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  • me: 1984 is an overrated book and george orwell is a hack
  • Trump Presidency, Day 3: Openly declaring objective truths that we can see with our own eyes to be invalid and 'dishonest', 'alternative facts', already went after a twitter account for sharing pictures of the inauguration that did not comply with the bullshit they made up.
  • me: The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command… and if all others accepted the lie, which the party imposed, if all records told the same tale, then the lie passed into history and became truth.

It is well known that solitary confinement causes tremendous psychological damage.  Deprived of human interaction, many prisoners suffer from anxiety attacks, insomnia, paranoia, aggression and depression.  It is common for segregated inmates to resort to self-mutilation to deal with the overload of negative feelings.  Jeffrey Dahmer quickly felt the effects of his imposed isolation.  Prison records released to The Milwaukee Sentinel after his death revealed incidents when he had a plastic bag over his head, had to be restrained because he was banging his head into walls, and once threatened to make a noose out of his belt.

If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, IT NEVER HAPPENED—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death? The Party said that Oceania had never been in alliance with Eurasia. He, Winston Smith, knew that Oceania had been in alliance with Eurasia as short a time as four years ago. But where did that knowledge exist? Only in his own consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated. And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed— if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’ And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. ‘Reality control’, they called it: in Newspeak, ‘doublethink’.
—  Nineteen Eighty-Four (George Orwell, 1949)
And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.
—  George Orwell, 1984

Producer Scott Litt and Dave Grohl explore MTV Unplugged in tonight’s episode of SOUNDBREAKING.

Chronicling the era in which MTV forged an indelible and inextricable link between recorded music and the newly emergent music video, “Sound and Vision” considers what it means to see music as well as hear it. Offering unprecedented exposure to artists with a knack for the form–– Michael Jackson, Madonna, Billy Idol, the Eurythmics––MTV turned singles into smash hits and musical performers into international celebrities. It also created new expectations of musical entertainment and imposed new burdens on recording artists. Tracking the music video from MTV to the internet, “Sound and Vision” tells the story of how a one-time marketing tool became a powerful mediator between artist and audience, and illuminates the music video’s role in the popular music of today.

SOUNDBREAKING continues TONIGHT (November 22) at 10/9c on PBS.

The Pure Artistry of Frank Sinatra

Adam Gopnik writes:

The truth is that you only get Sinatra if you break free from the pop sociology that infests his reputation and just listen. The HBO documentary is far from free of that interpretive tendency, with too-breezy generalizations about omnipresent cultural moods neatly expressed in changing musical attitudes; it tends to turn a career as a singer-artist into a series of publicity poses. In the old days, studios and record companies imposed such poses; now pop critics infer them—but those critics, too often, tend to make the social poses more important than the songs.

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New Video “Smoke Filled Thrills" 

So, there is a well meaning, determined, remarkably compassionate, caring, sympathetic, attentive, open minded, kindhearted young girl who has been struggling with managing her uncanny unique capabilities and unwilling societal isolation influenced by said capabilities for the entirety of her life. Undergoing a major identity crisis whenever she realized she was at risk of hurting people, particularly the ones she fiercely and faithfully loved. Striving to balance out and competently navigate her extraordinary, not entirely balanced skills. Ones that come from a place of emotional escalations and reactions to external influences in order to use them for the benefit of her nearest and dearest. And for the sake of helping and aiding people she is in charge of because she has immeasurable burden of obligations and duties placed upon her young shoulders.

Being confronted by individuals who continually make her doubt herself, causing her to feel like she isn’t capable, deserving or worthy enough, that she is a fatally dangerous, unnatural deviation from the “norm”. Leading her to believe she is always going to fear for her life and the lives of her loved ones because her uniqueness is perceived by malicious parties as a threat in need of effective and immediate elimination.

Please tell me how THIS girl - Elsa - would be LESS understanding of Emma’s virtually IDENTICAL experience with harmonizing and adjusting HER increasingly escalating, emotion driven, rapidly developing, often destabilized magical powers?

