[Major Spoilers] “Follow your true feelings!”: My Musings on P5′s Wildcard Couple

Can we talk about Morgana’s astute observations regarding Akechi’s true feelings for Akira? Can we talk about how (Morgana’s words–not mine) Akechi’s smile when he was hanging out with Akira had been genuine? This boy– who had distanced himself from everyone, who had wrapped himself up in layers upon layers of lies that he wears like a second skin, who had made revenge his one and only goal in life – had also, in spite of himself, serendipitously found kinship in the one boy whom he has decided that he has to kill. 

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Alternatives to the Word “Said”

accepted, accused, acknowledged, added, addressed, admitted, advertised, advised, affirmed, agonized, agreed, alleged, alluded, announced, answered, apologized, appealed, approved, argued, arranged, articulated, asked, asserted, asseverated, assumed, assured, averred, avowed

babbled, bargained, barked, bawled, beamed, beckoned, began, begged, bellowed, beseeched, bet, bleated, blubbered, blurted, boasted, boomed, bossed, bragged, breathed, broadcasted, broke in, bubbled, bugged, burst out

cajoled, called, carped, cautioned, censured, challenged, chanted, chatted, chattered, cheered, chided, chimed in, choked, chortled, chorused, chuckled, circulated, claimed, clucked, coaxed, comforted, commanded, commented, complained, conceded, concluded, concurred, condemned, conferred, confessed, confided, confirmed, congratulated, consented, consoled, contended, continued, convinced, corrected, coughed, countered, craved, cried, cried out, criticized, croaked, crooned, cross-examined, crowed, cursed

dared, deadpanned, debated, decided, declared, decreed, defended, demanded, denied, denoted, described, dictated, digressed, directed, disagreed, disclosed, disposed, disseminated, distributed, divulged, doubted, drawled, droned

echoed, elaborated, emitted, empathized, encouraged, ended, entreated, enunciated, equivocated, exacted, exaggerated, exclaimed, exhorted, explained, exposed, extolled

faltered, finished, foretold, fretted, fumed

gasped, gawped, gibed, giggled, glowered, got out, greeted, grieved, grinned, groaned, growled, grumbled, grunted, guessed, gulped, gurgled, gushed

handed on, held, hesitated, hinted, hissed, hollered, hooted, howled, hypothesized

imitated, imparted, implied, implored, importuned, inclined, indicated, informed, inquired, insisted, instructed, interjected, interrupted, intoned, invited

jabbered, jeered, jested, joked, justified

kibitzed, keened

lamented, laughed, lectured, leered, lied, lilted, lisped

made known, made mention of, made public, maintained, marked, marveled, mentioned, mewled, mimicked, moaned, mocked, mourned, mumbled, murmured, mused, muttered

nagged, necessitated, needed, nodded, noted

objected, observed, offered, ordered

panted, passed on, piped, pleaded, pledged, pointed out, pondered, postulated, praised, prayed, preached, premised, presented, presupposed, proclaimed, prodded, professed, proffered, promised, promulgated, proposed, protested, provoked, publicized, published, puled, purred, put forth, put in, put out, puzzled

quaked, quavered, queried, questioned, quipped, quivered, quizzed, quoted

raged, railed, ranted, raved, reasoned, reassured, recalled, recited, reckoned, reiterated, rejoiced, rejoined, related, released, remarked, remembered, reminded, remonstrated, repeated, replied, reported, reprimanded, requested, required, requisitioned, responded, retorted, revealed, roared

sang, sassed, scoffed, scolded, screamed, screeched, seethed, sent, shared, shot, shouted, shrieked, shrilled, shrugged, shuddered, sighed, smiled, smirked, snapped, snarled, sneered, sneezed, snickered, sniffed, snivelled, snorted, sobbed, solicited, sought, specified, speculated, spluttered, spoke, spread, sputtered, squeaked, stammered, started, stated, stipulated, stormed, stuttered, stressed, suggested, supposed, surmised, swore, sympathized

tattled, taunted, teased, tempted, tested, testified, theorized, thought, threatened, thundered, ticked off, told, told off, touted, trailed off, transferred, transmitted, trembled, trumpeted

understood, undertook, upbraided, urged, uttered

ventured, verified, vociferated, voiced, vouched for, vowed

waffled, wailed, wanted, warned, went on, wept, wheedled, whimpered, whined, whispered, wondered, worried

yakked, yawned, yawped, yelled, yelped, yowled

100 Instant NPC Agendas

When running campaign encounters, especially in a town or city environment, count on players to surprise you by seeking out encounters with walk-on NPCs you haven’t detailed. 

