So scientists have found gravitational waves, and I’d like to take the opportunity to talk to you guys about how I feel this impacts magic.

Magic is real. It is the manipulation of energies in the world. It is us these tiny, cosmic blips reaching out in the fabric of existence and imposing our will. It is atoms restructuring atoms, energy changing the flow and movement of energy. We are told so often that magic isn’t real, that these forces can’t exist, and yet we are just now finding solid proof of things that were as yet unproven. 

We knew gravity was real. Obviously we haven’t flown off the planet and into the far reaches of space. SOMETHING was doing it. It was known. We weren’t solid on the actual workings though. Now we know. Now we can see it. Now its tangible to people. 

In “olden times” healers used herbs and it was magic. And then we learned about chemical compounds and somehow decided that made it less magical. We discovered the placebo effect and decided that was less magical too, despite proving how much control we have over our own bodies. Most horrifyingly of all, we discovered celestial songs and decided it was a neat factoid and not a stunning truth of reality that stars and plants sing in the first place! Its not magic its science. Because now we have an explanation.


These things are magic. Today we have learned that there are waves we have never seen, that the effect of celestial bodies spiraling through the void is tangible. Stars and planets sing and give off waves that touch and effect other things. And that is magical. We tiny creatures with blood made of star dust, we are a part of this! And science has no measure yet, but perhaps one day it will. For now though, we deal with what we know, what we experience, but which cannot yet be quantified: We are magical.

As an agender bisexual person, I would like to assure everyone that bisexual people are capable of being attracted to any/all genders and to people who have no gender. I would never presume to tell someone what term they should apply to their own orientation, but I do get frustrated whenever I see it suggested that only pansexual people experience attraction to people outside the gender binary. This is simply not true. Gay, bi, and even straight people can be attracted to folks outside the gender binary. Please use the term pan if that is the one that you feel best applies to you, but do recognize that you are imposing a limitation on bisexuality that bi folks have repeatedly dismissed when you suggest that we only like men and women.

Very impressed with Bernie Sanders at the #DemDebate for bringing up Mosaddegh, the democratically elected secular and progressive Prime Minister of Iran, who was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by the United States and the United Kingdom in order to protect British and American oil interests. Sanders brought this up to highlight the negative consequences of foreign intervention.

A little background, for those who are not familiar with Mosaddegh:

Mohammad Mosaddegh became the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. He was a 71 year old lawyer, very well-educated in Paris and Switzerland. His whole life had been dedicated to the cause of bringing more liberty to Iran and having a constitutional government in his country. Under his leadership, the Iranian parliament voted to nationalize Iranian oil, instead of allowing the British, through the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), to take away the majority of profits from Iran’s oil fields. In reaction to this, the British government imposed sanctions on Iran so that no oil could be exported from the country. This created a huge surge of economical problems and increased poverty. Meanwhile, Mossadegh, being a secular leader, had also infuriated Islamists for wanting Iran to be ruled as a secular democracy. The British government seized the opportunity of internal conflict, coupled with growing financial problems, to work with the American government, in order to oust Mossadegh. In 1953 a successful operation by the British and the American CIA was able to create a massive uprising in Iran by the angry Islamist groups, as well as others, to take Mossadegh out. It is very important to note that prior to this event Iranian people did not even view the American government with hostility, the British government had always been the one that they blamed for taking their natural resources. After the successful coup, the Shah was reinstated, the monarchy was restored, a secret service police named SAVAK was created to crackdown on political dissident, and of course the oil dispute came to an end with a huge portion of Iran’s oil profits going to foreign superpowers, including a large amount to the United States. The Anglo-Iranian Oil company was then renamed British Petroleum, and that marked Iran’s short lived and only ever secular democracy.  Never did I expect to hear an American politician running to be the president of the country openly mention this and highlight how disastrous it was!


OKAY so here is my theory–

What if, after being rejected so many times by Kookie, Jimin just gave up and then he turned to Yoongi? So now that the new ship is sailing Kookie got jealous and doesn’t wanna lose ChimChim and wants attention from him again so now he is showing his love to ChimChim ~

(Btw it did not look like a neck bite to me at all, even if you slow it down, it’s imposible to tell if it was a neck bite or not)

Anyways im mostly broshipping them~ xD Not like an actual couple. I think Jimin looks at Kookie like he is his adorable lil bro x3. But that is just me, you’re free to think whatever you want.

