touches its squishy cheeks a lot.  She hums to it and pats it gently.  She smells its neck and rubs its back.

“Mommy loves you,” she says.  “And Daddy loves you and misses you.  So much.  He wants to be here, but he can’t.  We’ll see him soon, though.  I don’t know when, but soon.”

The spawn dreams about me doing backflips and of the tall man’s face and of the brunette lady playing a clapping game with it and of the redhead’s necklace where it dangles, golden and shiny at her chest.  I don’t know how I know this, but I can see the things it does when it sleeps and when it’s close and I’m filled with a happy, warm feeling.

The spawn opens its eyes while the redhead pats it and looks over her shoulder at me.  He smiles.  “Night night, Gary,” I hear, even though he doesn’t make a sound.

I blow him some bubbles back.  “Night night, Spawn.”

The End