And why is it that Emma needs Regina, a corrupt, institutionally oppressive, mass murdering, villages massacring, unwarranted executions practicing, power exploiting monarch to supply her with understanding and support which Regina never offered a SHRED of to Emma in the first place?

Regina is a woman who actively and methodically ruined Emma’s life, undeservedly persecuted, politically terrorized, tormented (on social, authoritative and personal level) her family. Subjecting said family to decades of agency deprivation, identity alternation, memory distortion and halting of the process of emotional & physical development for roughly thirty years. Maliciously separating Emma from her loving parents seconds after her birth because Regina was in the position of corruptly gained power (which she acquired by arranging a brutal murder of Emma’s fair, just and dutiful grandfather, King Leopold) to attempt to murder an infant. In order to ensure said infant never grows up and tries to liberate their unfairly oppressed family.

Having Emma’s young mother shudder in sobs as the latter had to part with her newborn child in order to secure said child’s safety. Only to have Emma grow up as a lonely, miserable, desperate, socially unprotected orphan in a place of economical, emotional and financial disadvantage and with no support system because of Regina’s persecution of her family. Crucial fact Emma was blissfully unaware of for 28 years of her life, assuming she was abandoned and dismissed. Crying herself into the night, being led to believe she was unneeded, unlovable, rejected and irrelevant. That she was left on the side of freeway by her parents who didn’t even care to organize adoptive guardians for her or at least drop her off somewhere safe.

Having to put her own child up for adoption because Regina (and by extension, Neal) robbed her of any support, agency or ability to fend for herself. Let alone to properly bring up a kid in environment that would be at least relatively healthy, adjusted or suitable for a growing person to be raised in. Environment Emma couldn’t provide for her child because she was an underage teenage girl who had to resort to petty theft in order to escape the horrors of foster system and a presumable abuse she faced there. Who had a criminal record imposed on her by her cowardly adult boyfriend (son of Regina’s controlling, possessive, child abandoning, wife murdering mentor who couldn’t bother being a competent parent to his offspring), one who completely disregarded Emma’s free will and felt entitled to decide her fate with a random drunk on street even if it involved traumatizing her irreversibly and drastically fro the next decade.

Emma had no residence or dwelling place other than a car and put the interests of her child first hence ensuring said child doesn’t end up stuck in a foster system like she was. Only for said child to be illegally adopted by Regina who cunningly misrepresented her identity to foster services by leaving out significant details about being a murderous, physical & sexual slavery endorsing political criminal and a rapist with a massive history of severe abuse against her unfairly terrorized and persecuted step daughter. Proceeding to gruesomely abuse Emma’s son as the result of practically kidnapping the aforementioned from a highly suspicious and visibly incompetent foster center. Which didn’t even take it upon itself to verify deliberately misleading and factually incorrect information Regina provided about being a self sufficient, accomplished, responsible mayor of a remote, officially unacknowledged town that couldn’t be seen on any map. As opposed to being a ruthless dictator and sexual assaulter who imprisoned her disadvantageous and gas-lit/brainwashed residents for 28 years which she ACTUALLY was.

When Emma DID manage to tear her family from Regina’s oppressive clenches and liberate it from persecution and 30 years long agency sabotage (which Regina relentlessly and determinedly tried to prevent by bugging Emma’s office, stalking her, hiring her minion to spy on her and illegally obtaining Emma’s juvenile criminal records in order to outwardly shame her in front of the entire town and their mutual son) first thing Regina did was to belittle, berate and undermine Emma’s substantially more outstanding and efficient parenting. Of a child Regina abused and brainwashed for a decade and inadvertently murdered at one point while striving to eliminate said child’s biological mother from the equation upon seeing the two of them organically, genuinely and meaningfully bonding (as opposed to basing their relationship around a toxic abuser/victim dynamic). Intending to assert dominance and fulfill her possessive agenda of having her illegally adopted and abused son entirely to herself.

Regina did nothing but demean, degrade (publicly or otherwise), humiliate or deliberately destroy Emma’s self confidence in order to pursue selfish, controlling and oppressive goals and ensure Emma doesn’t interfere with them.