A Tale of Two Ladies

Recently, I wrote about Mey-Rin and the fact she was thankful for her maid’s uniform since she hadn’t been able to wear skirts.

As I considered this, I thought about the contrast to Nina, who doesn’t like clothing she feels is restrictive.

This really shows the background of the two women. Nina can design her own clothing, and she could always wear dresses and skirts. At the same time, she wasn’t free to openly wear pants or shorts. She could push the boundaries with her designs, but there were still limits imposed by society.

Mey-Rin, on the other hand, wasn’t allowed to wear skirt or dress in manner that was seen as ladylike at the time. She’s thrilled to wear the very clothes that Nina would see as restrictive. She doesn’t want to push any boundaries. She just wants to dress and be seen by a lady.

Of the two, I think Mey-Rin might be the more sympathetic because she truly didn’t have any choice before and is almost humbled by a simple skirt, but this contrast does show how people always wants that thing that is denied to them - whether that’s to fit in or to stand out.

A Measured Quietude: Contemporary Irish Drawings

In June 1999, we exhibited A Measured Quietude: Contemporary Irish Drawings, with the title taken from William Butler Yeats’s poem “To Ireland in the Coming Time”, which explored significant themes and characteristics of twentieth-century Irish visual art. Our exhibition was a companion to When Time Began to Rant and Rage: Figurative Painting from Twentieth- Century Ireland at the Grey Art Gallery at New York University.

Maud Cotter’s In Absence was a wall of imposing proportions fashioned from fragile materials. Conceived as a brittle, tentative presence, its delicate, translucent skin of cardboard and plaster framed in steel constituted an incongruous and all too permeable a barrier between the viewer and the more solid wall. It was a gleaming porous monument to immateriality and impermanence. 

John Kindness was commissioned to produce a large-scale wall drawing in The Drawing Room. The wall drawings achieved both a retrieval and a domestication of Classical narratives, a contemporary renovation of antique mythology while humorously cutting it down to size. 

Colin Darke’s drawings comprised an accumulation of hand-written text inscribed on cigarette papers joined together and arranged in a grid of regular vertical columns interspersed by a repeated graphic image. The cigarette papers refer to a well-known method among political prisoners in Northern Ireland of passing on secret messages.

Colin Darke, Comm II - On the Question of Dialectics, 1991. Ink on cigarette papers. 18 ¼ x 17 ½.

Maud Cotter, In Absence, 1998. Cardboard, plaster, and steel. 192 15/16 x 114 3/16 x 1 3/16. Rubicon Gallery, Dublin.

John Kindness, The Savage God: Scenes from the Life of Heracles. 1999. Lime wash and acrylic.

Jeremy Hunt imposes new contract—a challenge to junior doctors and the union movement

A junior doctor on strike last month (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that he will impose a dangerous new contract on junior doctors.

He said that a proposed deal rejected by the British Medical Association (BMA) last night was the “best and final offer”.

Hunt told the House of Commons that the government’s chief negotiator advised him “that a negotiated solution is not realistically possible”. “He has asked me to end the uncertainty for the service by proceeding with the introduction of a new contract—I have today decided to do that today,“ he said.

The new contract, which rips apart terms and conditions and puts patient safety at risk, would come in on 1 August.

Rory, a junior doctor in Manchester, told Socialist Worker, “Hunt’s ‘final’ offer is still completely unfair and unsafe.

“The BMA was absolutely right to reject it.”

Johann Malawana, chair of the BMA’s junior doctor committee, said, “This is clearly a political fight for the government rather than an attempt to come to a reasonable solution for all junior doctors.

“Our message to the government is clear. Junior doctors cannot and will not accept a contract that is bad for the future of patient care, the profession and the NHS as a whole, and we will consider all options open to us.”

A junior doctor on the picket line in Leeds yesterday (Pic: Neil Terry)

Hunt’s announcement comes the day after the BMA’s second 24-hour walkout and in the middle of the TUC’s week of action against the Trade Union Bill. It is a threat to the whole trade union movement and everyone fighting austerity.

John McLoughlin, Unison union branch secretary in Tower Hamlets, spoke to Socialist Worker in a personal capacity.

He said, “This attack is not just about junior doctors—it’s about all health workers and those in the public sector.

“The government is trying push through cuts across the welfare state and the NHS is the jewel in the crown.”

Rory added, “If junior doctors lose, it’s the whole of the NHS that’s at stake”

Many junior doctors were unsure about how to respond to the threat of imposition on the picket lines yesterday. They discussed possible “mass resignations” or “leaving the profession”.

