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The latest episode has so many amazing moments, so I’m finding it impossible to choose my favourite one. But I’d definitely say that this scene was in my ‘Top 5 Moments’.

Prior to this, we never had any context for the scene where the young Warriors encountered Ymir in titan form. Thanks to Episode 35, we see that the Warriors were trying to set up camp and rest, not realising that there was a titan buried in the ground below them.

Also, this is the first time ever that in this scene we’ve seen Annie with the Warrior boys. Before this, both in the manga and anime, we’d only ever seen Reiner and Bertolt with Marcel when he was consumed by Ymir.



nbstevonnie replied to your post: guys i have read so much bad harry potter…

for real i am so specific with what i want in a snarry fic that i think i have about 3 i actually like…. the desperation is real

Tbh even with a pentagram, a blood sacrifice, a signed contract for my firstborn and some feathers from an angel I can still only call up a WIP that will never be finished.

(There are old fics I really love, like the Civil War series by Sushi - but the fact remains that I have also read those series about 200 times over 17 years ah well - and yes like it gets really specific like I don’t want Snape/Harry in a post-Voldemort-won-and-is-okay fics and I don’t want Snape/Harry in a ‘Tom Riddle isn’t so bad’ world and I don’t want Snape/Harry where like, I feel like I’m reading a 16 year old’s first fic and they don’t know dialogue yet, and I don’t mind dubcon if it’s done in a way I like it etc. etc. etc. Anyway I don’t know your specific parameters but yes I empathise very much with how hard it can be to find those three golden needles in four hundred haystacks).

(And so many promising fool’s-gold needles. So many. So many fics where I’ve read 40k and then just said ‘Pia why are you doing this to yourself’ followed by weeping as I try the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and doing it all over again. It’s genuinely the worst fandom to find specific OTP flavoured fics partly because oversaturation, partly because the fragmentation or flat out deletion of the old/best communities and partly because of other reasons, to say nothing of the fact it’s where a lot of people got started in fanfiction, including myself, so you get a lot of glaring newbie fic, which is great for newbie fic writers, but not great for me, who wants very specific types of fic written to very specific standards that I could actually fairly easily find in other newer fandoms like Thorki/Marvel or Adoribull/Dragon Age).

My Snowbarry heart

The one thing I realised about The Flash is that, I love every possible dynamic they introduce or hint at! Like I love this show so much because there’s not a thing about it that I hate. I know there’s a blood fued between Snowbarry and Westallen but I cried during that proposal because it was so beautiful and Iris’s tears this episode totally broke my heart. All the characters & relationships in the past and present that this show delved in were such a treat to enjoy that it’s impossible to pick a favourite. But there’s something about Snowbarry that I try so hard to resist it but everytime they have a ship bait scene, I have butterflies in my stomach.

It’s hinted time and time again that it might never happen and I normally try to stay away from ships where the best thing you can get is ship baiting scenes. And until yesterday I thought I had it under control, it was just a casual ship & maybe I’m over it but they went ahead and did this:

I don’t know whenever these two have a meaningful scene, it’s so charged! There’s this beautiful melancholy that drapes these two characters, maybe it’s the chemistry between the actors, but it’s impossible for me to not fantasise about “What Ifs”. I watched this scene and I instantly needed a fanfiction!

This ship will be my reckoning but the heart wants what the heart wants I guess! Ugh, I am never going to get over this ship no matter how hard I try! Any fanfic suggestions related to the scene?

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Which sebaciel fic are in your top 5?

It’s impossible to make a compilation of just five and even more so to list them from 1-5. But you asked, and so you shall recieve:

My all time favourite is actually a little prompt written by the dear @rabid-bunny. It’s titled Not enough and it just has every wicked little detail I could ever wish for, in order to explain exactly how sinister and wonderful the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian is.

Then following, in no particular order (because damn, I cannot list this, it is impossible):

Still my favourite modern AU fic, The Devil’s Canvas by DisgruntledMinion and @akiruchan. Because the way the relationship between the two intertwines and gets ruined and then linked again; it’s precious.

Everything @silverwing26 and @2oulle22-lover has ever written (especially Persona non Grata and Confessional)

Sexual Harassment by @sondervallant (because Sebastian is a hell sent gift for any submissive masochist, in this fic)

A Magnificent Depravity by @eglentyne-mcqueen and Devilish Impulses by Kittygetsloose, because these two fics are so wonderfully canon, long running fics too and they give a deeper look into what the end of the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian could have been.