She accuses Emma - her victim - in daring to defy her corruptness and not endorse her tyrannic dictatorship by preventing Regina from subjecting innocent people to brutal and horrific unwarranted executions by means of being burnt at stake alive (an unspeakably horrendous fate Regina proved to be entirely and gleefully willing to condemn Emma’s MOTHER to back when said mother was barely out of her teens. And, in fact, actually did and would have succeeded had it not been for Snow’s dexterity, cleverness and resourcefulness). 

Not conforming to Regina’s malicious exploitation of power which she systematically abused to murder innocents in cold blood (after physically intimidating and publicly humiliating them as in case with Marian) and, by doing so, unintentionally interfering with Regina’s immediate comfort and unearned week long bliss alongside formerly unknowing husband of one of her countless victims (whom the aforementioned executed in a different timeline) apparently means that Emma “ruined Regina’s life”. By not allowing her to violently murder an innocent person. That is, after having HER own life shattered to pieces by Regina.

But Regina is supposedly a person Emma “needs” for the sake of figuring out how her magic works despite the fact that the latter has a loving, unwaveringly supportive family. Which only ever left her side due to superior outer forces and corrupt dictators that separated them from Emma. She also has a boyfriend who has been consistently and reassuringly encouraging, inspiring her to be the most powerful, fulfilled and capable version of herself, who was horrified at the idea of Emma sacrificing her unique skills on his behalf even when it was necessary to save his life. And a friend who wrestles with gaining control over similar, emotion fueled capabilities.

As utterly astonishing and wholly unfathomable as it might be of me but I’d rather see Emma seeking out help and emotional guidance on part of THOSE people than a woman who directly and purposefully caused most of her vast insecurities, self doubts, miseries and adversities.

At least it takes Hook to literally be ENSLAVED by Rumple to reluctantly associate with a gratuitous scum of universe that is the latter. Beyond trying to help his victims (Elsa) or reasonably demanding that Rumple returns what rightly belongs to him and what the aforementioned took away in a vicious manner (namely Hook’s limb, his body part which Rumple kept as a trophy in a jar for three centuries for the sake of personal validation. In order to feel less emasculated after his feelings were hurt by romantic rejection on part of a woman Rumple mistreated into clinical depression, finding himself tremendously offended by her favoritism of Hook and being unable to accept unambiguous “no” for an answer).

The difference between a pathologically idealized and absurdly sugarcoated view the Charmings & Emma have come to cultivate in regards to Regina and Hook’s perception of Rumple is that Hook KNOWS that Rumple is an exploitative, murderous, power pursuing sadist and has no illusions on the matter. He knows this man ruined his life, hurt and killed his loved ones and is only absolved of responsibility due to his place of power. Regardless of how perpetually self victimized Rumple might be or how vehemently he might promote his distorted perception of the world according to which Hook is the malicious party and he is the wronged party as far as their unresolved feud goes. The narrative also frames Rumple as exactly that which makes it all the more unsettling, startling and enormously confusing as to why Regina doesn’t receive a similar treatment.

Record fine in deadly California gas explosion

California regulators have imposed a record $1.6 billion fine on Pacific Gas & Electric over the 2010 natural gas explosion which killed 8 people and leveled dozens of homes in a San Bruno neighborhood. The penalty comes days after emails were released indicating a cozy relationship between the public utilities panel and the company. - San Jose Mercury News

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anyway so one day while kylo is sulking around the used aisle hux is kinda like "I noticed your taste and hey, maybe you wanna get into some classic goth™" and kylo, who has indeed been crushing on this slightly imposing records store dude, is like "great! I love to suffer harmoniously™" and hux introduces him to the cure and bauhaus and shit and kylo is fucking all over it and they probably cried and made out to psychedelic furs or something idk

Vinyl and chill? -hux probably

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This fandom is worrisome sometimes. Having a new relationship or a new child means that children of previous relationships must be neglected and abused?

This logic is inherently flawed because not only is it toxic and regressive to assume parents become less competent if they engage in relationships with anyone who is not the other parent of their child but also completely contradicts established canon. According to which Henry was only ever neglected by Regina and Neal who put their own, egotistical needs and/or bad decision making skills over Henry’s well being, intentionally or not.