Whether their characters want to speak to merchants, burghers, servants, or criminals, this list of instant personalities and agendas is perfect for surprise NPCs.

Don’t bother to create an interesting character for every single encounter. 

Many scenes are best left short and sweet, allowing you to move on to an entertaining scene that relates to the main adventure. 

Every so often, you should throw in a memorable character whose agenda has nothing to do with the main plot. 

This creates the illusion that your world is a living, complex place, not a mere backdrop for the adventurers’ activities. 

Often, players remember these improvised characters and come back to them, weaving them into the ongoing story of your campaign.

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Endless Writing Possiblities For “Said”...

acknowledged            added            admitted            admonished            affected            agreed            allowed            amplified            announced            answered            apologized            articulated            asked            assured            avowed            backpedaled            barked            began            begged            bellowed            blathered            bleated            boasted            breathed            burped            burst out            cackled            cajoled            calculated            called            chanted            chastised            chattered            cheered            chimed in            chirped            choked out            chuckled            clarified            coaxed            commanded            commented            complained            complimented            concluded            concurred            confided            confirmed            conjugated            contemplated            contended            continued            conversed            conveyed            cooed            corrected            coughed            counted            cracked (joked)            cried            croaked            crowed            cursed            declaimed            declared            demanded            denied            dictated            digressed            disagreed            disclosed            discoursed            drummed in            echoed            elucidated            embellished            emoted            emphasized            ended            enlightened            enthused            enunciated            exaggerated            exclaimed            explained            explicated            expounded            expressed            extemporized            exulted            fabricated            fibbed            finished            fired back            flattered            flirted            flung            foreshadowed            forewarned            formulated            fumed            gasped            giggled            gloated            goaded            grated            ground out            growled            grumbled            grunted            guessed            gushed            harangued            hinted            hissed            hollered            howled            huffed            hurled back            implied            importuned            informed            injected            inquired            insinuated            instigated            instructed            insulted            interjected            interpreted            interrogated            interrupted            intoned            joked            joshed            jumped in            justified            kidded            laughed            lectured            lied            mentioned            mimicked            mocked            mumbled            murmured            muttered            nagged            narrated            noted            noticed            objected            offered            opined            ordered            outlined            paraphrased            placated            pointed out            pondered aloud            pouted            praised            predicted            preened            presented            prevaricated            proclaimed            professed            projected            promised            pronounced            proposed            provided            punned            purred            pursued            put forth            queried            questioned            quipped            quoted            raged            rambled            rapped            rationalized            ratted            raved            read            recalled            recounted            reiterated            related            remarked            repeated            replied            reported            responded            restated            retold            retorted            reviewed            rhymed            ribbed            riddled            riposted            roared            rolled onward            rumbled            sang            scolded            screamed            screeched            shared            shouted            sighed            signed (as in sign language)            simpered            simplified            snapped            sneered            sniffled            sniped            snipped            snitched            snorted            sobbed            soothed            spat            spewed            spoke            sputtered            squawked            squeaked            stammered            started            stated            stressed            stuttered            submitted            suggested            supplied            swore            taunted            teased            temporized            thought            threatened            thundered            toasted            told            translated            trumpeted            twittered            uttered            vented            verbalized            verified            vocalized            volunteered            voted            vowed            wailed            warbled            warned            wept            wheedled            wheezed            whimpered            whined            whispered            wondered            yapped            yawned            yelled            yelped            yodeled            zigzagged(verbally)            zinged

The reverence on Tormund’s face when he said “You know her?”. Like I’m sorry but I genuinely believe Tormund’s has nothing but respect for Brienne. If she doesn’t return his feelings then fair’s fair. But him saying he wants to make children with her and gazing at her isn’t him intentionally being gross he’s in awe of her and sees her as an equal.

Okay so he’s a little lovestruck and obviously very oblivious to Brienne’s lack of response but wildlings are different to regular Westerosi people. Their customs and traditions are different so they probably have different strategy/approach when it comes to a potential mate. Tormund is a sweet character who hasn’t done anything intentionally misogynistic or importunate to Brienne.

