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a  w a r n i n g  to the people…                      
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I interrupt your mindless dash scrolling to point out that Captain Jack Sparrow jumped into the ocean after seeing a girl fall off a cliff. He didn’t know this girl, had nothing to gain by saving her life. And yet the notorious pirate, pillager, thief, scallawag and womanizer literally jumped to the aid of this girl because she was drowning and no one else was going to save her. 


Bonaire keeps its iconic birds of paradise in the pink

If I didn’t already know the national bird of Bonaire is the flamingo, I couldn’t possibly ignore that fact once I arrived at the tiny island’s shocking pink Flamingo Airport and drove past hotel after restaurant after gift shop, all bearing the image of the flamboyant bird.With its rosy plumage and languid grace, nothing says “tropical paradise” like the flamingo. 

But Bonaire’s devotion to the iconic bird is about more than a color scheme or evoking a certain Caribbean vibe. Located 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela and part of the Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire is one of only four places in the world where large numbers of Caribbean flamingos breed. More than 10,000 flamingos flock there each year to nest, feed and breed before flying to Venezuela once the season is over.Bonaire was among the first Caribbean islands to recognize the importance of preserving its fragile ecosystem. More than one-fifth of the island — and 100 percent of the water surrounding it — are protected national parks. 

Its mangroves, saliñas and marine life make it an ideal habitat for more than 210 species of birds, chief among them the flamingo. Read more.

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An alternative for purchasing your spiritual supplies would be BOTANICAS also named ‘Religious Goods store’

Most are ran by seasoned practitioners whose families have practiced for generations, often using traditional methods for their products. If they do import its often from practitioners of Africa, The Caribbean and Latin America.

* My Biggest issue with Euro-American ran spiritual shops is the slapping together of various Deities and customs due to ignorance, picking out whatever looks/sounds good from various belief systems and slapping it together with Euro based spiritual beliefs.

Absolutely no one has brought this up yet so I will. Will is starting to look like a walking sea monster. Why is this important? Well it was established that as long as the captain of Flying Dutchman keeps ferrying the dead to Davy Jones Locker they don’t look like sea monsters so WHY THE HELL IS WILL STARTING TO TURN INTO A SEA MONSTER?!?!??

My guess is something happened to Elizabeth and Captain Salazar is involved hence Will’s return and it would give him something more important to do than ferry souls all day

The Zapata peninsula contains the largest and most important wetlands in the Caribbean. Covering 1.5 million acres (6,000 square km), the immense Zapata Biosphere Reserve includes marshes, peat bogs, mangroves, coral reefs, and forests that support a complex web of life, including frogs, turtles, fish, shellfish, crocodiles, birds, and countless plants and insects, making its conservation a top priority for the entire region. Learn more about Cuba’s biodiversity.

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okay real talk though. Pirates of the Caribbean films are some of the best Disney movies ever in my humble opinion. The symbolism behind it stating that the government can be shady and evil despite being the most trusted and that someone who would be known as “bad and untrustworthy” just by the way they look, can actually be a good and honest person.
the beautiful and amazing cast (especially the third movie where they add some more diversity) and who can forget the beautiful Orlando bloom and Keira Knightly.

also!!!! the portrayal of Elizabeth Swan!!! In the first movie when the pirates attack the village she saves her maid and attempts to fight them off and outsmart them (badass). she fucking helps save Will in the cave scene and at the end of the movie (total badass). in the second movie she so sly and still (obviously) badass. those fight scenes on the island are some of my favs. in At Worlds End she’s the ultimate queen. in her first few scenes when she has to hand in all her weapons and she just is loaded with them. when she speaks up (multiple times in the movie) to anyone without hesitation (when this was a time when women weren’t noticed as equals). she became the fucking pirate king and gave an amazing speech to her crew. and even without mentioning all the bomb ass fighting scenes she gave us, she was still a headstrong woman and she made her voice known. she never required saving. she was powerful and a force to be reckoned with and she knew it. not to mention she raised her son by herself (im assuming). and Will knew how amazing and strong she was. that’s why they’re my favorite. not to mention all three of these movies delivered some of the greatest lines and gifs. okay. that’s all for today

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April 1, 2017 - Anansi, weaver of tales and stories, especially important in West Africa and the Caribbeans. Orinated in from the Ashanti of Ghana.