Emma has been expressive in prioritizing Henry over her personal goals or love life, always made sure he is taken care of when she needed to attend to businesses and strictly valued his safety over anything/anyone else, both when living with fake memories and dating Walsh (and consulting Henry on the matter) and after restoring real memories. 

Neal didn’t even know he had a son because he felt entitled to set up minor Emma for his crime after inadvertently impregnating her while being a legal adult. He perceived himself and a random stranger from street as ultimate authority which is - supposedly - in the right to decide her and her oppressed family’s fate. Denying Emma any agency and depriving her of a voice in this relationship because much like his father Neal always needed to be in control while dismissing woman’s entitlement to be in charge of her life, trusting unreliable shady individual with Emma’s destiny.

Emma’s short term affair with Neal was limited to few months of self destruction and Bonnie/Clyde life style which - as is well known and historically documented - is doomed to lead to downfall. Only in Emma’s case it led to getting pregnant while being an underage teen orphan with no support system and a criminal record imposed on her by her legally adult cowardly boyfriend. Neal lost his right to be Henry’s father ever since. The only reason why he eventually assumed that status was because Henry was generous enough to welcome him into his life while Neal was engaged to a woman who was NOT Emma - and would have married said woman had she not turned out to be a backstabber. Henry considered Neal a father and spent time with him despite Emma and Neal not being together romantically and neither of them had intention to neglect Henry. Neal imposed himself into Henry’s life after behaving like irresponsible, negligent adult who got involved with a teenage girl and Henry accepted him regardless. Henry had no problem with the fact that Emma and his biological father were not together.

The only relationship in which Henry was abused was when he lived with Regina who tormented and oppressed his family for decades and raped said family’s friend (because said friend refused to follow Regina’s order of killing Henry’s grandmother) in the same house she raised Henry in. Regina consistently neglected Henry, brainwashed him into considering himself psychologically unstable in order to keep oppressing his family. Henry was often shown at Granny’s alone, he boarded a bus to another town because he felt miserable, unloved and abused and because he knew his family was persecuted by Regina hence setting out to find Emma.

Emma worked towards earning her parental status and ever since she reclaimed it not once did she dismiss Henry’s needs, leave him alone or let her personal goals interfere with her parental competence. We saw Regina continually leaving Henry without guardians yet when Hook was left in charge of him he refused to leave Henry sitting alone at the table in a public place until making sure David had time and was available to look after Henry. He did everything in his power to prevent Henry from running away alone, had a person he could trust to deliver him to safety because Henry’s life was threatened and protected him by repeatedly laying his own life on the line for the boy even when the situation was impossible. There is no way Emma or Hook would ever neglect Henry or care any less about him and it’s been canonically proven.

OUAT fandom is a phenomenal case because it tends to reduce both male and female characters to the role of a parent with no regard for their personal well being, emotional & physical needs or agency. It’s been done - to varying degrees - to Milah, Emma, Neal, Regina and this highly problematic mentality is perpetuated by the same people who insist that Hook should have died instead of Neal because he has no blood relations to anyone on the show (then those people go ahead and claim the show is anti-adoption and pro-biology for framing Regina as abusive parent while also refusing to acknowledge her as abusive because they apologize her brainwashing of Henry/persecution of Snow). Nor happens to be a part of any conventional nuclear family.

Apparently, Hook should have taken advantage of his privileges (back when he had them before revoking them in order to not endorse a corrupt authority) and found himself a family to persecute, target and terrorize on institutional level by possessing ultimate power and class superiority over it. Then brainwash it into acknowledging his authority by depriving it of free will for decades for the sake of validating his position of power, massacre and/or sexually assault this family’s friends and supporters for 28 years, misrepresent himself to child services to get a kid to abuse and end up being invited to dinners by said family because he is a “nice” oppressor now. Then fandumb would have an excuse to say that “at least he is not just a love interest”. As if aspiring to pursue a completely healthy goal of building a relationship, becoming someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife makes a person/character less worthwhile than being a privilege exploiting oppressor who is justified on base of privilege he/she holds to which victims are supposed to cater.