Literally, you do not have to ship Tienne/Brienmund but please stop needless vilifying this character or this ship because it’s not your taste. Also please keep any negative comments out of the tag. Thank you.


Olena Kalytiak Davis, from “another sign off,″ Shattered Sonnets, Love Cards, and Other Off and Back Handed Importunities

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Can we have a special Ben X reader fic for his birthday 😊❤️

A/N: okay I don’t usually do this but since it’s Benedict’s birthday I will 😁 so here’s a special birthday Ben X reader ficlet 😊 Happy birthday Benedict! 😄🎉


“He likes you, you know…” You slowly looked up to Amanda who had a Cheshire Cat like grin on her face. You rolled your eyes and playfully jabbed her side and she flinched on the spot laughing.

“No he doesn’t, and anyway we’re friends and he seems happy with that,” you told her in a matter of fact voice. You were standing with her on the set of Sherlock, you had been casted as Mrs Hudson’s granddaughter back in 2010 and had been on a few episodes since then as well as other acting jobs. Amanda loved to tease you by constantly telling you that Ben liked you.

She looked at you with a questioning glare “Are you?” Amanda asked and her question whirled around in your head.

You didn’t have time to answer her as the director shouted “Places!” And you and Amanda rushed to get into character. “Alright everybody! Action!”

You watched Martin and Ben work, their acting was flawless and almost effortless. Well flawless most of the time, as soon as the thought went into your head Ben burst out laughing at ‘Johns’ witty remark.

You couldn’t help but giggle and Ben looked up over to you with a small smile on his face “Alright is everyone ready?” The director asked and Ben nodded, quickly apologising for his outburst before continuing with the scene.

You stood waiting with Rupert at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the flat, ready for the director to shout action. “I’m going to feel like the third wheel,” he lightly chuckled and you furrowed your brow.

“What do you mean? You asked, fixing your costume a little.

Rupert shrugged “Well when you two have a scene together it’s like you both enter a world of your own…” He trailed off and you looked ahead, composing your thoughts. Did that really happen? If it did you didn’t notice it.

“Everybody ready? 3…2…1…action!”

You ran up the stairs with Rupert “Morning Sherlock,” you chirped with a smile “I found Greg on the stairs.”

“Who?” ‘Sherlock’ asked.

You rolled your eyes “Lestrade!” Both you and ‘Greg’ said at the same time. You continued on with the scene perfectly, subconsciously trying to find this ‘world’ Rupert was talking about.

The next scene you were shooting was with Andrew, where ‘Jim’ had kidnapped you and ‘John’ and ‘Sherlock’ would have to save you. “A little bird told me that you’ve auditioned to be Cleopatra in the Globe theatres production of 'Antony and Cleopatra’.” Andrew looked at you with a smile on his face, a far cry from his almost petrifying Moriarty expressions.

“Uh yeah I’m waiting to hear back from them. Apparently they might be casting David as Antony.”

“Tennant?” Andrew clarified and you nodded.

“Yeah but I’ll have to wait and see if I get the part first.”

“I know some of the production managers there, I’ll give them a call and sort you out,” Andrew winked and you gasped, instantly bringing him in for a hug.

“Thanks Andrew that would be amazing!” You let go of him and prepared yourself for the scene. You had to wait for 'John’ and 'Sherlock’ to untie you from a chair that was in front of a loaded gun with a timer. You got into character and the scene began. Your character had their eyes shut and you cried some fake tears, your eyes opened when you felt hands fumble with the rope around you.

“Sh-Sherlock?” You sobbed out and watched as Ben avoided looking you in the eye. You wanted to furrow your brows but did your best not to break character. 'Sherlock’ untied you before pushing you to the ground as the gun went off.

“Cut! Perfect take guys!” The director shouted.

You barely heard him though, you were too entranced with Benedict hovering over you. Ben snapped back into reality and out of the trance he was being pulled into with your eyes “So-sorry Y/N…” He stuttered out and helped you up before quickly going to prepare for his next take.

You let out a small sigh and returned to your trailer just as you received a call “Hello?”

“Y/N! You got the part of Cleopatra!”