Death of a Bachelor (Part One)

A/N: So this is going to be a series, my first series actually. And I’m sorry for not being as active as I probably should on this blog, but I’m back now!!! Enjoy my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

Summary: Oh Sehun, the richest, most powerful man in Long Island, New York may have found the one thing he’s been missing from his life. But the question is if she’ll ever want him like he wants her.

Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4

Word Count: 2550

(A/N: And I normally don’t throw in two gifs but the one below is how I imagined Sehun to look during this story, just with a serious expression!)

Long Island, New York. 1922

The night was dark, not a single star in the sky could be seen from all the industrial lights of the city and high rises. The streets of the hopping city were littered with the waste of those without a care in the world, who spent their days going against the laws with the consumption of alcohol and the showing of skin. In these streets, a man walked with presence and poise; a rose amongst daisies.

His black hair was slicked back with obvious amounts of gel under his white fedora, his white suit was pure without a speck of dirt in the fibers of his clothes, and his polished shoes clicked against the concrete with each step he took.

Oh Sehun was a God amongst peasants. His wealth grew from the illegal alcohol trade, thanks to the new Era’s laws. No one didn’t know who Oh Sehun was, unless you were living under a rock. His connections with the NPD made him untouchable, immortal to the rules and the convictions of prison. He relished in his power and milked it for all it was worth, granting him anything his heart desired.

Sehun turned off the streets and into the alley between Main and 17th. His hands were shoved in his coat pockets, he whistled as he walked down the narrow passageway. He approached a metallic door and tapped his knuckles lightly against the surface. A slit in the door opened up and two eyes looked straight into his own. The slit closed instantly and the door opened instantly, and Sehun walked inside without a word.

“Mr. Oh, allow me to take your coat.”

“No need for that, I won’t be staying for pleasure tonight.” Sehun said, removing his hat and throwing it towards the bouncer, never bothering to look back and see if he caught it as he walked downstairs into the nightclub. Sehun smoothed back his gelled hair and fixed the knot in his black tie as he stepped down into the dimly lit room.

He picked up his black walking stick from a holder by the entryway and twirled it in his hand as he approached a booth on the right side of the room. He weaved in and out of tables as the other patrons watched the flapper girls dance on stage. Jazz flowed from the speakers of the club, and Sehun smirked when he finally made it to his reserved booth.

“I see you’ve gotten friendly with my gals, huh Jay?” Sehun said, making the man that sat in between two attractive blondes look up. The man named Jay sent Sehun a smile and the two shook hands warmly.

“I can’t help it Sehun, you know I have a thing for the blondes.” Jay said as Sehun slid into the booth.

“But you’ve completely ignored these two here, they might have been fun to play with.” Sehun smirked as a redhead and a brunette latched themselves on either side of Sehun.

“We’ve been waiting here for you Mr. Oh.” the redhead cooed.

“Yeah, it’s been so lonely.” the brunette pouted as she played with Sehun’s tie.

“But I’m here now.” Sehun smirked, throwing his arms around the girls shoulders as they ran their hands over his chest and arms.

“So Jay, let’s talk business then.”

“Oh c'mon Sehun, why does everything have to be all about business with you whenever we talk? Can’t we just have a night where bachelors can be bachelors?” Jay laughed, picking up his whiskey glass as he took a swig.

“Because time is money Jay, I don’t waste mine on lavish parties.” Sehun said, making Jay scoff.

“Speaking of, I’m throwing another Saturday night. You should come to this one.” Jay’s blue eyes sparkled as he threw Sehun a persuasive smile. Sehun’s dark eyes bore into Jay’s bright ones as he thought, bringing his lower lip between his teeth.

“If we can get this deal over with, I’ll consider it then.” Sehun finally said, making Jay clap his hands in accomplishment.

“Fabulous! So, then the usual shipment then from my providers?” Jay asked.

“Nah, I don’t need the moonshine this time Jay. I need your men.” Sehun said, making Jay’s eyes darken.

“What do you need my men for Sehun?” Jay’s voice lowered an octave as he toyed around with a half used cigar in the ashtray.

“I have someone who won’t comply to my rules. I need…him to be persuaded.” Sehun said, his voice dripping from his lips like honey.

“Don’t you have your own men for that?” Jay snapped, making Sehun raise his brow at the standoffish behavior.