Tory attacks are driving health workers out of the NHS—but a united fight can push them back.

Rory said, “We need to encourage as many junior doctors as possible not to sign the new contract and keep fighting.”

Junior doctors need to keep the pressure up—and the BMA should immediately announce a programme of industrial action. As Rory said, “We need to write to the BMA calling for further industrial action.”

“All trade unions should fight together—and walk out together.”

The walkout yesterday showed that NHS strikes are popular and can act as a focus of resistance to austerity.

John said, “The support is there—we had postal workers, firefighters, tube and local government workers rallying in solidarity with yesterday’s strike in our area.

“This is a key fight for the whole trade union movement. We must get behind the junior doctors in resisting this imposition.

Hunt cannot afford to compromise—a win for the junior doctors would boost other groups of workers under attack.

Rory said, “Junior doctors should stay strong and keep fighting—we will not have this contract imposed on us.”


To anyone reared on the sport in previous decades, the Warriors seem to play bizarro basketball. Their leader is a scrawny trickster, not an imposing high-flyer. They’re more dangerous the further they are from the basket, and they have little use for certain common player types. Their most effective grouping, unofficially and enviously known as “Death Lineup” or “Nuclear Lineup,” features no player taller than 6’7” and achieves a state of delirious ball and player movement that resolves in an open long-range shot almost as a matter of course.
Inevitablemente esto debería de ser un escrito triste, esto quizá debería de comenzar con algo melancólico pero yo no puedo hablar de ti de manera triste, a pesar de tener un poco de nostalgia que de cierto modo se incrusta en mis huesos.
Porque me es imposible, sí, me es imposible hablar de ti sin pensar en aquel gesto que haces cuando sonríes, se me dificulta no pensar en la forma en la que caminas cuando estás apurado, o en la forma en la que inclinas tu cabeza en ciertos momentos, se me hace inevitable recordar tus ojos dependiendo de tu estado de ánimo, o se me hace imposible notar cuando sonríes abiertamente o cuando por el contrario, cuando no puedes hacer más que sólo mover un poco tus labios hacía un extremo de tus pómulos, casi rozando tus mejillas. Me es imposible… Aunque lo intente, no pensar en eso, pero entonces mi mente repite la misma frase constantemente, “no te quiere”, y entonces la manera de verte se transforma en la manera en la que logras ver un atardecer ocultándose, tan lejano… Tan lento, tan distante… Porque a pesar de que lo estás observando, estás sintiendo, ése atardecer caerá nuevamente y se irá. Quizá sólo te observo y me quedo allí, esperando como caes y te vas, porque no puedo hacer nada más, porque tus colores me deslumbran, porque cada luz se refleja en mi a pesar de que ni lo notes, porque estás allá y yo aquí, pero tú estás viendo hacía un ángulo distinto, mientras yo sigo viendo como atardeces tan bonito.
Y realmente la melancolía luego de pensarte es basada en la necesidad de tenerte, en la necesidad de que yo pudiese también ser tu atardecer, o almenos ése rayo de sol que ilumina un poquito tus ojos, pero quizá el viento se lleva esta idea y me centra al punto en donde nuevamente me recuerda, “no te quiere”. Pero siempre me han gustado los atardeceres, y me gusta como eres tan similar a uno de ellos, aunque nunca serías mío, ¡qué bonito que atardeces!.

That was actually a pretty damn good episode, better then last week’s in some ways honestly.

TR focused episodes have the ability to actually make me care about TR and they do it well here as well, just seeing their determination in saving Puni 2 and how far they were willing to go was really cool. As well as seeing good old Giovanni again to.

Team Flare finally gets to be a threat without the main characters around, it kinda sucks that TR wasn’t allowed to rescue Puni but it was time for the evil team to score some sort of victory at this point in the story to give them some cred. Zygarde’s awakening was awesome, it felt really epic and you really got the impression of how imposing and powerful this thing is (ESPECIALLY WITH ITS THREE HEADED DRAGON PULSE).

I also feel that Alan’s role in this episode was intentionally made to contrast how he behaved last episode? And to purposely show the two different sides to his character, I think it works well and of course it’s always cool to see him and Charizard kicking ass (even if he’s making horrible, HORRIBLE decisions).

Oh and Bonnie singing the Puni theme in-show was ADORABLE.

This was a solid episode imo, next week it’s Clemont’s time to shine!