About a month later Sherlock was wrapping up filming and all the cast and some of the crew gathered around on set to celebrate “So Y/N…” Mark trailed off with a knowing smirk “Or should I call you Queen of Egypt?” You couldn’t help but smile and let out a giggle as the rest of the cast gasped with surprise.

“You got it?!” Louise asked with a delighted squeal before pulling you in for a hug.

“Yeah all thanks to Andrew!” You smiled at the Irish actor.

“Oh nonsense! You got it because you’re the best bloody actor in the country! Come give me a cuddle” you walked over to him and embraced him in a tight hug “Congratulations.”

You stepped back and found yourself looking into Ben’s eyes “Congratulations Y/N,” you wrapped your arms around him tightly, inhaling his goosebump inducing scent.

“Thank you…Sorcerer Supreme…” You teasingly whispered in his ear with a smile before pulling back, only to be still held in his arms. You smiled at his surprised face, he never told anyone, or at least couldn’t remember if he told anyone “A little bird,” you told him and he clicked on. That little bird was always Amanda.

You went back to your trailer for the last time in the series to collect your things when the door opened “Ben! Hey!” You smiled and put down a box of your belongings.

“Hi…” He slowly drawled out “Uh I just wanted to say well done again for getting the part of Cleopatra.”

“Thank you,” you bashfully smiled “Congratulations to you too! Dr Strange?! That’s amazing! I loved those comics. Marvel are very lucky to have you. When do you start filming?” You asked.

“I head out to Nepal tomorrow then Atlanta after that…” He trailed off with a sad tone and you gulped.

“For how long?” You asked in a whisper.

Ben burned his gaze into the ground “Five months.”

You felt your heart shatter, you wouldn’t be able to see him in person for five months. It would be the longest you would have been away from him. “Oh,” was all you could mutter out before you put on a fake smile “Well I’m sure it will be an amazing experience!”

“Yeah,” he sent you a half smile “Who has been cast for Antony?” He asked raising a suspicious brow.

“David Tennant was cast, I’m looking forward to working with him!” You smiled.

“Yeah…lucky sod gets to kiss you…” He mumbled so quietly that you didn’t hear him. “I’ll come and see you before the production finishes, I promise.” He smiled and leaned forward, pressing a chaste kiss on your cheek. It lingered for what felt like hours “Goodbye Y/N.”

“Bye Ben…”


Three months later you found yourself on the stage bowing for the final time as the crowd cheered and gave a standing ovation. You scanned your eyes across the crowd looking for a certain face but he wasn’t there. You tried not to let your disappointment shine through as you smiled and waved whist the curtain closed.

All the Sherlock cast had visited you, all except Ben. You sat in your dressing room that night, still in costume, looking at a photo from way back in 2010 at a young, fresh faced, Sherlock cast. You smiled and traced you fingertips over Benedict’s face with a sad smile. In the photo he had his arm around your shoulders with a large smile on his face. You both looked so young.

Your face had an even bigger smile on in. Sherlock was your first proper acting gig and from that your career propelled. A knock on the door snapped your from your thoughts and you hollered the person on the other side to come in. “Miss Y/L/N?”

You turned around seeing it was a backstage assistant “Um everyone has gone home but there is a person waiting for you on stage.” They smiled and left you utterly confused.

You walked to the stage, still in costume, and found no one there. That was until you heard a voice echoing through the empty theatre “I am dying, Egypt, dying; only
I here importune death awhile, until
Of many thousand kisses the poor last
I lay up thy lips.”

You flawlessly began to recite your lines as Cleopatra, quickly getting into character with a smile hearing his voice. “I dare not, dear,–
Dear my lord, pardon,–I dare not,
Lest I be taken: not the imperious show
Of the full-fortuned Caesar ever shall
Be brooch’d with me; if knife, drugs,
serpents, have
Edge, sting, or operation, I am safe:
Your wife Octavia, with her modest eyes
And still conclusion, shall acquire no honour
Demuring upon me. But come, come, Antony,–
Help me, my women,–we must draw thee up:
Assist, good friends.”

“O, quick, or I am gone.” You saw Benedict stepping out of the shadows in the most bizarre costume, quoting Antony. You couldn’t help but laugh at his attire and perfectly designed facial hair.

“What are you wearing?!” You laughed, clutching your stomach.

