Will we make it to the end of the game - or even this video alive?! Time to find out.. in IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ 5

فإنيَ وَهمٌ

وقلبي خَيالٌ

وحُبي سَيبقَى بَعيدَ المَنالْ

فلا تَعشَقيني لأني المُحالْ !

- عبدالعزيز جويدة .
I am an illusion ..
and my heart is imaginary ..
my love will remain illusive ..
Don’t love me, I am impossible!

anonymous asked:

You do realize that these so called "nazis" (lol) are just fucking 4chan /pol/ trolls that are getting exactly what they want from you, right..?

You do realize that these “trolls” (lol) are just as fucking capable of being actual white supremacists too and you writing them off as simple trolls is exactly what they want from you, right.. ?