“I suggest you do what I ask of you Jay, remember who brought you to where you are now. I can take it away just as easy, and you’ll never get what you truly desire on the other side of the harbor.” Jay looked up at Sehun, who had his signature smirk etched on his face. Sehun took out a lighter and lit a cigarette, slowly blowing the smoke out past his lips. Jay sighed and sat back against the booth.

“Fine, I’ll send some guys down.” Jay said, watching Sehun take another drag. Sehun let the smoke escape his mouth with ease as he gazed up at the ceiling, his lips parted in an easy “O” shape. Sehun’s eyes glanced over at Jay before puffing out the remaining smoke from his mouth.

“They’ll be looking for a Mr. Webber.” Sehun said as he flicked the ashes of his cigarette on the ground, completely bypassing the ashtray.

“I’ll get them on that then Mr. Oh.” Jay said, pushing the blondes away as he stood from the booth. Sehun chuckled as the girls crawled towards him. He winked at Jay and sent him a half-hearted wave with the hand that held the cigarette.

“Pleasure doing business with you then Mr. Gatsby. Send a waiter this way, yeah?” he smirked as he took a drag.

“I’ll be back Sehun, don’t get too comfy.” Jay said as he walked away.

But Sehun did get comfy, allowing the girls to paw and kiss along his body as he sipped his favorite type of rum that was imported from the Caribbean. As Sehun lounged out, he watched the dancers on stage with mild interest. His foot would occasionally tap to the music, and his lips would sometimes part into a seductive smile for the girls at his sides but it felt like a routine to him.
Sehun had everything any young bachelor could want and desire. But something was still missing and he didn’t quite know what it was. He took the last drag of his cigarette and put it out in the ashtray, bringing his glass of rum to his lips when Jay rejoined him.

“Alright, it’s been done your highness.” Jay teased as he regained his blonde women.

“I know I’m the king of this city Jay, but there’s no need for that.” Sehun said as the lights dimmed down even lower, the main performance of the night about to begin. Normally Sehun wouldn’t pay much attention to these performances, but tonight he decide he’d watch like Jay would usually do.

A spotlight shone on stage and there stood one lone girl in a white leotard with rhinestones on the bodice. She wore white elbow length gloves that stood out against her skin. Black fishnets adorned her legs with pristine black heels on her feet. Loose curls fell down her back and framed her face; which was plain except for a dark swipe of red lipstick on her lips and a coating of mascara on her eyelashes.

Sehun leaned forward against the table, pushing the two girls on his sides away as he placed his elbows on the table, resting his chin on his folded hands as he watched the girl bend down to run her hands up her legs.

The music was light with the sounds of piano resonating throughout the room, a strong beat partnering with the music. The girl moved her hips to the music, running her hands over her breast as she snapped her fingers to the beat. She sent the crowd smiles, flashing her pearly white teeth before the song started.

It’s on baby let’s get lost, you don’t need to call into work cause you the boss

The girl moved her hips and body in sensual rolling motions as trumpets joined the mixture of music. She twirled her head back, letting her hair fly as her hands ran over her hips, butt, and thighs. She bent her body down and opened her legs as though she was sending a seductive invitation out to the men as she stood back up, her body twisting as she rose.

He talks like this cause he can back it up. He got a big ego.

Sehun stared, entranced by the women before him. He tuned the rest of the world out as he watched the performance seemingly meant just for him. He let his eyes wander over her body without shame, letting his tongue pop out to wet his lips before gently biting his lower lip out of lust.

I know I’m killing you with them legs, better yet them thighs. Matter of fact it’s my smile, maybe my eyes. Boy you a site to see kind of something like me

‘Damn right,’ Sehun thought as he watched the girl dance to the music. 'Could these lyrics be any more accurate?’ Sehun frowned as the song ended much to soon, the girl leaving the stage and the lights rising back up a little bit. Sehun look to Jay, who seemed confused.

“Sehun, you look like you’ve went through an epiphany.” Jay chuckled, twirling his drink inside his glass. Sehun’s lips parted as to say something but no words could come out. Jay smirked in amusement as he watched Sehun try to grasp his words as he pointed to the stage, looking between Jay and the now occupied stage.

“Mine.” Sehun gasped out, making Jay howl in laughter.

“Yours?! Sehun, man, it’s just a dancer.” Jay laughed. Sehun’s eyes darkened considerably.

“Out.” he growled, making Jay raise his eyebrows at him.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Out. All of you, out of my booth. Now!” Sehun raised his voice, causing the girls to flee. Jay’s eyes widened at his friends behavior, he had never seen him act so passionately towards something before unless it involved money. But Jay slid out of the booth anyways, watching his friend carefully.