Ben smiled “Stay in character!” He told you and you managed to calm your giggles.

“It’s going to be hard when you look like that,” you waved your hand up and down in front of him as he joined you on stage “But alright.” You cleared your throat and composed yourself before continuing with your lines “Here’s sport indeed! How heavy weighs my lord!
Our strength is all gone into heaviness,
That makes the weight: had I great Juno’s power,
The strong-wing’d Mercury should fetch thee up,
And set thee by Jove’s side. Yet come a little,–
Wishes were ever fools,–O, come, come, come;”
Your breath hitch feeling Benedict’s hands soothingly rub up and down your forearms. You continued speaking with a trembling voice as the strangely dressed actor in front of you made your mind spiral out of control with nerves. “And welcome, welcome! die where thou hast lived:
Quicken with kissing: had my lips that power,
Thus would I wear them out…”

Your voice was nothing but a whisper as you finished your line “You came…” You trailed off.

“I tried to come sooner, I wanted to see you. We’re filming in London for a few days, I’m sorry I broke my promise.” Ben’s gaze fell to the ground and you were quick to place a finger under his chin, drawing his attention back to you.

“You’re here now,” you smiled “Dr Strange…” You teasingly smirked and ran your fingers over his costume.

Benedict let out a bashful chuckle “Yeah…” He drew out “I came straight from filming. I arrived in London yesterday and we started filming straight away. I’m so sorry Y/N.”

You smiled and propped yourself up on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek “You’re here now, that’s all that matters…and you got a private show.” Ben felt his cheeks burn when your lips left his skin and especially when you winked at him after the words 'private show’ left your mouth.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered and moved closer to you.

You look down to your outfit and shrugged, lacing the delicate fabric between your fingers. “We have very talented costume desig-”

“No,” Ben cut you off “You look beautiful…” He trailed off and cupped your face with his scared hands, which you knew was special effect makeup. “Always…” He leaned forward and passionately crashed his mouth to yours. You couldn’t help but moan as he intertwined his fingers with your hair. He pulled back leaving your lips slightly swollen and tingling “How was that kiss?” He asked with a small smirk, pressing his forehead to yours.

“Amazing…I’ve wanted that for so long,” you softly whispered and peppered your lips across his own.

“Better than kissing David Tennant?” He asked, standing up straight with a serious look on his face.

“Much better,” you hummed.

“Good,” Benedict sent you a half smirk “I may have lightly threatened him not to kiss you that good.”

“Ben!” You burst out laughing and playfully slapped his chest. He laughed along with you and wrapped his arms around you.

“Do you want to come back to mine for dinner?” He asked with eyes full of hope.

“I’d love that.”


“Benedict! Y/N! Benedict! Over here!” A hoard of paparazzi and press kept calling your name.

“They’re going to have a field day with us…” You gritted out with a smile directed in the direction of the cameras.

“I know,” Ben spoke to you in the same fashion “Spend five minutes with them then I’ll get you back to the hotel to get that dress off you…” He seductively trailed off.

“Ben…” You warned with a smirk.

It had been a few years since Ben kissed you back in the globe theatre and since then you both had been inseparable. You talked to a few journalists while Ben stood next to you, talking to others. “Firstly Y/N congratulations on your Olivier award for your role as Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra, secondly how are you enjoying the D23 Expo?”

You smiled and answered “Thank you so much! It’s absolutely amazing being here! I’ve loved meeting everyone and of course watching the Infinity War trailer. I’ve asked Ben countless of times for spoilers but he never tells me!” You laughed.

“You’re a big fan of Doctor Strange aren’t you?” The interviewer asked and you nodded “What other roles did you enjoy Benedict in?”

“Oh The Hobbit and obviously Sherlock. I love watching him work, it’s such an honour.” You smiled adoringly at the blue eyed man by your side.

“Does he attempt to deduce things when he’s not playing Sherlock?”

You let out a laugh and Ben glanced over to you with a gushing smile. “No!” You replied “Thankfully not! I mean he can barely say the word penguin so-”

“Hey!” He cut you off and placed both hands on your side making you jump “You said you’d never bring that up…” He sent a fake pout in your direction, one that you couldn’t help but laugh at.

“Sorry!” You defensively held your hands up “Sorry darling!”