The Bodyguard AU by @rabid-bunny and The Body Shoppe by @robovacation (I am still pissed you stopped writing, you little shit, no ok, I still love you) because Ciel is a bad ass mf in both, and I am a sucker for that boy being in control - right until Sebastian sinks his possessive claws into his skin.

Other sebaciel fics that definitely need to be mentioned, is first and foremost Blood Pressure by @rabid-bunny, because it hits right in the kink to think of Ciel in a nurse outfit (and also because the fic was written for me) Then the Lolita AU (a reimagination of Vladimir Nobokov’s Lolita) by @nighttimeteaparty because everything about that story fits perfectly into a Sebaciel AU and oh, little lolita Ciel is a delicious and dangerous treat. Oh, and don’t forget the Addiction series by @spillingashes, because canonverse has never been more smutty and heartbreaking. And the oneshot Only Temporary by @robovacation, because it always fucks me over and shatters my heart to read it. A Slow and Steady Seduction by @animecujo is another wonderful modern AU, and more so because it is a believable and honest story of love between the two (it could have been any characters, but Ciel and Sebastian make it the perfect scenario) and, and, and, and ..

ok, I gotta stop now. I can keep on listing these all night.

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Which Tales of games would you recommend picking up for someone interested in beginning the series? I can't play the PS3/PS4/XB360 ones, but feel free to include them in your rec list.

Oh dear, if you can’t play PS3, PS4 or XBOX360, that’s a lot of ‘em :’D  You’re out of luck for Vesperia, Graces, and both Tales of Xillia games.

If you have any Nintendo consoles, you do have the option of Tales of Symphonia for GameCube and Tales of the Abyss for 3DS. Both of those are really good games plot-wise, but they can be a bit clunky and they’re showing some age. I’d recommend Symphonia more generally, because Abyss’s plot is VERY heavy and can take some time to get into (almost everyone hates the main character at first, and then does a 180 on him as the game goes on). But if you want to chance the trauma, and if you’re into a deeply philosophical plot, Abyss is an experience like no other.

If you have Steam, you could also download Tales of Berseria there! It’s a fantastic game that I highly recommend so far even though I haven’t finished. Tales of Zestiria is also available on Steam, but I don’t recommend that one because the reception has been hugely meh. It seems to be mediocrity incarnate.

In a perfect world I’d recommend Graces, too, even though it’s only available for PS3 in English, because if you remember that you absolutely should not take it seriously it’s a fucking TRIP. The plot is terrible, the voice acting is terrible, and the characters are fully aware of it and are like knowing parodies of themselves, and the entire game is so colourful it’s like a living fireworks display. There’s nothing in this world like Graces :’D

EDIT: I knew I was forgetting something! Tales of Symphonia is also on Steam :) that would be my #1 recommended starting point.

I was tagged in “favorite bias, favorite photo" by @penguinsoo0112 Thank you  😊 ❤️ It’s impossible to find one favourite photo 😲 so I’ll just post those ones when they looked exceptionally good in my opinion 

GOT7′s Yugyeom

Pentagon’s Jinho

NCT 127 and NCT Dream’s Heachan (damn, this kid is killing me and he’s like 5 years younger than me wtf I’m doing with my life)

Monsta X’s Kihyun

(I know this isn’t a photo but I couldn’t find anything better. Also the gif made me stan him 😲) source:  -> credits to them

Red Velvet’s Yeri

AOA’s Jimin (I herad about Choa and she was my second bias) 😢😭

Seventeen’s Dino

EXO’s Xiumin

Kim Hyuna (solo, Triple H)

Ok~ This took so long to make 😲 It was harder than I thought, I changed the photos like three times O.o

ps credits to the owners, I do not own the pictures (most of them are official though)

I tag: @jinhobbit @xuanyisgfriend @markhyuck-is-real-af (may I? Idk I don’t know you well) @w-ooshine @miffarty @wonuhei 
You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to

Impotrant INFO: (I’m going to say it here so that everyone can read it) I’m terribly sorry to all the people who I wasn’t replying to but I had like 6 exams (last one was yesterday) during the last 3 weeks and I literary did nothing except studying. Tbh I don’t remember ever studying so much.

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Tom Holland!!

First thing I saw them in: The Impossible

Favourite work of theirs: The Impossible, Captain America: Civil War, In The Heart of the Sea, The Lost City of Z, and Spider-Man Homecoming because i know it will be AMAZING

Least favourite work: Edge of Winter

Actor id love for them to play against in a movie: Lily Collins

Would I rather marry/be best friends with/get adopted by them: I WILL MARRY THIS GODDAMN PURE HUMAN BEING