“Jay, I want you to find her, send her here.” Sehun said.

“Sehun, are you sure?” Jay questioned, normally his friend wasn’t the type for hookups with random girls. Sehun looked at Jay with determination in his eyes.

“You know my philosophies Jay. And one of them is 'If it feels good and looks good, it must be mine.’ I. Want. Her.” he growled. Jay nodded and hurried off.
Sehun tapped his foot impatiently against the floor as he waited. He smoothed back his hair as he absentmindedly twirled his walking stick in the air. He leaned his head back to watch the slim object twirl in the air, kicking his feet up onto the table as he lit a cigarette.

“Mr. Oh?” Sehun halted his movements, placing his feet back onto the ground along with his walking stick as he sat up. He removed the cigarette from between his lips and blew out a puff of smoke.

“You wanted to see Miss L/N?” the person asked, stepping aside to allow the dancer to step forward. She  had changed into a simple yellow dress; she was probably about to return home for the night. Sehun smirked and nodded.

“Yes, thank you.” he said, waving a dismissive hand to the person to allow them to leave. Sehun watched the girl stand there, fidgeting slightly. He chuckled and beckoned her over with his finger, a smile playing at the corners of his lips when he saw her scared expression. She slid into the booth, keeping her distance from the man. Sehun tsked.

“Now c'mon doll, I don’t bite. Come here.” his voice was low and dark; seductive. The girl seemed reluctant to move so Sehun took matters into his own hands and moved towards her himself, wrapping an arm around her waist.

“See? This isn’t so bad, now is it?” he whispered into the girls ear, making her squirm uncomfortably. Sehun sighed and leaned away from her, keeping his arm securely around her waist.

“What’s your name?” he asked, his voice was smooth as he tried to apply the charm he was known for.

“Y-Y/N.” the girl muttered as she ran her hands over her arms.

“Do you know who I am Y/N?” Sehun asked, trying to catch her eye but Y/N wouldn’t allow it.

“Who doesn’t?” she asked, making Sehun chuckle.

“That’s true.” Sehun agreed. He reached out and cupped her cheek, making her look into his eyes. Y/N’s breath hitched at the close proximity of their faces.

“Are you steady with anyone Y/N?” Sehun asked, allowing his lips to gently brush over her own as he spoke. Y/N sighed and nodded, her hand going to grip Sehun’s forearm.

“Please, Mr. Oh-”

“Sehun, I’m Sehun to you Y/N.” he whispered, pressing his lips against her own. The arm around Y/N’s waist tightened as Sehun pulled her closer, allowing the hand the cupped her cheek to roam into her hair.

But Y/N pushed Sehun away.

Sehun stared at her in shock; no girl has ever rejected him before.

“Please, Mr. Oh. I have someone waiting for me back at home. If you’ll excuse me.” Y/N tried to escape, but Sehun grabbed her wrist.

“Let go of me!” Y/N exclaimed.

“I don’t think you understand. I want you.” Sehun chuckled, trying to pull the girl back towards him.

“Well, I don’t want you!” Sehun raised his brow at that exclamation.

“Darling, when I want something I always get it. And I want you. Don’t make me have to do this the hard way, I’m sure you’ve heard rumors of what I can do to you and that guy of yours at home.” Sehun threatened. Y/N’s eyes widened.

“O-Okay, just don’t hurt him.” Y/N said, making Sehun smirk in satisfaction.

“Good girl. Now tell me, where do you live?”

“The Valley of Ashes.” she mumbled, making Sehun scoff.

“Now that won’t do, you’ll be coming home to live with me.” Sehun said, scooting out of the booth.

“I-I’m sorry?” Y/N asked. Sehun turned back to see her shocked expression.

“You’re coming to live with me, I told you I wanted you didn’t I? C'mon kitten, get up.” he said. Y/N complied and when she stood Sehun picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder.

“Sehun! Let me down!” she protested as Sehun moved towards the exit.

“Have a car brought around. And send someone to Y/N’s address to pick up her things.” he told the bouncer as he grabbed his hat, exiting the building.

“Sehun, please, I can walk.” Y/N said, pounding her fists against his back. Sehun laughed as he walked into the street, seeing the all too familiar black car pull to a stop in front of him.

“Let’s go home love.”