The interviewer laughed “So are you planning on making Y/N Mrs Cumberbatch anytime soon?” The interviewer pressed.

You and Ben both let out nervous chuckles before you were both cut off by a voice “No! She’s becoming Mrs Robert Downey Jr!” Robert called from behind the both of you and you all burst out laughing.

“No she’s not!” Chris hollered “She’s going to be called Mrs Evans and we’ve already agreed to adopt Tom Holland!”

“No we haven’t! Plus I think Ben wants to adopt him!” You shouted back with a laugh. You felt Ben’s hand come around and gently brush across your stomach.

“I don’t think we’d have the space, love.” You smiled hearing the soft, whispering tone that lingered around your ear. “Sorry folks!” Ben waved “we’ve got to go!”

You walked off with him to a car “How long do you think it will take them to figure out we married in secret Mr Cumberbatch?”

“I’d give it a few months,” he let out a snort of laughter and pressed a kiss to your temple “Mrs Cumberbatch.”


Word Count: 584

Fandom: Sherlock

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Request (s): None

Warning (s): None

A/N: It’s short but sweet.  Quite literally haha.

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“I’ll have a coffee. Black,” the curly haired man said. He was a regular. You were always fascinated by him. After all he was The Great Sherlock Holmes. You did, however, find it odd that every day he would enter the little chocolate shop at exactly ten in the morning like clockwork and order the same exact thing. It wasn’t even related to chocolate! You huffed in fake annoyance as you put in his order.

“Good morning to you too, Mister Holmes,” you jested, attempting to raise even a tiny smile out of the man. It was no use. He pulled out his wallet to pay you but you put your hand up to indicate that he stop. He sighed and just sat on a stool next to the counter and waited for his morning coffee. “This one’s on the house.”

You’d think that he could make his own coffee, as far as you could tell, he was a rather wealthy man, with all the cases he solved. He should have been able to buy a coffee maker. Or just stick to tea. But you wouldn’t say anything like that aloud. 

You smiled to yourself as an idea crept into your head.

“One coffee for Mister Holmes,” you said, walking up to the counter to hand the warm drink to him.

“(Y/N), how many times must I tell you, Sherlock will do,” he spoke, taking the drink and having a small sip. His eyes widened in surprise.

“Um … (Y/N). I do believe that this isn’t coffee,” he said after swallowing.

“I know,” you said, smirking smugly. “This is a chocolate shop Mister Holm- I mean, Sherlock. We sell chocolate so how about some hot cocoa for once?”

“Hmm,” he hummed thoughtfully. He took another sip of the drink and sighed.

“Okay, I guess it is decent.”

“Decent? Oh Sherlock, have you ever had a hot cocoa before? This is the best of the best!”

“A-alright, alright. This is quite good, (Y/N),” Sherlock stammered, a blanket of pink dusting his complexion.

“Maybe you should have chocolate things more often, yeah?” You asked, jokingly.

“I guess,” he mumbled, taking another drink. You smiled.

“You’re the only reason I come here, you know that?” Sherlock importuned. Your smile faltered for a moment before you regained yourself.

“Why is that?” You asked.

“I enjoy talking to you. You’re interesting,” he explained, acting completely nonchalant.

“Is that so?” 

“Yes, and so here I am with a question for you. Would you like to have dinner sometime? Maybe I could buy you a hot chocolate,” he said with a smile.

“I-I would love to, Sherlock,” you replied. He smiled wider and handed you his mobile to put your number into. You did so without hesitation.

“Grand. How about seven tomorrow? I could pick you up,” he said, gathering himself to leave.

“That sounds perfect. See you then Sherlock,” you said as he stood up.

“I’ll text you later,” he said, walking out the door. 

You smiled to yourself as you began to busy yourself with the few customers that walked into the shop. You felt good about this, it was just what you needed. Some excitement in your monotonous life.

Oh, if only you knew what you were getting yourself into.

No Matter What - Part 2

Type: Scenario

Genre:  Angst -Fluff

Pairing: Yuta x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: Cheating, swearing.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

You grabbed your bag and your coat and exited the apartment, without a place to go, without knowing what to do… It couldn’t be true.

You spent the week at a friend’s place. You told Sooyoung that you wanted to focus on your exams and hoped that since you both had the same classes, she’d understand your struggle and believe you.

