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Ideal Types (EXO)

“Hello~ I’m the anon who sent the ask about iKON’s ideal type (I’m definitely closest to junhoe’s). I tried to look through your masterlist to see if you’ve done something similar for EXO, but I couldn’t find anything. So, if you have time and feel like it, could you give us your personal opinion on exo’s ideal types? Thanks again, have a good day!”

As the Anon said, this is ENTIRELY my opinion. I don’t know these lovely boys personally so I cannot say for sure what they do and don’t like. I am also going to talk a little about appearance so don’t be offended if you don’t match your bias’s type. Also, it’s not all about appearance, I just think these boys are allowed preferences. Enjoy!

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(i couldn’t find a gif of ot12 i am so sorry)

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