“Are you sure everything is fine? You look exhausted” she said when you first came over. You had knocked on her door in the middle of the night, without any belongings other than your bag and textbooks, asking to spend the night. She didn’t ask many questions, but the look on her face told you she knew better than to believe what you told her. She was very comprehensive though, and you were grateful for that.

You did your best to avoid anything that would remind you of Yuta for the whole week and was pretty successful at keeping your mind off of everything that happened. Exams were so stressful and you had to bring your A game as your GPA was your priority. Also on your priority list was keeping a relatively decent status among your group of friends and the last thing you needed was for anyone to say “I told you,” so you kept your mouth shut.

Now that your exams were over, you had to go back to reality. What were you going to do? You had to talk to him, you wanted to hear what he had to say and you were hoping it would all make sense. Because even if your mind was screaming for you to never go back to him again after the humiliation that was your last encounter, deep down all you wanted to do was forget the whole thing and move forward. The question was, would you be moving forward with or without him.

You decide to go home to at least take some of your stuff and stop importuning Sooyoung to lend you her clothes. You also hoped Yuta would be there and you could set things straight. Even if you still didn’t know what you wanted to do, at least you’d have more insight to make a decision. It was Saturday, he would normally be home on a Saturday at noon. You hugged Sooyoung quickly and left, planning to come back soon.

Arriving at your place, you felt your heart break a little as you walked through the hallway to your apartment door. It was really a nice building, and this somewhat felt like it might be your last time going in.

You opened the door to an empty apartment. No sound, no shoes, no keys. Yuta was definitely out. You let out a sigh and went straight to your shared bedroom, where everything had happened. The sight of your bed made you want to throw up a bit. All you could think about was the smug look on her face and the anger on his. Anger. That’s probably what it was. But how could he be angry at you?

You did not linger on your emotions too much and packed everything you needed to stay out for another week or so. Satisfied with your bag, you gave one last look to this room before walking down to stairs to the door. As soon as you reached the last step, the door opened. There he stood, handsome as ever, his hair perfectly styled, his features completely calm.

You were grateful that he hadn’t tried contacting you for the whole week, really you were. He knew that you had important exams and you thought it was the least he could do, to let you focus. But as much as you tried to deny it, you did miss him and was kind of looking forward to seeing him.

But now that he was standing in front of you, you were once again frozen on your spot, unable to move or speak.

His glare soon crossed yours and you kept staring at each other for what seemed like forever, none of you saying anything. His lips were pursed, and he dropped the bag he was carrying without breaking eye contact.

“How are you doing?” he spoke carefully. He looked at you from head to toe, as if analyzing you, trying to discern any sign your body would give him. You suddenly felt very self-conscious, wondering why you hadn’t paid a bit more attention to your appearance.

You let out a deep breath before answering, just as carefully. “Not that well, and it’s worst seeing that you seem to be doing perfectly fine”.

He shook his head while looking at the floor for a second, before looking back up at you, narrowing his eyes slightly.

“That’s the thing with you. You always act like you know me better than I do.”

You weren’t expecting this. Was he trying to turn this situation around? You were trying to give him a chance to explain, but he didn’t seem aware of the situation. And you weren’t ready for his remarks.

“So that’s why you fucked that girl?” you felt the anger grow is your mind.

“Everyone told me you were cheating on me but I didn’t believe them. I really thought you were better than this. But if you’re telling me you fucking cheated on me because you’re annoyed with me, you’re really just the asshole everyone said you were.”

His mouth opened a bit as if he wanted to speak but closed right back, and a frown formed between his eyebrows. You took the opportunity to continue speaking your mind to him.

“Cheat on me? For that? What kind of bullshit is this? You couldn’t just tell me that? Was it that difficult to speak to me? After 2 years? I thought we were over this Yuta. And she was probably not the first one. How many were there? 2? 3?”

You were now almost yelling, tears rolling down your cheeks.

“It’s more complicated than this.” The calmness in his voice as he spoke only made you angrier. Did he not know how hurt you were? Or was it that he did not care anymore? “There are many things you don’t know about me Y/N.”

“Then now would be the perfect time to tell me! We’ve been together for 2 years Yuta! What is it that you can’t get the courage to tell me?”

He just stood there staring at you, not minding giving you any explanation. You concluded that you wouldn’t be able to get anything from him then, and decided to leave. You started walking toward the front door, brushing past him and reaching for the handle when he grabbed your wrist and spun you around.

He looked at you straight into your eyes, and you swore you could see a slight hint of pain in his.

“I’m sorry,” he started. “I never meant to upset you. I just… I don’t know where to start. This week has been hell for me, I just had to go to this place and I needed to look presentable.” But you couldn’t care less about his looks at this point.

“Why did you do this to me,” you burst into tears again, and he pulled you in for a hug. It felt good being in his arms, and you let your tense body relax slightly at his touch. This was the Yuta you knew. He was thoughtful and sweet, he felt like home.

“I’m sorry. I don’t like seeing you cry, you know that ” he said, running his hand through your hair while the other one held your waist tightly.

He pulled away slightly to look at you and brushed his thumb across your cheeks to wipe the tears, before cupping your face.

“I’m sorry, for cheating on you, for lying, for disappointing you. You deserve better, and I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you,” he almost whispered, and it felt like he was about to break up with you. He started again:

“Please give me one last chance. I messed up, I’m aware of it and I know it’s selfish to ask that of you. But I love you, Y/N.”

Your heart started beating faster at his words, and you couldn’t help but reach up to him and put your lips on his, slowly, softly. He instantly gave in to the kiss, holding you tight and squeezing your waist a couple of times before pulling away.

“I’m sorry, baby. Let me show you how sorry I am”.

Penelope for her Ulisses sake,
Deviz’d a Web her wooers to deceave:
In which the worke that she all day did make
The same at night she did again unreave:
Such subtile craft my Damzell doth conceave,
Th’ importune suit of my desire to shnone:
For all that I in many dayes doo weave,
In one short houre I find by her undonne.
So when I thinke to end that I begonne,
I must begin and never bring to end:
For with one looke she spils that long I sponne,
And with one word my whole years work doth rend.
Such labour like the Spyders web I fynd,
Whose fruitless worke is broken with least wynd.
—  Edmund Spenser, “Amoretti XXIII: Penelope for her Ulisses sake”

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^^can you recommend me some fem!baekhyun and male chanyeol fics? Thank youuu

hi anon! brace yourself lol 😂 here are a lot of fem!baek fics for u ((bc fem!baek is life💕)) 

i hope you’d have fun reading! 😘

- Admin Elle ♡

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How do you think so/sp and sp/so establish a deep emotional connection with someone? It's definitely not impossible, but lacking the sx variant, how does it happen?

This topic has been touched before here and is a good starting point to get an idea:

But I have still no real clue tbh. It’s just really difficult to discuss because the perspectives are so different. What may feel really deep and intense to someone sx-blind looks still shallow from a sx-viewpoint but the sx-blind hasn’t experienced anything -really- deep in their whole life so they just wouldn’t know and are convinced that this is how deep things can get? There is definitely a cognitive bias.

so/sps (sp/so not as extremely, but still to a degree) somehow have a really bad perception when it comes to emotional connections. Like just an example dialogue I had a while ago with so/sp INFP friend:

so/sp INFP: I wonder why friend A doesn’t visit me anymore when she is in town. It’s so weird because I’m her -best- friend but her text replies are so sparse and she has time for everyone else except me.

me: Have you considered that… you are not her best friend (anymore) and she doesn’t want to see you?

so/sp INFP: ??? tbh that idea didn’t even cross my mind before…

sx-blinds are either too importunate or too distanced. They are either convinced that everyone loves them or everyone hates them. And they really have trouble evaluating that gray area in between.

Also when someone sx-blind tries to mimic a sx-connection (because lots of love stories build on that idea so it comes across as very appealing) it gets obsessive and unhealthy in a second. I would even argue that most stalking cases are initiated by so/sps. Because again, sx-blind seem unable to find that sweet spot in between where you are very close with someone but not so much that it suffocates you.
Taking that into consideration I actually prefer it when relationships with sx-blind stay shallow but healthy.

And sorry @any sx-blind who reads this and thinks “whaaat? that’s not true! i’m awesome at this!”; you are in the same category as any sp-blind who thinks they are awesome at handling finances or any so-blind who thinks they are socially gracious. Better recognize your weaknesses instead of staying delusional.